The Hostage and the Runaways

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 22 (v.1) - Chapter 22: Memories From Yesterday

Submitted: April 06, 2015

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Submitted: April 06, 2015



Isabella’s body jerked violently back with force. Her mouth opened inn silent screams but her consciousness didn’t let her wake up. She felt the heat of the fire brush against her skin and licking at her flesh. The temperature was rising and all she could do was stare up into the coffin’s darkness, the laughter of the damned coming from the other side as she burned over and over again in the deepest circle of hell.

“Ella? Come on sweetheart, wake up; you kicked Niall in the face and I think you broke his nose.” Kellie coxed gently – a moan of pain somewhere around her sounded but all she could focus on was the fire – her death. She tried screaming again but like before nothing sounded.

“Isabella, come on luv – you’re going to wake the dead.” Harry could be heard somewhere above her.

A touch to her burning shoulder made her scream, it came out hoarse and muted.

“Killian? Has she been in this deep before? She’s not waking up – her eyes are open but –“Kellie’s voice fell away as a murmured voice broke through the darkness.

“Little fawn? Come on sweetheart, wake up for me. It’s just a dream.” Killian persuaded with gentleness; a second later his lips were gently planted on Isabella’s and in that second her consciousness shot awake quicker than a shot of adrenaline.

In her shock and dismay her hand balled into a fist and before either of the boys could blink it made contact with the same eye that Isabella had gotten earlier.

Killian’s mouth left hers with a high surprised exclamation.

“Cailín dúr! Bhí mé ag iarraidh ach chun cabhrú! (Stupid girl! I was just trying to help!”) Killian yelled in Irish dialect, his voice heavy with the language.

 “Killian, take a walk!” Kellie told him strictly before his brother made things worse and did something he would regret.

 “Fuair ??sí liom i mo shúil dubh cheana féin! Fuck a leipreachán a Gortaítear!” (“She got me in my already black eye! Fuck a leprechaun that hurt!”) Killian yelled but noticed Isabella’s erratic breathing and the dark look in her eyes.

 “I don’t know what you just said but if you kiss me again, lover boy, you’re gonna lose lips.” Isabella warned with a growl before pushing him away from her and sitting up.

 “Holy fuck mate, she got you good.” Louis observed Niall’s crooked nose before Isabella was with it enough to observe what she had done. Although her eyes betrayed a small amount of emotion she quickly hid it. “Well, that’s easily fixed – set it back again and don’t lay your face by my feet anymore.”

 Killian was two seconds away from strangling her. He didn’t care if Ethan’s drugs were causing the change in her behavior or if Isabella woke up on the wrong side of the bed – he was vast losing patience with her.

“Killian, take a walk.” Kellie repeated, this time calmer.

 “Fucking dÚsachtach –“ (Fucking crazy bi –“) Killian cut himself off and hopped out of the van toward the deserted gas station. It was early in the morning – no more than two AM.

 “Come here mate, let’s get that nose fixed.” Kellie smiled calmly, guiding Niall toward him as he took his hands and placed them on either side of Niall’s face and straightened the blonde’s crooked nose. Surprisingly it didn’t hurt as bad as Niall thought it would.

 “Thanks,” Niall sighed, glaring at Isabella. “You’re lucky you know that? If it weren’t for us, you’d still be Glen’s bitch right now.”

 Isabella snorted.

 “Is that what kids are calling it now a days? Lucky?” Isabella responded sarcastically.

 Niall’s hands tightened into fist at her retort.

 Kellie closed his eyes and willed God to give him strength. If he had enough rope he’d probably end up bound and gagging the majority of them for peace and quiet but since he was leader and meant to set an example; he would seem he also had to play kindergarten teacher as well.

 “Okay, Ella. I’m going to need you to apologize – you owe the majority of this van an apology, Killian and Harry most of all. Niall? Mate? I love you, brother to brother here but you’ve not been much better. I don’t know what’s gotten into you other than blue balls and girl issues but your animosity towards Isabella needs to stop. You’ve been instigating certain reactions from her and that is not okay on any level. You’re a kind soul, Niall – the kindest I’ve met in a while and right now Isabella needs that kindness and understanding. So whatever crawled up your arse and died needs to be picked out. We’re supposed to be protecting her, protecting one another and we are all unravelling from the seams. If we’re attacked, we’re going to be so uncoordinated that someone is going to get hurt or killed and I care too Goddamn fucking much to see my family hurt so whatever these issues are, WORK THEM OUT! HAVE I MADE MYSELF CLEAR?!” Kellie finished, wiping a few tears from his eyes as the echo died off back into silence. He was so at a loss that the small amount of emotion that snuck through was enough for him to turn abruptly and slam his fist into the side door – denting the hard siding as it made contact.

 Isabella jumped and Emory instantly put his arm around her.

 “Have I made myself clear?” Kellie asked again, this time dangerously calm.

 “Yes sir.” Isabella stuttered out, glancing at Harry who was watching with wide eyes.

 She crawled to the unoccupied side of the curly haired boy and wrapped her arms around him, her lips by his ear.

 “For what it’s worth, I’m sorry for being so short.” Isabella muttered, which made Harry smile softly. He truly understood Isabella’s plight.

 “Hey, luv, you’re preaching to the choir. I understand. I’m here if you ever need a sympathetic ear.” Harry promised, reaching over and kissing her cheek before patting her hair.

 Isabella smiled and hugged him deeper before turning to Zayn.

 “I really am, I’m sorry. I’m just so tired. I’m tired of running, tired of fighting –tired in general.” She felt the need to explain herself. She didn’t understand why she felt like that but all she wanted to do was give up.

 Kellie pinched the bridge of his nose tiredly.

 “Trust me, sapling, we’re all right there with you. You’ve done this for years – we’ve been doing it for a few weeks and to be honest, even I’m still amazed how you kept moving for as long as you had.” He admitted.

 “Then is it so wrong? To think like this I mean?” Isabella asked him, feeling Harry’s arm go around her.

 “No, love, it’s not. We’ve all been dealing with the bouts of depression. I certainly never thought about taking a shower for granted until I got into this little stint but we care for our own and you have come to be the centerpiece around us so we can’t just leave you. We’re going to see this through.” Zayn smiled but Isabella picked up a little on the animosity.

 “I’m sorry it ended this way. I feel more of an inconvenience than anything. I want to learn, I want to be the person everyone wants to come into her own but I’m stuck. We’re all stuck. Now we’re heading toward coordinates that Ethan’s sent without knowing his gameplay.” Isabella sighed and leant into Harry as he caught her in his arms against him.

 Niall glared, he had become deathly quiet since Kellie’s rant but Isabella had no problem noticing.

 “Something to say, stud?” Isabella asked him with sarcastic kindness.

 “Yeah, I do –“Niall retorted but Emory caught his arm.

 “A bit of fresh air might do us all a bit of good, yeah? Come on, let’s go replenish some drinks and grab some food before anymore is said that all parties involved will regret.” Emory reasoned, following Kellie’s lead to keep the van tranquil.

 Niall growled but got out of the van with the rest of the boys following – all but Harry, Isabella and Kellie.

 Emory threw the notebook on Kellie’s lap.

 “Not much structure but it’s a start O’Hare. Look it over, tell me what you think.” Emory nodded before heading toward the gas station with Niall, placing an arm over the blonde’s shoulder as they walked, talking in low voices.

 Kellie took up the empty space on the other side of Isabella and placed his hand on her shoulder.

 “Oh cailín , cad a bhfuil muid ag dul a dhéanamh leat?” (“Oh girl, what are we going to do with you?”) Killian sighed with defeat before glancing at the notebook.

 “Why are you two speaking in your native tongues now? I have no idea what the hell you two are saying.” Isabella huffed with annoyance which made Kellie smile.

 “You will, I’m going to teach you. I have three languages under me. English, Irish Celtic and sign language. What I’m speaking is Celtic and it is a very old dialect – in fact some English words derived from Latin and Celtic. A little food for thought if you didn’t know that. For example, cailin is Irish for girl. I asked what we were going to do with you. You’ll come to pick it up easy enough. For right now, basic rope techniques and a light self-defense course should step you on the right path. We’re not implicating anymore team punishments because by the time Killian and I add up all the infractions for both groups, you wouldn’t be sleeping for a year and they wouldn’t be sleeping for about five hundred.” Kellie chuckled.

 Isabella allowed a smile to form before patting the Irishman’s arm.

 “You do have your work cut out for you mate. I don’t envy either of you at all.” She said before standing from the van and walking toward the gas station to pick a few things up herself.

 “Who knew being a leader could be such hard work,” Kellie rolled his eyes and looked at Harry. “Got any suggestions to add?”

 “Nah, mate. I’m afraid I’m just here to make sure no one kills the other. We do need to try to get this fucked up version of a band back together though, make peace, not war – all of that metaphorical bullocks. Maybe an emergency meeting? I don’t know man, when a girl is involved, there will always be drama.” Harry shrugged which made Kellie hit him upside the shoulder with a laugh.

 “Smart lad. I’ll have to think on that.” Kellie said before going into the gas station and collecting his own stuff for the road.


The hours rode on and Isabella fell back asleep almost instantly when she got inside the van, her head rested against Emory’s chest, his beating heart calming to her over excited nerves.

 Emory glanced at the mousy haired, blue eyed stranger that sat on the other side of Isabella this time while the other slept in different parts of the back.

 “Hey Louis? A moment, please?” Emory asked politely, which earned a hard look from the Doncaster born boy.

 “What?” Louis asked, making sure not to be too hard with the green eyed blonde. He still didn’t completely get Emory but he was beginning to tolerate him.

“For whatever it means, man, I want to thank you for helping and caring for Isabella. I know you don’t exactly like me but I figure it needed to be said. You’re a good bloke and every time Isabella looks at you, you should see the love and respect she holds in them. I was wrong about you – about everyone here and I think I owe it to you to apologize for the harsh assumptions and words that were spoken. You did what was right and though I doubt you’ll ever accept me as a friend, I want to at least know that we can accept each other as allies. I’m here until the end, until I know Isabella and everyone around her is safe.” Emory promised, sticking his hand around Isabella to Louis.

 Louis hesitated but nodded and shook the older man’s hand.

 “Allies.” He agreed which made Emory smile.



It was many hours later that the group pulled up to a one level, multi-room house. What was so breathtaking about this particular structure was the timeless look it held and the neatly kept grounds around it. The most spectacular sight of all was the large lake, steep clearing of trees that surrounded the cottage like house with a large hill that once climbed, held nothing but a clear view of the skies above. It was perfect for isolation and o be alone with one’s thoughts – and unbeknownst to the boys, this place held the heart of Isabella’s memories. Which is exactly the way Ethan had planned it.

 “Gents, lass? The coordinates end here. Time for everyone to get up.” Kellie announced, banging his hand on the side to alert the group.

 Isabella awoke with a start, her body warmed by Emory’s arm that held her securely as she slept.

 “Easy there, we’re here. We’re safe.” Harry whispered to her softly before the door to the van could be heard opening.

 When Isabella saw the familiar house and the grounds surrounding it she tensed.

 “No.” She whispered to herself, shaking her head and backing against one of the boys. Which unfortunately happened to be Niall.

 “N-no. Nonononono. Not here, anyplace but here.” She whimpered.

 Niall shoved her from him and got out of the van, stretching his legs, ignoring the unhinged girl and heading toward the flat, one storied house.

 “Ella? Bunny? What’s wrong?” Emory came forward and pulled her against his chest. He shushed her but now the shaking had started.

 “We can’t stay here, it’s not safe! He – I, it’s our house. It’s the house we were going to move to when the baby was born. We can’t stay here, god, please we can’t.” Isabella cried as another body could be heard moving from the front and into the back. His arms were gentle as he guided her into his chest.

 “Come on lass, time to pull yourself together. We have no other place to go and right now, until we get a gameplay in order we are about as screwed as a pig is that was invited to a barbeque. Now, come on, no more tears.” Kellie calmed her as she all but pushed away.

 “You guys can go in, you guys can bloody stay there but I’m sure as fuck not! That place is cursed and I’m not going back in there! My happiness was supposed to be in there. My happy ending and Glen took it, he took everything! Ethan – he, he’s a lap dog. He was just a lap dog. That was supposed to be where we raised our kids – when I found out I was pregnant, Ethan was going to quit his job and follow me out here to live. Now he’s taunting me with it! This isn’t a cover, this is a death trap!” Isabella spat bitterly and forced her way from the chest that held her to them.

 Kellie closed his eyes, trying to keep himself calm.

 “Ella, it’s getting dark. I have to go into town to grab some food because I’m sure Ethan hasn’t been back nor has he stocked anything and even if he did I wouldn’t touch any of it with a hundred foot poll. Now, I’m going to ask you nicely to come join us out of this cramped, disgusting van and get your wits about you. What’s in the past is in the past. I don’t care who, what, when, where or why. We need to seek shelter someplace and right now our options are limited. We don’t have a choice! So, do I need to ask you again or are you going to come out on your own free will?” Kellie slipped his arms strictly across his chest in a no nonsense motion.

 “Ask me again because I am not going in that house. I’ll fucking sleep and live out here unless you forcefully move me and hog tie me inside; I’m not moving. I’m not going in there, I’m not reliving those fucking nightmares.” Isabella growled.

 Kellie rubbed his head and got out of the van.

 “Killian? See if you can’t reason –“Kellie didn’t get a chance to finish before hands forcefully dove back in and pulled Isabella toward the open mouth of the van’s doors and before Isabella could blink, she was hoisted over someone’s shoulder.

 The first thing she tried to do was kick them but experience told the carrier enough to trap her feet with their free hand and let the other one steady her.

 “Put me down!” Isabella exclaimed, pounding on the guy’s back with little to no effect.

 “No, you’re coming in like everyone else. You aren’t staying out here your Majesty. You’ll end up catching death from the cold temperatures.” Niall glowered sarcastically as he followed the others inside.

 Kellie and Killian watched. Niall was so calm as he did this it surprised even them.“Watch this gang, I’m going to go and pick up supper.” Kellie said as he hit the back of his brother’s shoulder.“Can I come with? I may have some ideas that could be helpful. I’ve certainly been thinking enough on it. That and I can really use a break from this insanity.” Emory begged, opening the passenger side door and hoping in without waiting for an answer.Kellie chuckled in agreement and got into the driver’s side. He certainly couldn’t wait to hear green eyes ideas.Killian shook his head and went inside with the rest of them.

“When will this end?” Killian asked himself before heading inside, stopping short just inside the door with the rest of them.

 “Wow.” He breathed, his eyes glancing around the room in amazement.

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