Dream On

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When Holly falls off of a balcony while at a friend's party, she goes into a coma and enters into the "dream world", where every dream exists. The ones that have been dreamed, are dreamed and will be dreamed.
When a psychologist figures out how to enter the dream world, it irritates the Shadows, or the flickers, of dreams. When people fall asleep and dream, their minds become trapped by the malicious Shadows, causing to live zombie lives as long as they are trapped...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dream On

Submitted: March 22, 2009

Reads: 367

Comments: 1

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Submitted: March 22, 2009



“I think you'd look gorgeous if you wore this one,” Jamalee twittered, holding up a blue pearled-butterfly necklace with a silver chain that matched my outfit perfectly. She draped the necklace over the hollow of my neck and carefully pulled back my hair to put the clasp together.

“Why does it matter?” I mumbled. She sighed, she had been planning for my blind date all day, and I was getting a tad annoyed. With enough manicures, pedicures, and hairdos to take care of a population equivalent to a whole third world country, Jamalee had tried look after look, hoping to get the perfect one that would turn me into a beauty queen. I looked at the clock.

“It's half-past six, we'd better get going or we'll be late to the party.” Jamalee glanced over her shoulder.

“Oh, dang it, and I haven't found the right lipstick yet.”

“Just grab a color that I usually wear, and let's go,” I rolled my eyes as she sat looking over the different shades of lipstick. “Jamalee...”

“Oh, alright.” She sighed and lingered a moment more. “This one will have to do,” she said, taking the cap off a nearby lipstick and quickly applying it. “There, you look beautiful. It could have been better if I had had more time, but, well, you know...” she said giving me a pointed glare. I got up and Jamalee followed me down the stairs out to the car.

“You'll love him Holly, he's just your type, but of course it will take more than a night for you two to actually start dating seriously.” I raised an eyebrow at her when she looked over at me as she slid into her seat.

“Jamalee, are you not familiar with my past dating experiences? I have been pushed into the pool on purpose because my date wanted to make me mad, gotten hit by a baseball, been used as a photo shoot when the guy planted a juicy one, and had our annoying little brother come down the stairs when it was time for me to get picked up to ask where 'that other guy who I was with earlier' had gone and I'd prefer not to repeat those experiences again."

“Well, yes, but it will never hurt to try again. Besides, what could possibly happen at someone else's house, at a party where nothing but food and drinks are involved?” Neither of us spoke for a few minutes.

“Trust me. My feet, arms, brains and all will find a way. I'll probably fall into the punch bowl, or trip and land in the cake.”

Jamalee giggled quietly and pulled into an open spot. “Well, don't let yourself get in the way of you having a good time.”

“Thanks. I'll try to remember that,” I said sarcastically. We walked up the porch steps and she rang the doorbell. A young girl of about five or six who had blonde ringlets framing her face and a missing tooth answered the door.

“Is your older sister here?”

“Yes, who are you?” The girl looked at Jamalee curiously. “Are you here for the party?”

“Uh-huh. Are you going?”

“I really want to. I don't want to go to bed. If I do, I'll have a bad dream like yesterday. Come in before my mommy finds me out of bed.” I smiled at her before she scrambled off, and then stepped in.

My breath was immediately taken away. The front room alone had cream-colored tapestries with delicate gold edging, and light brown leather couches with a matching love seat in the corner. An extravagant crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling, each individual crystal throwing rainbows onto the surrounding walls, and there were white roses in a vase centered on an oak coffee table. Everything complimented everything; it was absolutely beautiful. Well, I suppose that with all the money Jamalee says the family has, they can afford any style of room they want. I walked up the steps to where about thirty tables holding appetizers were set up and a set of double doors were opened revealing a balcony with a heavenly starry view. The fireplace on the far side of the room cast faint shadows on the walls, highlighting the long table that carried cups of water, cans of soda, and a punch bowl. Punch bowl. There goes a disaster free evening.

Jamalee, along with a handful of other guests, walked up the stairs chattering away. I skimmed my eyes over them, but to my dismay didn't know any besides my sister. We all stepped up into the room as she introduced me to the host and a few of the guests. It went on like this for a while, and I got impatient. I walked over to Jamalee to inquire about this blind date of mine, but there was no need. She practically read my mind.

“If you're looking for him, he isn't here yet, but I'll tell him to look for you when I see him.”

“Okay,” I said. I had a feeling that the party wouldn't get anymore exciting than it already was, so I grabbed a can of soda and went out onto the balcony. I leaned on the railing, looking out at the stars, listening to the popping of sparks flying out of the fire and the cracking and splitting of the wood being consumed by the flames. Before I knew it, the wooden railing collapsed beneath me as if being devoured by the ground. The starry sparks flew past all angles of my vision, then the starry sparks, wooden railing, and ground were gone.

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