The Hostage and the Runaways

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Chapter 6: Feelings

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Submitted: March 12, 2015



Isabella was laying against Killian’s bare chest, her ear near his heart. Niall still had his hand over her mouth but she had quit trying to yell and simply laid against the men tiredly, their arms holding her down securely.

Louis stroked Isabella’s hair gently, kneeling behind her.

“Oh Ella, love. I’m sorry. I am so sorry.” Louis cooed softly.

Isabella mumbled through Niall’s hand and he removed it, allowing her to talk.  She calmed and went quiet about a minute ago but her tears were silent and she never felt or looked so broken.

“Sorry dove, I just needed to make sure you weren’t going to scream again. What did you say?” Niall apologized, kissing her cheek.

Killian helped Isabella sit up from his chest, the warmth of his flesh growing cool again after her body heat left him.

“I said he’s a liar, Emory’s lying. He has to be.” Isabella insisted, getting upset again.

The group went silent. Killian rubbed her shoulder when she sat up, his anger diminishing a little. He never knew anyone with such bad luck. Isabella was getting hit every time she tried to stand up off the ground. Now she’d have to crawl if she wanted to survive and that was a crappy way for anyone to live.

He noticed how sharp her shoulder was to the touch. That’s all he could see though. Sharp, skeletal bones protruding from her skin. If anyone saw Isabella, they’d call the police on them for neglect and abuse.

Harry came out the door at that point with two plates of food.

“Niall? Zayn says to come get yours. This one’s for Killian and Elly.” Harry smiled, seeing Niall gently unwrap himself from Isabella and make a beeline through the door and before anyone could blink he was in the kitchen.

Harry chuckled and addressed Louis.

“You better have a go to yours too mate, before Niall eats it.”

“I will, after Isabella eats.” Louis promised, taking up the spot beside her Niall occupied.

Isabella began to shake her head and Harry knew all too well what that meant.

“Luv, we don’t want to have to tie you down and put an IV in you but we will if that’s what it takes. You starving yourself is doing you nor anyone else any favors.” Harry chastised her calmly, handing Killian his plate.

Killian took the fork, stabbing a few pieces of the pasta and swishing it around in the tomato sauce before biting in, his eyes closing in pleasure.

Isabella ignored Harry and watched Killian enjoy his food. Her stomach was so uptight, she didn’t want to believe Emory but he had never lied to her before either.  That’s one thing she loathed about Emory Taylor. He was truthful to a T – even when she would have given anything for him not to be. Although he dated Kathy a week after ending things with her, he never hid his true feelings. That’s why it hurt to think he was telling the truth.

Killian noticed her far off stare looking at him and set the plate on his lap, dipped his fork into the pasta, mixing it over with tomato sauce and putting his hand under it. He brought it over to Isabella’s mouth.

Isabella snapped out of her thoughts at the touch of the fork against her lips, her cheeks flushed red.

“One Bite, please? For me?” Killian silently begged with his brown orbs.

Isabella opened her mouth a little accepting the pasta from his fork and chewed it slowly, her stomach doing uncomfortable flips. She didn’t have the strength to fight them and she didn’t have the will to care.

Harry smiled at Killian. The guy may not have been able to say anything verbally but he gave the man credit. He could do wonders for Isabella.

“Ella, do you remember your parent’s number?” Harry asked cautiously, keeping his voice gentle.

“I’d never forget it. They got a cellphone and used that between them. We didn’t have a landline, not since the early nineties.” Isabella replied, after she swallowed the noodles. The taste of the tomato sauce making her mouth water.

“If you eat, we have a phone you can use to call them; just to make sure Emory isn’t saying that to cause you more anguish but we really need you to eat tonight.” Harry gave her the ultimatum, handing the plate off to Louis who took the fork and put it into the pasta.

Isabella felt her stomach protest, it was not agreeing with the acid from the sauce – even though the food tasted amazing. Especially with the oregano and rosemary spices mixed in.

Killian watched Louis put the fork to the girl’s lips.

She accepted the food and took the fork from Louis’s hold and continued to eat at her own pace, which wasn’t very fast.

Killian smiled a little, winking at Harry before standing up and heading inside to see if there were seconds left over.

Harry sat down beside Isabella and watched her. He could tell she was forcing herself with every fiber of her being. He knew she was fighting to keep control of herself, he could tell from the way her eyes kept watering.

“I was going to go back you know? To see my mom and dad. I had planned on going back when I quit running but after the first year, I realized there wasn’t any going back. That I needed to keep my distance and I know my father would NEVER hurt my mother. I know she wouldn’t have hurt my dad. If – if they’re –“She put her hand to her mouth and stopped her voice from speaking the words. She couldn’t say them.

Harry gently took the fork and dipped it into the pasta.

“Put your worries to bed tonight, Elly, luv. Wake them in the morning when you’ve rested.” Harry said softly, the fork going back to her lips.

Isabella accepted the fork but choked on a sob, which ended up making her choke on the pasta.

Harry rubbed her back comfortingly, sighing softly with a small shake of his head.

“That’s why you don’t cry and eat at the same time, you can’t do both.” Louis teased softly with a small laugh.

Isabella tried to force a smile of her own but she just couldn’t. It hurt too much and her strength was too far gone. Instead she cleared her throat to get the pasta from down the wrong pipe.

“That’s it, Elly.” Harry coaxed, seeing there was only about four or five forkfuls left. The serving size was only maybe ten bites. Isabella had eaten half and turned away when he tried to feed her another mouthful.

“I’m going to be sick, please, I don’t want anymore.” Isabella begged but opened her mouth again when the fork protruded against her lips and forced them to part.

“Nope, we had an agreement, I’m seeing that you keep to it.” Harry said, watching her hesitate but with the warning looks between both her former captors, she obediently did as she was told.

Killian came out, two hands carrying a plate while another plate was balanced on his head.

Louis chuckled, accepting one of the plates he was offered while Harry accepted the other.

“Eat, you two look like you need it.” Isabella said for him, watching his hands glide delicately through the air as he signed to them before taking the plate from his head and sitting down next to Harry on the step.

Isabella took hers back and forced the last of the food down her throat, trying not to throw up as she swallowed.

“That a girl.” Louis said, before digging into his own, closing his eyes and making a relieved moan through full lips.

It was quiet for a moment except for the scrapping of plates of three boys who didn’t know how to eat quietly but Isabella supposed if she had been hungry herself after living on crumbs for weeks, she’d have no shame of it either but hunger had become a way of life for her years ago. Now she couldn’t distinguish between needing or wanting something. She never felt like she needed anything but water and that too was few and far.

“What’s going on with the hostage? Are we putting him somewhere tonight?” Harry asked, savoring the taste of his own food.

“There’s an unfinished room across from his, looks like a nursery. We’ll put him in there tonight. I’ll keep watch.” Isabella said, watching Killian sign it to them before wiping the spare sauce from his mouth, a content look on his face.

“Where is everyone sleeping? I’m fine with the couch. I’m tired, I don’t care where I’m put.” Isabella murmured.

“You’ll get the main bedroom. Someone will stay with you in case you have to use the lavatory or if there’s an emergency.” Harry insisted, finishing his plate and letting out a satisfied belch.

“Alright.” Isabella said, her strength zapped and her stomach aching. She truly just wanted to sleep, tomorrow she would call her parents but right then the stress in waiting was mentally and physically exhausting her.

Killian handed his plate off to Harry, Louis doing the same.

“Alright, I’m the waiter tonight. Will there be any desert this evening or will that be all?” Harry asked, pretending to hold an order pad and pen.

“Nope, just the plates. Thank you waiter, you may go.” Louis chuckled and stood up, picking Isabella from the ground with him.

Isabella wrapped her arms around his neck securely as they walked into the house but her carrier stopped suddenly, turning and she found herself suddenly put into another pair of arms.

She looked to find Killian holding her securely and making his way toward the couches, setting her in the one she originally had occupied before, looking across at Emory. He seemed to be sound asleep, his mouth open a little thanks to the gag. The knot in the center kept his tongue trapped and Isabella couldn’t help but feel guilty – until she replayed his words. Then her guilt went out the window and replaced itself with anger.

“Zayn had to fully sedate him. Emory was going into another attack and he’s not going to last if he doesn’t calm down. I just hope things will be better for him tomorrow –for all of us.” Niall said, sitting down on the other side of Isabella and taking his finger, wiping away some of the sauce on the corner of her mouth. “You want desert? We found cake in the freezer, a little microwave and its sugar high central.”

Isabella held her mouth and shook her head.

“All I want is sleep.” She replied tiredly.

Niall smiled.

“Alright.” He looked at Killian who was signing to him.

“Mate, I’m not Ella. I don’t have that talent to learn a language by simply glancing at something and knowing it. You’re talking to a see it five or six times then try to repeat it guy.” Niall apologized.

Isabella watched him resign it to her.

“He says you’ll watch over me tonight, make sure if there’s an emergency I’ll have someone with me.” She repeated.

Niall nodded.

“What will you be doing?”

“Watching the hostage,” Isabella repeated what he signed before sighing. “Will you please call him by his name? He’s human.”

Killian smiled and stood up, bowing a little before responding.

“I get that you’re angry with me, I’m sorry. I truly am.” Isabella apologized, feeling broken. She didn’t want to argue anymore tonight.

Killian shrugged and went to pick her up but she flinched away from his touch.

“No, you know what? If you’re going to be an ass, heartbeat, don’t even bother. Niall can take me, he’s in charge of me tonight anyway; right?”

Killian nodded curtly and bowed again before heading toward the kitchen. Isabella watched him go, his white towel outlining the shape of his figure perfectly.

“We need to loot the place for some new clothes. As much as I’m comfortable around seeing other men naked and wearing towels – I really don’t want to know what I know and if everyone wore towels around here people might think it’s a fashion statement. Although it certainly appears Killian is trying to set the trend.”

Just as he got done saying his peace on the subject, Zayn walked out, his hair wet, his chest bare and a white towel wrapped around his waist.

Isabella couldn’t help but stare.

“Oh for the love of God!” Niall threw his hands up, following Isabella’s glance before standing up.

Isabella simply wrapped her arms around Niall’s neck, although she hadn’t stopped staring at Zayn. He was beautiful.

“I’m putting Ella to bed, we’re taking the main bedroom for the night.” Niall replied, making his way down the hall, Isabella’s eyes never leaving Zayn until Niall turned a corner.

Niall walked over and put Isabella onto a king sized bed, the down comforter molding around her body as it sank into the feathery sea.

“Oh my God, Niall, oh my God, this is incredible.” Isabella sighed, her aching bones relaxing under the feathery heaven.

Niall chuckled and covered her up with another down blanket before reaching over and kissing her forehead.

“I’m going to go and take a shower but I’ll be back.” Niall promised, seeing Isabella’s eyes already closing.

Niall walked back down the hall, seeing Killian come out of the unfinished room. They met in the intersection and Killian gave him the gesture to go.

Niall nodded a thanks before continuing to the bathroom.

Killian continued to the kitchen where Zayn kept his doctor bag. He had already disposed of Emory into the closet of the unfinished nursery and used a spare piece of Velcro to stop the other man from kicking the door open when he woke up.

He walking into the living room, the other men were waiting for their showers, waiting patiently and watching TV. The only person missing was Harry.

As Killian reached the kitchen he found him washing a ton of pots, pans and plates. Although, he didn’t much seem to mind. Harry seemed a million miles away.

Not wanting to scare him he tapped him on the shoulder.

Harry turned around and smiled.

“Hey mate.” Harry greeted, which was returned with a small smile of his own before tapping the doctor’s bag once.

Harry shrugged.

“Go for it. What are you looking for?” Harry asked as an afterthought.

“Sedation, Ella, nightmares.” He mouthed.

Harry rooted through the bag before running across a red labeled syringe, handing it to Killian.

He nodded a thanks before walking back down the long hallway, knocking on Isabella’s door before entering. He went in and shut it again.

Isabella opened her eyes tiredly, wondering what Killian wanted.

He approached her and sat on the edge of the bed, showing her the syringe. A look of defeat on his handsome features.

Isabella glanced at him for a moment. His toned chest flexing in the reflection of the window.

“Why would you care?” Isabella asked, her voice tired.

Killian shrugged but his eyes held an intense emotion that seemed to burn in him. He wanted something, he craved it.

“If you can’t tell me then go. I told you to stay away, you can find someone better, someone who won’t get you killed.” Isabella spat, turning to face away but his soft touch to her cheek stopped her.

“I don’t want anyone else. I want my little fawn.” He signed, before his lips met hers in a gentle kiss, gradually getting deeper.

Isabella tensed under his touch but it soon relaxed and she found herself reaching up to the back of his head, deepening the kiss.

His broke away suddenly and went to the door, locking it before making his way back, throwing the  syringe onto the nightstand, gently crawling onto of the broken beauty. His own denial finally crumbling. He knew he loved her and he couldn’t stay away – he couldn’t deny what they had. It was such a short period of time that they had known each other but it seemed like fate. It felt like destiny.

Isabella felt the familiar ache of her heart. It was torn. It seemed like forever since her defenses lowered and his touch was gentle, his touch awakened her sexual desire – something she hadn’t had since Ethan.


She broke away from Killian’s kiss and looked up into his eyes, her scarred body laying beneath his own, his weight supported by his legs that straddled her on either side.

“Why do you love me when I can’t even love myself? Why do you care knowing that I could push you away and reject you, why take the risk? Why am I –Ethan loved me too but he betrayed me. What if we betray each other?” Isabella breathed, her chest heaving with exertion.

Killian put a finger to her lips, meeting them again in a fiery kiss before breaking away.

“Because love has no limits, it has no boundaries and it takes risks knowing that there’s always a chance of something happening. I might not know you as a whole but I know that you are special –I know what’s in my heart and my heart belongs to you. It will always belong to you, if you’ll have it.” Killian signed before feeling her gentle hand on his cheek, guiding it slowly down his scarred chest.

Her hands shook as they finally made their way to untie Killian’s towel around his waist, her eyes crying silent tears, the world she knew about to shatter around her.

Just like that though, the moment ended.

“Is everything alright in there?!” Niall called frantically when he tried the door, knocking.

Killian pushed off of her quickly, his hands stopping hers from unknotting his towel. He rushed to the door and unlocked it.

“What happened? I went to take a shower I come back and the door is locked!” Niall exclaimed, seeing Isabella panting, holding her chest.

“Nightmare,” Killian shrugged, pointing to the syringe. “Give her that, it will help her sleep.” He smiled softly and patted Niall’s shoulder before leaving.

His smile never left as he made his way back into the unfinished nursery, propping himself in a rocking chair, leaning back against the hard chair, his mind in complete bliss. Although he jumped, not seeing the figure in the corner – silently watching him. Not until it was too late and that’s when everything his world knew went still.

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