Chapter 25: Chapter 25: A Little Too Much

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Louis and Harry were just coming out of Juliet’s room by the time the door to the living room slammed open and Killian, along with Kellie and Niall walked back in. Each looking more pissed off then the next.

“Ethan is bringing Isabella back, said he tracked her through her shoes he had given her with a built in tracker. I swear, do we need to fixate her with a child’s leash and tracking device? This is beyond – BEYOND, stupid. We’re hiding and she chooses to jeopardize the safety of everyone to run off because she figures she’s doing us some sort of favor? I’d like to know where that girl’s mind has gone to!” Killian ranted, seething in rage.

It wasn’t often that he switched dialects but his voice deepened to a low growl the angrier he got and Harry and Louis decided that it wasn’t exactly the best idea to bother him with simplistics – especially where Juliet was concerned. They’d mention it later when the group cooled down. Although it seemed Kellie had other ideas.

“Is the girl awake?” He asked calmly to the two men.

Harry nodded and cleared his throat.

“Yeah, she was Saudimere’s college sweetheart. According to her account, she dated him for a few years and in that time, Winter Towers, the place Glen owns now – it used to be hers. It was her inheritance and he killed her parents for it and tried to kill her but she ran for a year before she was caught. The guy who caught her, his name was –“Harry paused, trying to remember.

“His name was Jeremy West –“Louis helped, which sparked a recognition in Killian’s eyes.

“Jeremy West? There was something about that when I first entered into Saudimere Towers. In fact, training Saudimere’s men is the position I took over when Jeremy went out on assignment. I had met him briefly so he could fill me in but he never returned. Now I see why.” Killian smiled, heading into the room to find Juliet laying defeated on the bed, tears down her face. She simply glanced up and cringed when she saw it was one of the twins.

“Relax, I’m Killian. I’m the innocent twin in all of this.” He smiled, his anger completely disappearing. He came and sat next to her. “Let’s get this off and we’ll have a quick chat, yeah?”

Juliet nodded, her eyes searching Killian’s brown ones. She was sure her heart skipped a beat. He was gorgeous. She remembered the other one briefly but Killian’s eyes seemed almost kinder.

Killian unwrapped the Velcro from her jaw and shook his head before gently taking out the washcloth that was now thoroughly soaked with saliva.

“Look at it this way, at least the washcloth was clean.” He chuckled, trying to lighten up the situation before placing the girl’s tied feet on the side of the bed and helping her to sit up, grabbing the water bottle from the nightstand and gently placing it to her lips.

Juliet glanced into his kind eyes as she latched onto the rim of the bottle, taking in a generous amount of liquid before detaching it and swallowing a few times to moisten her mouth.

“Thank you, Killian. That’s kind of you.” She murmured, trying to be respectful. After meeting Harry and Louis, plus the fact the other twin put her out with a touch to her neck – she really wasn’t crazy about making any of them angry.

“Can you explain to me what’s going on?” Killian asked, his eyes focused on the beautiful blonde girl with the dark guys.

“I already told Harry and Louis all I know – and you really need to tell them to stop patronize the hostages or threatening them with turning them in to a nightmare worse than hell!” Juliet growled, tightening her reflexes against the Velcro.

“Shh, I’ll deal with them in a few but right now calm down, take a moment –“He stopped, feeling another presence in the room and looked to the door to see it was Kellie.

Juliet visibly flinched back, looking into his cold blue eyes.

He smiled and walked in, sitting next to her so either twin was on both sides of her.

“I got the gist of it from Harry although I suspect he left some things out so from the beginning if you will Mrs. Winters.” Kellie gestured making Juliet’s mouth close.

Killian sighed and looked at his brother.

“Not really helpful, Kellie.” Killian shook his head.

“Can it rookie, I want to know her whole show. What’s your shtick?” Kellie snapped which made Juliet’s eyes widened.

Juliet stuttered before telling him the same story that she told Harry and Louis. When she was done she was begging to be let go so she could go and pick her son up from the babysitters so the sitter wouldn’t call the police and report her missing.

“Where’s the sitter’s place? I’ll go pick him up.” Kellie offered, his voice calm and indifferent. Juliet just stared at him wide-eyed.

“I told you everything there was! I don’t have anything I could help with, I wanted to offer help and reassure you I knew that you weren’t alone, that I knew what Glen Saudimere was capable of and I wouldn’t report you and that if you had needed anything I would have been happy to help you! That’s all I was trying to do, please, Kellie, please let me go! I’m telling the truth!” Juliet all but screamed at the man, completely forgetting Killian was on the other side of her.

“And I believe your intentions Mrs. Winters but I need to confirm it, so if you’ll forgive me for not taking your word for it until I see for myself, I apologize but you will stay here a few days until I can confirm this. Now, the sitter’s address, please? I don’t want to have to torture it out of you.” Kellie smiled pleasantly, his hand going to her face – noticing a small crest scar, barely visible on her cheek. He stopped and looked at Killian. “Deal with her, the door just opened – I got Isabella to deal with.”

Killian sighed and comforted the frightened girl as Kellie left to deal with Isabella. There needed to be changes around there and he needed to get control of the situation before it got out of control.

As he entered into the living room and saw Ethan trying to pry Isabella off from his chest he half suspected the doctor scientist drugged the girl again.

“What did you drug her with this time?” Kellie asked emotionlessly, seeing Isabella’s attention going toward him with bright vibrant green eyes and a warm smile.

“Killian!” She cried releasing herself from Ethan and moving swiftly to her loving partner. She planted a kiss on his lips.

Kellie’s eyes widened and he abruptly pushed the girl from him, gently making sure not to spook her but not wanting to get into the drama that was sure to follow if Killian saw the way she was acting.

“A mood stabilizer –it’s supposed to put her back the way she originally was. Although I might have put a little too much hormonal balance in there – that should even out to her DNA will take out what I over gave her and she’ll be bright as rain tomorrow – hopefully. Every case is different. It was something I’m still experimenting with.” Ethan explained which made Isabella laugh.

“She’s acting like a joker on acid. I want her fixed, now!” Kellie’s voice boomed which made Ethan flinch.

“Hey, you didn’t want her running off, I fixed her somewhat –“He paused, watching her go toward Niall and wrap her arms around him in a hug.

“I missed you, Stud. Why are you being so mean? I want to be friends.” She pouted, before her lips inevitable meeting his in a passionate gesture of a kiss. Niall’s blue eyes widened and despite the seriousness of the situation, Zayn and Louis couldn’t help but laugh as they watched Isabella make her rounds. Liam and Harry were the only ones who did not find the situation amusing in the least and Niall was in way too much shock to speak on the subject either way.

“Liam? Harry? Since you two are the only ones not acting like a bunch of school children, get her calmed – I’m going to deal with Ethan personally.” Kellie growled, taking a step forward but Ethan was quick to arm himself with the knockout canister.

“Kellie, as much as you don’t believe me I did not mean for this to happen but I can promise after a good night’s rest, she will be back to her old self. I know now that the certain genetic serum extract I placed in there was too much and set an off balance. I will have it righted for next time if needed but like I said, her DNA will throw out the excess it doesn’t need and then it should balance itself out and she won’t be happy or sad she’ll be balanced. All I can say is wait until tomorrow. You might need to make sure to keep an extra eye on her tonight though.” Ethan advised before tipping an invisible hat, smirking and leaving out through the door.

“I really hate that bastard.” Kellie muttered, seeing Harry trying to gently coax Isabella off Niall, who was by now trying to get away from her. Louis was smirking like an idiot but whistling to get her attention.

“Ella, come on hun, look at me.” He tried softly which made her turn her head, a small frown on her face before she smiled again.

Liam was sighing and grabbed her on the arm and tugged her from the blonde as Harry came to the other side and held her other arm as they made their way toward the couch sitting down, making her sit in between them; their grips never faltering.

“That’s it luv, why don’t we sit right here and think on ways we’re going to kill Ethan the next time we see him.” Harry said softly but it was clearly under duress of sarcasm.

“Acid bath?” Zayn suggested, getting up – this time unsmiling as he bent down in front of Isabella and put his finger in front of her eyes, moving it back and forth.

She followed it, her eyes dilating.

“Too humane. I’m thinking water torture, drown him in his own pi –“Harry began but was cut off.

“We’ll worry about that later.” Kellie said, folding his arms and looking down on Isabella, his posture stern. “Ella? You need to get a grip.”

Isabella stopped following Zayn’s finger and simply smiled at him.

“I am gripping, I have a grip.”

Kellie shook his head, turning it when Emory entered into the room, stopping and smiling when he saw Isabella on the couch, he went and wrapped his arms around his friend tightly.

“Ella, we were worried about you. Don’t do that to us again, ok? You need to be careful.” Emory chastised lightly, looking back up to see the confused look on his friend’s face.

“You’re cute – but who are you exactly?” Isabella asked, smiling again.

The whole room seemed to go silent, including Emory himself.

“Ella, it’s me – Emory. Emory Taylor. Your best friend since you were born, don’t you remember?” Emory asked, reaching forward and brushing a stray hair from her face as she leant forward and kissed the bridge of his nose before Harry pushed her back.

“Nope but you’re still cute.” She laughed.

“She’s worse than a cat in heat.” Harry muttered.

Zayn had moved by then and simply sat next to Liam on the couch and Niall sat on the other side of Harry. Emory seemed to be frozen where he was, hurt evident in his green eyes.

“What did Ethan do to her?” Emory asked, gritting his teeth to control his anger.

“Made her the cabin slag, evidently,” Louis piped up, which earned him a stern look. He held his hands up in surrender. “I didn’t suggest it lads, just saying.”

“Now what are we going to do?” Harry asked, watching Kellie walk in front of the happier than life girl, moving Emory out of the way as he knelt down.

“Ella, you need to take a nap, this isn’t going to hurt – I promise.” Kellie said, his fingers gracing behind her to her collarbone where her pulse was.

“You’re going to knock me out. You guys always knock me out.” Isabella frowned, her hand going Kellie’s face before Harry caught it and moved it back within his, using his free one to pet the soft strands of her scalp.

“I’m sorry but we have bigger problems, you will be better when you wake up, I promise.” Kellie forced a smile and pressed down on the pulse.

Her body fell forward but Harry and Liam both reached out and caught her, pulling her unconscious body back to them.

“Put her in the room she was before. Niall, Killian and myself with Isabella will be sharing that room, make sure she’s comfortable.” He ordered before looking up to see Killian coming out from where Juliet was.

“I got the address, bro. Let’s go pick up the kid. His name is Caedan, the sitter isn’t very far from here.” Killian gestured as he left out through the door, ignoring Isabella completely as he went by and heading toward the van.

Kellie sighed and headed out the door, slamming it shut behind them and leaving the other boys to follow orders.

Harry simply shook his head and picked Isabella up, heading down the hall, the room he left bathed in uncomfortable silence.

Submitted: April 14, 2015

© Copyright 2020 VanitySorrowHeart. All rights reserved.


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