Playing the Cops

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A guy and a few cops have an encounter with eachother. This is the first chapter. And... euh... There might be some sexual content in this, maybe something that could upset some people, so... reader discretion is advised.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Twisted Encounter

Submitted: April 22, 2014

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Submitted: April 22, 2014



There was some violent knocking on the door before a policeman kicked it in. 3 policemen, and a policewoman, ran inside the room.

On first sight, the room looked very nice, but when you took a closer look, you could see signs of struggling, a fight. A vase was on the floor, a small table was on his side and a basket with clothes was on the floor.

Inside the room where two people. A man and a woman. The man held a knife at the woman’s throat. He was tall and muscular. He had big, brown eyes and blond locks that just reached his shoulders. He smiled when the police entered and showed no sign of fear at all.

The girl on the other hand, looked terrified. She was a slim woman. Her hair was long and just between brown and blond. Her terrified eyes were blue with a greyish hue. Her blouse was on the flour beside them, leaving her with only her red bra and her skirt, that couldn’t even reach her knees.

The police had their guns in their hands and pointed them at the guy, but a right aim was difficult. The man had the girl standing in front of him, turning her into a human shield against potential shots.
‘Put your hands in the air!’ one of the policeman shouted. His insignia betrayed that he was the officer in charge right now. The man didn’t move. Instead, he laughed.
‘You wouldn’t dare to shoot. The chance you hit the girl is too big. Besides, if you shoot me, this whole place will blow.’
The police didn’t react. They just stood there, with their guns pointed. They couldn’t know for sure if he was telling the truth.

The man knew the police was virtually powerless right now, and so he decided to make a move. His free hand slid up the woman’s body. Following the flow of her curves. His hand reached at her back and he slowly unhooked her bra. The bra was balancing on her breasts but it fell when he gave a short yank. Her soft and big breasts bounced for just a second.

‘Stop right there!’ the same policeman as before shouted.

The girl didn’t move a single inch, but tears started to emerge. The man’s hand didn’t stop and he grabbed her right breast.

‘Please.’ The girl pleaded.

‘Stop right now sir, we will shoot!’ the policeman followed. ‘Let her go. Come with us and no one will get hurt.’

The man shook his head. ‘I will go with you in a minute. Let me first ask you a few questions.’

‘I will not answer any questions from you.’ The policeman responded.

‘I don’t think you understand your position, officer. I will go with you, without any resistance, if you just answer some of my questions.’ The man said.

The police officer looked angry at the guy.

‘Your other options are,’ the guy went on ‘Or I cut this girl up and let the whole thing blow, or I’ll rape her here.’

‘Please answer his questions.’ The girl said. ‘He will do it, please.’

The policeman still didn’t answer. He looked at his fellow colleagues, but they didn’t give him any clue of what to do.

‘Hurry up, mister. Rape starts to sound better and better for me.’ The guy taunted him.

And finally the policeman gave in. ‘Alright! What do you want to know.’

‘Smart choice, sir. First of all: what is your opinion on her breasts?’ The guy asked, while pinching her nipple. Causing her to twitch just a little bit.

‘You’re kidding, right?’ the police officer asked. ‘What kind of question is that?’

‘It’s my question,’ the guy responded, clearly offended, or so it seemed. ‘Now answer, or this sweet girl will know how it feels like to be humiliated in front of 4 policemen.’

The policeman took a quick look at the female policeman before he responded. ‘Well… They are… big, I guess.’

‘Interesting.’ The guy responded. ‘Are you two a… couple?’

‘That’s none of your damn business!’ The policeman yelled.

‘I thought you were gonna answer all my questions.’

The policeman was silent. Thinking about what to say next, but the policewoman responded before he could.

‘Yes, yes we’re a couple, you sick bastard. Now come on Phillip, answer his damn questions so we can take him in!’

The guy looked intrigued at the couple before him. His interest was raised and he began to ask his first question again: ‘Now tell me, honestly, what is your opinion about these nice, soft, big boobs?’

Police officer Phillip hesitated to answer at first, but he gave his honest opinion: ‘Think they look rather nice.’

The guy was overjoyed. ‘Yes! That was the kind of answer I was looking for.’ He calmed down and asked the second question: ‘Do you think she’s a virgin?’

This time Phillip didn’t answer at what he really thought, but rather came into his mind first. It’s not like I can give the wrong answer, he thought. ‘No.’ was he answer.

‘No?’ the guy repeated. ‘Shall we find out?’

‘No.’ Phillip said again, and the girl pleaded the same, but with the necessary pleases added.

The guy took a second, smaller knife out of his pocket and traced it over the woman’s body. The woman started shaking and sobbing. The knife trailed down and it stopped right between her legs.

‘She will bleed, even if she’s not a virgin.’ The guy said. He grinned at the police.

The girl begged. She tried to persuade him not to do it. The police stood there with guns up, but powerless. The guy had all the leverage. Always maintain leverage, he read somewhere, and he made it his motto.

‘Last question.’ He spoke. ‘But this one is not just for you, it’s also for your girlfriend over there. Would you show your tits to me, if that meant I wouldn't shove this blade up this poor girls pussy? And for you, officer Phillip, would you allow it?’

The whole room was silent. Even the girl stopped begging. All four policemen looked at each other. The air was tense and loaded. The policewoman was a proud girl. She didn’t want to show her breasts to such creep, but if she refused, the others would know she would value her own ego more than saving a victim. ‘I… I think I would.’ She responded hesitantly.

‘And you, sir Phillip? Would you allow it?’

He looked at his girlfriend. She gave him a quick nod. ‘Yeah… Yes, I would allow it.’

‘Great. With that in mind, I can surrender now.’ He kissed the girl in the neck and dropped the knifes on the floor.

The girl ran to one of policemen, who hasn’t spoken the whole time. He gave her his jacket to cover up exposed breasts.

‘Give me one second.’ The guy said, whilst slowly moving his hands down to his feet.

‘Stop! Stop right there!’ Phillip shouted.

The man stopped and answered: ‘I need to get the detonator out of my shoe, otherwise this house will still be blown to pieces, with us in it.’

‘You hid the detonator in your shoe?’ Phillip asked disbelievingly.

‘Yes, so even if I was shot dead, the detonator in my heel would have touched the ground and everyone would be dead.’

After saying this, the guy proceeded to take of his shoe. He walked to police officer Phillip calmly, with the shoe in his hand. He gave it to him with the remark: ‘Don’t drop it.’ The policewoman handcuffed him and he didn’t struggle at all. A police van was parked outside the house. They put him in the back and sighted.

‘A hard day of work.’ Phillip said. ‘I’m glad this is over, right Mary?’

‘Yes,’ the woman answered. ‘Now let’s go home and eat. I’m incredibly hungry.’

‘Tell me about it. We’ll go home and I’ll make you some dinner.’

‘Thank you, honey.’

They kissed each other and stepped into their car, glad that they had finally caught this lunatic.

But what they didn’t know, was that this adventure had only just begun, and that the mysterious guy still had some twisted tricks up his sleeve…

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