Chapter 9: Chapter 9: Glow

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Emory let out a surprised exclamation, the force of the slap to his cheek snapped him out of his unconsciousness with a rude awakening.

“Where are your keys? We don’t have time to fuck around, Glen found our location.” Harry growled, hoisting him from the couch onto his barely awake feet.

Emory blinked a few seconds to get his brain working.

“W-what?” He asked, his throat hoarse.

“Car Keys. NOW!” Harry yelled, shaking Emory a little in hopes of jogging his brain.

“Hanging up on the hook of the garage door. Jesus Christ, take it eas –mmmh!” The gag was pulled forcefully into his mouth again and tightened, his body being pushed back down onto the couch.

“Find something to blindfold him with, move quickly.” Harry ordered as the others were looting the kitchen and rest of the house for whatever items they could bring that would be useful.

Niall ran back into the bedroom and gave it a once over, pulling open drawers and searching through them before looking into the closet.

“Flawless!” Niall yelled, finding a ski mask and bringing it out to the living room, heading toward Emory, turning it backwards and forcing it over their prisoner’s head. The front faced the back of his head and the back covered his face, allowing no light to pass through.

“Emory rides in the trunk; we’ll all barely fit in the car comfortably. Throw him in the boot with the rest of the trash, it’s more than what he deserves.” Harry muttered.

Emory whimpered, being pulled to his feet again and dragged toward the direction of the garage. He begged through the gag to whoever would listen.

“Why are we even bloody bringing him? We should leave him here, let Glen have the piece of shit.” Louis mutter.

“Because then Glen can use him against us. We’ll take him with us and let him go down the road once we’re sure he’s not withholding any information.” Harry shrugged, doing a check over before seeing the laptop on the other couch and grabbing it. “COME ON EVERYONE!”

As orders were flying with everyone giving them to everyone else, Emory felt himself forced out to the car, his slim figure being pushed over the bumper; landing onto the carpeted floor, a second later he felt the familiar hold of the Velcro being slipped over his ankles and forced around so that it held him secure.

Emory screamed out through the gag and material over his face, feeling the familiar pull in his chest, his breathing becoming ragged.

“Sorry mate, you’re going to have to just pass out, we don’t have time for that.” Niall told him but he sounded anything but apologetic.

The trunk was slammed shut and all Niall heard was muffled whimpering before jumping into the back with Killian and Isabella.

“There’s a lot of stuff in that boot, Emory has a lot of plaster and this small keel, and he’s pressed up against the front pretty good.” Niall observed to Killian who sat with Isabella on his lap.

The car was packed and stuffed to the hilt with the other men getting in. Because the vehicle was an older model Lincoln, it accommodated everyone and the stuff that was brought along –barely.

Kellie turned the ignition and saw a full tank of gas before pulling out of the garage and speeding off down the street. As they got further away, a loud explosion ripped through the air.

“Bloody hell, is he trying to kill us?!” Niall exclaimed, turning back to the cabin that was incinerated by the sudden blast.

“No, I think Ethan’s burying our tracks. I want to know what he wants.” Kellie muttered, his own eyes looking back at the fading inferno.

Killian touched his throat gingerly, the same question plaguing his own thoughts. He looked back down at Isabella, hugging her to him tightly.

“My fawn.” Killian murmured offhanded, his thoughts traveling far away.


Isabella woke up to soft material under her and a steady, calm heartbeat. It was then she felt her head on someone’s bare chest.

Picking it up slightly, she saw that it was Killian. His eyes closed and his breathing even.

She smiled, bringing her hand to his face gently and swiping his long dark bangs from his eyes but frowned again when she remembered Glen –her parents and that made her cover her own mouth to muffle a sob, the familiar ache of hopelessness returning.

Niall put a hand on her leg and rubbed it comfortingly. He and Kellie had been looking over the sleeping group. Niall on the ground and Kellie up top of the car. They had been parked in a thicket of trails and trees for the past few hours, having used up nearly all of the gas tank traveling.

Isabella also noticed two supports covering her toes. Everything was hitting her at once and she felt herself start to shake.

“Shit. Kellie? Grab the doctor bag. Ella, please breathe.” Niall demanded softly, standing and Picking Isabella up, setting her by the car as Kellie hopped down and got the doctor bag out of the back, handing it to the blonde.

Niall took to gently singing a song he had been listening to earlier as he dug out her inhaler, putting it to her nose and pressing the button up top. He was worried because they only had one left after that and her attacks seemed to be getting more frequent.

It took a little longer to work but her body finally settled and she took a huge gulp of air, hugging Niall to her thankfully, the tears silently falling.

“Thanks, stud.” Isabella whispered before glancing up to Kellie. “Thank you, Kellie.”

Kellie smiled.

“Ay, don’t mention it, yeah? You do need to control them though, it’s possible to if you try.” Kellie told her, jumping to the ground and kneeling down to her height, grabbing the plastic from Niall and showing it to Isabella, letting her see it before tossing it off to the side. “That will be the last one you take. If you want my help, truly want to learn what I know then you best get yourself prepared. I will take it no less easy on you as I would my flesh and blood. Rookie already knows that. If you truly want to learn to defend yourself then you need to be prepared body, mind and soul. Once you start, no matter how much you protest I won’t back off. Be sure this is what you want because I don’t train quitters.” Kellie said, reaching over to dry her tears with his thumb. “The first rule I’m going to tell you is, crying is a weakness and it gives your enemies more fuel. Use that anger in you to spark fire, use what you know to burn them.” Kellie smiled.

“I have nothing on Glen, he’s too cold blooded to hurt –he killed my parents!” Isabella shook, the anger and sadness overtaking her.

“He did and that pisses you off, yeah?” Kellie asked, egging her on.

“I want to kill him!” Isabella growled, her hands tightening into fists, her emotions switching like a light.

“When you see him, what’s the first thing you’ll do? What’s the worst thing you’ll say?” Kellie encouraged as Niall stepped in and hugged Isabella to him.

“What the fuck? That’s enough!” Niall glowered, which seemed to silence Kellie. He seemed to shrug as if nothing happened and took his spot back to keeping guard on the car.

“I can only help her when she’s focused and if she’s not allowed that then she will never be ready. I was testing her and she failed, she hesitated; you can’t hesitate. I would have responded with what I would do. She’s not ready mate, she won’t be for a while.”

“I want to learn.” Isabella pleaded, trying to turn.

“You will when I think you’re ready. Your first task is to get off that inhalant shit. I can teach you ropes and some light pressure point movements. If you pick up on them, we’ll go forward. Until then, you know your first task.”

Isabella felt completely weak when a sob escaped her mouth.

“I want to peel the skin off Glen with a dull butter knife and run it over with a red hot poker, sticking it right up his ass.”

Kellie stared down at her with an unreadable expression.

“Okay, now tell me that without sobbing.” He coaxed her on.

Isabella couldn’t stop, her psyche was so drained that she could barely stop herself from falling apart. It wasn’t long before a pair of loving arms wrapped around her and picked her up, shushing her gently.

“She’s not ready.” Killian said to his brother softly before glancing at Niall. “As for you mate, keep your heart pure because once you’ve killed a bloke, you lose that innocents. I don’t want that for you –any of you.”

He went to turn away but stopped again.

“I’m taking Ella for a walk, we’ll be back in a few. If there’s any problems I’ll whistle.” Killian promised before completely going down one of the many dirt paths.

“Killian, heartbeat.” Isabella whispered, wrapping her arms around his neck and leant in to place a soft kiss on his lips.

His chuckle was deep and rich, he shifted her up and returned the kiss.

“It’s so good to hear your voice, it feels like a dream – a cruel one I’m going to wake up from.” Isabella said, watching as they entered into another clearing. The full moon and night stars shining down upon them in a magical like sequence.

“It’s good to see you smile, Ella. There’s so many things I’ve wanted to say to you –I would have ran out of paper if I tried.” He chuckled and set her down on the tall grass, joining her a second later.

“I’m sorry about before, about pushing you away. I don’t want –“

“Ssshhhhh.” Killian cut her off with a finger to her lips, smiling a little. “It’s in the past, everything is in the past, do you understand me? We have a second chance you and I.”

“Glen is hurting people, he’s hunting us –what are we going to do? I’m so scared Killy, I’m scared for all of us, what he said he’d make Kellie do to you – what he did to my parents.” Isabella’s hand went to her mouth, choking back another sob.

Killian comforted Isabella, his gentle arms and kind soul comforted her with all the kindness in the world. His eyes were pure and genuine. He would take her pain away and give her all the happiness in the world if he was able.

“I’d die for you if it meant that you would always be happy, if it meant you were always kept safe. My life is to protect you, shelter you –but I wish for nothing more than to wake each morning beside you and see you smile. Even at your saddest times I would give my soul for your happiness. I know we’ve known each other so briefly but the spark, the spark I saw when I first looked into my eyes is something I will always remember. I can’t explain what you’ve done to me –what you’re doing –I love you so much. I feel it so strongly in my heart that I know if you rejected me, my heart would cease beating. It beats for you Ella; only for you.” Killian smiled, his hand gently brushing away her wild hair and leaning forward planting another soft kiss on her mouth.

Isabella’s eyes closed, her tears silent, clinging to her ashes as she fell deep into his words, listening to the soft promise of his voice, the way his lips moved so easily.

“Heartbeat; my heartbeat.” Isabella whispered, her voice a mere earthquake of emotion, her hand going to trail his throat, the very one that a mere morning ago was burnt and beyond repair. Ethan gave her, her heartbeat back, the one who had cared for her during and after their escape. Who bathed, stayed with and comforted her with his delicate touch throughout her nightmares and lonely nights. The one who made her eat when she threw in the towel and stayed with her when her thoughts troubled her too much to sleep.

“I want your arms to wrap around me forever and never let go. I feel so safe in them that they’ve consoled me in my darkest of hours –like they’re comforting me now. Your touch is so earnest – so honest, I wish they never left, that they’d never stop holding me. I feel so complete when I’m with you. Mute or with your voice, it was always you. Yet, why can’t I shake the feeling that were in danger, that everything is about to come crashing down? I’m so scared Killian, scared of losing you, scared of losing them – of my freedom, my life. I want us to find a place where we’re not running away or living in the shadows of darkness. I want your arms to wrap around me as we stare out into the sunrise, overlooking something beautiful – in the open. I want to stand there, your arms reaching around me and holding me against your chest securely, holding me like we’re untouchable. Why do I get the feeling that we will never be able to have that? Why do you love me? How can you accept a cripple, a useless fucking cripple who can’t even stand? That has a psychotic killer of a boss after her, and has a crazy unhinged ex fiancé to boot? How can your heart love someone like me? I can’t even love myself, I can’t love –“

Killian shushed her with another gentle kiss, his touch to her flesh was as delicate as a butterfly’s wing. He was tender, his eyes shining with the full moon and reflecting the burning of the stars.

He was her heaven.

“Love knows only beauty, it knows no boundaries, it knows no limits – it is not hatred, it is compassion, it is understanding and it sees no judgments. True love speaks from the heart, Ella, it speaks from the place so many don’t even listen.” He put her hand to his bare chest, his beautiful organ pumping nervously with exertion but she listened to his words and felt more tears fall but this time they were tears of relief.

She tried to speak the words she had thought many times before but Killian beat her to them.

“My heart, my body, my soul and my spirit are yours, if you’ll have them, Ella. I give them to you wholeheartedly, without strings, with trust, with compassion and understanding that you can give me the same back. No secrets, no more hurtful words; that includes to yourself. I love you because I feel it so strongly in my heart –in your heart. Your heartbeat.”

“My heartbeat.” She repeated with a whisper, feeling the organ pound underneath her hand so strongly. For a moment she said nothing but as the seconds ticked by, she smiled, her other hand going to his face. Everything she felt came pouring out and hidden in the shadow of the tall grass and warm night, his towel cladding his waist, his perfect bare chest shining in the glow of the full moon heated a passion inside her, breaking the ice from her heart and warmed it. Isabella’s despair was slowly melting within his arms and she leant inn trusting it, feeling his hands travel over the silk of the material and pull it up her body.

Killian watched the moon lite glow, illuminating her frail and broken figure, spotlighting her scars in the most beautiful way he had ever seen. She was his little fawn. His to hold, his to protect and comfort. His to die for – his.

The material of the nightgown was discarded, leaving Isabella naked and breathing nervously, her chest heaving nervously as Killian’s hands washed down her face. His fingertips moving over her soft skin, stopping at the corner of her lip.

“Smile for me, break for me. Let go and trust I will be there to catch you when you fall.” Killian whispered, his voice shaking in the depths of his throat, reaching over and pecking the corner where his thumb was, his lips traveling down the sides of her neck, his hand traveling with them.

“I would jump with you –I don’t want you to catch m-me. I want you to fall with me.” Isabella moaned, the end of her nipples slowly hardening at his sinful touch.

Killian chuckled and continued his assault to her breast, his fingers gently playing with the nubs of her fully grown mounds, sliding along the parched skin before his mouth opened and accepted her into him, his tongue teasing the red areola, slowly using his teeth to pluck it.

Isabella moaned, the sexual tension that had built up was exploding in her vagina like a rushing pulse. She felt herself become moist and buckled her chest upward, her breast filling more into his mouth.

He sucked and nipped her tenderly, using his hand to grasp the bottom, slowly relinquishing a grouse of his own.

“K-Killian.” Isabella gasped, her hands going to his hips to remove the towel.

They fumbled shakingly, untying the knots that held his lower body prisoner.

His hands stopped her, groaning against her mound before his lips reluctantly detached.

“No. Wait.” He breathed, continuing to kiss down her chest, stopping at her stomach before gently moving her body in the flat of the bed, helping her hands to help untie hi towel, discarding it beside her nightgown.

Killian straddled her, his thighs securing either side, taking his full weight as he glanced down on his blushing beauty.

“Every scar, every imperfection is my perfection. You are beautiful, you are perfect.” Killian whispered and leant down again, his brown orbs tearing up. He moved forward and gently stretched his body down upon Isabella.

Isabella felt his weight shift and his flesh down upon hers, slow and rhythmic. He used his knee to gently spread her legs, his member becoming hard with the movement, teasing her pussy.

She felt her body shaking in excitement and her mouth moan, breaking down and giving in to her fears and desires. Killian had a comforting touch, a trusting aura that broke her will completely. Her body was his slave and his her master. Isabella would allow Killian to guide her, touch her –love her; unquestioningly and completely.

“I l-love you, my heart-“Her mouth was seized with his hungrily, the kiss deepening.

She knew her words were lost and replaced with ecstasy.

Killian trailed down to her neck, moving and grinding softly against her vagina with eagerness but his touch always remained tender and unforceful. He could never be rough, her trust was fragile and he would sooner die than betray it.

With the friction from the constant teasing, his member grew, hardening slowly. He moved down slightly, allowing it to finally slip within her vagina, encasing him in her wetness.

Her back lurches and her breathing seems to sync with his, her hips buckling up, teasing her g-spot with his tip.

“Oh God.” Isabella moaned, her fingers scratching against his chest – realizing her missing fingertips offered no sensation to show her pleasure but she didn’t care. This was her moment, and the full moon and shining stars lite them in their own private show with unwatchful eyes. Only they and God knew of the events taking place and the later knew their secret was safe. So in the moonlight, Isabella regained her innocence, she gained what was taken in the cold grasp of reality – what she lost all those years ago. Killian replenished her, loved her and his touched in in ways even Ethan never could. His touch was pure and filled with adoration that she herself had never experienced.

“I love you, Ella. Always. Forever.” Killian promised, his voice uneven and filled with pleasure. He felt himself almost at climax and she gently helped guide his member into her completely, reaching up to steady his hips, helping hers thrust up keeping in rhythm, her pussy wet and lubricated.

“I love you too.” She murmured, her body in complete ecstasy.

That’s all it took, he felt himself release his seed, his form tense against hers in a beautiful moment of heaven an unadulterated bliss. It was perfect – she was perfect, the night –everything in that second was forgotten, everything during those two weeks running didn’t matter because then and there, in the heat of passion, in the tall grass under the moonlight’s gaze, there was no moment more divine then the feeling of two people in love.

Their breathing was in perfect sync and they relished in their pleasure.

That was until the sardonic echo of clapping met their ears.

“Good show!” Ethan chuckled, coming out from behind the next clearing, having been watching the lovers pronounce their adoration for one another.

Killian pulled out of Isabella quickly and pulled the towel around himself, glaring at the blonde before him, suddenly very aware he forgot his weapon.

“Shit.” He muttered, helping Isabella dress quickly back into her nightgown before standing up in front of her, ready to fight.

Submitted: March 17, 2015

© Copyright 2020 VanitySorrowHeart. All rights reserved.


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