Chapter 21: Chapter 21: Thought

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Isabella sat in the back of the van with her arms folded across her chest, Emory sitting beside her and Kellie on her other side. Killian was driving – a black eye forming. Liam sat in the passenger side.

“Running, running, running. All we ever fucking do is run like rats.” Isabella muttered, the other guys glancing at her briefly but didn’t say anything.

“Ella, that’s enough.” Kellie warned, using his hand to massage her hair gently. He really needed her to calm down.

Isabella pushed Kellie’s hand away, not forcefully but enough for her to get the message that he was breaking his own rules.

“You’re coddling, you’re breaking one of your own rules.” Isabella muttered, bringing her knees up to her chest and leant back against the hard wall.

“Not coddling, comforting. There is a difference, sapling – there is a huge difference.” Kellie replied calmly.

“I’d prefer neither.” Isabella stated simply.

Isabella had been near impossible since leaving and everyone decided that silence in some cases was the best solution.

“Alright, I will respect that, hun but can I share a few pieces of wisdom with you?” Kellie asked, his eyes going to Emory for a brief second before going back on the girl.

“You’re the commander, you could call me Sally Sue and I’d probably have to agree.” Isabella shrugged, feeling Emory wrap his arm around her shoulders.

“Ella, bunny – he’s trying. We all are. Please?” Emory hushed.

Isabella sighed but gestured for Kellie to continue.

“Okay, first off, sweetheart. I’m going to let the infraction of punching Killian slide – since he has specifically asked me to do so. I don’t want to have to punish you, Ella. I want to help you. I want you to get strong but I’m afraid you’re building your walls up way too fast and you’re pushing yourself past even your own limits.” Kellie explained.

“You’re the ones who said I was weak, asked me if I wanted to be a fawn or something more – told me I was weak and you told me yourself that you’d give me a try but didn’t believe I could do it. I want to be what you want me to be. I want to be this person who doesn’t cry, who doesn’t need to reply on the touch of others to comfort myself. I want to be like you and Killian.” Isabella responded back, her eyes showing a small slither of emotion.

“I don’t believe you’re strong enough right now. The key word is right now, I didn’t say I never would. Hell, beautiful, you’ll probably end up saving my ass someday. You have the potential to do amazing things with what we can teach you but the key word is do. You need to let go of things, sapling and I want to help you with that. If given permission, I will oversee all your training but if doing this, I need a reassurance of some kind that you won’t abuse what I teach you. The same as I believe wholeheartedly that you will teach me a thing or two. I never said I didn’t have faith in you. I don’t see it right now but I do see the potential – I see the promise,” Kellie smiled and leant forward, placing his lips softly on her temple in a gentle kiss before pulling back. “My mam use to kiss my temple, she said it was for good luck. I think you need some of that right now yourself.”

Isabella forced a small smile, her strength zapped from her. All she truly wanted to do was sleep.

“She sounds kind.” Isabella relented.

“She was.” Kellie said before motioning Louis to where he sat and moved to let the brown haired boy with the blue eyes sit beside the unbalanced girl.

“Keep her safe. I’m going to relieve Liam of the front seat. I suggest getting some sleep, gents. It will be a very long drive to Yellowstone and you all look like you could use the rest.” Kellie announced as all the group did was let out small murmurs of agreement.

Isabella turned to Emory before glancing at Louis who was trying to find a spot on the floor to lay down. It looked tempting, no matter how hard the surface was.

“Em? I’m going to follow their lead, can I use your lap or were you planning on laying down too?” Isabella asked softly.

“I’m okay for right now, go ahead and lay down bunny. You look exhausted.” Emory smiled and helped to guide Isabella a spot of her own beside him and her head comfortably on his lap.

Louis was near the stacks of sheets and blankets they had swiped and took one of the sheets, draping it across the frail girl’s body.

“Sweet dreams, love.” Louis whispered, petting her hair down the side before returning to his original mission. He eventually squeezed a spot beside Harry who had claimed his space.

“Thank you.” Isabella murmured before seeming to fall from consciousness.

Emory watched her breathing even and looked across at Liam who sat at the opposite wall. The rest of the boys were laying down and a few appeared to be asleep.

“It’s crazy isn’t it? This?” Emory whispered to Liam, making sure to keep his voice soft.

“It is, to be honest, I’m not even sure what to make of it. We’re harboring a hacker from Saudimere, the king of hell and we can’t stay in one place for more than a day it seems. Isabella must have been tired of this after a week and she has been going for years. I’m barely hanging onto sanity after two weeks. I can honestly understand why Isabella wants to give up. I’m at the point of giving up.” Liam admitted sadly.

Emory’s frown deepened. He honestly couldn’t imagine moving like this every few days and knowing this – knowing what he knew, it made him have a lot more respect and compassion for the group of friends he inherited.

“We can’t give up because the moment you start giving up is the moment you die. Saudimere is a threat but he is a threat that can be eliminated. We just have to follow on Ethan’s instructions for right now. Killian told us were following coordinates –as much as I don’t completely trust Ethan he has so far, not steered us wrong.” Emory pointed out which made Liam snort.

“He has an agenda. He wants Isabella but he wants something from her first –he’s been giving her all these drugs and it has me wondering if he’s not going to turn her into his own personal weapon. Ethan is unpredictable and that in itself is dangerous.” Liam muttered.

“Maybe so but right now, what choice do we have? We’re not making any progress on our own. None of us – not even the super twins up there have been able to stay off grid. No plan, no structure – it’s something we need to work on. I may not be training with you all but I live for structure and there’s literally none in this group.” Emory pointed out, which prompted Killian to respond.

“Then that is your job, Taylor. You want structure? You want to plan? Alright, have at it.” Killian responded before a notebook and pen were tossed back.

“I wouldn’t even know where to begin, you all are such a fucked up mess that there is literally nothing that comes to mind.” Emory replied, at a loss himself.

“Yeah, well lad, we’ve been racking our brains too. All we got is ‘get the fuck out of bloody dodge and run.’ If you think of anything, feel free to contribute and be useful.” Killian glowered, his disposition not entirely at its best.

“We have twenty-eight hours from here to Yellowstone, it’s going to be a long drive kids. So be nice to one another. We don’t need things being made worse.” Kellie said as always being the voice of reason.

Killian muttered but didn’t say anything further and concentrated on driving.

“Are we stopping anywhere for supplies? We’re going to need to replenish on drinks and food, that’s about the only structure I can offer right now.” Emory shrugged, reaching over for the pen and stationary pad.

“When we need fuel, we’re okay right now.” Kellie smiled appreciatively.

Emory nodded, glancing down at his sleeping friend with a thoughtful frown on his face before gently opening the pad and uncapping the pen.

He began to write, having a vague idea.

Kellie glanced in the back mirror and saw Emory writing, his eyes furrowing in concentration.

It reverted back into silence and eventually faded out into even breaths. Kellie finally having lowered his guard enough to catch a few hours, entrusting Killian to get them where they needed to be.

Killian simply drove, he drove for everything he was worth. His strength was all but zapped and the horrible stench that wafted around the van made him well aware of how dire everything had gotten. He was beginning to see why Isabella found it all so hopeless. He understood why she was giving up.

“Hey, Taylor? Mind if I ask you something?” Killian asked, glancing in the back.

“Sure, O’Hare. What is it?” Emory returned the sentiment of his last name.

“You know Isabella –“Killian began but Emory cut him off.

“I knew Anastasia. Isabella is as unpredictable as the Fall wind. She’s far more broken – far weaker than the girl I knew years ago. My Anastasia wouldn’t let you get away with the shit you’ve been doing these past couple of days. Anastasia would have kneed you in the balls and walked off with a fuck you. This girl, she’s a shell –she’s ruined.” Emory spat but Killian noticed the green eyed boy wrapped his arm over her protectively. The gesture was cute and made the Irishman smile.

“You know her regardless. Tell me her likes and her dislikes – tell me about her. She doesn’t open up much about her past and I figure – you were her friend.”

Emory sighed.

“There’s a reason for that and that’s something you’re going to have to get her to open up about. You’re a good person Killian but you’re not Kellie. Your brother has the balance and the patience to train Isabella. You need to be her shoulder. I can’t expect to comfort her every time you’re mean to her and the other guys baby her like a porcelain doll that’s going to shatter at any second. Louis and Harry especially. Everyone needs structure here or this group is going to unravel from the seams. For Isabella – she needs to be able to express her emotions. Maybe not give you a black eye the way she did but even when she was a teenager, she use to cry to relieve stress. You’re telling her it’s a weak emotion –it’s not. Decide if you want to be her lover or her trainer. At the end of the day, when everything seems to fall apart – she needs someone to reassure her that it’s going to be alright, she needs someone to glue those pieces back together. Kellie should oversee her specifically and you, Killian, should maintain the promise you made to her. I have no doubt in my mind that as she trains that she will get stronger but right now, you said it yourself – that she is weak. So strengthen her with love and understanding. Not demean her because you think you’re doing her a favor.” Emory finished, his arms going across his chest.

Killian thought on that before nodding.

“Thanks, Emory. I think we’ve covered the basis.” Killian dismissed, a little taken aback with the bloke’s observation.

Emory nodded.

“Kellie needs to train her, you need to care for her. I don’t know how you can shut off like a light switch but you can’t beat a dog and then the next minute pet it like nothing happened. You are showing two emotions and for Isabella that’s confusing and if you keep that up you will either lose her or you will make it worse until she runs away. I don’t know if it’s entirely possible to break someone who is already broken but if she loves you and you betray that trust –you would be surprised how dented the human psyche can get.”

Killian acknowledged the foot surgeon’s words but said nothing else.

The van reverted back into silence and the next time Killian looked to the back, Emory had finally fallen asleep, upright against the cold van wall – letting his friend sleep on his lap.

Killian understood what Emory was saying but the problem was – did he already blow his chance? Why was he finding it so hard to hang on? He had never given up before so why did this all seem hopeless?

“We really do need a plan.” Killian agreed with the green eyed blonde before focusing back on driving and heading towards the coordinates that Ethan sent.

What Killian didn’t know was that fate already set in motion a string of events that would rock the group to its core. The events to come would strength, weaken and break each of them in their own way and all they could do was hold on and hope for the best.

Submitted: April 04, 2015

© Copyright 2020 VanitySorrowHeart. All rights reserved.


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