The Hostage and the Runaways

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Chapter 10: Ultimatium

Submitted: March 17, 2015

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Submitted: March 17, 2015



“Is that any way to treat an old friend? Especially an old friend that comes baring gifts?” Ethan smiled, walking a good fifteen feet from them before stopping.

“Friend? If that’s how you treat your friends, God help what you do to your enemies, mate.” Killian retorted, keeping his crouched position in front of Isabella.

“I gave you your voice back, I hardly think I would bother that with my enemy. No, my reasoning is quite simple. I did it in an exchange for payment of sorts. So stop acting like you’re going to attack me, O’Hare because I am neither armed nor dangerous. Though, if you do charge me, I will be forced to sedate you with the handy spray I keep with me at all times. By the way, if you want her to scream your name next time, her g-spot is by –“

“Shut up! Why are you here? What’s your game play? I want to know exactly what you’ve done to be!” Killian demanded.

Ethan paused with a chuckle.

“Your vocal cords are mere flesh, the electrical shock delivered was set with enough heat to vaporize them, as you saw. The two little pricks I gave you yesterday was a simple sedation and the other was the regeneration. It regenerates burned, damaged skin with new flesh. One of my little experiments I’ve worked on for years at Saudimere Towers. Had you not ran, I would have been able to deliver it to you a few days after.” Ethan explained, his tone bored with conversation.

“Had we not ran?! You could hardly blame us!” Isabella screamed, her voice echoing around the clearing as Killian kneeled down and shushed her gently, his eyes not leaving Ethan.

“I suppose I could not. Anyhow, I have something for you gents, it might make your stay out here more bearable –at least for the next hour; if you wish to stay out here with Glen’s men less than thirty miles away. They have you on spot down from the satellites. I’ve managed to evade them and stay off grid – only because I know the little secrets.” Ethan divulged the information with a smile.

“Why are you even helping us, huh? What’s your game? I know you didn’t give me my voice back out of the goodness of your heart. There is hardly anything good about you to begin with if you stood and watched Saudimere rape and defile your fiancée.” Killian demanded.

“Glen has certain needs for blood. Part of being a CEO I suppose. Had he done it three years ago I’d of reduced his manhood to the size of a toddlers and I would have done something had I known before my little transformation but Isabella hardly seemed willing to talk about it. Besides, I stood here and watched you defile her, would you like me to start with you? I would be happy to.” Ethan smirked but stepped back a little when Killian stood again.

“I was not raping her, I was making love. Something you obviously know nothing about. Now quit stalling. I want to know your game in all of this, tell me!” Killian demanded, folding his arms, turning quickly when he heard the rushed footsteps head into the clearing.

“What the bloody fucking pig piss is he doing here?!” Niall demanded as more footsteps followed.

“See what you did, loudmouth? You brought the whole party.” Ethan rolled his eyes, his arms going across his chest. “If you must know, I’m here to deliver a warning, bring a few things you gentlemen will need. As for what my ‘end game’ is, O’Hare, it’s simply bringing payment for something of very little value that you guys would hardly want. Sadly, the physicality I use is hardly ready but when it is, I will come back to collect. You’ll hardly miss it.” Ethan dismissed, his eyes glancing quickly to Isabella before falling over the rest of the group.

“I want to know what.” Killian demanded, hearing the guns cock behind him before one fell at his side. He picked it up and crouched, one knee steadied on the ground and his one foot positioned flat against the ground.

“Just because I’m not armed, gents, doesn’t mean I don’t have a backup plan. Should you get the bright idea to shoot or otherwise try and capture me, you will not like the consequences. As for Emory Taylor, let him go; he was a simple patient of mine and his wife I treated for brain cancer,” Ethan rolled his eyes. “He cannot tell you anything because he doesn’t know and even I’m appalled at your treatment of him. His condition is slightly more serious than Elly’s. Elly could control her condition if she knew how but she would rather take the easy, less scary way of dealing with her attacks. Can’t say I blame her, they’re painful. You would know all about that though, wouldn’t you Kellie? Considering you were my patient for a few short months. I find it ironic that despite hating my guts, she depends on me for the inhalant like a drug whore who depends on their dealer for drugs. It’s why she needs to be under my care. Why I need to protect her. I know how to avoid Saudimere, I know how to keep her safe.” Ethan chuckled, watching Killian get up and walk a step forward, Niall and Harry covering after him.

“You stay away from her! You can’t keep her any safer than we can and she’s getting off those inhalants. If Kellie could then so can Ella.” Killian growled, cocking the gun off safety, his eyes a dark flame of emotion.

He took his gun and shot a warning shot, the bullet whizzing past Ethan’s head by less than half an inch.

Ethan yelped and his hand was automatically in his pocket, bringing out a small remote and before any of them could blink, he pressed it – a hissing sound filled the air, his footing backing off again a safe distance away.

“My intentions are strictly amiable. When you awake, trust that you will be somewhere safe – all of you.” Ethan promised, seeing Killian drop to his hands and knees, Harry and Niall a second later.

“Not again.” Harry hissed, struggling to take in adequate air.

Isabella heard more bodies dropping behind her and tried to crawl to Killian. He was fighting the drug and managed to hold his breath from breathing anymore of the stuff in, he turned back, noticing Isabella had dropped to the ground, her consciousness barely holding but she reached out her hand and he weakly managed to make it the rest of the way to her, grasping it.

His lungs burned with exertion and he used the last of his strength to position himself and wrap his arms protectively around Isabella, seeing Harry and Niall already unconscious, the rest of the gang not far behind.

“I love you, Ella.” Killian whispered, inhaling deeply and allowing the spray to take him from consciousness.


Isabella groaned, the feeling of soft blankets contoured to her aching body. At first she could only lay there, floating on the clouds of consciousness. Her energy seeming to float above her in an almost out of world experience.

“Welcome back, Sunshine,” Ethan murmured softly, the bed sinking down a little as he sat at the edge of the bed.

“W-where’s Niall? Where’s everyone?” Isabella looked around blindly, still not completely awake. All she saw was white.

“Here, drink this. As for Niall, Killian, Harry –the rest, they’re fine. I have them tied up on the floor and in chairs, they’ll come to in a small bit. I want to make sure I’m long gone before that happens though.” Ethan chuckled, placing a cold water bottle to her lips and allowing the cold liquid to cascade down her parched throat.

Isabella drank readily, trying to grasp the bottle but finding her hands had been tied behind her. She groaned.

“Sorry, a precaution if you will. I don’t fancy being shot at.” Ethan glowered, pulling the bottle from Isabella and lying her back down again.

“Ethan, what’s going on? Why are you doing this to us? Where are we?” Isabella asked fearfully, opening her eyes tiredly, jumping at the vibrant blues that stared so close to her face.

“My way of saying you were right. Glen was never going to release me. It was always one favor, one more request. When I shot him –it felt empowering. I loved having that power. As for where you are? Underground in an abandoned bunker. It’s an apartment type bomb shelter. Hasn’t been used since the second world war.”

Isabella tried not to give away her fear and laid there simply saying nothing. Her mind moving a million miles an hour.

“I was actually hoping to have left before anyone woke. The good news is your signal was lost, Elliot and Glen have no clue what happened, they’re currently searching the satellites to find you all again. My advice? Though I cannot force you to, I advise that you stay here, you’re much safer than out there. I stocked the kitchen cupboards and fridge. You will be good down here for a week if not more, which is when I will return and collect my payment. I should have everything ready by then.”

Ethan took a small syringe from his pocket and opened the cap.

“Something to help with your feet. For what it’s worth, I didn’t want to snap your toes and I certainly didn’t want to pull your fingernails out.” Ethan made a face, injecting the shot into Isabella, plunging it into her bloodstream.

“Yet, you did. You let Glen rape me, hurt me – followed his every command without question. I was nothing more than a bargaining chip and that is something, no matter what you do or say that cannot ever be forgiven! I will die with hatred in my heart for you Ethan and loathe you with every breath I take. You are a monster, a spineless little lap dog!” Isabella yelled, his hand seizing her mouth but it wasn’t rough. He just didn’t need her waking the others.

“You will change your mind eventually, Sunshine. You loved me once before, I’d like to think my kindness is not wasted and you will again learn to tolerate me. Otherwise I’ll simply rectify my actions and take away Killian’s voice permanently and give Glen the signal so he can come here and brutally finish what he started. The choice is up to you, Elly. Choose wisely.” Ethan replied dully, releasing her mouth and throwing the needle away in a hazard bin that was next to the bed.

“What do you want from us? You can’t just ask for forgiveness and expect me to give that to you. I hate you, Ethan. I hate you and Glen with every fiber of my energy.” Isabella gritted her teeth, sitting her body up from the bed, watching Ethan take out the familiar looking bananas, tying them in a knot.

“I’m not asking for your forgiveness; I’d be a fool to. No, I am simply asking for your cooperation.” Ethan said as he knotted a tie in the center of the two pieces of fabric to the size of a two inch ball.

Isabella gulped.

“What do you want? Ethan, please.” Isabella begged, her voice cracking.

He simply forced the gag into Isabella’s mouth and tied it tight to the back of her head, taking a few extra precious seconds to fix the ends in a series of complicated knots.

“I simply want to make things right with them. Like I said, I will come back within a week’s time and claim my payment. It will make things easier for you, for them – a transition for everyone if you will. You’re a bargaining chip, Ella. More valuable than you think. Saudimere will never get his hands on you again as far as I’m concerned. You will be kept safe –controlled. Even if it’s from yourself. You’re dangerous, Isabella. People will take advantage of that, especially the ones that you think love you.” Ethan explained, his hand caressing Isabella’s cheek, a gentle kiss planted at the corner of her parted mouth.

Isabella tried struggling, letting out panicked sounds.

“You’re my payment, Ella. The only payment I want and I will see it repaid. Otherwise, you will pay. I will take the things from you that matter. You know I will.” He threatened pointing to Niall that was tied securely to one of the chairs, his head resting comfortably on his chest.

Looking closely, Isabella noticed Ethan had dressed them in black stretch pants and white button up shirts…which made her aware that she had been redressed in a long black off the shoulder dress.

“Do you understand me Ella? If you run, I will kill everyone that you love. You’re going to help me bring down Glen Saudimere and if you breathe a word to anyone about this, you will disappear a lot quicker and they will have taken their last breath. You have a week to say your goodbyes, they need to get away from the danger you’ve caused them and I am going to help them do that, whether they appreciate the notion or not. You cause nothing but destruction anywhere you go. You need a place where you can be cared for and watched. Do you understand now? I am making sure we’re on the same page.” Ethan warned, watching Isabella’s eyes widen but all she could do was nod.

In truth, Isabella didn’t understand at all but she didn’t want to be responsible for anyone else’s death.

“Good girl,” Ethan smiled and stood up, walking to the door but stopped. “The shot I injected you with is experimental, it’s supposed to help set the bones, not heal them, no, I don’t want you being able to run – I simply want to make sure any particles that broke off don’t cause a clot, this sets all the fragments back and allows them to heal on their own time. The process can be pretty painful so – I’ll leave you to it.”

With that Ethan left Isabella to her misery, smiling in satisfaction at her readied agreement to help him, especially the threat of death hanging over the  other boy’s head – of course, he didn’t take into account that Emory had woken up during that time, listening in on their conversation.

As the old saying goes: loose lips sink ships and theirs was heading straight toward the iceberg.

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