Chapter 23: Chapter 23: Juliet and the Escape

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Killian stood and looked around the threshold of the most beautiful house he had ever laid eyes on in his life. Ethan Bright may have been a monster but his visual skills and eye for the fine arts left the man a mystery. It had a woman’s touch so he had no doubt that Isabella oversaw the furniture and decorations.

“Bloody hell, this is amazing.” Louis breathed.

“I concur.” Niall muttered, setting Isabella down on the floor next to him and grabbing her arm so she didn’t bolt, making sure to tighten his grip.

“Let me go you fucking asshole!” Isabella growled before she attempted to jerk her arm away but he held firm.

“Not on a bet your highness, you’re staying where we can keep an eye on you. You want to act like a child, you’ll be treated as such.” Niall responded calmly, leading her to the couch closest to the fireplace and sitting her down into it. “If you move, dove, I will personally tie you down to this couch. Now be good and settle Gretel.”

“Says the pot to the kettle. Hypocrite.” Isabella muttered but calmed slightly when Harry sat next to her and rubbed her arm.

“Come on, we need to quit fighting. You heard what Kellie said, we need to work it out and Niall is trying to do that with you. You’re being impossible luv and I have no clue what you want us to do.” Harry sighed, glancing at Killian.

“I don’t want to be here! This is Ethan’s doing, he brought us here on purpose and you don’t even understand the reasoning. This was going to be our home – his and mine. We picked it out when I found out we were pregnant and he built it from the ground up. I got to decorate, he picked out the art – obviously a guy’s sentiment. I picked all this, from the color the walls would be to where the bookshelves went. It has three rooms. A guest room, my room and a room that was going to be Ian’s. It was all perfect – it was our dream and then Ian died, I ran – Ethan, he changed and now I’m back here again. Ghost laughter echoing off the walls, the playing of the piano and I still hear Ethan’s voice reading to me late at night by the fireplace, the fire crackling and so many conversations blurring together. I feel the memories – I see the shadows and you’re telling me I’m impossible? Harry, I pray to God for you, I do, I hope you never experience the pain and loss I’m feeling right now because god have mercy if you knew what was going through my mind. Now if you gentlemen will excuse me, I’m going to my room – or would you still like to restrain me to the fucking couch?” Isabella asked with tears streaming down her face.

Killian sighed and gestured out.

“By all means, go. I just have one thing to say to you though, Isabella.”

Isabella folded her arms and stood, waiting.

“You holding onto the past is half your problem. I understand you don’t want to be here but guess what? You aren’t in charge, you are the protected and right now all of us, including Ethan, are busting their asses to keep you undercover. So, as hard as it might be for you to get your head out of your ass, I’m going to need you to try. E for effort, yeah? I love you, Ella but Harry is right. If you can’t adapt and try to let go, if you become anymore impossible to handle, we will implicate some precautions for your own good. If you don’t want to be treated like a prisoner – don’t act like one. Okay?”

Isabella’s mouth dropped slightly.

“You don’t understand at all, Killian. You don’t even know.” Isabella shook her head with defeat.

Killian watched her walk to the left and disappear down the hall.

“I understand more than you’ll know little fawn.” Killian murmured sadly, sitting down on the couch Isabella had just gotten up from.

“If I see Ethan again I’m going to shove my foot up his arse for giving her those drugs.” Niall muttered before glancing in the same direction.

“Stand in line, mate.” Zayn piped up, taking a seat on the baby grand piano bench and positioned his hands on the keys, letting his fingers guide along to create a familiar song – a song he and the others had sung so long ago – longer than it seemed.

Killian watched the other boys slowly crowd around the piano, which was moved away from the threshold of the hallway and off to the side of the fireplace. Each end of the fireplace held a fancy magnolia colored bookshelf, filled to the hilt with books. Some even looked to be unread whilst others had the shelf wear and loving care of use on them. The white bricked fireplace was spectacularly clean. The bottom cleaned of cinders while the bricks looked new. It matched perfectly to the white walls and wooden flooring.

What made the house so timeless was the fact that other than the fireplace, the twelve disc CD player off set on a small table at the opposite side of the room against the wall and a half circular beige leather couch with matching ottoman chairs on either side with a tribal set rug covering below, there was no current electronics. No TVs, no computers – it was so unmodern that it looked so out of place but no more out of place then its location at the edge of a lake while the other side lead up a hill to its own island to view the heavens.

“No TV, no computers – Ethan mentioned that the electronics side other than electricity wouldn’t be much use out here. I wonder how we’re going to communicate if something goes wrong.” Killian wondered aloud, glancing at the boys who were lost in their own world they had missed so much.

With a sigh he let his thoughts rest and focused on the music that surrounded him. It was beautiful and pure, their voices blended together so perfectly that it was easier to slip into his own thoughts – memories he had left long ago. It was a relief to focus on something other than worry.


Isabella gently moved the full length mirror around so she looked straight into it. Her beautiful black laced dress hung loosely on her shoulders, threatening to slip from her at a second’s notice. It was lose and didn’t fit how it had two years ago. It had been her favorite dress and she remembered the way her figure hugged it so perfect. Now it was just a dead piece of fabric, hanging from an equally dead pile of flesh and bone. Her lifeless green eyes dulled like a dying corpse, which set an ugly picture – if not a terrifying one.

Her hand shockingly went to her mouth and she gasped, remembering this very dress brought her in a ton of compliments from strangers and colleagues alike at the parties she attended.

“Ella, what’s happening to you? What’s happening? Why is this happening? How did this happen?” She asked herself in a whisper, the tears filling her eyes again as Ethan’s drug seemed to be wearing off but the problem with that is she went from one extreme end of the spectrum to the other.

She was shaking as she pulled the fabric out, dropping it back as the delicate lace left her fingers and her shoulder slipped through the wide mouthed collar, stopping just above her breasts.

“I’m hideous – I’m a dead corpse.” Isabella cried and examined the dress.

The fishtail of the dress hung so loosely that it was almost like a trail of fabric as it reached to the ground and drug, the belt that complimented her curves hung loosely, her waist considerably slimmer than the last time she had worn it and the long sleeved lace was a little looser and messier. She was no longer the beautiful girl she had been. She was worn and tired. Isabella Termlocke was still breathtaking in her own way but it was so much more lifeless – she had died those many years ago and though at times she felt alive, it always ended with the same dead feeling at the end of the day. She felt alone, no matter how many people surrounded her, no matter what the boys told her, she felt nothing now. Why was it all so hopeless?

“They’d have a chance without me. They’d have a chance if I wasn’t here and putting them all in danger. I’m dead anyhow, why drag them with me? Why put them in danger if I can spare them it?” Isabella sighed and backed away from the glare of the mirror. She saw the monster that stared back at her – she saw her hideousness. Maybe not scarred anymore but the truth was staring right back at her and she wouldn’t be responsible for anymore death but her own. Since she knew her way around there relatively well, she could slip out unnoticed but she couldn’t just leave without saying goodbye.

With a heavy heart she sat down with a small notebook and pen that had been in her nightstand and began to write out her jumbled thoughts before leaving it on the bed where it would be found.

Isabella heard the boys still singing and it brought a small comfort to her that they were finding a small bit of heaven in this hell they were living.

With no time to waste she stripped out of her old dress and changed into a pair of night pants that had been tight on her before but surprisingly they now fit – abet loosely but she certainly wasn’t going to complain. The same result for the crop top he slipped on.

Isabella glanced around one last time as she made her way to the window, opening it and slipping out unnoticed, the voices of the boys following her down the trail as she disappeared from sight.


A very long three hours later, the boys were settled into the couch – some asleep, others in deep thought. It had been much quieter since Isabella had left to retreat to her room. From what either of the boys knew she had fallen asleep as they hadn’t heard anything from her since then. Although Killian couldn’t stop thinking what he had said to her.

He turned to Liam who sat next to Zayn. Zayn was fast asleep, exhaustion claiming his mind and body.

“Can I ask you something, mate?” Killian asked, scratching his neck awkwardly.

Liam gestured about quietly, listening. When one of the leaders wanted to ask the trainees something, then it must be important.

“What I said earlier to Ella, was it too harsh?” Killian wondered, his eyes meeting the ground a little in thought.

“Nope. It’s exactly what she needed to hear. Ella’s ten shades of fucked up right now, between the drugs and I think she’s having a mental breakdown because of Ethan – being in this house isn’t helping and then there’s Elliott Lancaster and Glen Saudimere. We need a gameplay, we keep saying that but nothing is coming to mind, mate. I vote we hijack a space shuttle and find another planet. There’s no more intelligent life on this planet anyway.”

Killian let out a loud burst of laughter, his stomach pushing in and gasping for air at Liam’s offhand suggestion.

“If this doesn’t let up soon, I may, I just bloody may.” Killian laughed in agreement which woke Zayn up from his light nap with a moan.

“Sorry, Zayn. Go back to sleep.” Killian smiled, although it disappeared off his face when the front door slammed open and Kellie made his way inside, his footsteps panicked.

“Gents? We have a problem…” Kellie trailed off with a frown.

Killian, Harry and Louis stood up at the guard.

“What’s wrong?” Killian asked, going toward him but stopped when he heard the front door open again. A few seconds later, Emory came in holding an unconscious girl bridal style.

“Like I said, we got a problem.” Kellie repeated.

“What –“Louis trailed off but that’s all he got out before Kellie issued another order.

“Emory? Put the girl in one of the spare bedrooms, I’ll go get some ties and see if there is anything to blindfold and gag her with.” Kellie said, clearly on a mission.

“Who is she?” Killian asked, taking the girl from the poor green eyed boy who looked far beside himself with worry to even comprehend anything other than what was going on in his panicked mind.

“A witness – sort of. I don’t know.” Kellie admitted, unsure where to start.

“So you kidnapped a girl that may have been a witness?” Killian popped an eyebrow up with confusion.

“No, she knew Glen Saudimere. She knew him – kind of. I didn’t get the whole story. When she started talking, I pressure pointed her and put her in the van. The food is out in the back but it maybe a little cold.” Kellie rubbed his head.

“Okay, maybe everyone needs a vacation to get a bloody grip. You’re kidnapping random girls, Isabella is as emotional as a valley girl on her rag. What’s going on?” Killian asked, this time more calmly.

“The girl told me she recognized my face, said I was all over the news but she knew Glen and knew he wouldn’t give up. She was in the middle of speaking when I put her out.” Kellie shrugged.

“This makes no sense.” Harry rubbed his temples. The last thing they needed was to kidnap any more people. Emory was an exception but this girl –now he wasn’t so sure.

“Killian, put her in one of the spare rooms and tie her down. Louis or Harry can watch her and make sure she comes out of the pressure point sedation ok, then we can get more information.” Kellie waved.

“Probably would have been more beneficial to get that information before putting her out, yeah? Now we have a growing collection of people. Emory – this girl. I mean we might as well put a sign on our window that advertises professional kidnapping and hostage taking. Speaking of, what’s her name anyhow? She looks Isabella’s age, if not slightly older.” Killian ranted, folding his arms across his chest.

“Her name is Juliet. Juliet Ashley Winters, according to her identification. She lives close by here too.” Kellie responded while Killian went further down and opened up one of the doors, setting Juliet on the bed before calling Harry.

Harry came a few moments later, a silent look of worry in his eyes.

“I think we still have the Velcro that we tied Emory up with; will you go into the van and check the boxes? I’m going to go see if Isabella has some scarfs or something I could borrow to blindfold ad gag her with – this is getting bloody fucking ridiculous.” Killian muttered before going toward Isabella’s door and knocking.

Harry went past him to look in the van for some restraints.

“Ella? Hun? Do you have any scarfs I can borrow? We have a situation –well, more like a giant catastrophic apocalyptic meltdown of a fucked up situation but hey, who the bloody fuck is keeping score, right?” Killian ranted before knocking again and frowning.

“Isabella? Open up!” Killian demanded when he received no answer.

Growing impatient he forced his way in and looked around, realizing the window to Isabella’s room was open and she was nowhere to be seen.

Scanning the room once he spotted an open notebook on the bed and a discarded dress on the floor. He hurried to it and picked it up, his eyes quickly reading over the sloppy handwriting.

Killian let out a string of curses in Irish before rushing from the room, he found Kellie hunched over the couch, his face buried in his hands.

“Brother? Seems we have a bigger situation – Ella’s gone. Here, she left a note.” Killian handed it to the more in control brother who quickly grabbed and read it over.

Kellie looked about ready to cry. Killian could see his brother’s shell crumbling and quickly reached out to embrace his sibling in a tight embrace.

“No tears, we’ll track her. Remember? We’re best at that. Tears aren’t an option. We just need to get control of the situation and that’s exactly what we’re going to do; starting with Isabella. I’ll have Louis watch Juliet and get Zayn to get her tied up, we’ll go hunt for Isabella.” Killian reassured his brother gently, hiding his own rage.

Kellie just nodded and let Killian take over with orders.

“Louis? Watch Juliet for us, make sure she’s okay. Killian and I have to track down Isabella – she ran off.” Killian sighed and handed Louis the note Isabella wrote.

“This doesn’t even make sense – “Louis shook his head, which was promptly grabbed by Zayn and read aloud.

“Dear guys, this is so hard for me to write. Harder than you probably all realize. I’ve had a little bit of time to think and a lot of time to stare in the mirror and it’s all ruined. I ruined everything like I normally ruin everything. I use to be so beautiful. I use to feel alive but now all I feel is death. I can’t make a mistake that will get any of you killed, you all will be better off without a disease like me and I’ll be better off dead. By my own hand – by Saudimere’s the end result is still all the same. Isn’t it? By the time you read this I’ll have been long gone and it’s no use tracking me, I’m pretty good at covering my tracks if I don’t want to be found. I love you all and it’s because I love you that I must leave. I’m many things but I don’t want to be selfish. I never meant to cause so much grief, I never meant to cause so much pain to any of you and for that, you will never know how sorry I am. Please understand, whatever happens, I will take comfort in knowing at least I didn’t take anyone else down with me. I will smile and sleep better knowing that at least you are all safe from a monster like me…a death bringer. I love you guys with every fiber that I could possibly love someone. I’m sorry for the pain I caused. All the best and all my heart. –Anastasia – aka Isabella.

Niall’s eyes swelled silently with tears but he quickly brushed them away.

“I want to come help track.” He told the twins simply, glancing as the front door opened again.

“What’s wrong?” Harry asked, coming back in with a box of Velcro and oddity of ties and tape.

“Here, read.” Zayn coaxed handing the note to Harry who started to read.

“Bloody fucking hell, lass. Why?” He exclaimed in frustration, looking at the twins who seemed to be preparing themselves to go out tracking.

“Harry, Louis? Get the girl tied up, gagged, and blindfolded – we need to get this situation settled with Ella first and then we’ll deal with Juliet.” Kellie ordered, his exterior hardening again.

Harry sighed but nodded, motioning Louis with him to the guestroom where the girl laid knocked out.

“Liam, Emory and Zayn? Stay here and check the place out and about – make sure she isn’t hiding or if she comes back, keep her here. Alright?” Kellie continued to give orders.

Zayn and Emory nodded, Liam gave a curt one before they all split up to check around the house.

“Niall, Killian? Let’s go see if we can’t find her –she better pray to god it’s us who finds her and not any of Saudimere’s men if they’re here and about.” Kellie sighed as they made their way out the door in search of Isabella.

Submitted: April 07, 2015

© Copyright 2020 VanitySorrowHeart. All rights reserved.


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