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After the not-so-subtle interruption in the kitchen from dad, Vince and I decided to head out to the local diner. It was me who suggested it – Vince was too much of a gentleman to do that. Even when things got awkward or ugly, he was always good-mannered. Asking if we could leave the house would mean that he was showing that he was uncomfortable.

Yep, he was definitely a fine male specimen.

“What is the specialty here?” Vince’s lovely voice made me snap out of my daydreaming. “Should I try the fried chicken?”

I nearly laughed as I took him in sitting across from me on the red chair. He looked so out of place here. He was the all perfect dashing: a sexy five o’ clock shadow, dark curls and deep eyes. He wore silk shirts, black slacks, belts and polished shoes.

And I brought him to a busy, bright diner when he was meant for reserved tables at five star restaurants.

What had I been thinking?!

“The gumbo is great,” I told him, but there was no way I was letting him try that. He liked light foods, so I thought of something which would suite his tastebuds. “But you should try something else. Maybe the calamari rings with Tartar sauce? It’s wrapped around lettuce too.”

To my surprise, he shook his head. “It is fine, ma Cherie. I will taste the gumbo. What does it taste like?”

“It’s a very hearty dish.” I struggled to think of good describing words. “Chilli and exotic, but homey.”

After the waiter took our orders (I had asked them for an iced water jug in case Vince needed it), it was about a ten minute wait for our food. I understood why. The lively diner was crowded with teenagers coming back from the movie theatre around the block, couples on dates and families having a night out.

When our dishes arrived, Vince’s eyes widened. He took a sniff of the medium-sized bowl and recoiled slightly. I winced. This was not going to go well. I should have brought him somewhere else.

“It looks …”

I groaned softly as I looked at my dish – chicken tenders with honey mustard. “We could order something else if you like?” I proposed timidly. “Or you could have mine? Or we could share?”

Vince laughed softly and put a hand on top of mine. “Do not worry, my love. I was not expecting such strong flavours, that is all. I want to try new food,” he insisted.

Pouting, I let him take a spoonful of gumbo and lift the spoon to his lips. I held my breath for a few seconds until …

He hissed.

My heart leapt and not in a good way. He didn’t like it! Oh my goodness, this was my entire fault! I watched, horrified, as he took a long swig from his glass of iced water. Once he finished, he cleared his throat. I hung my head. Here comes the humiliation …

“I loved it.”

My eyes bulged out of its sockets. What?!

A quizzical look crossed his face. “I said loved it,” he repeated with a smile. “It’s got a certain charm to it don’t you think so?”

I nodded quickly. My thoughts were spinning. I wasn’t an idiot after all. Vince liked it – no, he loved it!

“You really like it?” I asked.

He nodded, but his smile didn’t reach his eyes. My heart suddenly sank. Was he just saying that it was yummy so he wouldn’t hurt my feelings? It would be considered as thoughtful, but somehow, I didn’t feel as good as I should have.

“Do you want some? Let me feed you ma Cherie.”

My cheeks reddened as my brain started to wonder if he could read minds. How stupid of me. He would never be able to know what I was thinking about. “No, it’s ok.”

We ate quietly for a few minutes, savouring the taste of our food and taking in the bubbly atmosphere. The diner liked to hire aspiring musicians to play on some nights, and at the moment a blonde haired guy was standing with a sleek acoustic guitar in his hand and singing what sounded like an original. It sounded great and as I stared at him more, I realised with a start that he looked familiar. He looked exactly like Ainsley’s handsome father, Henry, whom I had met a few days ago. But now, he wore rougher clothes and his hair was lighter. Much, much lighter.

It was almost as if he were in disguise!

“Ma Cherie?”

My eyes met Vince’s and I flushed. Had I been focusing on the singer too much to notice what my date was saying?

“I said if you will not eat that, I will.” He playfully laughed.

I smiled softly when I realised that he had finished his gumbo already. I told myself to stop overreacting and instead, just be thankful that Vince was a soft person.

Taking a protective stance against my plate, I warned in a French accent, “You will not be getting this!”

Vince’s supple lips curved. “You are too adorable for me.”

I nearly had a heart attack as I heard those words come from his mouth in that sexy accent. Delicious.

In the end, I gave him a piece of my chicken so he could try it and he claimed that it was tasty as well. I wasn’t too sure if that were the truth, but I beamed anyway. By the end of dinner, I was feeling light and fluffy.

As we strolled in the moonlight and headed towards his car (or more specifically his Aunt’s), I thought about how perfect the man beside me was.

He walked me over to the passenger seat, but before he could open the door, I put a hand over his and looked up at him. His skin in the lamp-lit car park looked smooth and masculine. His brown eyes looked powerful that I nearly fell against the car.

“Do you remember the last time we kissed?” I whispered huskily. Vince’s eyes widened as he took in my tongue moistening my lips and my intentions. “Well, I don’t want any interruptions this time.”

I pressed myself against his body and lifted my head so he could drink in my wide blue eyes, which were silently begging them to kiss me. I had gone without his touch for so long and I wasn’t going to wait any longer.

I went onto my tip-toes and took his bottom lip between mine, lightly scraping my teeth against it as I did. He responded quickly by sliding his hands onto my waist so he could leave it there gently.

Alright, so I admit that I had wanted him to back me up against the car like they did in the movies, but it was no big deal. I was thinking too much of soap operas on television.

I tried my best to urge him to do … more. I wanted him to wildly run his hands through my hair or kiss me as if he were in a frenzy, perhaps, but he wouldn’t budge.

I gripped his shoulders tighter and slowly licked around the circle of his full lips, tempting him. He was still as gentle as ever though, so I dared hitch a leg up to wrap it around the back of his.

To my disappointment, his lips grew stony and he suddenly broke off. “We shouldn’t go too fast, ma Cherie.”

I awkwardly disengaged myself from him and sighed as he opened the door for me. And no, it was not a sigh of bliss, but one of defeat. I couldn’t look him in the eye as I did my best to graciously slide in. I watched Vince walk around the car to the other side and bit my lip.

Evening ruined.

* * *

Throughout the whole of the car ride back, it was silent. The only sounds I could hear were the low humming of the car and my breathing. Whenever I tried to make a kiss passionate, I was always turned down. Rejected. Humiliated. I felt unwanted.

I felt like a fool. An idiot. A stupid, clueless-ugh! I shook my head to clear out my thoughts.

It was nothing. I liked Vince a lot and vice versa. He was the crème de la crème.

I peeked at him out of the corner of my eye, which confirmed my thoughts. Perfection was sitting right next to me and was mine. There was no need to be mopey. So what if the guy of your dreams won’t kiss you the way you wanted? He had chosen me for a reason right?

By the time the car pulled up the driveway of the Elwood residence, I was calm. I invited Vince inside to meet mom and Aubrey, to which he agreed to, although he couldn’t stay long. I accepted without question and pulled him along with me into the house.

We headed into the living room where my parents were. Dad was relaxing on the sofa and watching the late night news while mom sat beside him, studying a cookbook. I smiled.

Dad had told me once about how they kept their love going by doing different things (since they were such opposites) by each other’s side. Even though their attention was elsewhere, their hands would regularly brush against each other, or mom would lean her head on his shoulder. They were adorable, but sometimes it was a bit too much when dad became a bit too affectionate. Mom always smacked him and blushed.

“Mom? Dad? I’m home.”

I took in mom’s delighted expression as she took in the man clutching my hand. She took her glasses off and came forward to shake Vince’s hand.

“It’s so wonderful to meet you, Vince. Ken’s told me all about you.”

I panicked. What had dad told her?

But as I looked at mom’s happy expression, I knew she completely disagreed with her husbands’ negativity. I smiled with relief.

“It is a pleasure to finally meet you as well, Mrs Elwood.” He let go of my hand so he could bow, take mom’s hand and kiss it.

I giggled as her cheeks went red. Meanwhile, dad was glaring and huffing like a bull. Good gracious.

“Please, my name is Evelyn,” mom replied bashfully. “You must use it.”

Vince gave her a dazzling smile. Gosh. He was able to put anyone out of his spell. Except for dad …

“Well, you’re still calling me sir,” dad mentioned. “Actually, why don’t you call me Monsieur? It sounds fancier don’t you think?” He then turned to me. “It does mean sir right, Cece?”

I sighed. “Dad …”

Mom pursed her lips. “Don’t be ridiculous, Ken.”

“It is no problem, Evelyn. If he wishes to be called Monsieur, I will call him Monsieur,” he replied, smiling.

“See?!” Dad exclaimed triumphantly. “Even the boy agrees!”

I pressed my lips together. So, dad hadn’t grudgingly given in entirely after all. He was now out to attack Vince in any way possible. It was so typical of him.

Aubrey then appeared from behind us, wrapping her arms around herself to prevent her silk kimono from revealing further. “What is with the racket?”

I placed a hand on her shoulder and murmured, “Dad’s being a bit rude.”

From across the room, he frowned. “What are you two talking about over there?”

Aubrey promptly ignored this and turned to Vince. She assessed him with cat-like eyes, like she always did with my boyfriends. My sister had always paid attention to my choice of men and it was rare to see her agree with me. She had only smiled when I had gotten together with a cute boy in the debating team.

I remembered that she hadn’t liked one because apparently, he had bragged about my physical assets in the boy’s locker room, another had slightly bigger teeth than normal people, while another liked to smoke at parties and so on.

“I’m Aubrey, Gracie’s sister.”

Vince used the same smile he let out on mom and bowed his head slightly, as if she was a Queen. He really was all for dramatics when it came to pleasing others. “It is a pleasure to meet you.”

Her head cocked to the side and her curls splayed on her shoulder. “You’re quite the charmer aren’t you?”

I smiled widely and answered for him. “The very best.”

Mom invited Vince to stay and talk, but he explained to us that his Aunt needed him back at home by nine-thirty, so they could start working on some orders. After we all said our goodbyes, both Aubrey and I headed upstairs to our rooms quietly. As I opened the door to my bedroom, her chiming voice made me turn.



She looked down briefly, as if considering her words, before meeting my eyes again. “Although there’s something … off about him, I think he’s a good person.”

I wanted to ask why she thought there was something wrong with him, but obviously she didn’t want me to know, because she walked into her room without another word.

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Wed, December 7th, 2011 3:20am



Yeah i got that vibe too, there is something off but i can't put my finger on it. Great chapter sooo glad you're back. Oh i can't wait until she introduces him to her bestfriend

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We'll see what it is. Thank you so much and I am too :) Ahh, me too!

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Yep, too good to be true! Thank you :) I sure will!

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Manda Pinto

Vince sounds really nice... but Aubrey is right... something is off with this mysterious frenchman.... Hmmm.... Anyways.. Lovely chapter :D KMU please!

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We'll see! Thank you lovely! I sure will :D

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Awesome chapter!
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Thank you! I'm not surprised after that little comment at the end :) I sure will! xoxo

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love it and I think I know whats wrong with him and he's gay!!!!!or he's in love with Aubrey!!!!!This is turning out tottally cool and what do you think of Vampire diareases season 3 so far???

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Thank you! Maybe he is :O We'll see! Oh season 3 is epic, that's what I think. So many new things to find out hey?!

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Awww...sweet! I like it when guys try something new and they like it such as the chicken in this case! Another great lovely chapter n of course update me chapter 8 soon!

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I'm glad you think so! Same, it's cute :) Thank you Naomi! I sure will!

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Maddie Grey

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Thank you so much for updating me! I'm so glad you're back :)

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Mhmm! Maybe! We'll see. Yeah it was, wasn't it? You're welcome :) Aww thank you, Maddie! I'm glad too!

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Oh, god, her dad's crazy protective of her, isn't he? :O LOL. He even wants Vince to call him monsieur, which is just ridiculous XD. Right now I don't wanna be in Gracie's place and I'm just so thankful that my dad's such a laid-back guy, haha. I do kinda agree with Aubrey, though! Vince is... a little bit too perfect/romantic/amazing/etc. o.0 I wonder if he's hiding something. :P Like maybe the real reason why he came to America, if there's one. ;) Ugh, I hate it when boys lie just to please their girlfriends. If he didn't like the food, he should've said so. :P Aw, and poor Gracie just wanted some action! Bad Vince. :P Why didn't he just grab her and kiss her? o.0 That boy is sooo confusing, lol! And Jason! What was he doing there? ;) Those were all rhetorical questions, I bet that we're going to find out the truth anyways. :) Eventually. =) Anyways, I loved the last two chapters and I'm sorry for taking so long to get here and read them, but yeah, it's good to have you back, doll. =) Keep me updated please. :D

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