The Hostage and the Runaways

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Chapter 26 (v.1) - Chapter 26: Deception

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Emory poked the log gently with a fire poker that was hanging by the side, the low flame of the fire reflecting off his worried face as he gathered the task of warming the living room before it got too cold.

The room was filled with calming silence as each of the boys reverted back into their thoughts. Niall sat next to Harry, who sat next to Louis. Zayn sat by him and Liam hadn’t left his spot at the edge of the couch since Isabella was put in her room almost two hours ago.

“Has anyone checked up on Juliet or Isabella?” Liam asked, standing up and stretching before going toward the piano, sitting down and tinkering with the keys.

“I was about to, Ella should still be asleep. I don’t know about Juliet, Killian was dealing with her last before he left.” Zayn said before standing.

Emory put the poker back in its holder, standing up and facing Zayn.

“I’ll check on Ella, you check on Juliet. I need some alone time with her, unconscious or not –just for my own piece of mind.” Emory said before leaving the room, the room of eyes watching him go.

Zayn shook his head before going to check up on Juliet.

Harry, Niall and Louis sat still on the couch, each just sort of letting their minds wonder.

“If you had told me a year ago that I would be kidnapping a beautiful girl who was on the run from some psychotic scientist with a God complex and a serial sadist I would have laughed – somehow, mates, the joke doesn’t seem as funny now. I know how we got here but I still don’t know how we got here. Why should we care about her? We got out and we escaped thanks to Kellie but why are we sticking around? Why are we –“Louis trailed off, the other boys were looking at him curiously.

“Because if we don’t, who will? Kellie and Killian can’t hope to take down Saudimere by themselves and Isabella is weak. Face it, we need to stick with them and hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Besides, we’re stuck. It’s not like we can hop the first plane back to England and we’re wanted criminals. Odds are stacked against us.” Harry shrugged. He gave up caring after the first week. He was tired and wanted a warm bed to rest his weary head.

“Curly has a point.” Niall smirked.

Louis rolled his eyes.

“Mate? I wouldn’t be judging hair types if I was you, blonde.” Louis bantered his friend straight back.

“Look who’s talking, Casanova. You need a haircut.” Niall said, picking up a long piece of brown hair from his friend and dropping it again so it laid on his shoulder.

“Trust me, it’s on my to do list.” Louis chuckled.

Harry chortled.

“Okay lads, that’s enough of that.” Liam said, his hands never pausing on the keys, the melody was constant through all the banter.

“Yes dad.” Louis still teased but frowned when a shrill scream filled the air, followed by Zayn’s surprised exclamation.

Niall, Louis, Harry and Liam all bottled to the guestroom where Zayn had gone into. When they entered in through the door, Zayn was on the floor, holding himself where no man should and Juliet was almost out of the restraints they had fitted her with.

“What the actual bloody –“Harry started but before he could finish, Juliet was out of her restraints and approaching the other three men.

Harry and Louis went to grab her but her reflexes were lightening quick. She reached out, grabbing ahold of Harry’s arm and with one swift movement, he found himself flipped over her shoulder and landing hard on the floor, staring up at the ceiling.

Not pausing in her attack as Louis went to grab her, Juliet brought her body around, taking her leg and bringing it up to the back of Louis’s knees, bringing him down to the floor harshly as she kicked his feet out from underneath him before bringing the same foot up and catching Liam in the chest, his body flying back and hitting into the wall several feet away. She finished of Niall with a swift punch to the side of his head, knocking him completely unconscious.

“No one ties me up and keeps me hostage you arrogant, fucking pricks.” She growled, entering out into the hall and seeing a blonde haired guy she went toward him but he backed away, running into the door he had come out from and slammed it before a loud click was heard.

“I don’t want no trouble, go on and leave, I’m certainly not going to stop you!” Emory yelled at her through the closed door, going to sit back by Isabella who was resting asleep comfortably on the bed.

“Why? Afraid I might kick your ass? Come on out, I need to let off a little more steam! Those four guys were just a warm up!” Juliet antagonized, her foot kicking forcefully against the door.

Emory groaned, standing up and going to the dresser, picking up a small can of the knockout spray that had been provided in case any trouble broke out.

“I have a can of knockout gas that I can and will use if you come in here. If you are so inclined to still break down that door I can almost guarantee that you will wake up bound and gagged back on that bed that you escaped from. I’m giving you a chance to run, Juliet, I suggest you take it.” Emory yelled through the door before the kicking stopped and footsteps could be heard racing down the hall. Whatever it was had spooked her.

A second later Emory could hear her gasp, which only meant one thing; Kellie and Killian were back.

As Juliet heard the motor of the van outside she panicked and ran from the door, passed the three other boys who were still lying motionless on the floor, winded.

She ran passed the lounge room and went into the kitchen, grabbing a sharp looking knife before running back to the room and hauling Louis to his feet, forcing him against the bed as she pushed him roughly onto his stomach and tied him securely with the piece of Velcro that had been wrapped snuggly around her wrists for the last few hours.

Juliet was pissed. She was beyond angry that she would offer them help and sanctuary but in return all it earned her was a forced nap and ill treatment. She was done being nice and her training came into play, her survival mode kicked in. The woman would do everything and anything to protect her son and herself.

“One word and I slit your fucking throat, red coat.” She growled darkly, shaking him a few times to make sure Louis knew she would do it.

Louis gulped, feeling his feet being forced to walk to the living room, just as the door opened. Killian and Kellie entering through with a peaceful looking child, fast asleep on Killian’s shoulder.

She gasped loudly, holding the knife to Louis’s throat, her arm slinking around his toned chest. His heartbeat thudding loudly against his ribcage, pulsating against her arm.

Killian froze as did Kellie – the unexpected shock of seeing their prisoner free, having a knife and placing said knife at one of their own’s neck.

“Juliet, come now sweetheart –you don’t want to do anything rash.” Killian said calmly, slowly handing off the sleeping four year old to Kellie, his hand raised out as he stepped forward, his eyes glancing into Louis’s as he did so. “Lou, you okay, mate?”

Juliet jerked him back a little.

“He’s been given orders not to speak and if he does I’ll slit him open like a fish and watch him bleed out. You know I will, you saw the scar yourself, I’m not below any of that. That’s why you didn’t want to let me go, huh? Make sure I’m not a spy?” Juliet challenged with a spat.

Kellie gave off a soft bemused smile, ignoring her.

“How many tours did you serve, Mrs. Winters? I know the scar on your face, I bare one myself on my left shoulder, along with many, many others over it. The one special prisoners are given when severely tortured for specific information. Believe me, I know it well. I was Commander chief master sergeant of air force station 64317. Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, the platoon I was stationed in was 4593 on my second tour and my third and final tour had me stationed as Sergeant major with the army of platoon 33342. Sadly, not many made it back that tour. I was by that time honorably discharged. My platoon I was in charge of was attacked and I was captured and held for a hundred and eighty days until another platoon rescued what was left of mine. My assailants never let up once. Tortured me every single bloody day, by the end of it all I was praying for release – praying for death. You bare the same scar, you must know what that’s like.”

It was dead silent in the room, a standstill amongst the small group.

“I know it quite well, Kellie but that has nothing to do with any of this and my past is my business, not yours. Give me my son back.” Juliet swallowed, her eyes slightly fearful. She saw Kellie as a loose cannon and she did not trust him.

Kellie ran his hand softly along the little boy’s head, his eyes blank and unreadable.

“Give me back my friend and we’ll see.” Kellie counteracted the terms, his hand stopping at the base of the little boy’s throat. “It would also seem you lied to us when giving us the address. The thing that thankfully I am capable of doing is tracking signal to where you place your calls at and had no problems tracking it to the right address. The sitter and others are still alive and will not remember anything when she awakes but I don’t like being lied to, Mrs. Winters so I’m afraid your word cannot be trusted. You will release Louis and I will make sure your son is well cared for. If you refuse or should any harm come to Louis, you will find that like yourself – I have no qualms with crushing your son’s neck without a seconds thought. We both have lost too many people already, I am not willing to shed any more innocent blood. So please, don’t make me hurt your child, Juliet. I don’t want to but I will. Like yourself, you know I will to protect my own.” Kellie said, his hand squeezing the child’s neck ever so slightly.

The child could be heard wheezing and Juliet’s eyes went wide.

“You fucking monster!” She screamed, digging her knife ever so slightly into Louis’s neck.

Killian placed his hand on Kellie’s shoulder calmly.

“Don’t hurt the lad, there’s an easier solution to all of this. Mrs. Winters? Juliet? Please don’t hurt Louis, he is an innocent party in this; your son too. We need to come to a peaceful solution. There are many things to your story that are not adding up and I need you to come straight with us.” Killian begged, trying to be the peacekeeper amongst the group.

“Lass? Please don’t, we’re caught up in this hellhole of a time too. I’m sorry for the rough treatment before and for patronizing you but please, no harm needs to come to either of –“ Louis felt the blade dig in a little more, blood trickling down his neck from the small cut.

“I thought I told you to be quiet. Now, here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to walk out of here – with Louis, that’s not a negotiation. You will give me my son back because if you don’t I will make sure we both lose something or someone we care about tonight. My son is the only thing keeping me here, he’s my only reason to go on in this hell I call a life I’ve been living. You kill him, you kill all my reasoning. I kill Louis here, nothing stops me from offing myself and then you don’t ever find out what I know.” Juliet said, her voice non-negotiable.

Killian sighed softly, hearing the door open from down the hall.

Juliet backed Louis up against her into a table so she had a view of the front door and the threshold of the hallway. She saw the blonde she had chased earlier and a sleepy looking woman beside him.

“W-what’s going on?” Isabella murmured tiredly, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

“I’m sorry, I tried to stop her, Killian.” Emory apologized.

“It’s alright, we were all just talking terms.” Killian held up his hand, the tiredness in his eyes apparent.

“Who are you?” Juliet demanded the two newcomers.

Isabella smiled softly, a sad look in her eyes.

“I’m Isabella Termlocke, Glen’s target. He’s been after me for two year but I worked for him for a year before that.” She introduced, stepping a little closer. “M-may I come closer? I-I just need to sit down, Ethan gave me something and it’s making me dizzy. Please? I’ve been really weak lately. I’m not a threat, I promise.” She raise her hands, giving Emory a quick look.

“Yeah, don’t try anything cute though or I’ll kill you and Louis. I don’t care if I have to take out everyone, I’m getting out of here.” She promised, which made Isabella nod, looking over at Kellie who held the sleeping child.

“Aw, he’s beautiful.” Isabella smiled, walking over toward Kellie who gave her a questioning look. “Can I? I love children.”

There was an underlying tone to Isabella and though she barely looked more awake then she had two minutes ago he hesitated but nodded – his instincts telling him that she knew more than she was letting on. Without further hesitation he put the child into her arms carefully.

Isabella held the knocked out boy, rocking him gently back and forth, swaying easily like a mother would do to calm them if they were upset, the whole room now staring at her.

“He’s beautiful, miss. I don’t know your name, I’m sorry.” Isabella said, her eyes lightening with a small amount of happiness. She was remembering something, something beautiful.

“Juliet. Juliet Winters.” The girl replied, adjusting Louis’s body to hers, feeling the Brit’s heart rate speed up.

A recognition hit Isabella as she turned to the slightly older girl.

“Winters? Glen spoke about you often, said you left to attend to personal matters. D-did he…did he…” She couldn’t finish, looking down at the small boy in her arms, her voice wavering.

“No. We were college sweethearts, it was all consensual. That’s not his child, I married Jeremy West. He was my hunter –my kidnapper. I was on the run for a year before he caught me but he couldn’t bring himself to turn me in. So I gave up everything for him –for my son. Saudimere Towers use to be my parents before he killed them. He tried to kill me too but I ran. I had the training and skill to avoid him. So in the bigger picture of things, I can relate, Ms. Termlocke.” Juliet said, her eyes more than understanding.

Isabella let herself smile with sincerity then, looking at the precious gem in her arms.

“I use to have a son, it was Glen’s, created from rape but Glen –he killed him when I wouldn’t abort. It went downhill from there. His name was Ian. He would be three, almost four. Your son’s age. I’m so sorry for your misfortune but I am thankful and glad for your health Juliet. I’m going to give you your son, okay? You can leave. J-just please don’t hurt Louis. He’s my boyfriend, he’s been protecting me since our escape from Saudimere a few weeks back. We both have similar stories, I was taken hostage by Louis and Harry, a complete accident but he and this group have kept me safe – they’ve sheltered me from the danger. I need everyone safe, I need the protection because honestly, I’m lost. I’m lost without them and I’m scared. So I am begging for your mercy and forgiveness for whatever my group has done to you. If you can truly relate, don’t hurt the one thing I have in my life, don’t take him away  from me. ” Isabella pleaded, tears of emotion falling down her face.

Killian’s eyes were a cool shadow of hidden emotion and Kellie simply watched. Louis and Emory were both observing the girl, impressed. Louis almost smirked at her comment to being lovers. He wouldn’t touch her romantically with a three foot pole but he did love her like a sister and watching her work her charm made him proud.

“I-I…” Juliet didn’t know how to react to the girl and the gentle way she held Caedan, it made her see a little of herself when she was at her most desperate.

“I’ll bring you your son and you allow me to hug Louis –just once, if you can’t let him go and need the reassurance that we won’t follow, that’s okay, I just want to say goodbye to him.” Isabella cried, her hand going to her mouth. “Please, you’re a mother. You know what it’s like to love something so much that it hurts, you’ve felt loss too I’m sure. You know it in your heart. You know I’m not lying. I want him to wrap his arms around me and kiss me –if that’s my only request. If you can’t untie him, then allow me one last comfort of wrapping mine around him – to feel his warm. You’re in charge, you have the knife, and you have the power. I’m unarmed and the others are crippled in the backroom. I promise this is no trick. Look into my eyes, you know it’s not.” Isabella continued to sob.

Juliet’s will gave and she sighed, waving Isabella forward, removing the knife from Louis’s throat, along with her arms, holding them out instead for her son, smiling.

Isabella gave Juliet her beautiful little boy back, the other men around the room in shocked silence at the exchange.

“Isabella –“Killian trailed off in warning.

Isabella ignored him and placed her hand gently on Juliet’s shoulder.

“You have such a beautiful child, Juliet. What’s his name?”

“Thank you, Isabella…thank you, I just want him safe. His name is Caedan. He’s the only thing I got left of my husband. Thank you for giving him back to me.” Juliet seemed relieved, holding her boy with one hand but keeping the knife free in the other. Leaving it in close proximity to Louis’s jugular.

“I understand what it’s like to lose family. Glen killed my parents too – he’s taken everything from me. I don’t want you to lose something so precious on account of us…may I?” Isabella sniffed, gesturing to Louis who now looked nervous.

Juliet nodded, watching the beautiful girl wrap her arms around Louis tightly, her lips finding his in a passionate and raw kiss.

Louis’s eyes went wide, Killian’s mouth dropped just a tad and Kellie folded his arms across his chest, his expression unreadable. The shock factor was high, even Emory watched to see what Isabella’s next move would be because she was laying it on thick but it was so thick that it was realistically believable.

“I love you Louis, I love all of you. Please remember that always.” She whispered sadly, hugging him for everything she was worth before using what little strength she had to push the tall British man away from her and Juliet with all her might.

He landed by Emory who bent down and began to untie Louis right away, pulling him from the ground and away from danger as it unfolded right in front of their eyes.

Isabella took the can of sleeping gas out from behind her, her hand on the nozzle, grabbing the arm that wasn’t holding the toddler.

Juliet was far stronger than her through so she was easily able to tug from Isabella’s grasp, setting Caedan on the table and using her now free hand to grasp the green eyed woman’s hair brutally.

Isabella let out a shriek, her hand fumbling with the spray nozzle while she felt a painful tug on her hair all the while the action causing her head to jerk violently to the side, the knife Juliet had been using, plunging brutally into Isabella’s right shoulder. Thankfully at the same time that was happening, she manage to get the spray can to Juliet’s face, setting it off so it sprayed directly into the other woman’s vision.

A few moments later, both bodies dropped to the ground.

Isabella only screamed at the entrance of the knife but now the adrenaline was blocking most of the pain out but it left her strength zapped all the same.

“Ella!” Louis and Emory cried, rushing for her and kneeling down on either side as she struggled to sit up.

Killian and Kellie rushed over a second later.

“Ella that was the most bloody, fucking stupidest –“Killian ranted madly but silenced himself when her soft hand met his unshaven face.

“I know.” She whispered softly before feeling arms wrap around the back of her, crying out as it moved the knife in her shoulder.

“I’m so sorry Ella. I am so, so sorry.” Emory cried but she shushed him, her back comfortable against his body.

It was so calm now, everyone surrounding her, the pool of blood trailing down, her life force leaving.

She struggled to hold onto consciousness, glancing to Louis.

“For you, always for you.” She gasped, her chest now racking with sobs. She was scared. She could feel herself dying and it didn’t matter, it never mattered. It was almost a relief.

“Get Zayn, try to get a hold of Ethan. The knife is big, from the blood flow, it punctured something major and she’s going to bleed out if we don’t do something.” Kellie ordered calmly, taking her hand and shushing her.

“What about removing the knife?” Emory asked, tears cascading down his cheeks.

“Leave it, don’t mess with it. Ethan and Zayn will know what to do.” Kellie demanded with softness, trying to keep Isabella calm. “Ella? Sapling? What you did was very, very stupid but what you did was very brave. You have my respect. You’ll always have my protection, I promise.” He forced a smile and patted her head, the other boys finally limping their way out, seeing Isabella on the floor with a big knife sticking from her shoulder.

“K-Kellie, I’m scared. I’m so scarred. I just want this to be o-over.” Isabella sobbed, her tears real and un-fabricated.

Kellie shushed her gently.

“I know sweetheart. I know. We need you to keep still so we’re not damaging anything, okay? I need to put you out.” He put his hand to where the pulse was.

“Wait! Please wait. I wanted to apologize. I wanted to apologize to everyone for how I acting. I know Ethan’s drugs didn’t make it easy but I should have fought harder – I should have fought him.” Isabella sobbed, her eyes going to Killian, taking her hand from Kellie’s and holding it out toward Killian, crying as she did so, the other men gathering around. Zayn was examining her shoulder but his words were muffling together, she felt her heart slowing.

“Killian, I’m sorry. I am so sorry for failing you. Hold me…please just hold me, I’m scared. I’m scared I fucked it all up and I feel like I’m too late to fix it.” Isabella sobbed, screaming as her body jerked from her sobs and the pain intermixing.

Kellie petted her head before he took his hand away from her neck and motioned his brother over, moving so Killian was directly in front.

“Letting the past go is the first steps to redemption, Killy. Love and repentance is the next. There’s plenty of time for talk later, for right now, hold Isabella and forgive her. If you care at all, then show her.” Kellie whispered, guiding his brother’s hand to her cheek, his other hand to the pulse in her neck.

Isabella knew she was going to sleep, she knew he was about to put her out.

“I still love you Killian. I always will.” Isabella whispered, her breathing labored, Zayn’s hand gently gripping the knife, the sickening sound of metal being removed from flesh.

She used that moment to lean up weakly and kiss Killian’s lips in a soft heartfelt kiss.

“My h-heartbeat. Always my heartbeat.” She smiled before her vision blurred with tears.

Killian pressed down on her pressure point, catching her as she fell back, tears evident in his eyes as he finally allowed himself to release the pent up emotions.

“Little fawn.” He cried, hugging her to his body now for all he was worth.

Zayn went outside to see if Ethan was nearby. If he placed cameras inside then he would be monitoring what was going on.

Kellie rubbed his brother’s back softly and Harry went to get something to put pressure on Isabella’s wound.

Louis glared up at the woman responsible for the pain before gingerly standing and moving Caedan off the hard table and onto the soft couch, returning to pick Juliet up wordlessly. He returned her to her bed, Kellie mentioning to Louis that there was a special way he needed to tie her up. So he just deposited her on the bed and went to kneel next to Niall, checking him over.

He breathed in relief, Niall was just knocked out he would wake up in a couple of hours with hopefully just a headache.

“So much for catching a break.” Louis said to the heavy silence around him, fingering the gash on his neck before heading to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

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