Why wait so long

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Marley is in Hell, living with her best friend. WHY??

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Why wait so long

Submitted: November 27, 2012

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Submitted: November 27, 2012



I ran my hand through the sand. The cold wet sand getting underneath my nails. I always hated the feeling of sand in all the hard to reach places. The waves were crashing in front of me, the sun was rising and the air was freezing. But what else could I expect at 5:45 am. I know what you are thinking. I’m not nutz I just couldn’t sleep. Everywhere I went in that house I was followed by his smart remarks. What else could I do, I was a guest in his home. Every time he would say something it was a smart ass comment about a secret history together that only we know about.


Ok, I’m 17 sitting at the beach at 5:45 am. Well, I lost my virginity to my best friends’ brother at 15 and ever since he always has something to say about it that only we understand (I hate him for it too. I woke up the morning after to find he was gone. There was a single note. Had fun don’t mention it to anyone. Shouldn’t have happened). I’ve been dating on and off for a while now. But things are starting to get serious with Jamie, we’ve been together now for 6 months. He doesn’t pressure me into anything and if he thinks we spend too much time together and we neglect our friends he’ll say so and stay away from me for about 2 days (but we still constantly text each other). Jamie is the perfect guy. He’s everything a girl could want. He’s romantic, sweet, caring, funny athletic, smart and popular. Oh and his to looks are to die for. His slightly tanned olive skin, with his golden blonde locks and his deep blue eyes.


“Marley, where are you? We have to start to get ready for school! Marley!” I could hear Dee in the distance. I should have expected it really, it would be the first place to look for someone. Dee lived with her parents (who were barely home) and her 2 brothers Michael and Bailey in a massive 4 story mansion on the beach front. Michael is 14 and owns the 2nd floor. Bailey is 18 (the one who I hate and makes inappropriate comments)and owns the 3rd floor. Dee is my age and owns the top floor, (because she’s a daddy’s girl) while their parents live on the first floor. The house is massive, each floor has a kitchen but it has a major dining room towards the back for their weekly family dinner.


I had to go and get ready. So reluctantly I stood up and brushed the sand off my legs only to hit the ground again.

“So Marley just like old times right,” I turned to look into a cheeky smirk. The smirk of a devil.

“Bailey get off me,” I tried to shove him off.

“Nice try sweet heart not going to work.” Well we’ll see.

“Dee. Dee I’m over here.” I started shouting at the top of my lungs hoping it would burst his eardrum as well as get her to hurry over. Bailey quickly jumped up and went to help me up when Dee arrived. She just looked puzzled at the image she was witnessing.

When I was finally standing, I shot Bailey a deathly glare.

“Dylan, nice of you to join us, we were about to go for a swim.”

“Bailey as if you would ever go for a swim in the ocean there are sharks.” Dee shot back. Dee and I turned to start going back to her house.





-----sorry it's not a long chapter, my updates might be all the place and not in a timely fashion, but i will try and update often.

Haven't posted many, this is my first romance, please let me knnow what you think----

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