Chapter 17: Chapter 17: Rude Awakening

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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They out drove the van, mostly because Killian was able to hack into the mainframe of the other van’s make and model, with the help of Kellie as his expertise lied somewhere else entirely.

Killian’s area was self-defense and ropes. He could get out of almost anything, something Kellie taught him well in. He could also drill and lead if needed but he much preferred to leave that to his three minute older brother.

Riding along the far stretch the towns disappeared out into open space, stretching across the sky was the most beautiful sunset that Killian had seen in a while. In the distant was open lakes and levies passing over bridges. About midway through in the distance when the trees cleared from their thick groves and scattered into the background you could see a ghostly rollercoaster, its shadow illuminating the sky like a menacing figure unmoving. The essence of its merging into the sky spoke dominance.

“Wow, little fawn, come here.” Killian smiled, motioning her to the front seat where he now set. During the car chase, Niall and Killian had switched spots so he could assist his brother.

Isabella crawled to the front and followed Killian’s finger on Kellie’s side, the amusement park passing by slowly, giving her a full forty-five second view before it disappeared completely.

“Oh wow, that’s amazing. Is it open?” She asked, feeling Killian’s hand running down the back of her head, petting her.

“Killian, enough PDA, huh? She’s not going to learn. I wasn’t just talking about the boys back there, I’m talking to you too.” Kellie muttered in warning, making Isabella lean forward and kiss the side of the gruffer brother’s face.

“Thank you, for what it’s worth Kellie.” She said with a smile before heading back off into the back. Killian looked a little more sober but he supposed his brother was right. He needed to start her with basic rope training and self-defense. The rope training was not going to be easy – given her history.

“You also need to stop with the PDA stuff to, rookette. No more kissing cheeks, I’m training a –“He paused, he didn’t know Isabella’s age. “What’s your age, love?”

“Not polite to ask a girl’s age, Kell. If it’s a direct order to answer though, I’m turning twenty-nine, sir.” She smiled and saluted him through the mirror.

Kellie rolled his eyes.

“Oh, you’re going to be a fun one, sapling. One of us is going to be pulling hair out and sadly love, I’m already past that stage. It’s time to get serious, Ella. You need to know that just because you have us around, you can’t expect us to come to your rescue like a damsel in distress. You need to know the danger and I’m going to show you that. I care about you, hun and I see the hurt look you’re giving me but get over it and toughen up because if you think this is my drill sergeant disposition – oh, flower –you’re about to be truly shocked. “ Kellie warned, seeing her slink back in between Emory and Harry, now a little more than depressed. The van fell into silence again and they continued toward the exit toward the abandoned hotel and spa.

Harry rubbed Isabella’s back soothingly, giving her a small smile.

Isabella returned it but she stopped his hand, knowing Kellie was right. She needed to get serious and they needed to stop being her dark knights.

“No, he’s right.” Isabella whispered, her eyes glancing down at the floor.

Kellie smiled, having saw and heard. He needed to work on her but when he got done, Isabella would be confident and lethal – if he had anything to say about it at least.

“Your girl is strong, she just needs someone to show her the way. We can show her but it’s not going to be easy, especially if she’s having those nightmares.” Kellie sighed, keeping his voice low so that only Killian could hear.

“You had flashback nightmares, you seemed to handle them alright, yeah?” Killian asked, turning to his older twin.

“I had some pretty brutal disciplinary actions given – I don’t know if Isabella could handle that, I barely handled it. Of course, Isabella and I aren’t so far off. The only difference is, I don’t have the photogenic memory. I have high intellectual and street smarts. Which is why it was easier for me to control the night terrors and the mental attacks – whatever they’re called.” Kellie sighed, thinking back on his time of training.

“She said she didn’t want special treatment.” Killian shrugged. “Think on the rules you want to give her and then explain them to her and stick with it and her consequences. You are the leader of this little wolf pack after all.” Killian chuckled.

“You’re no better than she is, time to get serious, rookie. We’re running and we’re running out of places to hide. You need to make sure if she can’t protect herself that you can but only if she needs it. Don’t coddle, don’t baby her. She’s twenty-eight and needs to know that it’s the same game, same danger. Did I enjoy her stories today? Yeah, her laugh is beautiful and it reminds me of what being human is about. Do I want her to laugh and be herself more often? Yes, I’m here to strengthen her, not weaken but there’s just some stuff Isabella needs to get to become what we need her to be – what she wants to be.” Kellie explained carefully.

“A killer? She’s pretty animate on Saudimere, I’ve seen it in her eyes. She wants to murder him.” Killian sighed, hearing small whispers in the back. He turned and saw Emory and her had begun to whisper. From the look Emory was giving, Killian could tell it wasn’t the most happy of conversations.

“Alive. Killian. She needs and wants to be alive and this very well might just save her life. Glen is just one of many enemies, we have many more now and we need to be careful, we need to be prepared if we’re going to survive and the boys are not going to like it but their training is going to be intertwined with Isabella’s. If she messes up, they’ll get the consequences. Just as if they fuck up, she will get theirs. It strengthens you –it helps you not make those mistakes and they will learn or they will fall apart but either way, Elliott Lancaster is a major problem and he right now is out biggest threat.”

Killian thought on his brother’s words before reluctantly agreeing. His brother spoke truth but he hated the fact that he was going from the one person she could depend on to a total heartless bastard that had to sit by and watch her suffer silently. Training was lonely and he failed it because he could not just stop feeling. He was human and so was Isabella. He felt sorry for her but at the same time she asked for it. His sympathy only reached so far. She took the unbreakable oath, something Killian wouldn’t even do.

“You’re right, Kell. This needs to end. We’ll start tomorrow.” Killian agreed, his eyes casting back to Isabella one last time, seeing her eating another piece of pie.

“Ella, I hope you’re not going to be sick. Two subs, three slices of pie, six packets of cookies?” Save some for the rest of them, huh?” Killian chuckled.

“Don’t forget the entire box of Doo Dads or the chicken salad – oh or that medium bag of M&M’s.” Emory helped.

“Damn appetite pills.” Killian muttered to himself looking at Zayn and giving him a silent warning, he seemed to get it and nodded right away. Zayn took the rest of the bags from Isabella’s reach. If she ate anymore, her stomach would pop – whether she was still hungry or not.

Zayn crawled up between the brothers and whispered into Killian’s ear.

“I’ll dump the pills as soon as we get to where we’re going. I just gave her one! I was going to give her two to give it a little more kick but decided against it. I think if I gave her the second one, she’d of eaten an entire ice cream truck, man and all.”

Kellie laughed despite himself.

“You certainly are the most amusing Zayn. Relax, she’ll be fine. Just make sure to keep the food away from her for right now, huh?” Kellie suggested, his eyes flashing amusement.

“Aye, aye captain.” Zayn half saluted and made his way toward the back, grabbing a packet of crackers from one of the bags that he had confiscated and decided to leave where the brother’s sat. He figured if anything, they could portion it out and save them a trip into New Orleans itself to keep attention on them down.

Isabella was still hungry but she finished off the pie and sat back, putting her knees to her chest and getting lost in thought.

Niall watched Isabella, his blue eyes concerned. He really couldn’t explain why he cared so much. She never really shown any interest in him – maybe before Killian but Killian was her heartbeat. If she had to choose between them in a life or death situation – he knew he’d never have a prayer in hell. She would choose the stronger one and perhaps that’s why he had even agreed to the training. He wanted to be strong, he wanted to be the person she could still go to and trust because from the conversation he heard, she would need a friend and if she did, he was there.

Harry and Zayn were conversing softly, glancing at Liam who slept soundly at the back. Louis was curled up on the opposite side from Niall, his head against the back of the van and his eyes closed but not asleep.

“We’re almost there, gents.” Killian announced as they worked their van down a closed off exit, leading into a part of New Orleans that was abandoned and closed off.

The streets were deserted, destroyed and even some parts where water still sat high. All in all, they maneuvered around the deserted neighborhoods until they came to the luxury hotel. It was in a cluster of other tall buildings – all abandoned and covered in a dark illuminating shadow, blocking out all but a small slither of sunlight.

“We got the neighborhood to ourselves to train, the main streets of New Orleans are about twenty five blocks do east. If you go into the city be careful as we don’t want to bring attention to ourselves.” Kellie warned, seeing the underground parking lot to the luxury hotel and pulling down into it to hide the van from unwanted eyes.

He found the parking lot in disarray and beyond repair. He parked it in deep enough with the long ago abandoned cars. In fact, the way he parked it looked like just another nonworking vehicle.

“Creepy.” Harry noted, getting out of the van and stretching his legs.

“Post zombie apocalypse for sure.” Isabella agreed.

“Well if they want to do a zombie movie, this is certainly the place.” Emory said, looking around.

“We were zombies for Halloween, remember? We were like nine.” Isabella chuckled, which made Emory smile, he remembered – barely but he remembered enough.

“Ella? I’m going to carry you since you have no shoes, alright, love? We have some stuff to discuss with you; Killian and I.”

Isabella nodded solemnly.

Harry reached in and picked Isabella from the van, handing her to Killian.

Killian passed her off to Kellie.

Kellie smiled softly.

“Alright; we’re going to avoid cars here and such, try to find an entrance into the building as I’m sure everything is locked up tight. They would have locked everything up to avoid break ins and whatnot. While we do that –“Killian began to explain but Isabella interrupted him with an idea.

“Lock picking? Can you guys pick locks because I’m fairly certain that door over there has a lock that can be picked, save time and energy. With a building like this, the only way I’m certain that the only way you’re getting in anywhere is by that method.” Isabella shrugged.

“When I’m speaking, Isabella, please don’t interrupt. Yes, we both have a natural knack of lock picking but we wanted to find something less intrusive. Because you interrupted me, the boys here have an extra demerit of running to do tomorrow. Which brings me to address the rest of you.” Killian turned, his eyes now hidden in the depths of their browns; he was informing and taking control. Isabella had not seen this side of him and swung her arm around Kellie’s neck, listening – somewhat impressed but for the most part; this side of him frightened her.

“There are rules implicated for each of you that I’m going to explain. I will be your drill master from dawn till midday. Kellie will see to your training from then until dusk. Here are the rules and they must be obeyed at all times, if they are not, consequences will be implemented for their infractions. Number one: You will not interrupt me or Kellie unless it is life or death. Number two: Not following orders. There are severely strict consequences implemented for this specific rule. Number three: You will do everything you are told when you are told. If you are told to eat, you will eat. If you are told to stand on your head, then you will do it without question. Number four: Everyone is a unit, we never leave a unit behind; no matter what differences we have. A group is family and right now lass and lads, we’re all we got. Most importantly number five: Be aware of your surroundings. I will be teaching you this tomorrow before your run but if something doesn’t feel right, warn the others and head back to station, wherever we are at.” Killian explained the rules quick and emotionlessly.

Kellie picked it up with his two cents.

“Also, when you address us during training it is either yes sir or no sir. If you forget, you will get a warning; if it is done again, Isabella will pay the infraction. The same goes for if Isabella screws up. One group or person will pay for the other’s mistakes. You can thank Isabella for the extra hour of running tomorrow for interrupting Killian. It doesn’t matter if she was not aware of the rules, it is common respect not to interrupt.”

Isabella looked around, the others didn’t seem too bothered by it – except for Niall. His eyes were an annoyed and cold blue. Even through the limited darkness, she could tell he was pissed.

“So, one of us makes a mistake and Isabella pays for it? No other person in the same group?” Niall asked to make sure.” His voice was a shivering silk of indifference, which made Isabella wonder right away what she did to piss him off.

“Yes. Isabella is her own group, you are your own group. It would be a divider of genders. So, boys VS girls – or in this case, girl. You will train together but the infractions are divided into sex. So if you boys fuck up, she pays. If she fucks up the whole group of you will have consequent.” Killian explained, nodding in confirmation while he went over to check the rusted out door. It was locked – just as he thought it would be.

Niall smirked, looking over at Isabella but didn’t say anything else.

Harry noticed the exchange and took Niall’s arm, turning him around and speaking in a soft whisper; his eyes questioning.

Niall shook his hand and jerked his arm away, whispering something back before walking away.

“Oh this is going to be fun.” Harry muttered sarcastically, giving an almost apologetic look to Isabella. Kellie caught the exchange before quickly addressing the group again.

“If it is discovered that you purposely fuck up to get the other in trouble, you yourself will be required to partner up with said implicated. So unless you don’t want to be doing long hours – demerits, excuse me, of backbreaking workouts then you won’t purposely fuck up. If I see it, you will face the same punishment. I do hope I’ve made myself clear, lads because I would hate to see useless punishments dealt out from someone’s selfishness.” He directed his last comment toward Niall, looking right at him but he simply shoved his arms across his chest stubbornly.

Louis, Liam, Emory and Zayn noticed the exchange and questioned it silently with their eyes. Something was definitely up with Niall.

“Yes, sir.” Isabella murmured, shifting her weight in Kellie’s arms. He helped her out some.

Killian had managed to pick the lock with a thin piece of sharp metal – from a car antenna by the looks and with a click and cold woosh of air escaping the long forgotten building, they were inside.

“We’ll head up to the very top floor, less chance of water damage being in there. Also watch where you step, with the water damage it weakens the foundation. If something creaks – don’t step on it. Also when walking up the stairs, be careful the concrete doesn’t crumble. With it being so many years, this foundation is extremely likely to crumble quite a bit.” Killian warned.

None of the others said a word and they began into the building, stepping lightly.

The inside was completely dark and the air was musky with the smell of mold and decay. Definitely not the place for a top vacation spot but they were limited on places they could stay without attracting attention.

“God, the smell is terrible!” Isabella’s face screwed up, feeling Kellie’s feet shift carefully over the rubble, watching each precise step he walked. If she didn’t know better she would swear he could do it blindfolded with a sleeping kitten.

“Sewage line from the smell of it and the mold isn’t going to do us any favors but we’re limited.” Kellie replied, stopping when he heard a crack and took a step in another direction on something sturdy, making his way through the dark hall.

“Bloody hell, I’ve always wanted to stay at a luxury hotel but this isn’t exactly what I had in mind.” Louis joked, stumbling on a piece of rock that gave from his feet.

Killian caught him before he fell, giving him a warning look.

“Less joking, more walking.” He patted Louis’s back with a pat but with a small ghost of amusement.

Liam was helping Emory over uneven trash and rubble while Harry and Zayn were going at their own pace. Niall was behind them, sulking but still angry.

“I don’t think this is going to end well.” Zayn muttered to Harry so no one else could hear, which was nearly impossible since the halls seemed to echo in their crypts, coming alive from the dead with each step.

“Niall?” Harry whispered back, guessing Zayn’s concern.

“Yeah.” Zayn muttered, glancing back down the hallway to see Niall had stopped. “Killian?”

Killian’s attention was caught and he looked back to see what the problem was. He saw Niall stopped, unmoving and with his arms crossed.

Mentally rolling his eyes he whistled, which stopped the whole group.

Kellie turned back and saw what was happening, he began to make his way back, stopping when he reached Killian.

“Hold her?” Kellie asked, which Killian took Isabella without question and watched Kellie make his way back down the hall.

Killian shifted the girl, noticing she was a tad bit heavier, before shifting her again to get his feet grounded.

Isabella wrapped her arm around the back of his neck. It wasn’t as it had mere days ago. It was disconnected and she wouldn’t even look him in the eye.

“Kellie will handle it, let’s move.” Killian gave the command and they were starting down the hall again, going past hotel rooms until they hit a stairwell.

Killian opened it cautiously and peered around, nothing but his breathing seemed to follow and with the coast clear they started to ascend the steps.

“Don’t touch the banister, it’s rusted over with water damage. Don’t need you blokes getting lockjaw.” Killian warned.

Louis and Harry rolled their eyes but didn’t bother to answer.

About halfway up the banister returned to its normal color, which meant the other half of the building was untouched by damage.

When they got up to the top floor where the luxury suites were held, Killian handed Isabella over to Zayn before doing a quick sweep around and going to the end of the hall – a dusty sign saying ‘presidential suite’.

“Over here lads.” Killian informed them, stepping back and kicking the flat end of his foot against the door with stealth.

The door flew open with force, nearly falling off its hinges.

Everyone stared in bewilderment.

“Holy shit.” Emory uttered in disbelief.

The dust flew like a blanket of smoke and cobwebs.

“We’re home everyone, get settled.” Killian said stepping into the room unbothered by the heavy dust.

Zayn looked at Isabella with an uneasy smile.

“You heard the Sargent.” Isabella muttered.

With only a slight hesitation Zayn walked in, the rest of the group following, minus Niall and Kellie – although they could hear voices echoing in the stairwell several flights below, even from where they were, they could tell Kellie was yelling.

Submitted: March 28, 2015

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