Chapter 5: Chapter 5: War of Words

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The first thing Emory Taylor saw when he opened his eyes is two blurred figures. Well, it was more two figures blurred together in one giant splotched blob but it didn’t last long as his eyes adjusted and came into focused.

He tried to put his hand to his head rub away the intense headache but found when he touched his head, his wrists had been bound together with Velcro and his hands had been taped together palm to palm in a prayer position.

“What –“He trailed off, his eyes finally focusing on the two figures.

He recognized the blonde from earlier but the girl –why did she seem so familiar?

“Hey Em, Killian got you with the pressure point defense. I’m sorry about the home intrusion, we need a place to stay for a bit.” Isabella forced a smile, seeing him visibly tighten into a straighter sitting position, the earlier memories obviously coming back.

“I –he –“Emory stuttered before looking around frantically and trying to fight against his restraints, realizing his feet had been bound together to. He reached full out panic and frantically took to yelling for help.

“Help! Someone, someone help! Murderers! Murderers in my house! Help!”

Isabella flinched knowing the only help he would get if he didn’t be quiet was a sock shoved in his mouth.

“Emmy, come on, stop that. No one can hear you, we’re out in the middle of nowhere.” Isabella yelled above him, trying to calm her ex-friend, the other boys running in from all directions into the room, including Killian – who was sopping wet and naked from the chest up. His lower half barely covered by the towel he wore.

Isabella looked at the sight a moment before clearing her throat and glancing at Emory who seemed to be surrounded in all corners of the room. All eyes on him, which made him start to choke.

“Do you need your inhaler?” Isabella asked gently, he nodded, unable to answer. His throat was restricting and his lungs burned. He was upset and Isabella knew if he didn’t calm down he would end up passing out. “Ok, where is it?”

Emory’s dark green eyes panicked. He couldn’t answer and instincts made him grab for his chest. When he couldn’t feel his beating heart, his alarm reached new heights.

“Killy? Down the hall, check the bedrooms. If he was asleep he’d have it on a nightstand by the bed most likely.” Isabella requested softly, Killian nodding and going in search of the inhaler.

Zayn approached the panicked man and sat down next to him, pulling the man’s bound hands to his lap.

“Mate, you’re going to pass out if you don’t calm down. Try to breathe through your nose, it will help with the sharp chest pains. In through your nose and out through your mouth.” Zayn told him, while leading an example.

Isabella shook his head.

“He can’t take in adequate air through his nose, he’s having something equivalent of a panic attack but instead of panic, his lungs are literally being attacked. He and I aren’t much different. I suffer full body attacks and he suffers these. It happens when he gets overwhelmed – like right now.” Isabella explained, remembering his condition from high school. She use to call him spastic because it seemed like he had an attack over something trivial every other day. Of course, their childhood had long passed and all she was left with were the memories.

Killian came back about thirty seconds later with the inhaler.

Zayn took it and put it in Emory’s mouth, spraying it twice.

Emory gagged at first before he started to cough.

“There you are, mate. See? You’re fine.” Zayn comforted, rubbing Emory’s back.

Emory coughed for another minute before his chest finally cleared.

“W-what do you w-want?” Emory stuttered, his head whipping around to the wanted boys and finally to Isabella. He focused on her a moment before his eyes widened in recognition. “Anny! A- I –what are you doing with these murderers?!” He exclaimed.

Isabella flinched at her old nickname.

“That’s not very nice, mate. Only a few of us are guilty of any type of murder and it was necessary at the time. I assure you.” Harry said, folding his arms.

Zayn sighed and took his hand from the other man’s back, standing up and going to get his doctor’s bag. He returned and sat back on the couch next to Emory who tried to use his feet to push himself away.

“I’m going to give you something to calm you down. If what Ella said is true, you’re working yourself up into another attack and it looks like you’re almost out of inhalant. You need to calm down.”

Emory started to panic again when Zayn pulled out a syringe with murky colored liquid and popped open the cap, using one arm to force down the man’s hands to his lap again.

“No! No, please! I don’t want – “He felt the syringe slide easily into his arm and the drug start to course through him.

“It’s not going to knock you out, just something to calm you down.” Zayn promised, picking the cap up and putting it on the empty syringe.

Emory moaned, his eyes going back to Isabella.

“What’s going on? Why am I tied up? Why are you all in my house? Why was I attacked?” Emory asked, feeling his heart rate start to slow down, making breathing easier.

“Where’s Kathrine?” Isabella counteracted his questions with one of her own.

Emory looked at her wide eyed for a moment, his green eyes flashing with emotion – the one she picked up on was sadness, right before it clouded over in anger.

“Like you care where Kathy is.” Emory replied.

Zayn stood up.

“Are we good in here? Is everyone calm? I need to get back to the pasta before it overcooks.”

“Go,” Isabella nodded to the kitchen. “We’ll make sure it stays tranquil.” She promised, shifting from Niall’s arm and looked at him. “Can I switch seats? Emory and I need to catch up.”

Emory tugged at his hands with agitation.

“If this is your idea of caching up, we may need to reevaluate the situation.” Emory retorted.

Killian rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers at Niall, waving him forward.

Niall sighed and got up, allowing Killian to lead him from the room. Zayn took that moment to follow lead back into the kitchen.

Harry came to sit next to Isabella, Louis on the other side of Emory. They weren’t leaving the hostage and the unhinged girl alone. That was trouble looking for somewhere to happen.

“Not a good idea, luv, you need to keep your distance.” Harry warned, glancing at Emory who was glaring daggers.

“Says the Brit related to Jack the ripper. At least I’ve never killed anyone in cold blood.” Emory hit back, shifting his legs to try and move them.

“We grew up together. Literally from the day we were born to the day we graduated high school. He’s harmless and he’s tied up. You can’t get any more harmless than that.” Isabella insisted, shifting up a little, watching Emory’s hands trying to move back and forth to get out from the restraints. It was pointless but Isabella found a strange satisfaction and thankfulness that it wasn’t her for once.

“People change.” Harry shrugged, refusing to move Isabella over to Emory. The whole thing screamed in sirens and he wanted those two apart for her safety and his own.

“Isn’t that the truth?” Emory muttered, his eyes a deep jaded green. He was upset but the sedating drug kept him calm and that was a good thing for the rest of them.

“Excuse me, who dumped me two weeks before graduation and started fucking around with their best friend a week later? Certainly not me, although Chris would have been a nice fuck.” Isabella spat.

Liam rolled his eyes and returned to the kitchen, Kellie laughed.

“I like her, she’s a witty sapling.” He said before returning back with the other guys.

“Chris was gay, so a rather pointless comeback, Anny. We broke up, I broke up with you because – “Isabella interjected.

“Because I wasn’t the perfect little doll you wanted me to be. I wasn’t skinny or perfect. I wasn’t someone you could lead around on a leash. Kathy evidently did it for your dick and you know something? It doesn’t bother me all that much but the reason I wanted to know where Katherine was, was because it would be nice to know if there are any extra guests dropping by so we could comfortably accommodate them.” Isabella folded her arms across her chest.

“Kathy isn’t here and you’re right, she did it for my dick like you never could. You tight, stuck up fire bitch from hell!” Emory growled leaning forward.

Harry sat there bored and bemused, his eyes going from Emory to Isabella as they continued to throw subtle insults. Louis was holding his stomach and letting out loud bouts of laughter.

“Fire bitch from hell? Oh God, brilliant, mate, completely brilliant.” Louis laughed, which upset Isabella but not because Louis was laughing, it was the fact Emory was insulting her.

“Now children, that’s enough.” Harry said flatly, giving Louis a stern look. His laughter died down but he still had a smirk on his face.

Isabella ignored them.

“Fire bitch? Look who’s talking, spastic fuck-turd! The boy who was so pathetic that he had attacks every other day from someone who wouldn’t give him his way! Now I understand why we broke up! I call it a blessing in disguise, the whore took you off my hands or I’d be whipped down like she probably was. If the cunt left you, good!” Isabella yelled, this time it was Niall and Killian who came back out. Killian was dressed in a longer towel this time but he was still shirtless.

If Emory could have lunged at her, he would have.

“Don’t you EVER talk about my wife that way again! She tried to make it right, we both did!” Emory yelled back, his eyes now bordering on a deep forest green.

“By sending me a wedding invitation? Real classy asshole! I’m happy for you guys, I really am.” Isabella growled sarcastically, fixing to get up herself but Harry’s arms wrapped around her before she did something stupid.

Kellie walked out, his arms folded.

“World war three needs to wrap up in here, way too much noise pollution.” Kellie warned, looking over at Niall who stood with his arms crossed watching the exchange between the old friends and then to Killian. “Nice abs, bro. You might want to find some clothes though. Someone might de-towel you.”

With that he leant against the wall, his eyes on the bickering couple. All eyes seemed to surround Isabella and Emory, the fire in both their eyes intense.

“Kathy wanted to make it right because she wanted to fix her friendship with you. How dare you call her such vulgar words! We had hoped you would come, we wanted you to share in our happiness – we wanted to start over because you had been something to us. I mean, I had even tried to find you last year but your mom said that she hasn’t seen you in years. No contact, no way of getting a hold of you. How could you do that to your own family?! I told her that if I found you I’d let you know so you could call your mom. Now I can’t even do that.” Emory explained, his voice breaking off, bringing his taped hands to his face and sucking in a sharp breath.

“Why? Because mommy’s heart would give out if she knew I was running with criminals?” Isabella spat sarcastically.

“BECAUSE SHE’S DEAD!” Emory exploded, his hands slamming back on his lap.

Just like that the room went silent and cold. Isabella felt the air leave her.

“Liar.” She accused, fighting a little against Harry’s hold as he tighten it.

Kellie snapped his fingers at Killian and signed something to him. His brother nodded solemnly and left the room to follow his brother’s order.

“I’m not! I called your mom to get a hold of you when I found out, only to learn you dropped off the face of the earth. Cathy was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. Inoperable. It was in the advanced stages and she was still bothered by what had happened between us in high school. Every day, as I watched my wife fade away she would always ask me if I heard from you. Every day I would tell her no, maybe tomorrow because up till her last breath, somewhere in her mind she wanted to make it right and she never got to. Her last dying breath was you! That’s all she wanted, all she had wanted and she never got it.” Emory’s voice choked back a sob but a few stray tears fell from his eyes. He continued when Isabella seemed to shut down again. “I called your mom not long after to see if she had any luck hearing from you and keep her spirits up. She and your dad even came to the funeral, brought me a picture of the three of us – it was supposed to go in her coffin but I never did have the heart to put it in there. I kept it. It’s in the coffee table drawer over there. What really bothers me is the fact that your parents attended your best friend’s funeral and you couldn’t even be bothered to get in contact to let someone know you were alright! You choose to run with murderers!”

“That’s not what happened! I ran because I didn’t have a choice, I ran because my life depended on it and I would be DAMNED if I brought my family into my mistakes. What happened to my mother and father? You’re lying. I want to call them, you’re lying!” Isabella screamed, her eyes dead but the orbs of her greens were shattering.

“I called a few months after the funeral, I was greeted by police telling me that Mr and Mrs. Termlocke had been involved in an apparent murder-suicide. I’m not lying to you about that, Anny, believe me I’m not.” Emory let the sob go this time but he struggled to keep himself together.

“Don’t call me Anny! NEVER call me that name again or it will be the last thing you do!” Isabella screamed, now struggling against Harry.

“Ella, luv! Calm down!” Harry pleaded but his words went unheard. It was like everything was being put in a muffler. Every sound was fading to silence and she hadn’t realized Killian and Niall were at her side until she felt their arms around her. Niall’s across her shoulder and Killian’s across her stomach. Harry had handed her off and stood from them.

All that kept spinning in her head was the word liar. Her parents were still alive and Emory was lying. He had to be. Glen didn’t know her parents or where she lived, where she was from. He couldn’t have been involved. She went to great lengths to keep them safe.

“Let me go!” Isabella screamed, bringing one of her hands into a fist and punching blindly.

Killian grabbed her fist with precision as it made its way toward his face. It was with a firm grab but he still remained gentle.

“I’m glad I listened to my instincts and didn’t move them together or Zayn would have some patch work to do.” Harry commented to Louis who watched the intense scene now with a sobering mood.

Zayn came out of the kitchen.

“Killian, Niall? Take Ella outside to calm down. Louis? Emory needs a bit of quiet time. I’m sorry, mate, don’t take this personally but what just happened – how you two just acted, I’m not dealing with that drama and you just possibly fucked something up we were trying to get her past. She had enough issues without knowing about her parents. So, you wanted to break her? Congrats, you very bloody fucking could have!” Zayn yelled, watching Killian and Niall struggle to keep hold of Isabella who was screaming at the top of her lungs to be let go. Niall finally had to cover her mouth and Killian had to hold her arms down while he carried her out the door.

Louis got up to check the back rooms, only for Kellie to whistle to him.

He stopped and saw Kellie hand something to him. It was a black necktie.

He took it and tied a knot in the center before going behind the couch.

“Break her?! Like she has the fucking right to feel broken! She’s running with criminals, murderers! At least I can say I never murdered anyone, what does that say for you guys?! Huh!?”

Emory’s yells were cut off as the silk black tie slipped into his mouth, cutting off any words he might have had to say.

Louis made sure the gag allowed Emory to breathe through his mouth but kept his tongue held down by the knot.

“It means you’re being a bloody fucking dick tip. You don’t know facts, mate, and since you can’t say anything nice, you just lost the right to say anything at all. Using your voice around here is a privilege and one you did well enough of misusing tonight. So you’re going to sit here and reflect on that.” Louis said calmly, tying and knotting the material to the back of Emory’s head, tightening it securely and checking to make sure the man could breathe.

Satisfied of his handy work he left to go outside to check on Isabella, worry clearly evident in his blue eyes. Harry followed Zayn into the kitchen, leaving Kellie with their prisoner.

“Now what? Oh God, now what?” Harry asked, running his hands through his hair worriedly.

“We eat, shower and we sleep. There’s little to be done on damage control at this point. We’ll have to let Isabella call her parents, see if what Emory said was true but I have a bad feeling he’s not lying. His eyes were very readable and they spoke volumes.” Zayn sighed, beginning to pour the pasta onto plates in even portions.

Harry looked at the food, suddenly losing his appetite.

“I don’t want Emory speaking to Isabella again.” Harry said, his voice stern.

“Bullshit breeds bullshit, mate. We can’t exactly stop them and Isabella is not our hostage anymore. She is our equal and can talk to whomever she pleases. Stop trying to control her, Hazza, you will find she will respect you more for the  mistakes that she is allowed to make on her own. You can only protect her so much, let her make her own errors and I guarantee you will hear her thank you someday.” Zayn replied, handing him two plates. “Bring those out to Niall and Isabella. I doubt she’ll eat but it’s worth a try. Tell Killian and Louis to come get theirs.”

Harry nodded and went to take the plates to their respective owners.

Submitted: March 12, 2015

© Copyright 2020 VanitySorrowHeart. All rights reserved.


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