The Hostage and the Runaways

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 20 (v.1) - Chapter 20: Deception Maybe

Submitted: April 01, 2015

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Submitted: April 01, 2015



Isabella laid on her side, sweat glistening down her face as she stilled against the ropes that held her prisoner.

Killian stood calmly on the side of the bed, his brown eyes scanning Isabella.

“You’re up to fifteen hours of rope training –“ Killian started but Isabella interrupted again.

“Fuck you, you didn’t tell me about this, Killian. Why the hell are you doing this to me?!” Isabella growled in anger, struggling for the millionth time as her bonds restricted her movement. She had successfully managed to get out of the way Louis tied her but Killian’s rope techniques were far more advanced. The harder she struggled, the tighter they got.

“Okay, eighteen hours of rope training then. One hour for interrupting me, swearing at me and using my name during training. I’m loving that I will get to spend so much time with you, little fawn. We really should do it more often.” Killian said sarcastic.

“If you’re so good at this shit, lucky charms, why the fuck couldn’t you get away from Glen and Ethan the first day, huh? You got knocked out, tied down and voice raped with a dog collar. So don’t pretend to be so high and mighty you fucking Irish, tap dancing git!” Isabella exploded, shaking with anger as all Emory could do was sit in the chair beside the bed and watch the two wit off. He had to admit, these two would make a sailor blush and do the sign of the cross.

“Gee, I dunno. Your benefit? I thought you were worth the risk but apparently, as per usual, I’m wrong. Right? You’re saying you weren’t worth the risk?” Killian went to the other side so they could stare at one another.

“I told you to leave me! Didn’t I? I told you I had nothing left to fight for and you pressure pointed me! You caused the risk! So don’t try pulling that on me, fucktard!” Isabella screamed, hearing the door slam open from the hall and Kellie marching down the hall into the room.

“Killian? Take a breather. Emory will oversee her progress. An hour if you need but the lads outside are already on edge and we’re only four hours in. I’m not even sure they’re going to MAKE it the full eight. Niall is sitting down and refusing to move, Liam is just standing there with his arms crossed, Louis is crying, Harry is comforting him and Zayn is the only one seeming to be with it enough to continue to run. If you want to switch, I’ll take Isabella and you can run the foot drills with the others. Up to you but the way I see it, you’re going to end up making Isabella hate you before the night is over and that was not the goal. Our goal is not to break them, our goal is to rebuild from that structure that’s already in need of repair and you taunting the poor girl is not how you nor I were trained.” Kellie reminded Killian calmly, being the voice of reason.

Killian gestured to his brother before switching off and taking over running drills. A few moments later, he could be heard yelling at the group, his voice carrying clearly inside.

“Oh that boy will be the death of me.” Kellie muttered, coming over toward the bed. “Hey, sapling. How are you feeling?”

“Dandy! Now, untie me. I’d rather run laps. It’s what I’m fucking good at after all.” Isabella responded sarcastically, moving her hands a little and flinching.

“Okay, here’s the deal. You get out of those ropes and I won’t make you do anymore of those this morning. Instead, you and I will work on controlling your convulsions and night terrors. I’m not in the mood to fight you –any of you. I don’t know why you’re so enraged today but this is not like you.” Kellie scratched his head only to hear the laptop turn on by itself and start ringing.

Kellie groaned but pulled the top open.

“What Ethan? I’m a little busy.” He responded irritably.

Ethan had a slight annoyed look on his face.

“For being Irish, you and Killian sure aren’t thinking outside the box. I gave something to Isabella last night. Her and I shared a lovely conversation and had a cigarette, the stuff she inhaled is temporary I assure you but if not for my own entertainment and trust me – seeing Killian getting pissed enough was proof enough why it’s a façade. He’s weak too. He speaks from emotion and not from heart, might actually get him killed someday. You? Your emotions are pretty raw, respectable but it’s not going to be enough. Not for protecting her –not for protecting them. If you want to survive and get off grid for at least a few months, I can help. I have a place. I’ll send you the coordinates and I will not take Isabella until I deem that it is needed.” Ethan promised.

“No way, she’s not going with you period. Not now, not ever. No.” Kellie decided, his tone firm.

“You may want to get packing and going then. Elliott is heading right for the city. He doesn’t have a clear track on the signal yet as I’m bouncing it around the towers but he’ll get a pickup sooner or later. Consider this me being a civil human being. Unlike Killian who now has Niall flipped over the edge of the building by his feet.” Ethan howled with laughter, his eyes watching the screen intently.

Kellie took to running out the door at that moment to stop his brother from killing anyone.

Ethan’s laughter died down to a slight chuckle.

“Hey Emory, enjoy the little care package I left in the box?” He smirked, leaning back and folding his arms.

Emory didn’t say anything but stared at the laptop and Isabella sat up, following his glance. Her anger getting stronger just having listened to the conversation.

“You always did have a roundabout way of confusing or pissing people off. What did you do to me?!” Isabella demanded.

“I made you stronger – you didn’t want to be weak? I gave you an inhalant, something that when soaked in tobacco can be absorbed into the brain when inhaled. You are experiencing an increase of endorphins, this chemical activates the parts of your brain with the stability and rational thinking to slow while the emotional part of your brain is hyper sensitive. In short, sunshine, you’re a walking Roy Rage victim. Courage in a drug, all it is though anymore, right? Now, would you like me to tell you how to get out of those ropes or do you actually like being tied up like that? Because I could dig me a little bondage show right now.” Ethan chuckled, noticing Isabella stilled and listened to him. When he got no response Ethan continued. “Your struggle caused the ropes to pull tighter but there’s a trick knot in the back, set up just above your hand which makes getting to it a little hard but try feeling the knot out and using in between your fingers to work it down and pull. Good luck and talk to you soon.” Ethan smiled before the laptop shut off again.

“He is one confusing bloke.” Emory said before realizing it.

Isabella chuckled in amusement.

“We’ve been hanging around the Brits and the Irish too long, eh Em?”

Emory swallowed nervously and returned her amused sentiment – although it seemed forced and unnatural. Isabella had an uneasy tone to her voice.

“Perhaps.” Emory agreed, hearing Killian and Kellie yelling at one another loud enough to wake the dead.

No more than forty seconds later the five boys walked in, each taking seats around the room, their eyes tired and their bodies slumped in complete exhaustion.

“You look like crap, Louis.” Isabella noted, seeing his red eyes and defeated expression.

“Love you too, Ella. How’s your training coming? I heard you giving Killian a few words of your own. To say he’s pissed would be an understatement.” Louis responded, clearing his throat.

Isabella smiled, having been fingering the trick knot before finally pulling it free, feeling the ropes around her slacken. She got out of the rest of them in a few seconds flat.

“Ethan let me in on the secret and it took a lot less time and energy. Thanks for the concern pony-boy.” She said before standing up and heading toward the door and making her way down the steps to the main level and began to run.

Niall groaned and stood up to go after her but Zayn stopped him.

“Nu-uh. You just sit your arse right back down, Horan. I’ll bloody get her.”

With that Zayn was out the door and running after the girl, a syringe hidden in his pocket. He was tempted to use one on the whole damn group just to get some peace and quiet for a few hours but the consequences weren’t worth the actions.

As he hit ground level he saw Isabella running across the street, Killian yelling at her to stop, followed by Kellie telling Killian to use his fucking head.

If Zayn didn’t catch the girl then Killian or Kellie would. Isabella wasn’t running fast enough due to the weakened state she was still in but she certainly was trying.

He easily caught up with her but instead of catching her, he simply ran beside her at a jogging pace.

“Ella? Come on, stop. You know this is going to piss Killian off and Kellie seems to be losing patience too. Why are you doing this? Is it some personal goal, love? Because I can promise you, you’re not going to like the consequences.” Zayn warned her, keeping his voice gentle.

“I need to strengthen. I need to run, I need to be fast, strong – everything.” Isabella frowned, glancing at Zayn before trying to move faster but it became too much and her feet gave.

Zayn grabbed her, flipping his body so when they fell she would fall on top of him.

They hit the ground with a thud before footsteps could be heard pounding down the street, Killian running full speed at them.

“Ugh.” Zayn groaned, his arms protectively holding the girl to him as she cried out in frustration and anger.

The first thing Killian did when he reached the two were making sure Isabella was okay. He checked her over calmly despite her irrational protests – she even managed to clock him in the jaw before Zayn restrained her arms, her body help against his securely.

Killian gently moved her hair to the side before finding the familiar pressure point, her pulse rate quickening over his touch.

“If you knock me out that way again Killian O’Hare, I will never forgive you. Let me go, the both of you.” Isabella spat, glaring, her cold green eyes as calculated and emotionless as Killian’s browns.

Zayn sighed but did as he was told while Killian helped her from the ground.

“Why are you running? Huh?” Killian demanded.

“BECAUSE I WANT TO BE FREE! ALRIGHT?! Because I wanted to run around the block just to feel what it felt like to run again – what it was like to be free from chains and bondage, it feels like it’s been a long time. If you don’t understand that O’Hare then you don’t know anything.” Isabella screamed but gradually her voice dipped into defeat and she simply sunk back on her knees.

Killian began to mutter insults in Irish tongue before hauling her up to her feet again, this time none too gently.

“I’m not super woman, Killian. I’m not strong and I’m certainly not ready for this decision. I knew it would be tough but had I known I was going to lose you, I never would have taken that oath! I’d rather have you back. I’d rather be with someone with emotional feelings than disconnected. I feel you would never be this way towards me if I didn’t train. Let’s face it, heartbeat – let’s face that we’re on borrowed time because Elliott is heading towards the city and it would be easier for me to escape and leave you all go back to your lives. We don’t have a strategy or plan! WE have NOTHING!” Isabella ranted, tears of anger trailing her face.

Killian stood there for a moment, his hard eyes locked on Isabella before they reached up and wiped her tears away.

“You took the oath and I understand you’re not yourself right now – which seems to be the case most times because when Ethan is around, disaster is sure to follow. I don’t know what he did but –“Killian began but Isabella pushed away from him.

“He helped me see what’s really there. Whether that cigarette was laced I don’t know and I don’t care. I may not be thinking rationally but I see what’s there. I’m never going to forgive you, Killian – I’m never going to forgive any of you.”

She spoke it so calmly that it was as if she were commenting on the weather out that morning.

Killian watched her go, his brown eyes were unreadable but he made no attempt to stop her, all she was going to do was waste the little energy running and he was just fine with that.

“Run with her, don’t let her overexert herself and should she tire, make her come back – any means necessary.” Killian ordered Zayn.

The doctor nodded and ran after her, Killian turning back to go inside.

When he reached their hotel suite he sighed and sat heavily on the bed that they shared, Louis sitting on the foot of it with a worried expression. He was already worn down from the running exercise that morning and they still had self-defense training.

Sensing that they were at their breaking point, Killian raised his hand dismissively.

“You’re all free to do as you please, no more training today.” He announced tiredly before getting up to go outside for some fresh air.

Kellie was out there watching with his arms folded across his chest, a worried expression on his features.

“We’re in way over our head.” Killian sighed, sitting down on the edge of the building and glancing out to where Isabella was, her figure going around the corner for the second time, Zayn following beside.

“That’s because we’re not using our heads. We need a plan and a structure. We need a strategy or we are going to die.” Kellie said with a vague hint of seriousness.

“Isabella wants to run, she thinks she would be better off on her own – maybe we need to consider this, maybe she would do better.” Killian shrugged but his eyes betrayed him then.

Kellie noticed and smiled.

“Even I’m not fool enough to believe that came from your mouth, rookie. No, Isabella needs family and I think you got caught up trying to be me. You’re not me, Killian. You are you. You’re the good twin – the most kind hearted of us both and Isabella needs to know that. Maybe a night out will do you and everyone else some good. It might help them focus more if they’re at least around people. Bourbon Street isn’t far and they have a pier there – perfect for wooing.” Kellie smirked when Killian shot him a warning look.

“Maybe. Maybe you’re right.” Killian agreed reluctantly.

“You found that guitar – you know you can sing. A bit of music, a bit of dancing, a bit of food, a bit of philosophical bullshit and to top it off, if you can make her laugh, she’s yours,” Kellie chuckled before hitting Killian’s back with a hard ‘thwap’ “Those are simply my ideas, good luck.”

With that he walked off to back inside to escape the muggy temperatures, although it wasn’t much better in the hotel room.

Killian shook his head. They were supposed to be training not vacationing.

“Be strict, don’t be strict. Quit coddling her, oh, it’s alright for one night if it helps her focus. Bleeding bloody fucking leprechauns if I thought I was the bipolar twin.” Killian muttered, watching Isabella come around the corner again.

Zayn looked up and gave a ‘what can you do’ gesture before following her around the ben again.

Killian decided to go back inside and clean up the best he could. They all stunk from the earlier training but maybe a night out would do them some good – the problem was making sure not to be caught on camera, which meant they would have to darken the streets of New Orleans and disable the traffic and security cameras.

“All this for a bloody fucking woman.” Killian muttered but his brown eyes seemed to lighten a little, knowing his brother had a point. Maybe they needed human contact and a good time. He knew this wasn’t him – he knew what was leaving his mouth would be something he would never say in a thousand years.

“Bloody hell, what’s happening to me?” Killian muttered, rubbing his eyes.

“You’re absorbing the energy around you and becoming your environment. It’s a natural thing if one really thinks about it. I mean, soon you’ll be hitting, slapping her around –it’s easy to get into survival mode, getting out of it is a real bitch. It makes you forget who you are. Take it from someone who knows.” Ethan said, walking around the corner of the wall and over toward the Irishman.

Killian tensed but before he could move, Ethan had the familiar aerosol can out with the knockout gas in his hand, pointing it at the Irishman.

“Easy there, Killian. I’m simply here for a chat, nothing more.” Ethan calmed him, sitting in the same spot that he and Isabella were earlier that morning under the stars.

Ethan took out a pack of cigarettes and offered the pack out.

Killian’s dark pools of brown became nearly black with rage but he controlled himself enough to not react to the blonde haired scientist in front of him.

“I promise they’re cigarettes, I didn’t lace them this time –see? The pack is still sealed.” Ethan responded calmly with a smile. It was an uneasy one as if the look he was receiving were capable, he’d of dropped dead and burst into flames.

Killian grabbed the pack from Ethan’s hand with force and pocketed the cancer sticks.

Ethan’s eyebrow popped up, a cocky look flashing across his face.

“I’ve got more packs, keep it by all means,” Ethan rolled his eyes sarcastically before taking the lighter from his pocket and tossing it to the enraged twin. “Here, might as well take that too.”

“Speak your peace and leave. I’m not getting hanged from associating with the likes of you.” Killian growled but kept his eyes on the knockout can.

“You’re already up on the guillotine ‘mate’. It’s just a matter of deciding how sharp the blade is. Slow, quick – it doesn’t matter. The result is still all the same. Death.” Ethan shrugged and took a spare smoke from his pocket, gesturing that he wanted the lighter back for a second.

Killian tossed it back and Ethan lite up, inhaling deeply, returning the lighter.

When Killian remained silent, Ethan went on.

“You don’t have a prayer in hell. You – them, this is a fucking suicide mission and you know it. It’s not like you have a plan and Elliott is getting closer. If you were smart, really smart – you would get out of town and head back North West toward Yellowstone. Yellowstone has places you could stay, it has the least wide range of technology that will actually function there. He’d have a harder time. He can and will track you eventually but it will take time – it will buy time and that my friend, is what you need right now,” Ethan finished, fishing into his coat pocket and taking out a vanilla colored envelope, tossing it to Killian. “Don’t ever say I didn’t do you any favors. Take that, it has fifty grand that should more than last you and get you what you need. Elliott will be in New Orleans by midnight tonight, get out of town. He found the signal and managed to isolate where it was coming from.”

Ethan took another puff of the lit stick before handing it over to Killian.

Killian took the half smoked cigarette and put it in his mouth, taking a drag. He noticed by then that Zayn and Isabella had stopped and were watching intently from below.

Isabella stormed back toward the hotel with Zayn hot on her heels after seeing the brief display.

“Great, thanks a lot.” Killian muttered, knowing he was going to hear an ear full. He took a few hits of the cancer stick before tossing it over the edge.

“You’re welcome.” Ethan smirked, standing up and tossing the knock out gas to the ground and walking away but before he was completely out of sight he stopped.

“A way to get Isabella to calm down, at least that I’ve found is to grab a hold of her, force her to you and whisper lies into her ears of a happier time but I do suppose that would fall under coddling and heaven forbid, right? Anyhow, let the girl cry, it’s a healthy emotion. You will find she will be better for it after and you could do with letting some of it out to breathe too. Later my friend and good luck.”

With that Ethan was gone.

Killian gritted his teeth.

“We’re not friends!” He screamed into the air to make sure he was heard but nothing followed him back but the silence and loud stomping footsteps.

Killian groaned, knowing exactly what was about to happen.

“So much for wooing.” He muttered, standing up to intercept the verbal abuse that was about to come.

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