The Hostage and the Runaways

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chapter 4: Worth

Submitted: March 10, 2015

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Submitted: March 10, 2015



Killian walked out of the bathroom a minute after Isabella screamed, heading outside to where his notepad was left before retrieving it and heading back into the bathroom. He looked upset but none of the other men could peg why.

“Should we give Killian a break before he ends up drowning her?” Louis asked, watching the Irishman’s retreating figure before the bathroom door shut again, Isabella’s protests following down the hall a moment later.

“Nope. Let the lovebirds work out their quarrel.” Liam replied in boredom, flipping through the channels and settling on a cartoon channel.


“Killian, stop! I can wash my own damn hair! I’m not totally helpless, for fuck sake! Quit being a dick!” Isabella yelled, screaming as he turned on the showerhead again, the freezing water cascading down on her faded skin. Everything about her seemed dull and lifeless. Everything but her eyes. If looks could kill, Killian O’Hare would be dead.

Killian wrote a note on his notepad.

Zayn told me to help, I’m helping.

“You’re being a jackass, that’s what you’re being!” Isabella yelled as he turned the lever above her, warming the water. It was too high up for Isabella to reach so Killian had complete control of the water temperature –which he already made sure to let her know.

The shower warmed up and the Irishman got on his knees with the shampoo and conditioner he had found in one of the drawers. It was strawberry flavored and looked to not have even been used. He also found a pink brush and hairbands.

The shower head was adjusted so it was positioned right above her, swallowing Isabella in water and hydrating her dry skin.

“I can take a shower, I don’t need help.” Isabella insisted, trying to be calm.

Killian ignored her, running his fingers through her wet and tangled hair; his brown eyes angry but he still remained gentle toward her. She knew in her heart no matter how angry he was, Killian would never hurt her.

Isabella’s strength was far too gone and she simply took to going quiet and letting him detangle her hair, watching his brown eyes concentrate on the task at hand, he wouldn’t look her in the eye.

“When my eyes close, all I can see is Glen’s face. When I fall asleep, his hands are still roaming my body – they’re still holding me down. When I open them, I see Ethan. I see him watching. I scream out to him and he stands there, he won’t help me –his face is cold and emotionless. Then I see you, you try to help me but you can’t. You’re tied down. In my dream, I hear you scream out my name – I hear it so clear as day. Then there’s a flash of light and everything goes deaf. You’re silent and the only thing I see is Glen, the only thing I feel is pain. This is the dream I wake up to every time I close my eyes. I don’t sleep because I can’t and I don’t eat because I think, what happens if I gain weight and I’m being carried – what if I slow you all down and get someone killed? What happens if I’m responsible for getting this group killed? What if –“Isabella trailed off, choking back a sob but losing the fight as it made its way from her mouth regardless. She drew in a forced breath, feeling his hands stop detangling her head, hearing the shampoo bottle open, the scent of strawberries filling her nostrils and the familiar feeling of the sickly sweet soap being run through her hair.

“I’m sorry I upset you. I’m sorry if you think I’m giving up but I want to live to a fate that doesn’t involve Glen Saudimere. I want to feel something besides fear but fear is what keeps me grounded and keeps me focused. Running is what I know, it’s what I’m the best at doing. I don’t want to disappoint you because you’re my heartbeat, you’re what I believed in when everything else seemed lost and I don’t want you to hate me but I need you to –because if I got you hurt, if I got anyone hurt; I would never forgive myself. This is what I need, I need that anger. I need you to stop carin-“Isabella found his hand over her mouth before she could even continue, his breath coming out ragged and his brown orbs on fire while the tears silently fell again. It was the second time that hour she had broken him.

Kiillian simply threw the shampoo and conditioner bottle inside the shower, wrote her a note, put it on top of the tub and stood up. He left her to her shower, slamming the bathroom door on his way out, Niall catching him in the hall – a long pink silk nightgown in his hands.

“What do you think, mate?” Niall asked him.

Killian wiped the tears from his face and wrote a message on his notepad, a small sarcastic smirk on his face.

Doesn’t really go with your hair, I would have pegged you for more a green colored man myself.

Niall read it and rolled his eyes.

“Haha, very funny. For Ella, it looks to be a few sizes big but –“

Killian gestured to the bathroom and walked off.

Niall glanced at it before looking in the direction Killian had gone but became concerned when he heard Isabella’s agonized sobs.

He went in and found the girl hunched in a ball, sobbing into her knees and completely alone.

Niall quickly shut the door, dropped the nightgown on the towel rack and knelt down outside the tub.

“Ella, come on little dove, what’s wrong? What can we do to help you? I’m so far lost on what to do –“He trailed off when he saw the note on the tub and pulled the half soaked paper off.

If that is what you wish, little fawn, consider it done.

“Oh boy. Ella dove, what happened?”

Isabella didn’t say anything, she simply just cried into her knees.

Niall hesitated but reached and turned the shower off before reaching down and getting the shampoo bottle from the ground, opening it and lathering Isabella’s hair.

“You’ll be alright, beautiful.” Niall comforted, mixing the shampoo well into her scalp before turning the water on again and rinsing it off.

“Why can’t you guys just hate me?” Isabella sobbed.

“Because we can’t. We love you, I know I do at least.” Niall smiled, reaching in and kissing her wet face, his head getting a little soaked from the shower head.

Isabella laughed despite herself, her sobs choking on the laughter in her throat.

Niall smiled, glad to finally hear her laugh. He used his hand to slick away the wet patch of hair.

“Come on, let’s get you cleaned up. Did Killian get your back? Your skin is looked a little irritated.” Niall asked, glancing around for some soap. He managed to find cinnamon spice – which had a more masculine scent but Isabella wasn’t picky. To have a shower at all seemed to wipe some of her tension away.

Niall came back and kneeled down to the floor, opening the body wash and putting some in his hand, gently rubbing it onto her back. His fingertips massaging the liquid onto her back, her aching muscles contracting and relaxing under his touch.

Isabella moaned, keeping her body curled against her knees, trying to maintain modesty. Niall had only seen her naked once and she felt more comfortable around Killian seeing her naked, even Zayn but Niall was different. She couldn’t explain it.

“Everyone thinks I’m helpless –that I’m going to break at any moment.” Isabella sighed, feeling Niall’s hands work the soap onto her shoulders, his arms slowly embracing her while they continued to gently work to her chest.

“You can’t break what’s already broken, dove. I just wish you saw how much you are loved, how much everyone cares for you. It’s frustrating because we feel so helpless, we honestly don’t know how to help you but we’ll continue to try. We can only do some much though, the rest is on you but no matter how much you push us away, we’re not going anywhere. You can try to make us hate you but we’ll keep pushing back until you stop fighting. You’re not a risk, you’re not helpless but you do need help. You’re weak, Ella, and it is going to eventually kill you if you’re not careful.” Niall frowned, his hands bypassing her breasts and glided down to her stomach.

Isabella shuttered, his touch sending tingles throughout her like electricity. She leant into it, embraced it and smiled but the feeling soon went away, his words sinking in.

“I pushed Killian away I pushed him away because I hurt him. Glen, he hurt him because of me and I don’t want him to get hurt again. I love him a lot, is it too soon to know you care about someone so much that your heart breaks? It’s only been three weeks but my heart physically aches every time I look at him, knowing that I’ll never hear him talk – sing, hum. Everything was taken away from him because of me and you were put in isolation. People get hurt around me and nothing, not even a hint of bitterness. I fucked everything up with Killian but it’s the right decision. He needs to hate me, you all do.” Isabella rambled, her mind going over a million miles an hour.

“Bullocks. If anything Killian will push back. He’s hurt right now but he won’t give up on you either.” Niall dismissed, adding a little more soap to his hand and moving to the front of her so he could reach her legs.

He started up top her raised knees, soaping her legs, making sure to be extra gentle around her swollen, discolored and broken toes.

Isabella sucked in a sharp intake of air as his fingers massaged her feet before soaping down her thighs.

“I feel so helpless, like I’m going to get someone killed. I think Killian already has given up, he looked lost and I never seen him cry before.” Isabella murmured softly when their conversation died down.

“He’s hurt, probably as lost as the rest of us. We can’t help if we don’t know what’s wrong and Killian probably feels the same way. If I could take your pain away with a single wish, my sweet Ella, I would wish all the happiness in the word, all the safety that you could ever need but this is reality and genies don’t exist. The only protection I can offer is my life and if you’re safe, then it’s well worth the price.” Niall smiled but she didn’t return it.

“I don’t want you or anyone risking their lives for me. I don’t deserve it, not by anyone. Especially as kind a soul as you and Killian. You need to distance yourself too, Niall. Before someone else gets hurt because of me. You can’t care for someone as evil as me. I deserve this, I deserve to be alone because who wants someone that can get them killed around?” Isabella put her hand to her mouth, feeling another sob come forth from her throat.

Niall reached over and hugged Isabella tightly, allowing her head to rest on his shoulder.

“You’re going to be alright, dove, but that may not be today. You’re hurting too and I want to take away your pain, and when you’re ready and if you want me, I will be there for you. Evil or not, you’re still my dove and I’m not going to leave you. Imperfections, scars and everything in between. I’d kill a thousand Glen Saudimere’s just to be beside you.”

“You hardly know me, why do you care so much?” Isabella sobbed, her shoulders shaking in agony, her heart aching to reach out and understand.

“The same way you love Killian is the same way I feel about you, lady dove and that will never change.” He paused and waited for a reply, when Niall didn’t get one he continued. “Come on let’s wash you off, you’re beginning to smell like a really delicious cinnamon cake and I’m way too hungry for tha right now.” Niall chuckled, turning the water on and allowing the cinnamon smelling soap to wash from her flesh.

“Killian set up some hair ties and a pink brush up here, we’ll get you dressed and take you back out in the living room so the other boys can fight over whose next in line. I vote Louis. He reeks.” Niall winked, hearing Isabella choke. Half crying, half laughing.

“Stop it, you’re going to kill me.” Isabella tried wiping her eyes but her tears were plentiful and they didn’t seem to want to stop.

Niall chuckled and went over to the towel rack, grabbing a towel and the long pink silk nightgown he found.

“Hope Kathy doesn’t mind.” Isabella said, watching Niall dry her arms and around her back before relinquishing it for Isabella to finish up with her front.

Once she was adequately dry Niall slipped the nightgown down over her body, seeing it drape off her. It would have probably fallen completely if it weren’t for the V-neck and long sleeves.

Niall lifted her out of the tub and walked to the countertop, grabbing the brush and hair ties before exiting the bathroom and walking back into the living room.

He put Isabella on the opposite side of the couch that Killian sat on before sitting next to her.

“Killian? You’re next for the showers, have a go, mate.” Niall said, gesturing down the long hallway.

“I thought you said Louis was in need of one the most because he re –“Niall’s hand went to her mouth, laughing slightly.

“Tongue in cheek, dove, tongue in cheek. Now shh.”

Louis folded his arms.

“Trust me, mate, we all need one. I’m not the only one who stinks. I’m surprised this Emory bloke here hasn’t asphyxiated from the smell, we’re so bad that even the flies want nothing to do with us.” Louis said but it was good humored. Being able to relax some had done wonders for their moods and Isabella never saw that side to any of them, especially not Louis. He was usually the most serious of all of them.

Isabella smiled, her eyes glistening just a little.

Killian looked at Isabella, a small corner of his lip twitching but he simply stood up and left the room to take a shower when she glanced back over at him.

Isabella sobered.

Niall noticed and hugged her to him.

“Let it go, dove, it’ll blow over.” He reassured her.

“I don’t know if I want it to. He deserves so much more than me. He and you guys deserve to be happy and I don’t know if I can give him that. How can I when I can’t even seem to find a solution to my own misery? How can I expect to make someone else happy when I’m repulsed by what I know happened and that if he didn’t get involved, that if you guys never got involved – I’d still be running and you guys wouldn’t be here now.” Isabella reasoned.

“Like I said, lovely, your heart needs time to heal and we’ll be there for you when you’re ready. Killian loves you and I know if he had to do it all over again, he would. We all would. Right down to every turn we took to be where we are now. Nothing is going to change, no one is going to leave you.” Niall kissed Isabella’s head and held his lips there for a few extra seconds, seeing Harry get up from the other couch and sitting down next to her.

“Niall’s right, we wouldn’t change a thing. You can push us away but we won’t go anywhere, we’ll never leave you.” Harry reassured, placing his own arms around and embracing her into a hug.

Louis followed lead, coming back behind the couch and putting his arms around her neck.

“You’re still a pain in the ass but you’re our pain in the ass,” Louis said and gave her a little squeeze. “My time in isolation put a lot of things in perspective. You were right on Glen, the danger – everything. We’re going to protect you, no matter what.”

Liam smiled.

“You’re special, Ella. You will overcome your demons, love. I know you will because I believe in you.” Liam said, the sincerity in his voice let Isabella know he truly believed that.

“I wish you wouldn’t promise me the world, I don’t deserve the world. I only wish I could see the beauty that you all saw.” Isabella said, her head dropping to her lap.

“You will someday, precious. I promise you will.” Harry whispered encouragingly into her ear before kissing her cheek and standing up and going to the kitchen to check on dinner.

Louis leant forward and kissed the back of her head.

“You will see your worth, just give it time. Ethan and Glen got into your head, they made you believe you had little worth but honestly, you have so much talent in your body that they will never possess. Those who tell someone how meaningless they are, they hold the resentment that they are feeling. You got to get them out of your head and let them go, they will never touch you again. Not while were around and it will be over our dead bodies if they want to try.” Louis vowed promisingly, hugging her around the chest before disengaging from her and following Harry.

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” Isabella murmured once he was out of ear shot.

Liam stood up and followed the others, leaving Niall and Isabella in the room alone.

Niall didn’t pull away, he simply sat there and held the girl for a while.

“You can go with the others if you want, I know you’re dying to eat.” Isabella smiled, seeing his eyes go towards the way of the kitchen.

“No, I’m staying here with you. You’re not getting rid of me that easily. They’ll let me know when it’s ready but just sos you know, I’m sacrificing my opportunity at extra food to stay with you.” Niall said, tightening his arm around her.

“My hero.”

Isabella laughed a little, dropping her head onto his shoulder and leaning back into his arm.

Before they could continue to exchange banter, a groan was heard from the opposite couch; indicating that Emory was waking up.

“Great, just what I needed.” Isabella muttered, her mood again sobering.

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