The Hostage and the Runaways

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Chapter 24: Controlled

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Submitted: April 10, 2015



Isabella walked through the tall grass in a field that seemed never ending. She knew where she was going though, she took this covered path before a dozen times over and knew that she would hit the highway soon. From there she would disappear – freeing the boys from their promise. If she was lucky, she would run into Ethan since she knew he always lurked nearby. She knew he wanted her and despite the unappealing option of being his prisoner until the day she died, it was better than chaining anyone in obligation to protect her and Ethan could do that, he had a plan and he had up till now been under Saudimere’s radar.

“I have to free them from my problems, I have to push them away so that they can find their own lives away from this again; it’s the right thing to do. Isn’t it?” Isabella questioned herself quietly.

She had been walking for nearly three hours and only managed to get about two miles. It wasn’t that she was lost, it was just that the highway was about four miles from the cabin.

“I fucked everything up. I’m a fuckup.” Isabella growled bitterly but hoped she would be able to get back into survival mode if Ethan wouldn’t help her.

Continuing to walk was easy. It was quiet enough for her thoughts to switch to Glen. It really did make her wonder when everything began to go south.

“This was for the better. I would be selfish to expect them to protect me anymore. I don’t want to be that person.” Isabella decided, clearing her throat and rubbing the base of it before pausing, hearing footsteps.

She stopped and listened, recognizing the light crunch of grass and the steady footing.

“Ethan? Is that you?” She called, hearing the familiar chuckle of her long ex-lover.

“Well it isn’t Shirley Temple.” Ethan responded, coming into view from a direction of the tall grass.

“I should have known you would be trailing me.” Isabella smiled sadly, coming to stand at the edge of the clearing by the handsome blonde. No matter what she thought of him, he was still handsome – he was still Ethan.

“Someone has to keep an eye on you, sunshine. They are expecting you back though, blossom. I told them, given that your shoes have a built in tracker, it was pretty easy to follow you and that I would bring you back.” Ethan shrugged, reaching for her hand but she sidestepped away from him.

“I’m not going back to them. I freed them from their obligations, I’m going with you.” Isabella insisted, which made Ethan smirk a little.

“Willingly? That’s a first, kitten. Sadly, our home is not yet ready and I’m not exactly caught up in the purest of intentions for when you do return to me. I intend to use your mind until it is of no use to me to bring down Saudimere and I intend to use your body for other less than desirable purposes. I’m growing bored of experimenting on lab rats and the clinical trials of some experiments that I’m working on are ready for human testing.”

Isabella just stared at him before slowly shrugging. She honestly didn’t care what happened. Ethan’s hand was a lot better than Saudimere’s.

“It doesn’t matter, right? Nothing does, I just want your promise that the boys will be delivered back to their countries safely and I will stay with you forever. Whether that would be until you leave me or kill me. There is no fear – there’s no life that I have a hope in living freely out in public. So I’ll go with you, no chains needed.” Isabella promised, watching him sigh and hold his hand out.

“Come on, Elly, let’s take a walk and catch up; all banter aside I think you’re misinterpreting my intentions on what I’m doing here.” Ethan said, waiting expectantly.

Isabella took his hand and he brought his body close beside her, so close that she could smell the faint scent of his cologne.

He hesitated and reached into his pocket, taking out a water bottle.

“Here, sunshine. I figure you could use some hydration.” Ethan stopped, opening the bottle for her and handing out for her to grab with her free hand before taking the hand he had been holding again as they made their way through the tall grass.

“Thanks,” Isabella murmured and downed the bottle in a few gulps before throwing the bottle away. “Did you put something in there? You’ve been giving me drug soaked cigarettes, unknown medicine in syringes – I’m going to only assume I don’t have to worry about growing a third eye?”

Ethan chuckled.

“I promise you, love, that that was one hundred percent water without the additives.” He said sincerely before sighing and turning around. “Listen, I can’t take you right now and you’re safer in Killian and Kellie’s possession until I can figure something out. I’m keeping Elliott off our backs and that cabin – our house, it’s the safest place in the word right now. I know you hate being there but I am asking you to try not to get caught up in the sentimentality of the memories. We shared some really great times in that house and we’ve shared some of the worst but Glen doesn’t know about it and the less ol’ Gleny boy knows the safer I can keep you and the others until I can safely get you and myself back to the place I’ve been fixing up. Right now is not the best time.” Ethan explained, raking his hand through his hand.

“What about the others? We need to secure their safety, we need to get them back to where they belong. You kidnapped them from England for God sakes. I need you to promise me they will be kept safe after I’m back with you. I need you –“She was cut off with Ethan’s hand going over her mouth to pause her rambling.

“I promise they will be taken care of in the most humane way possible and I will personally oversee them myself to make sure Glen never finds them and they remember nothing of this little adventure. I give you my word.” Ethan smiled as they slowed their pace.

Isabella hugged Ethan in relief.

“Thank you. I know you have an agenda, I know you don’t really care about me and I fucked everything up with everyone but I want to make it right and if having me where you feel I am protected – if you truly feel I am a danger to everyone around, I will go, I will do whatever you want me to do. I just want this to end. I’m so tired of running. If it weren’t for my fear of pain, I would have stopped long ago.” Isabella admitted, unlatching herself from the doctor scientist.

Ethan preened a hair behind her ear, a sad look almost reaching his eyes – almost. He was so closed off that whatever was in his thoughts quickly changed and he reached into his coat pocket again.

“As much as I love hearing those words, it’s the drugs talking and I need to balance out your hormones. Not that I didn’t get a chuckle or two from you giving Killian a black eye but you are going from one extreme to the other and you sought me out because you truly feel that way right now but once your hormones balance you won’t and I need to get you back to the cabin and retire myself to the van for the evening to make sure Elliott follows the false signal I sent to Texas. It will follow up the coast. He’ll eventually pick up the falsity of it but right now it buys us time,” Ethan smiled softly and pulled out a syringe. “I’m sorry, if I don’t balance you out you’re going to end up making the situation worse and the boys are at their wits end with you.”

Isabella watched him test the syringe and go toward her arm with it, she gently reached out and placed her hand across his; catching his attention.

“I need to know one thing, just one – please?” Isabella’s green eyes were scared but she had to trust Ethan to do what was in her best interest – despite all the drugs, despite everything he’s done she had to believe he had a method to his madness.

Ethan gently injected the syringe and plunged the drug into her.

“This won’t make you tired, you’ll be alright. What do you need to know?” Ethan asked, throwing the syringe from them and took her hand to keep walking toward his van. He had managed to keep a few of them with him in case he ran into trouble.

“That dress, the black one with the fishtail hem and the lace arms – the one with the wide neck I wore when we went out to the Christmas ball in town the one year.” She described it, seeing Ethan’s eyes lit up.

“I do remember that dress, one of my favorites.” He purred.

“I tried it on today and it fell off me. I’m so far gone, Ethan. Is there anything you can do to help me? I want to be beautiful again – I want to look at myself in the mirror and stop seeing the monster inside that’s responsible for people’s death, I want to forget. Be honest with me without being mean or vindictive because I truly want to know; can you help me? Can you make me beautiful again? You took away my scars, you took away my imperfections but it’s not enough. I mean, if this was another place, if this was another time and we had met under different circumstances would you still look at me the same way you did when we first met? I never loved Glen. I never enjoyed his company at the parties. I loved you. I know when I ran that I hurt you but I wanted you to run with me but you were married to your work. I would give anything to take back that night.” Isabella said with sincerity, her hand going to Ethan’s cheek, tears slipping down her cheeks.

He grasped her wrist and slid it from him, cutting off her touch without hesitation. Instead he leant forward and gently kissed her lips.

“We need to get you back, sunshine.” He told her without much emotion.

“Please don’t shut me off like this, Ethan. Show me some kind of emotion, I want to make it right with you. I want us to have some sort of relationship besides captive and captor or doctor and patient.” Isabella pleaded but his emotions didn’t change.

“I can’t help you with filling your dress out, Ella. That is something you will need to work through on your own, try eating. I think – if this was another time and place, if we had just met on the street, I would think you were the most beautiful thing I had ever laid eyes on. Your beauty far exceeds you and the boys are enchanted. You are exotic in your own way but the fact remains the same that you remain the most dangerous.” Ethan pointed out.

“So I’m a beautiful disease?” Isabella asked while laughing. Something was definitely happening. Her dark mood was lightening but strangely, so was the heat that was radiating deep from her neither regions. Her head was lightening to a clarity that seemed to be breaking around her and lfting her mood up higher and higher.

Ethan chuckled.

“A beautiful disease – clever, darling.” Ethan said, preening a lose piece of hair behind her ear and guiding her the rest of the way to the van. “Come on, the boys will be happy I brought you back in one piece and in a better mood.”

Isabella happily followed, humming.


Juliet Winters screamed out into the gag for what seemed liked the hundredth time. Louis had been trying to reason with the beautifully bound woman for the past hour but she didn’t seem to care. At one point he had gone quiet and waited for the woman to ware herself out.

“Mrs. Winters? Juliet? Please stop screaming, no one can hear you except me and I’m trying to help you out here. The sooner you calm down the sooner I can remove your gag; I know you can’t be comfortable like that, love. Please? Please calm?” Louis begged, trying a softer approach on how he would handle it if it were Isabella. Of course the woman was blindfolded so the fear was probably winning out over rational thinking.

Juliet whimpered this time and tried to ask a question. It was unintelligible.

Louis groaned, unsure if he should take the risk.

Juliet went quiet and stilled against the harsh Velcro that strapped her hands behind her and her feet together. It was even wrapped around her mouth over a washcloth that had been shoved in to muffle any screaming and it was a good thing to, otherwise Louis would be deaf.

 To show her submission in hopes of putting her kidnapper at ease; she took his advice and laid there, waiting.

Louis noticed Juliet calmed considerably and could not help but feel relieved.

“Good girl. Good girl, Juliet. Okay, I’m going to remove your gag but you have to remain calm. If you scream I will have to put the gag back in and I know that you don’t want that. I need to ask you a few questions and I need you to answer them. Will you do that for me, lass?” Louis spoke calmly, noticing Juliet’s features scrunched a little but he couldn’t tell with the blindfold and gag covering her face.

She nodded though and that was the only confirmation Louis needed before unwrapping the Velcro and helping to pull the washcloth from their hostage’s mouth, replacing it with his hand.

“Here’s the deal, lass, I need you to remain calm. I’m not going to hurt you, neither will any of my mates. No one here will harm you. We just need to figure out what you know about Glen Saudimere. Kellie panicked and you were unfortunately caught up in his irrational thinking at the moment; he said you recognized him – I need you to explain to me what you know and then we can assess what we need to do. Most likely we will let you go but that isn’t up to me. Okay, hun?”

Juliet nodded and Louis slowly took his hand off her mouth.

“After you finish patronizing me like I’m some three year old, can I have some water?” Juliet croaked, her voice sarcastic but dry from the rag that had been unceremoniously shoved in.

Louis was a little taken aback.

“Patronizing?” Louis asked but reached over and grabbed the bottle of water from the nightstand and opened it. He helped the girl to sit up before putting it to her lips and allowed her a few sips, pulling it back but allowing the girl to remain sitting.

“Good girl? Talking to me like I’m some little girl is indignant and insulting, how fucking dare you!” Juliet spat, looking in the direction of Louis’s voice.

“I-I’m sorry, I was just trying to be calming. I have to use this sort of voice with Isabella – she’s thirty but blunt talking doesn’t seem to work. I guess I forget most women don’t like being talked down to. My apologies Mrs. Winters.” Louis sounded both impressed and sincere.

“I don’t even talk that way to my four year old son. Speaking of – he’s with the babysitter. If I don’t show up to get him the sitter will call the police. Please – you have to let me go.” Juliet pleaded, hoping the excuse would scare her captor enough to rethink on keeping her hostage.

“I think you’re stalling, Juliet. Please tell me what you know about Glen, what you know about us. What did you say to get Kellie so damn bloody paranoid?” Louis asked calmly.

“Is that your real accent or are you trying to do a poor imitation of a British person? You sound so damn feminine.” Juliet instigated which set Louis into another moment of disbelief.

“Unfucking bloody believable,” Louis muttered before sighing with near defeat. “Mrs. Winters, either answer what I want to know or I will just gag you again and wait for Killian and Kellie to get back so they can question you. Believe me, you won’t like their methods. I’m trying to spare you some trauma, give me something that will help or I’ll have no choice.” Louis half pleaded and half threatened.

“Glen Saudimere is a monster, he ruined my life – he’s responsible for ruining countless others. It’s not just me. I saw the news reports and when that boy from the news walked in – the one twin, I went up to him and offered to help. I told him I could help because I knew Glen Saudimere. I obviously phrased that wrong and it’s the only thing I got out because next thing I know he touches my neck, I’m taking a nice little nap and waking up here bound, gagged and blindfolded with a British she-male as my prison guard.” Juliet spat nastily, tensing against the restraints.

“How did you meet Glen Saudimere? I need to know how you got involved with him.” Louis pressed, ignoring her blatant insult. He had been with Isabella long enough to know to let it go before the going got going in the first place. It was just better to overlook and ignore then to engage in the childish name calling that would follow if he had responded. Juliet was looking for a fight and Louis refused to give her the fuel to build that fire.

“Fuck off! Untie me!” Juliet growled, clearly getting agitated.

Harry walked in with a frown having been listening at the door.

“If you’re going to be rude like that, Juliet, you’re in for an unpleasant time. We really need to know how you could help us and how you ended up with Glen.” Harry tried, using a calm but firm approach.

“Your friend kidnapped me. I would have helped you but now you can forget it. I’m not telling you shit!” Juliet snarled.

“Perhaps you need the night alone to refresh your memory yeah, luv? That’s fine. Louis? Go ahead and gag her again, I’ll go and get one of those sedation shots.” Harry shrugged, which caused Juliet to visibly tense.

Harry noticed and smiled, coming over and sitting beside Louis on the bed.

“Or will you tell us what we need to know? The sooner you tell us what we want to know, the sooner we can let you go. This is taking up our time and yours. Please? We aren’t bad guys, we just need to clear up the confusion.” Harry sighed and went to brush a piece of hair that made its way into her mouth.

“Don’t touch me! Oh my God don’t fucking touch me!” Juliet panicked, struggling in her bonds. She hated her face to be touched.

“Jesus – relax! I’m sorry! Okay, no touching, see? Not touching. I was removing the piece of hair out of your mouth, fucking bloody hell!” Harry freaked, his own nerves shot.

“I can’t fucking see, asshole! Remove my blindfold! I already saw your ugly mugs from the news station anyhow, you boys are wanted everywhere.” Juliet informed her captors before the Velcro over her face was removed and her eyes were suddenly set on two young looking guys – abet, she must have missed their pictures because they weren’t the ones she saw on screen.

“Okay, not touching, see? What can you tell us about Saudimere? How did you get involved with him?” Harry asked calmly.

“I dated him, we were college sweethearts. We had five classes together – mostly business. We got to talking and he was the sweetest guy you could ever meet. There was just a spark – you know? So we started dating a few months in. He scored high in the tests, I scored above genius…a little higher than him. I wish I would have known what was happening before it happen. My parents owned a company called Winter Towers – the one on the news; Saudimere Towers. It was a medical and technological advanced building used to treat rare cases and provide the best medical treatment to those who couldn’t afford it. The Winters family paved something amazing but Glen saw his chance and took it from my family. We had been dating for a few years and the man gained the complete trust of my father and mother. The building he owns – that was my inheritance - that use to be Winter Towers. He killed my family to obtain it and he tried to kill me. I ran – I ran for over a year until I was caught. The man who caught me, his name was Jeremy West. He was bringing me back to Saudimere but the day we were supposed to arrive there he couldn’t do it. He knew how cruel Glen was. So he made me sign the papers to Glen for the company and told him that he had taken care of everything and that I would no longer be a problem. Saudimere thinks I’m dead. I gave up everything; the assets, the property, money –everything that had been mine. He didn’t want me, he wanted what I had and I gave it to him in exchange for my life. I’ve been living out here with Jeremy ever since and I have a son, his name is Caedan. Jeremey passed away not long ago and we’ve been struggling but if you want to know the trick with Saudimere – give him something he wants more than what he is after. I gave up everything to have what I have now. It isn’t much but my son and a good hearted man makes you happier than the cash and power you thought you wanted. Sadly, Jeremy died in a car wreck a few months ago. My son is young, he’s only five and I’m not lying. If I am not there to pick him up, the sitter WILL call the cops.” Juliet finished, begging the men in front of her to listen.

Harry looked at Louis with slight worry over the new information.

“He wants Isabella but maybe if Ella gave him the codes –“Harry trailed off in thought.

“No, Saudimere wants to tie up all loose ends. Us, Killian, Kellie, Ethan. Isabella can do more than the codes, he wants her for more than he’s letting on. Maybe we can give him something he wants besides Isabella. Something he would want more.” Louis thought desperately.

Harry glanced at Juliet.

“He may find luv here a surprise to be back from the dead. Maybe she can be a distraction? Get him off our tails for a while?” Harry suggested which made Juliet explode.

“Fuck you, red coats! No fucking way! I have a son, I have a child! I’m a mother!” She screamed shrilly which made Harry grab the rag from Louis’s hand and shove it back forcefully into the poor girl’s mouth before wrapping the Velcro snugly around her jaw to keep the cloth securely in.

“A mother, maybe so but we have a friend to protect and no offense luv, you’ve been nothing but a rude and arrogant bint since Louis ungagged you; so you know what? You can lie down and use your quiet time as a way to think about how you acted. Between you and Ella, I’m getting tired of asking people around here to be nice. When you can be polite we’ll try again and remove your gag to see if you’ve gone through an attitude adjustment but as it stands right now, I don’t want to hear a peep from you until Killian and Kellie get back. When they do, they can deal with you as they will be far less kind and understanding then we will.” Harry promised, pushing the girl’s body back down into a lying position but helping her to lay on her side so she wasn’t putting all her weight on her arms.

Juliet begged the men through her gag, the tears now slipping down her face.

There was nothing more unnerving as the thought of being traded to Saudimere – she was of no use. Juliet signed her life to Saudimere and as far as he knew, she was dead.

“Relax hun, we’re not going to trade you but you may be onto something,” Louis said thoughtfully. “The only way for Saudimere to stop the chase is to kill Ella – not really kill her but appear as though she is dead. We may have found a gameplay! We may have found an end to this nightmare!” He bellowed in excitement, smiling at Harry.

Harry sneered down at the girl before shrugging.

“If it’s coming from this girl, I’d watch. You can’t trust hostages, mate. So be careful and keep your distance.” Harry warned before leaving out the door.

Louis watched him go but still smiled before leaning down and kissing the girl’s cheek, which earned him a loud exclamation of disapproval. She didn’t bother to stop the tears, she feared for her life but even more for her son’s.

“Seriously, thank you, thank you so much Juliet. I’m sorry about the kiss, I got overly excited. No touching, I promise.” He smiled and took the blindfold they had around her eyes, wiping her tears away. “Don’t cry love. When the others get back I’ll let them know and we’ll see about letting you go so you can get back to your son.” Louis promised before standing up and walking from the room, leaving Juliet to her rapid thoughts.


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