Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Trouble

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Kellie swore, his shirt covered in multitudes of different shaded blood. Some his, some the opposition but one thing he knew for sure; he was pissed.

They had barely time to get out of the hotel and when he blew Gigantor’s head apart, more of them kept coming. If it weren’t for Louis and Harry, chances are they wouldn’t be where they were at that moment.

“Some night.” Louis muttered beside Harry, Isabella safely positioned between them, her head resting on Harry’s shoulder.

Killian was signing widely to Kellie, his face darkened in shadow but he was most assuredly trying to make a valid point.

Zayn watched, picking up on certain words but for the most part understanding the guy became a challenge at times.

“I’m trying to drive, write what you want to say and pass it along, someone will read it. Man, out of all the languages chosen for your field, you had to pick and master the most difficult. Shame you never finished the courses but then again, Rookie, you never did stick to things too long.”

Killian grabbed his knapsack and grabbed a writing pad out of it, writing feverishly before handing it back to Louis.

Louis looked it over before reading it aloud.

“How did they find us? We’ve been careful to stay out of sight. Also, what I do is none of your bloody business as to why I dropped out. I tried to make it right.” Louis read aloud in a tired tone.

“I’m your brother. You dragged me into this mess to save a lass and her friends who are now being hunted by world tycoon Glen Saudimere and you’re telling me it’s none of my business? You’re lucky I’m driving or you’d be learning some new words in sign language, Rookie. If you want to be a pig’s ass, you go right ahead but guess what? Your voice is fried and Saudimere is still alive. Leaves you a fine guess where we stand on the food chain, yeah?”

“Whose fault is that? You were going to put a bullet in his head and then you didn’t.” Harry piped up.

“Someone tried putting a bullet in my head! I wasn’t sticking around with limited ammo, I was down to two shells after the whole search and rescue. You guys need to learn how to defend yourselves. I taught the Rookie here and I think it’s high time you boys learned.” Kellie said, his mind racing. If they couldn’t get a few simple maneuvers than they didn’t stand a chance.

Killian began to sign before just reaching back and grabbing the notepad back from Louis and wrote another note, handing it back.

“They’ve been already scarred enough and Ella wouldn’t survive the regime you put me through. One of the main reasons I quit and took up employment.” Louis read for him, growing bored of being the translator.

“I was rough because I had to be. You are my brother and though we may not agree, I would have helped you if you had come to me sooner. You know I would have. The only thing good to come out of this is you found your way back. It may have taken a broken beyond repair girl to get your head out of your ass but come heaven, hell or purgatory, you came back. You’re here – you all are.” Kellie said, the silence in the car at a pause.

Niall tapped Louis from beside him.

“Can we switch?” Niall asked hopefully.

“Gladly. You can be Killian’s translator for a while, I’m tired. I haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep in bloody weeks and this childish banter between these two makes me want to gouge my ears out.” Louis growled, unbuckling his seatbelt as Niall and him switched spots. Niall sitting next to Isabella and Harry and Louis now next to Liam.

Niall grabbed the notebook from Louis and tossed it back upfront to Killian before putting his arms around Isabella and holding her to him protectively.

Killian glanced through the mirror before writing down a note and handing it to Niall, smiling.

“A heart that loves unselfishly is a heart that remains untouched by jealousy.” Niall read the note to himself, looking at Killian in question. “What does that mean?”

“It means that she can love or care for anyone the same and that you shouldn’t see anyone in this group as a threat. We’re family. Abet a pretty dysfunctional family but we’re stuck together. No use adding petty competition to the mix, mate. Basically in lame’s terms, don’t be a dick.” Kellie finished simply for his brother, turning down around a steep corner the darkness covering them like a blanket, keeping his headlights dimmed. It would make their location harder if they were being tracked – at least he hoped. Although he too was wondering how Glen picked up on their trail. They had been extremely careful.

“Zayn? Mate? When we stop, will you mind a bit of patchwork? One of the bastards got me in the arm. Just a graze but I think it may require a stitch or two.” Kellie asked, the disgusting scent of blood continued to make his nose itch.

“Sure.” Zayn answered, glancing over each of his friends, seeing Louis might need a bit of work himself. He appeared to be bleeding by his ear – or it was someone else’s. He shuttered to think regardless.

“Thanks redcoat, much appreciated.” Kellie responded, smirking at the groan that left Zayn’s mouth.

“I really wish you’d stop calling us that.” Zayn retorted back, not really appreciating the sentiment.

“Alright, then stop calling me and Killian Lucky Charms.” Kellie made him a deal – although Zayn hadn’t ever used to term, it was Liam and Louis that seemed to get a kick out of the nickname. Since Niall was Irish himself, he was rather surprised the bloke didn’t take more offense.

“I could go for some of that cereal about now.” Niall muttered, his stomach growling to further prove a point.

“There should be a few snacks left over in the bag from the other day.” Kellie said, his hand feeling around in between the seat before looking over at Killian. “You mind? I don’t want to crash this van, I don’t feel like stealing another one.”

Killian rolled his eyes, copying his brother.

He finally found the bag and pulled it from under the seat, frowning.

There was nothing left in there which meant they’d have to replenish their resources and the van would need gas again soon too.

“Sorry, mate, we’re going to have to refuel but we need to stay off the main roads, use back ones to keep off the radar.” Kellie said, making a mental note that they were getting into forest country, the houses were becoming sparser with each mile they drove.

“So what are we going to do? Are we being tailed?” Liam asked, noticing they were literally out in the middle of nowhere, not even named roads were being of any help. If they had been followed, chances are the opposing team were lost, just like Kellie seemed to be.

“We’re going to pull over and find a place to rest. None of us seem to be at full energy and that’s dangerous especially when we need to be alert. We’ll figure it out once we’ve gotten some shut-eye.” Kellie said, driving a little more down the road until there were no more houses around. It had been at least two miles since he last saw one.

Parking on the side of the red dirt road, trees surrounding the area in a thicket of groves all around them, they finally felt out of wandering eyes.

Kellie relaxed visibly and put his seat back, hearing the others shift to get comfortable. Killian appeared deep in thought, his attention going to the dirt road, trees neatly aligned on either side, leading down a trail beyond their sight.

He grabbed his pad and wrote down something, handing it to Kellie, pointing in the same direction.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, we need to stick together.” Kellie replied to his brother’s note, shaking his head but he took the pad back and scrawled another message before pointing at Niall.

Niall raised his eyebrow, throwing his seatbelt off, unwrapping himself from Isabella and leaning forward to read the conversation before shrugging.

“I’d have no problem going with Killian to check it out. I’m too bloody hungry to sleep anyhow.” Niall muttered, scooting passed Harry, opening the side of the van top hop out but the long haired curly brunette stopped him, reaching at the waistband of his pants and pulling out his gun, checking the chambers of the nine millimeter before handing it to his blonde friend.

“There’s six rounds in there, be careful mate.” Harry said, grasping his friend’s hand a brief second and giving it a squeeze.

“I will, Hazza. Keep an eye on Ella, make sure she’s alright. I’m really worried about her.” Niall frowned, glancing at the barely alive girl, wishing he could do something to help.

Harry followed his glance, letting Isabella’s head guide back to his shoulder, slinking his arm around her protectively.

“We’ll make sure she’s ok. Go on, let us know if you find anything.” Harry assured his friend softly, forcing a smile. I think everyone was worried about Isabella. She didn’t have the same spark and her nightmares were intensifying. None of the boys knew what to do for her and arms held little comfort, words little meaning, she would have to come to her own conclusion what she wanted to do. All the others could do was be there for her when she was ready.

Killian gave his brother’s shoulder a little squeeze to reassure him before following Niall out of the van, reaching for his gun and tucking it under the waistband of his pants.

“Stay safe mates, any sign of trouble you get your arses back here. You understand?” Kellie warned sternly, the other two Irishmen glancing back at him before Killian nodded and signed.

“Yes poppa Kellie, we understand.” Killian mocked.

“I’ll show you poppa! You chicken pissed little imp!” Kellie threatened, opening his door and getting out, making the other two boys run off. Niall’s laughing could be heard echoing in the wind, carrying back as they were soon out of sight.

Zayn sighed and got his medical bag, opening his own door and getting walking around to Kellie.

“Care for a patch up, mate?” He asked warily, knowing none of them were going to get any sleep. He almost envied Isabella, although he wondered how much longer she would be under.

“No time like the present, yeah?” Kellie responded, stripping off his ruined shirt.

His muscles flexed as he threw material back into the van and scrunched his face up in disgust. They all were in dire need of showers and soap. Hell, he’d trade his soul at that moment for a hot cooked meal, a shower and a soft bed. If he was still in the military they could seek shelter on one of the bases but he knew that Saudimere would find them. They had to keep running.

“I should have out a slug in that twat’s brain. Shell shortage be damned – why didn’t I?” Kellie thought aloud, glancing at Zayn.

Because you wanted to get us to safety, you wanted to protect your brother. You shouldn’t fully blame yourself, Harry had a gun and didn’t use it. We panicked and we ran but I know we’ll get another chance.” Zayn encouraged, taking out an assortment of bandages and anti-bacterial ointment.

“Perhaps. I don’t know how Ella did it. Constantly running, constantly looking over her shoulder –sleeping so little, eating, God she eats like a bird. Saudimere raping her. My brother told me about what happened when she was down in the basement. Every time I think about it, the more I wished I’d of put him down like the dog he is. I wish Killy would have come to me sooner, I could have helped.” Kellie gritted his teeth, his blue eyes sparkling with rage.

“You’re a good bloke, Kellie. Don’t worry about what you could have done and focus on the what you did and are doing. Isabella, me – all of us. We would be dead if it weren’t for you and Killian and we can never thank you enough for that. Killian sacrificed himself for Isabella and every time they look at each other, there’s a spark, briefly and for only a second but he brings life to her. She calls him her heartbeat.” Zayn smiled, working on wiping away the excess blood from Kellie’s chest.

“Saudimere will pay for hurting Killian, I won’t make the same mistake again. Next time we meet, he won’t be so lucky. I will take from him what he took from my brother. I’m just glad Killian and I took those sign language courses when we were training together because now it’s not a question of wanting to know, it’s now needing to – and the permanent scar on his throat the collar burnt into him. I will make sure Glen pays for that too. His scars from the whip – it will not be a pleasant day when I get my hands on Saudimere. Mark my words. A bullet to the head is far too good for him, over too quickly. His suffering will be long, drawn out and painful.” Kellie growled, exhaling slowly to calm down.

“Easy there lucky charms, you’ll give yourself a coronary.” Zayn chuckled, trying to get Kellie’s focus onto something else that wasn’t Saudimere.

Kellie shoved Zayn’s shoulder.

“Redcoat.” Kellie hit back.

“Ok, hold still. I need to get you stitched up, whoever got you got a good chunk of flesh.” Zayn went serious again, grabbing the sewing kit from the doctor’s bag.

“If you think I look bad, you should see the other guy.” Kellie replied, chuckling a little.

Zayn snorted.

“I did. City morgue is probably still scraping his brain off the pavement.”

Kellie opened his mouth to retort to the light banter but a sharp piercing scream echoed throughout the small clearing they resided in.

Zayn’s head shot to the van, Isabella was struggling blindly in her seatbelt.

“She’s awake.” Kellie noted, picking at his fingernails nervously.

“Seems that way. Let me go help Harry and Louis calm her down.” Zayn excused himself, jumping into the back.

Harry had grabbed hold of Isabella in a tight embrace, Louis sliding beside her on the opposite side, wrapping his own arms around her.

“Elly, come on luv, you’re alright.” Harry soothed, cringing as another sharp scream pierced the air.

“My hearing is never going to be the same, we need to do something –she’s going to end up getting us in trouble one day.” Liam panicked but slid out of his seat, coming to the back of her and catching her hands, his arms embracing her from behind, holding her hands in her lap as she rocked violently, trying to escape whatever had hold of her.

“Ella? Come on, wake up now.” Zayn coaxed, stealing a glance at Harry who looked beside himself.

“Liam’s right but what can we do? Tell her to gag herself? This all hardly seems fair. For her, for us. She’s barely eating, she barely sleeps –“Louis cringed as another scream left her mouth. He quickly put his hand across her face so if she screamed again, it wouldn’t cause his ears to bleed.

Zayn shushed them, letting the air still as Kellie’s rose above their own.

Kellie got into the crowded back and knelt by Zayn, his voice picking up past their panic, allowing a hush to fall.

It was the same song he had sung to her many hours ago, his hand petting her dirt hair. It was enough to calm her struggling.

“You’re officially the girl whisperer, mate.” Liam said, retrieving his arms back and taking a seat neat them.

Kellie faded his voice to silence when Isabella’s face calmed.

“Come on, love. It’s time to wake up.” Louis whispered gently, running his fingers across her hair when Kellie stopped, hopping back out of the van, allowing them to comfort the girl.

He had to admit that Isabella was a concern. She couldn’t keep going on the way she had been, something needed to give and if she valued her life – their lives, then she needed to sacrifice. She needed tough love and Kellie would unfortunately be the one to have to give it to her. Things had to change because he couldn’t see Isabella living any more than a few years at most the rate she was going.

He heard a sharp intake of air, followed by an agonized sob. She finally snapped out of her nightmare, the ending result taking longer than normal.

“That’s it my love, see? You’re alright.” Louis soothed, hugging her to him protectively, worry evident in his blue eyes.

“I’m sorry.” Isabella sobbed, hugging back onto Louis tightly, his lips kissing her temple.

“You have nothing to be sorry for. Calm now, you’re ok now.” Harry said, reassuring the frightened girl.

“Ethan was right, he was right though. Everything was my fault. I was stupid. Why don’t you hate me? You were supposed to hate me!” Her lungs struggling to get adequate air.

“That’s enough, love. We don’t hate you, we love you, Ella. We have our faults and you have yours but we love you, we’re not going anywhere and neither are you. You’re not alone, you’ll never have to go through something like this on your own again.” Louis said promisingly, rocking her with him.

Isabella continued to sob against Louis but a little more relieved.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered defeated, her thoughts moving so fast that anything she wanted to say was lost.

“Shhh.” Harry coaxed, giving Louis a concerned look.

“Don’t be sorry, Ella. Just start taking care of yourself.” Liam sympathized.

Their words brought her little comfort but it was all she could cling onto, as the images of the nightmare spinning around her head like a tornado.

“It’s happening again.” Isabella shook, feeling her body tense.

Zayn swore and dumped the doctor bag out, searching for the familiar round disc of her inhaler. He knew he threw a few in there when he ransacked the infirmary. Luckily it didn’t take him long and he put it to her nose and pressed the top.

Kellie watched on with an unreadable expression but his attention was temporarily distracted when Niall could be seen running back up the clearing, his eyes full of panic.

Kellie ran to meet him the rest of the way, seeing that Killian wasn’t with him.

“Trouble. House. Killian, chokehold.” Niall struggled to catch his breath, his chest heaving deeply.

“Is he ok?” Kellie demanded, his blue eyes panicking slightly.

“Yes but the other man won’t be. Killian has him in a chokehold. The man recognized us, we’re wanted everywhere! He tried to call the police, Killian stopped him.” Niall panted as he struggled to explain.

Kellie groaned.

“I told him to stay in the van, nobody bloody listens though, do they?” Kellie growled going toward the van. “Come on, take us to him.”

Niall nodded and hopped in the van, taking in the sight.

“What happened here?”

“Tell you later.” Louis murmured, holding Isabella’s unconscious form, throwing the empty inhaler in the back.

Harry helped lay Isabella across their laps so she was laying down.

There’s a cabin, it’s up about half a mile.” Niall instructed.

Kellie nodded silently. Things couldn’t possibly get any worse –but then again, maybe they could.

Submitted: March 09, 2015

© Copyright 2020 VanitySorrowHeart. All rights reserved.


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