Chapter 14: Chapter 14: Bargaining

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Ethan stepped into the bunker, his eyes dark and the sarcasm gone from his lips. He was agitated, not only by the situation but by the fact that Glen had somehow followed the signal through a port. Whoever was hacking for him now was skilled.

“I’m not sure if you gentlemen are aware but I have cameras set up throughout this bunker and they happen to be equipped with relatively good audio. I know you’re not technologically savvy to have thought of that but I’ve heard every single word that’s been discussed. You haven’t been able to piss without me knowing. So, gents, here’s the deal –I’m moving Isabella to my safe house as planned and I’m going to let you run off like the little rodents you are. You’re free. Free from her –free from everything. Glen wants Isabella, he’s of course not going to get her. She will be well cared for and watched under my control. If you should refuse to let me take her then I will simply kill you all and move on. Choice is yours. Although, technically I did warn Isabella that if anyone found out about my plan I would kill you all anyhow. Decisions, decisions.”

“I didn’t tell anyone though!” Isabella exclaimed, Killian’s arms wrapping around her, a dark glare directed at the blue eyed doctor. Harry and Louis were copying Killian’s look of murder while Zayn, Niall and Liam watched on with looks of surprise, waiting. Kellie was still attending to the pancakes in the kitchen oblivious –or perhaps just not that worried.

“No, you didn’t. Emory the singing stool pigeon sang and nice little tune though Oh, Ella, it was lovely! You seem to have all the guys circling to defend you. A temptress –wise with words but fake all just the same. You have a choice, Isabella. You can come with me on your own free will or I shoot everybody in this room and I take you. You’re my ticket to bring Glen down and as you know Sunshine, I don’t play well with others. Our end game is the same but my intentions, however, are not.” Ethan explained, walking into the bunker and slamming the door shut behind him.

“I-if I came with you, no fight, no struggle – you would truly let them all go? They could be free? Glen wouldn’t be after them?” Isabella asked, her voice stuttering nervously.

“Isabella!” Harry, Louis and Niall said in unison with Liam adding to it a second after.

“No way, there’s no way we’re letting you.”

Isabella ignored them, glancing at Killian whose stare hadn’t left Ethan.

Ethan went and sat down on the edge of the bed, glancing at her with a shrug.

“Glen would have no reason to unless he took them as bait for you to follow. Which, under my control, if they all somehow managed to get into Glen’s grasp again there would be little to be done as I would for obvious reasons never let you rescue them, so –kind of a moot point don’t you think?” Ethan scorned.

“We’re already wanted, mate. Setting us lose will do us little favor.” Harry piped up, folding his arms across his chest.

“How about a bullet and a forever dirt nap? I’m happy to oblige you Mr. Styles but I hope to not have to result in violence. I’ve not killed anyone yet –well, no one of great importance. Saudimere’s men could hardly count as people.” Ethan dismissed, playing with his gun.

“I have your word that if I go with you, that you will leave everyone in this room unharmed?” Isabella pressed.

Ethan smiled a very uneasy smile.

“I suppose you will just have to take that risk and see, sunshine. I may leave everyone unharmed, I might put a bullet in someone’s ass, I might leave half of them dead or I may only kill one. So many options to choose Isabella –all you have to do is decide which one it will be.” Ethan chuckled, now standing up and cocking his gun. “Killian, my lad, be a help and put Isabella here on the bed. Her and I need to discuss a few things. Go and get your brother, grab the bindings you woke up in and start tying up the others. I can’t run the risk of you all deciding to try and overtake me – which, if tried will result in consequences for Ella. If followed, she won’t be hurt. Those are your only options gentlemen.”

The way he spoke was sinister and Isabella knew he wasn’t kidding.

Killian remained stoic, glaring at Ethan silently with a look that could freeze the deepest circle of hell. His brown orbs reflected fire, a deep hatred spurred from the inner depths of his soul. The doctor would be dead a thousand times over if looks truly did kill.

When all Killian did was sit there, Ethan sighed and waved his gun before pointing it at the table.

Isabella leaned into his protective arms and kissed the corner of his mouth.

“Do as he says, heartbeat. Put me on the bed, it’s ok.” Isabella promised reassuringly, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Killian stood up, lifting Isabella up bridal style and walking the short distant to the bed. He gently placed her on the soft mattress and went about the room, picking up the ropes used earlier that he and the other boys had all awoken in and began to tie Niall to the chair, not roughly but appearing securely enough, whispering something quickly into his ear.

Niall remained quiet but nodded slightly, his eyes flashing over toward Harry and Louis.

“If we let you take Isabella –would she be taken care of? What would you do to her?” Niall asked, obeying Killian’s demand to distract Ethan.

“It isn’t about you letting me. I will take Ella with or without your permission. As for care, I can promise you with my life that she would want for nothing. Rest assured that her health and wellbeing would be my top priority for what I will need her for. If she steps out of line and tries to escape, I will punish her but if she follows and does what she’s told, she could have an easier if not pleasant time. Besides, I brought her something in show of good faith.” Ethan said, sitting beside Isabella and reaching into his pocket. He pulled his hand out showing her the syringe.

Isabella couldn’t question what it was before Ethan grabbed her wrist and jabbed it into her arm, plunging the unknown liquid into her arm.

“No!” Isabella exclaimed, taking her arm back and holding it protectively to her “What did you do to me!?”

“It might blind you, it might make you completely deaf –mute even, cut your five senses off all together or it can heal your broken bones. I suppose you will have to wait and see –as for this one,” He took out another shot and forced her arm out again, plunging it into her. “Your time spent with me, I want to start your body off with a clean canvas so I don’t have to look at those hideous imperfections. Your scars are nauseating to look at and I want perfection, I want my perfect Anastasia back.”

Killian was shaking with anger as he made his way to Harry, whispering in his ear before patting his shoulder, allowing him to test his bonds. Luckily if needed he could slip out of them.

“Isabella is beautiful the way she is. Scars and all, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t so. If anything, it just makes you blind!” Emory yelled, his teeth clenched tight.

Louis and Harry looked at Emory in surprise, right before Kellie came out of the kitchen, obviously empty handed.

Isabella smiled sadly at Emory’s bravery.

“So, rookie? Bondage party? Looks like you got the whole gang ready to go,” Kellie pursed his lips before letting a sly smile crawl over his teeth. “Hello Doctor.”

Killian rolled his eyes.

“Only you, Kellie.” Zayn replied, not finding this situation at all funny. Luckily Killian tied false knots and they could escape anytime they wanted while still looking like they’re secured to the chair.

Kellie chuckled and approached the bed, seeing Ethan raise his gun.

“Relax spaz, I’m sitting down next to Isabella. I know where my place is and I know that you will not hesitate to kill any of us. I simply want to make sure she’s okay. You wouldn’t deny someone who has cared for her and kept her safe, would you doc?”

Ethan glared but waved him toward.

“Make it quick, Elliott Lancaster is on my ass and he’s tracking the signal, I have to get her away from here and safe.” Ethan replied nervously.

“Who is Elliott Lancaster? One of Saudimere’s little friends?” Kellie asked, sitting down.

“His new lapdog, one of the better hackers –better than Isabella. Trained in the high ranks of combat fighting like yourselves –highest honor? I don’t know, what I got from his file when I hacked the main database. I think that’s where they got the system.” Ethan shrugged.

Isabella was shaking and had been since the injections. The pain hit here again like a thousand bricks and she looked up to Kellie helplessly.

“I-it really hurts.” Isabella moaned with tears in her eyes, leaning forward to wrap her arms around the blue eyed twin.

He took her in his arms, pity in his eyes as he leant forward, his lips by her ear; a hand going toward her collarbone, her pressure point.

“I know beautiful, no tears, remember? I’ll make the pain go away,” Kellie soothed gently as his fingers massaged over her neck and stopped in between her collarbone. He pressed in and caught her body as it dropped like a rock. “That’s it sapling, no pain, rest now.”

Ethan didn’t look amused to say the least.

“I needed to finish my conversation, obviously that will be something I have to do later.”

Killian knelt on the bed and leant in gently, a soft kiss gracing Isabella’s lips, looking at his brother. For a moment they had a silent conversation with their eyes before Killian seemed to nod and look at Ethan –who was staring back at them.

“Perhaps there might be some use for you yet, Killian. Maybe you would like to join your little –fawn.” He spat the last word out in disgust.

“No, my position is best sought here with everyone. I must stay with my brother and like you said, doctor. You will take the upmost care of my Ella.” Killian replied with sarcasm, his eyes darting quickly to Kellie. Both men were on the left side of Isabella, Ethan remained on the right.

Killian assessed the position of the gun while Kellie scouted a distraction point.

Ethan made it too easy being so close and pointing it dead center of Killian’s forehead.

“It wasn’t a request. She seems to have a weak spot for you as you do for her. She would cooperate more if your life was thrown into the mix. I wouldn’t have to fight her for cooperation it would be freely given. I see no downside to this.” Ethan smirked, clicking the gun off safety.

Kellie’s elbow lifted and went down simultaneously on Ethan’s arm, knocking the gun down while his other hand moved it from Killian’s head. A gunshot rang out but before Ethan could react, Killian’s fist went straight at Ethan’s head and the doctor knew no more.

“Bloody pick prick!” Killian growled, watching his body fall hard onto the ground.

Harry and Louis were automatically out of their bonds as the others followed.

“Holy bloody hell, he’s going to have a headache.” Harry said, rushing over and crawling on top of the bed on the right, Louis following. Niall a second later with Zayn.

“Don’t crowd her, Jesus,” Kellie rolled his eyes. “She’s alright, I pressure pointed her, Ethan is a real pig dick and may the bloody piss always rain down upon him but Ella is fine. She’ll be okay.”

“What did he do to her? What did he inject into her?” Harry asked with concern, tracing a bruise on her face that started to lighten.

“The same one I was injected with I’d imagine. It regenerates the damaged tissues. It even cleared up the bloody scar I got when I was five from our five pound dog.” Killian muttered.

“Maybe it’s a blessing? Her reminders – what Glen did, they’ll be erased.” Liam said, standing up and grabbing a few strips of Velcro discarded on the floor before a few lengths of rope. He walked back to Ethan and kneeled on the floor, roughly positioning the doctor’s hands behind his back.

“She may not have the physical scars but she has the emotional reminders. Maybe training can be more beneficial than we fought. I wasn’t sure myself but if you two can toughen her up mentally –she might be able to overcome the nightmares and the brain attacks – or, whatever they are.” Louis gestured, seeing Killian slide from the bed.

“Checking to see if he parked a vehicle out there, be right back, gents. If so, we’re bloody fucking getting the hell out of dodge.” Killian said without wasting a moment, patting Liam on the shoulder as he went passed. “Good job on the bindings mate, he won’t look to be getting out of there for a while.”

Liam stood up, admiring his handiwork before glancing at Emory who sat back on his chair quietly, just glancing over at the hazelnut haired beauty – although truth be told her blonde roots were beginning to show again.

Liam approached Emory and guided him up from the chair, taking the Velcro from his wrists.

“We’re going to be running, do you have someplace you can go? Somewhere safe?” Liam asked.

“My parents place –I haven’t seen her or dad for a while, but why would you let me go? Don’t I have some use left?” Emory asked.

"You just proved what we wanted to know with Ethan. You’re free to go, Em.” Liam replied kindly, patting his shoulder and looking up toward the opening door.

“We got to go! There’s not time, lights heading up the road – multiple in fact. Grab Isabella, we’ve been found.” Killian yelled as Kellie jumped to attention, gathering a few of the boxes as Niall was the first one to grab the unconscious girl. Emory grabbed his box and ran toward the direction Killian was heading. The other boys all followed suit with Zayn making sure to grab his doctor bag.

By then the opposing lights were in sight, their vehicles beginning to surround them.

All the guys got into the van, Kellie taking the wheel with a small smirk playing on his lips.

“Seems these guys want to play. I don’t think they’ll like how I play.” Kellie challenged, his eyes turning a dark blue.

“Whatever, just get us out of here? With any luck they’ll be far too occupied in castrating Ethan’s balls but something tells me we’re the main attraction.” Killian rolled his eyes.

“There’s not anything to buckle up with back here!” Zayn called, panic clearly in his voice.

“Then hold onto something!” Kellie shouted, turning the ignition, hearing it purr to life.

“There’s nothing to hold onto either!” Louis responded, although his voice wasn’t overly concerned. It was a cross between annoyance and concern of the situation in general.

“The sit down on the ground and pray!” With that the van shot backwards and turned sharply, as the exclamations and curses erupted from the back.

Submitted: March 22, 2015

© Copyright 2020 VanitySorrowHeart. All rights reserved.


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