Chapter 7: Chapter 7: Ties Deeper Than Blood

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Isabella’s eyes fluttered opened gently. Her mind tranquil and calm. She didn’t have any nightmares thanks to the sedation medication Niall injected her with. She was happy just to feel absolute peace for a few moments. Until of course her world came crashing down, realizing what she had to do today, wondering if Emory was just saying that about her parents to get the last word. If it wasn’t true, chances are her parents would give her an earful but if it was – if it was? That was the question.

“Morning, Dove.” Niall murmured softly, sitting up and stretching. His voice was thick with sleep but even as husky, he still held the appeal.

“Good morning, stud.” Isabella returned equally as gentle, tiredness still plaguing her own vocals.

“No nightmares.” Niall smiled and reached over to kiss her temple before throwing the bedcovers off, realizing his towel had come untied during the night.

Isabella quickly turned away, letting a small awkward laugh escape her lips.

“No but after that close call, my brain now makes no promises.”

“Bloody hell, sorry dove.” Niall apologized, quickly adjusting the material and making sure to knot it securely to his waist. “I’m going to the bathroom real quick, give you a chance to wake up some.” He got up and made his way to the door and down the hall.

Isabella stretched out and laid back down, closing her eyes.

“What does the morning hold?” She wondered aloud with a sigh.

“Pancakes and laughter?” The voice replied lightly in banter.

Isabella turned to the door, seeing Harry standing at the threshold of it, two pills in his hand – naked from the chest up and wearing a towel. She took to staring. If the rest of the men were like this, there was definitely going to be a shortage of towels around there.

“I brought you your pain medicine, luv.” Harry said, holding them out; painfully aware of Isabella’s wandering eyes.

He walked over to the bed and sat at the edge of it.

Isabella took the pills from his hand and swung her head back to dry swallow them.

“Sorry about that, I forgot the water.” Harry apologized.

“Its fine, I’m wasn’t really thirsty. I’m curious though– is everyone else out there wearing towels? I feel like I’m in the men’s locker room.” Isabella said, beginning to feel a little awkward.

 “Yeah, everyone but Emory, he has his night ware on; although Kellie was walking around nude this morning.” Harry announced, like it was the most natural thing in the world.

Isabella felt her lips pull to the sides before they fell back into an unreadable expression. It was way too early for that image.

“Did you guys get any sleep? You still look haggard.” Isabella asked concerned, the dark circles under Harry’s eyes suggested he had gotten a few hours but not much else.

“There was a situation earlier with Killian, he’s ok now but Kellie found him unconscious this morning in the one room. He’s out guarding Emory now and seems fine.” Harry said, standing up. “You want to come out to the living room? Emory’s gagged and semi sedated, so he shouldn’t bother you.” He promised.

“I’ll be out in a moment, waiting for Niall. I haven’t been to the bathroom yet,” Isabella smiled softly and reached over to Harry, hugging him. “Thank you, for putting up with my bullshit and for caring enough to let me call my parents.”

“You’re welcome, luv. Now, I’m going to go and make breakfast, any requests? Eggs, sausage, bacon, pancakes and then there’s the waffle maker I’ll end up setting the cabin on fire if I attempt to use but name your poison.”

Isabella’s face fell and she sighed.

“Do I really have a choice?” She asked, her stomach tight and the food from last night seemed to feel like it was still in her stomach.

“Not Eating isn’t an option, luv. So I suppose not.” Harry replied, kissing her forehead and standing up, making his way toward the door. “I’ll surprise you.”

Isabella sighed, watching him walk out.

“I’m going to gain a million pounds if they keep forcing me to fucking eat.” She murmured, her peaceful mood replaced by anxiety.

“Someone’s got to, dove, or you’re going to waste away.” Niall reasoned, coming back into the bedroom and walking back over to the bed. “Let’s get you to the bathroom and then we’ll meet the others in the living room. Just to warn you, it’s a bath version of a toga party. The towel trend is officially the theme around here. Now we can only pray not to have to run, we want attention away from us and seven men in towels isn’t exactly inconspicuous.”

Isabella laughed. She was so mentally stressed that for some reason, it seemed like the funniest thing in the world.

“Better than the coat I was wrapped in.” Isabella said, wrapping his arms around Niall’s neck and reaching over and placing a kiss on the tip of his nose. “Thank you for putting up with me.”

Niall smiled wide and walked her toward the bathroom.


Emory kept glancing at Killian. After he all but sedated and manhandled him to the couch earlier that morning, he was leery of the brown eyed murderer.

“Hmmm.” Emory murmured, trying to get whosever attention he could. He had to go to the bathroom, if he they didn’t want him pissing himself, they’d at least show him a small mercy.

Killian rolled his eyes and signed something to him. With having to know sign language for his job as he worked with all kinds, he was able to make out what the Irishman was saying.

“Piss off you stupid fucking dead brained, spineless spleen fished yank.”

That was certainly quite the insult. Slightly taken aback, he turned slightly.

Emory tried Louis who was sitting beside him with Liam on the other side. They were both engrossed with the news that was on. They had been following their story since it developed.

He murmured slightly before bringing his tapped hands to the slightly younger guy’s shoulder and tapping him.

Louis glanced at him for a moment before glaring.

“Piss off, yank. I’m busy watching something or are you fucking blind?” He snapped, continuing to watch the station and eye witness reports.

Liam rolled his eyes and reached over, gently untying the knots from the material and loosening it enough to pull it down around Emory’s neck.

“I have to use the bathroom, please? I’ve been holding it and if you don’t let me go, I’m going to end up pissing the couch.” Emory begged, trying to shift to alleviate his discomfort.

“Yeah? That’s our problem, how?” Louis asked, his eyes not leaving the TV.

“I’m sorry for what I said to Isabella, alright? I’m sorry I dropped the bomb about her parents but I’m not lying! I don’t lie. Please, please let me go.” Emory begged as Louis turned and forcefully shoved the cloth back into the man’s mouth, pushing his head forward and tightening the material as tight as he could.

Emory gagged, not having expected the retaliation.

“I don’t care if you’re lying or telling the truth. Isabella’s been through a lot and you fucking wanted to hurt her. Now it’s my turn to hurt you. As far as I’m concerned, you can sit there and piss yourself. You don’t deserve anything. Not until you actually try to make it right with Isabella. So sit there and shut the fuck up before I break your jaw.” Louis growled.

Emory whimpered a little, fear now in his eyes as he slunk back.

Liam sighed and got up to go to the kitchen, beckoning Harry forward and whispering in his ear.

Harry nodded and removed the apron around him and handed it to Liam.

“You’re a better cook than me, mate. Care for a go, yeah? I’ll take care of Emory. Speaking of, where’s Zayn? He’s usually less awkward with helping people in these types of situations.”

“Mate went to scout the area with Kellie. They should be back anytime.” Liam replied, taking the baby blue apron and tying it around him. The towel he wore coming to stop at his knee, the apron stopping at his lap but gave his chest protection in case anything were to splash up on him. He looked quite silly and Harry hadn’t looked much better but he’d be damned if he was wearing the pink one that had been hanging by the blue.

Harry went out to the living room in time to see Niall setting Isabella down next to Killian before sitting with her on the opposite side.

Killian wrapped his arm around her protectively.

Harry noticed Isabella’s eyes going from one boy to another. He chuckled at the expression passing over her face, she was certainly in her own.

“Way too early.” She finally murmured tiredly, leaning her head on Killian’s chest, her ear planted at his heart. Her breath calming in sync with the rhythmic beat.

Niall watched them, a little piece of him hating the man but Killian was the only one who could calm Isabella and he was the only one she truly depended on. He knew she would accept his or any other of his mates help but it was Killian who could persuade her to do almost anything.

“Niall? Will you help me with Emory here? Make sure he stays controlled and doesn’t try anything?” Harry asked, leaning down and ripping the tape from the Velcro on his ankles before removing the long black strip itself, keeping a firm grasp on it before taking Emory’s arm and pulling him from the couch.

Emory stumbled when he tried taking a step, his feet having lost feeling in them hours ago. He fell forward onto his knees, crying out.

Isabella gasped quietly, her hand going to her mouth.

“That’s where someone like him belongs anyhow. Leave him, it’s more than where he deserves to be. Narcissism has no place around here – especially when there’s little to boast about.” Louis growled, leaning forward. If looks could kill, Emory would be dead.

“Neither does cruelty, Louis. Please; please be kind to him. Emory’s human. No matter how many times I escaped, no matter what I did to you guys, you were always kind to me. Show him the same respect; that goes for everyone.” Isabella ordered pleadingly, her heart jerking a little in its chest as she remembered a memory from high school, which is what prompted her to say anything at all. He was still her good natured Spastic friend – no matter their past.

“Fine.” Louis muttered before turning up the TV and tuning out again.

Niall got up off the couch and was by Emory’s side, Harry helping him from the other.

“You’re alright, mate. Come on, we’ll walk it off. Harry said, keeping his voice lighthearted.

With both Niall and Harry’s help Emory was back on his feet, being held up by the two other men.

“One foot in front of the other, gent. That’s it.” Niall encouraged, although he really would have preferred to stay next to Isabella.

Isabella watched the men lead their captive from the room slowly, stumbling and trying to keep himself upright on his feet, their voices continuing to encourage him.

Killian sighed and signed something to Isabella.

“I don’t trust him. There’s something about him that seems off. Your parents – something’s not adding up about that. Be careful with him.” Killian said, trusting his instincts.

“I will.” She promised, leaning back against him again.


Harry and Niall finally made it into the bathroom with Emory, leaning him against the wall as Niall continued to hold him up.

“I’ll be right back. I’m going to go and get a knife to cut the tape from his hands and my gun to make sure there’s no other problems. Take his gag off and give him a drink from the tap.” Harry requested of his friend before going to get the items.

“Lean against the wall.” He helped Emory to the wall and made sure he was steady before loosening the gag and pulling it down.

Niall then looked around and saw the plastic cup by the sink before filling it with the tap water. He walked back and put it to the man’s mouth.

Emory drank it readily, his Adam’s apple bopping quickly as he struggled to take in as much of the water as he could.

His body fell back against the wall and slid down, his strength zapped from the drug coursing in his system. If he hadn’t been sedated, chances are Emory would be having attacks but for a completely different reason.

“You alright there?” Niall asked, leaning down to Emory’s eye level and checking him over.

“What’s remotely okay about this situation?” Emory asked, his voice hitched in his throat.

Niall smiled, remembering Louis saying something similar a few weeks back.

“We’re really not that bad. What they’re saying on the news isn’t even remotely true. It’s a ruse – at least that’s what Ella says.”

“A ruse is a trick, if there wasn’t some truth to it then why would they feel the need to report on it at all?” Emory asked, bringing his knees up.

“Because the media are blood sucking piss pigs,” Niall responded bitterly before grabbing his arm. “Come on let’s get you up.”

Emory didn’t fight and let himself being pulled up.

It was at that time Harry came back through the door with his gun and a pocket knife. He handed the knife to Niall before situating the gun so his finger was on the trigger.

Niall carefully made slits in the tape before pulling it away from the man’s hands.

Emory moaned as his irritated skin burned red, the residue stuck on there long hours made them tender.

Niall finished by unwinding the Velcro and stepping away a safe distance.

Emory rubbed his wrists, a few dark bruises already formed.

He walked unsteadily toward the toilet and fixed himself.

For a moment there was awkward silence in the room, the only thing sounding was Emory relieving himself. He wished desperately someone would say something.

Niall cleared his throat awkwardly, both men standing away from their captive but enough to make sure to give him some privacy.

“I know this doesn’t make up for anything, nor will it get me any points – especially not around here but check the medicine cupboard. I overheard you talking about Ana – Isabella. God, what an awful name.” Emory shook his head in disgust. Of all the names she could have picked, Isabella was so commonly plain in his opinion.

“Hey!” Niall took offense but Harry calmed the blonde before Emory could be punched for his remark.

“My apologies, I meant no offense to you, just stating a simple opinion. As I was saying, open the cupboard, there is something that may help with your plight. My wife had a hard time eating when she was diagnosed with the brain cancer and being pregnant didn’t help. As you can imagine it would have been hell. So I went to this private doctor. Amazing one at that out of state. He prescribed these pills that helped her with her appetite. Perhaps you will find use of them for Ana.” Emory amended, flushing the toilet and readjusting himself before turning around.

He felt so tired, the simplest tasks were a challenge and Emory wished that he would quit going into attacks. He would need another inhaler from the doctor soon and he couldn’t seem to get a hold of him, which was odd.

“Hands behind you.” Harry commanded, although it wasn’t forceful but he did say it in a way that left Emory with little choice but to obey.

He turned toward the long haired curly brunette.

“I can’t keep my hands behind me for long periods, it will restrict my breathing and if you insist on keeping me gagged, I will either continue to have to be sedated or you’re going to have to trust –“Emory didn’t get a chance to finish. He found himself turned around and forced to the wall, his hands being pulled behind him, the Velcro returned into the buckle and strapped against him tightly.

He felt it wrap around four times before it was secured over and he was turned around again.

“Let’s get one thing straight, mate. You’re our hostage, you don’t get to name terms or agreements. You are simply here because we needed a place, you happen to recognize us and we took advantage of that.” Harry warned, his body against Emory’s as his finger poked him in the chest.

“So I’ve seen. My apologies, you’re right, you are in charge but I have proven myself enough to be trusted in some truths even if you don’t wish to believe them.” Emory shrugged.

“You’ve proven nothing, at least nothing good. I’m being kind only at Ella’s request, do not mistake that for weakness. Now, I think a bit of quiet time is in order, yeah?” Harry reaching up to re-gag him but Emory shook his head back.

“Perhaps there are other ways I can help. My work is pretty specific. I noticed this morning when the blonde here, carried Ana out that she had extremely bruised toes, from being broken if I am to take a guess? It looked pretty intentional but I would need to inspect to be sure. See, my work is specific to feet. I’m an orthopedic surgeon and orthotics maker. I could make a support to make sure her toes reset and rest straight because if they are not set right, they will need to be broken again. With her feet slanting the way they are, she will guarantee have problems. That’s my professional opinion.”

Harry stopped and listened, his vibrant green eyes tense with annoyance.

“How long and what do you want in return?” Harry asked, wondering if the man was telling the truth.

“I want my freedom once you all leave this cabin and in return I will pretend that I saw nothing. Call it a favor on my part because I still think you all deserve to fry for what you did to those men. As for how long; it would take about three hours in the kelm but I make the best supports than anyone else around. That is not pride that is fact.” Emory lifted his head up defiantly, seeing Harry’s eyes go from vibrant to dark.

“You don’t know the full story as to what went on, mate, so until you do, shut up,” Harry reached up and forced the gag into his mouth, tightening it in the back again. “Let’s go dick tip.” Harry said, grabbing his arm and bringing Emory back out into the living room, throwing him between Louis and Kellie. “Keep him company, gents, make sure he doesn’t go anywhere.”

With that Harry left the room to help Liam with breakfast.

Niall had taken to searching the cupboards, running across a white prescription bottle. There was half a bottle left it felt like.

“Take one daily to help with appetite.” Niall read on the bottle, his eyes scanning across the words before stopping by the prescriber. By where it was prescribed by, Ethan Bright’s name jumped out and he dropped the pills in shock. He picked them up again quickly and made sure he hadn’t been seeing things but clear as day, his name still stood.

Niall marched out quickly, his hand balled into a fist.

As he reached the living room his steps became precise and before anyone could stop the blonde, his fist clipped Emory clear across the face, his neck snapping so harshly to the side that when it came forward again, the green eyed hostage had been knocked completely unconscious.

Louis smirked.

“Good left hook, mate.” He had wanted to do that for hours.

Isabella gasped, letting out an exclamation of surprise.

“Niall, what – what…” She trailed off, speechless.

“We got to go, he’s involved somehow. We have to go!” Niall panicked, throwing the bottle at Louis who looked it over.

Killian snapped his fingers and Louis threw the bottle to him.

Killian remained expressionless before throwing the pills across the room and standing, gently picking Isabella up with him. Her hands going around his neck, her head dropping to his bare chest. They went outside without another word, leaving the whole room in shock.

“We need to leave.” Niall insisted after a moment of awkward silence, going into the kitchen.

“Great and I was just starting to enjoy myself.” Kellie replied sarcastically, looking at a shocked Zayn who stood up and went toward the discarded bottle, reading over it.

“Yeah, parties over, We leave after breakfast.” Zayn agreed, leaving the room to put the pills in his doctor’s bag.

“Wonderful, brilliantly wonderful.” Louis muttered, slamming the remote on the table and standing up.

“You said it, redcoat. You said it.” Kellie agreed with sentiment.

Submitted: March 14, 2015

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