Chapter 8: Chapter 8: Moment of Truth

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Isabella felt herself being put down on the steps, Killian sitting down beside her a second later, forcing a tired smile onto his lips and preening a loose piece of hair behind her ear.

“You’re beautiful the way you are.” He signed to her, moving his lips as he signed it.

Isabella smiled.

“You’re beautiful too.” She told him, hearing him snort. She squinted and found the dark burns on his throat seemed to get lighter, only by a few notches but she could have sworn her eyes were playing tricks on her.

“Your burns from the collar, they look like they’re fading. I also wanted to ask about earlier, Harry said Kellie found you unconscious, do you remember what happened?” Isabella asked, reaching her own hand up and playing with the ends of his hair.

Killian grasped her hand and kissed her knuckles. An emotion that passed between them and she saw the worry crease on his forehead.

“Ethan…” Isabella trailed off, her voice a whisper.

Killian nodded, moving his arm and pointing to two small, barely visible pinpricks.

“He injected me with something and then something else when I was knocked out. Zayn gave me a check over but he couldn’t find anything wrong. My scars from the whip are getting lighter too.” Killian signed.

“If he knows where we are, we need to move before Glen sends his men.” Isabella replied, her voice tense with nervousness.

Killian signed quickly, shaking his head.

“He’s alone. If he wasn’t I don’t think we’d still be here. We’d be back at headquarters already and the news reports wouldn’t be looking for us. No, Ethan is alone and seems to be aiding us – I think,” Killian scratched his head awkwardly, he was guessing on the last part. “If he wanted to take me, he could have because he subdued me with that spray. No, Ethan’s working alone but I’m worried what his game plan might be.”

Isabella sighed but that’s all she managed to do before Harry brought out a large plate stacked high with food and two forks.

“We’re short on plates, we’re each doubling up. You two can share.” Harry said, handing them the plate and disappeared inside to serve everyone else.

Isabella made a face but picked her fork up and poached it into the scrambled eggs, blowing off the steam and sticking it in her mouth.

Killian adjusted the plate to his toweled lap and began to cut the syrup covered pancakes, offering a bite to Isabella.

She took the bite, her mouth exploding with flavor before grabbing a piece of bacon and biting into it. Isabella needed the strength and she was tired of being threatened with a feeding IV. It was a challenge but she tried not to think what she was doing. She’d rather eat without thinking about what she was doing.

Killian smiled.

“Good girl.” He signed but then the tiniest of sound escaped from his throat. It wasn’t intelligible by any stretch but it was sound.

Isabella froze, her fork dropping onto the plate. Killian seemed surprised too and tried to make the same noise.

“Oh God, what did he do to you? Do the others know – did you tell them it was…” She trailed off when he put a finger to her lips, shaking his head.

He licked his lips and tried to saying something but it came out in an uncooperative moan but something was happening. He felt it when he cleared his throat.

He took to signing.

“He injected something into me, I don’t know – I –“He stopped signing and shook his head, he was worried but if it had been lethal he would have known it by then, at least he hoped so.

“I’m going to see if Emory has a laptop. I’m gonna to try contacting Ethan and put an end to whatever his sick game is.” Isabella insisted, going to stand up but cried out when she put her foot down and tried to stand up. Halfway forgetting herself she swore and pounded her fist down angrily on the wooden steps.

In her excitement and fear Isabella forgot about her limitations. She only had hope in her eyes and that’s all that she was thinking of. Unfortunately, reality reminded her quickly and she let her frustrations shine through again.

Killian threw the plate beside him in panic and cradled Isabella in his arms comfortingly.

“Bloody fucking damn it! I’m tired of this! I’m tired of this fucking game! I’m tired of being useless! I’m TIRED of fucking running!” Isabella screamed, her voice echoing in the trees and carrying back.

She cried in anger, feeling Killian rock her back and forth with him soothingly as the other men ran out, some still with forks in their mouths.

Isabella broke down and punched the stairs beneath her again a few times in red hot anger, bringing her foot up so it wasn’t touching the ground.

Zayn swallowed the mouthful of food and stepped forward, wiping his mouth with his fingers and sitting on the other side of Isabella, his eyes warm and calming.

“What’s wrong, beautiful?” Zayn asked cautiously.

“Ethan! He’s here, he did this to Killian!” Isabella broke down, going to punch the floor again but Zayn quickly stopped her fist and captured them in his own gently, bringing up her bruised hand and massaging her knuckled.

Killian took a deep breath.

“Zmm.” Killian attempted, his eyes clouded in frustration.

Zayn froze and the other boys stared at the scene in shock.

“Oh my God. What –“Zayn trailed off standing up, beckoning the Irishman. “Come on, let me check you over.”

Isabella covered her mouth, her stomach flipping violently.

Niall had enough sense to take the fork from his mouth and toss it aside, approaching Isabella.

“Come on, lass, time to go inside.” Niall said, picking Isabella up and taking her inside. He put her on the couch and knelt down to gently massage her toes, seeing a deeper blue turning in her flesh. Kellie noticed it too and knelt down next to Niall, feeling tenderly around the area.

Isabella cried out and moved her foot away from them.

“Seems like you just re-fractured the toes on your left foot.” Kellie sighed, his eyes glancing into hers. “What the hell were you thinking?” He demanded.

“I was thinking that Ethan fucking Bright needs to die, I was thinking he needs to be rubbed from existence! He did something to Killian!” She exclaimed, pointing to where Killian had gone with Zayn, the other boys returned to their plates and began to eat again. They had no idea what was happening but they knew they would soon.

Niall stood and went outside and grabbed the plate that had been discarded, walking back and sitting beside her on the couch.

“Here.” Niall handed it to her, seeing the disbelief look that crossed her face before taking it and setting it aside.

“No, not till I get a laptop and find out what the fuck is going on!” Isabella exclaimed.

“You’re not making contact with Ethan. Making contact is asking for trouble, he’ll find us when he’s ready to end whatever he’s up to but right now we got to keep a level head. Especially you. We don’t want to tip off Glen.” Kellie tried to calm but the green eyed beauty was having none of it.

“You’re not in charge of me.” Isabella counteracted with her own argument.

Kellie smirked unnervingly and Isabella found herself fearfully quieted. He leant forward menacingly.

“Popcorn anyone?” Louis muttered sarcastically, all eyes on them, knowing when Isabella got upset that she tended to not use her head and he certainly wasn’t going to her defense, he agreed with Kellie’s point of view.

“I’m not in charge of you? How much of a bet do you want to make on that, sweetie? I’d say between eluding our captors and keeping everyone safe that I’ve earned the right to call myself a leader. I’m a special agent if you remember and right now, Lady Ella, you need to take a step back and take a good look at who you are talking to because I am the only reason you are sitting where you are and not in Glen Saudimere’s basement being skull fucked. I rescued you from that hell-hole so show me some respect and I will return it but if you flat out disrespect me again, you will find yourself in a world more trouble than you are already. Sit down, eat and calm down. We don’t know anything until Zayn tells us. You’re jumping the gun and it’s going to get you and the rest of us killed one of these days.” Kellie warned, remaining calm but his eyes softened a little when he saw the heart stopping fear coursing through Isabella.

Kellie bent and kissed the side of her temple gently.

“For what it’s worth, sapling; I admire your backbone. Just think about this from a logical view. We contact Ethan and he then turns around and somehow it all gets back to Glen. Please understand my reasoning.”

Isabella nodded quietly, slinking back further into the couch.

“Good girl.” Kellie smiled and rubbed her foot gently before standing up and heading back toward where Killian and Zayn went.

Niall grasped her hand.

“The bloke’s scary when he gets pissed.” Harry murmured, biting apart a piece of bacon and savoring the taste.

“He’s a horse’s ass.” Isabella glowered, folding her hands over her chest before having the plate thrust into her lap.

“Dove, I’m sorry but I agree with Kells, he’s kept us safe and he’s continuing to try and do so. Please have patience, we’ll find out what’s going with Killian.” Niall tried to get through logically.

“I want a laptop, I need to for other purposes. We’re almost out of money and I need to hack to get some from the banks. Unless you gents want to attempt to bring some in by become the singing towel quartet? I’m sure there’s a market for that out on the strips. You guys need to find some clothes.” Isabella muttered, grabbing her fork and stabbing it into the now soggy pancake with murderous intent.

Niall watched Isabella carefully.

“I think I saw one in the garage amongst the car and the work table. I’ll go get it. Want me to fetch a bloody bone to? That all I’m bloody good for?” Liam asked, throwing his empty plate on the floor and going to the garage.

As Liam left, Killian came back into the room with a smile. His eyes were sparkling, he took a seat on the other side of Isabella and signed to Isabella with excitement.

“They don’t know what’s going on but Zayn says he could see partially formed vocal cords, he couldn’t see them before! Remember my throat was burned? The burns are lightening and he says he sees half formed vocals! Whatever Ethan’s game is, he injected me with something – something that -.” He made a small sound, just to make sure it wasn’t a dream and stopped mid sign.

Isabella remained stoic.

“Everything has a price for something he conjures up. What’s his? What is his game? I smell something and it isn’t flowers. You tell me to be careful with Emory? You need to wonder what Ethan’s avocation is because he certainly didn’t do it out of the kindness of his heart. He’s playing another cat and mouse scheme and I want to know what he’s up to.” Isabella insisted, seeing Liam come back and dump the laptop on Niall’s lap and went to sit back down, muttering under his breath.

“Thanks Liam.” Isabella said, grabbing for the laptop but Killian went and grabbed it from her, a frown on his face.

“No. We do nothing until we’re sure Emory isn’t in with Glen.” Killian mouthed, setting the laptop away from Isabella and sat on the other side of her, putting his arm around her protectively.

Isabella sighed and submissively let herself be wrapped in his arms, worry still evident in her eyes.

“We need to go, don’t we?” Isabella asked, looking to Kellie for confirmation.

“Yes, in a while. Thanks to your little stunt and outburst, you reinjured your toes on the left foot. These two weeks? Yeah, you will have an additional two weeks to be carried around thanks to attempting to stand on your toes. We’re making sure you can’t do that anymore. According to Harry, Emory might be able to help you. He makes braces.” Kellie explained patiently.

“Emory can shove his head back up his ass and suffocate.” Isabella growled.

“Why are you so bloody feisty today, luv? Jesus.” Harry murmured, wondering what got into Isabella, although the stress of running again wasn’t doing any of them any favors.

“Because Ethan found us somehow, followed us, broke in, sedated Killy and did whatever else to him and we need money, I needed the laptop to hack to get money unless of course as I said before about –“Isabella felt Killian’s hand cover her mouth.

“Do you want to call your parents, hun? I think you’ll feel better when you know for sure.” Zayn soothed Isabella, going into the kitchen and coming back out with a black flip phone, handing it to her.

“Killian, as much as we appreciate the peace and quiet, will you remove your hand, mate?” Harry asked, seeing Killian take the flip phone from her, removing his hand from her beautiful lips and pressing a few buttons, hearing the tone dial out of the speaker.

Isabella dialed her parent’s cellphone number and waited for it to ring.

It took a few seconds but the call went through.

Isabella waited nervously, her knee bouncing but Killian stopped it with his hand and soothed her with his arms, Niall rubbing her shoulder.

The voicemail picked up and she felt her world crash down.

Isabella hung up and redialed, putting it on speaker, tensing again.

This time someone picked up, she didn’t hear a greeting so she spoke first.

“Mom? Dad? Is that you? It’s me, Anastasia.” Isabella cringed at her name and waited to see if the voice would respond.

It did but it was the last person she expected to hear.

“Anny, my, my, fancy hearing from you again.” Glen chuckled darkly, shifting the phone from one ear to the other.

Isabella’s hand clenched the cellphone tight.

“This is my parent’s number, what are you doing with it? Where are my parents? What have you done to them?!” Isabella screamed, making Killian and Niall flinch.

“Ouch, maybe I should have taken your voice instead of Killian’s.” Glen ignored Isabella. He was already bored of the dramatics.

“I want to know where my parents are, let me talk to them!” Isabella stiffened, her stomach flipping and the bile rising in her throat as it threatened to eject the food she had just ate.

“Oh Ana, I’m afraid the only way to talk to mommy and daddy now is to get yourself an Ouija board and a séance table. I killed them, angel eyes. Quite a while back, did I forget to mention that during our little reunion?” Glen asked sarcastically.

Isabella felt the hatred rise up inside her chakra. Every piercing energy expelled from her in red hot fire, darkening her green eyes to a possessed black.

“How?! When!?” Isabella yelled, her voice practically shaking he windows.

Glen laughed, enjoying her reaction.

“You want to know when and how I killed them? Anny, your morbid curiosity fascinates me, sugar plum. I’m afraid the when is a little fuzzy but it wasn’t that long ago. I found documents in an old filing cabinet when you filled out an application to work with me, you filled out your parent’s names, phone number – address. It wasn’t that hard.” Glen snorted.

Isabella’s strength was surpassed and she felt the cheap plastic constrict under her crushing grip.

The other boys all sat, their faces an array of sad and angry.

Zayn went into the kitchen, grabbing a syringe from his doctor’s bag and going back into the living room, sitting next to Harry on the couch who sat next to Emory,, with Louis still on the other side, the others all standing around.

“I just want to know if they suffered, did my torment really mean that much to you, that you would see me suffer in anguish by killing my parents? Was it ever really about the money or was it about the control for you, Glen?” Isabella gritted her teeth, her grip tightening more.

Glen snorted.

“It’s always been about control, Anny. I didn’t think you were this dense. I mean, you’re a smart girl – why would I kill your parents? Oh hell, I’ll tell you; you took something from me in the form of five million dollars and I took that much worth out on something that had the same value to you. I made sure that their death was long and drawn out. It took those two, two weeks before they were begging me to die. Two weeks of forcing my dick into your mother’s engorged cunt, forcing your father to watch – hell, I even invited him to participate. He’s was such a prude though, didn’t even seem to be enjoying himself like the rest of us. Oh Anny, your mother had such a pretty mouth. When it wasn’t begging for her life or to be let go, it was around my dick; sucking me off. When I wasn’t around, my men were treated to her expertise. Her pretty little mouth and pussy were quite busy. Although your father’s asshole was probably never the same.” Glen laughed as a strangulated cry was heard from Isabella as protests followed her.

Killian took the phone and tossed it away, the speaker phone still on, the faces of each boy in that room were repulsed and shocked. Even Kellie had his hand covering his mouth – mostly to keep from screaming at the asshole that was still allowed to be considered human.

“You’re dead! You’re fucking DEAD you piece of shit! Do you hear me?!” Isabella screamed, the tears falling freely down her cheeks and her voice cracking with rage. Killian had his arms wrapped around her tightly and covered her mouth. Trying to rock her but she was struggling, screaming through his hand. Niall took to wrapping his own arms around to try and still the girl.

“Oh Anny, that’s not even the best part. All I needed was for them to beg me to die. Oh the fun I had. See, there’s strangely something satisfying about burying someone alive and listening to them scream. I had them buried alive together in a make shift coffin for two and a camera placed in. I waited a few days to unbury them. There was air being fed from above them but they never did get out of that coffin. Oh, angel eyes, the way your dad comforted your mommy, it was so touching. Just the way when I finally see you again, what I have planned for you, Killian and the rest of the little runaways will just bring a warm fuzzy feeling to my heart. Just like it did with your dad. His words were so full of promise, so full of hope that it almost brought a tear to my eye. Of course it was only the onions I was peeling for dinner.” Glen paused with a laugh before continuing. “I would shine the camera light on them just so I could see their broken, bruised and disfigured faces and jackoff with delight in knowing that they were suffering. Although, I grew bored of mommy’s crying and daddy’s threats. So I unburied them and gouged out your mom’s eyes and cut out your dads tongue before sewing his mouth shut for pure amusement. Right before I forced them back into the double occupancy coffin and had them taken to one of the many crematories I owned at the time and I shined the camera on one last time – I even recorded it too. My men put them in the incinerator and left them to burn to death. I made sure the flame was on extra low so they wouldn’t die right away.”

Isabella screamed in agony, even through Killian’s hand, it was loud and pained.

Harry had a few tears running down his face and Louis’s hands were clenched into fists. Liam had his hand over his mouth in shock, Zayn was going to the back of the couch and uncapping the syringe he had grabbed.

Isabella’s chest heaved in exertion, her body fighting against the two Irishmen who held her body to them.

“MMMHAAAAANNNNN!” Isabella screamed aloud trying to lunge at the phone, kicking her feet everywhere she could, ignoring the excruciating pain but enough to know that she was causing harm. She didn’t care, Glen Saudimere was dead.

“You will pay, Saudimere. Mark my words. When we meet again, you won’t be so confident.” Kellie responded in promise.

“Oh, I look forward to it, Killian’s twin. I am so excited, it’s not every day that twins come through my doors. Oh the things I’m going to make you do to your brother.” Glen said, a smirk clearly playing on his lips.

“The things I’m going to do to you, mate, won’t even compare. You’re a monster, even the devil himself would run away from you. You’re beyond darkness. You’re beyond a black hole. You are nothing!” Kellie yelled as Harry stood up, making his way over to Isabella, watching Zayn sedate the girl. Niall and Killian were having problems keeping her still and they needed her calm before she hurt herself beyond their help.

“E-E-Ella, s-stop.” Killian said, his voice not even a whisper but she heard it, she heard it clear as day and paused, her breath heaving, her sobs coming out so agonized that their arms didn’t hold the comfort they would have normally.

“Mom God, mom, dad. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry!” Isabella sobbed when her voice died down and Killian removed his hand and she gently broke from their embrace, dropping from the couch onto her knees.

For a moment she just stayed there but soon she felt another pair of arms around her. She looked to find Kellie and hugged him back.

“I want you to train me. I want you to teach me to fight, to defend myself –how to kill.” Isabella said, her voice shaking with all the hatred of the world and all the pain that seemed never ending.

Glen laughed through the now ridged air.

“I look forward to our battle, Ana. Oh? If you see Ethan, tell him I said hello and that I’ll see him soon. In fact, I’ll be seeing you all soon. I suggest running because I now have your location and there are some new players in our game. I look forward to seeing you all soon.”

With that the line went dead.

“Come on, we got to go. Killian? Niall? You’re in charge of Ella. The rest of you guys, gather food, supplies – whatever can be found useful.” Kellie commanded, picking Isabella’s fading figure and gently setting her in Killian’s lap. “Hold her tight, keep her safe.”

Niall had tears of his own slipping from his face.

“How can anyone be that cruel?” Niall asked, his voice shaking in fright.

“T-they just are. Come on, let’s get her out to the van, we got to be ready to run.” Killian half whispered, half mouthed. He hoped his vocals would rejuvenate themselves as the hours went on or this was just setting out false hope for everyone.

“Welcome back, mate, it hasn’t been the same without your voice.” Niall said, standing up with Killian who carried Isabella to the door. Before the had a chance to go out however, there was a sudden explosion and it sounded like it came from the back, the very back Harry had hidden the van.

“Bloody fucking pig dick.” Niall swore, running out toward the back; jagged metal, smoke and flames greeting him. The van had been bombed. “Ethan, you fucking –“He trailed off and ran around, his eyes stinging from the fumes. “Killian? We got problems, we don’t have a vehicle –what do we do?”

Killian stood there in shock. For once, he had no clue.

Submitted: March 15, 2015

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