Chapter 2: Invincible

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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'We have a come with a plan', Micheal said, standing at the head of the table. Gabriël was standing next to him.

'And that is?' August asked.

'Gabriël and I will go through a portal and kill whatever is causing this,' Micheal said.

'And why didn't you do that earlier?' Ry asked indignant.

'We had to gain permission before waging an inter-dimensional war', Gabriël answered.

'When are we going?' Emyre asked, eager for some action.

'You are not going at all', Micheal said, 'We don't know what it's like in there. You might not be able to breath there, or withstand the pressure of gravity, or whatever strange things that dimension has in store.'

'And you two could?' Emyre asked skeptical.

'Yes, dimensional differences have no influence on us, just like time alterations', Gabriël explained.

Emyre grumped, onto which Micheal said, 'But don't worry, there still we be a lot of fighting for you to do here.'

'So the plan is for us to battle the monsters here and for you two to go and look inside the portals?' Astral asked for clarification.

'That's the plan, yes', Micheal answered.

'Does anyone already have a plan to drive back those monsters?' Astral asked further.

'Many of my people have retreaded to the Mountain Fortress, from which we can fend the monsters off with minimal troops, so most of my army can sweep the land', Emperor August said.

'I've sent many elite archers to defend the many cities as also my people are evacuating, but most don't have any place to go', Ry said.

'I've set up barriers that should be able to keep them at bay for now', Astral said.

'My people are retreating towards the Western Mountains, but we get slaughtered everywhere', Endanay said.

'The same with me and the few remaining Avems', Mayanna agreed.

'Us Ogres smash skulls of Titans', Ran'Gar said, 'Centipede Serpents are destroying us though.'

'Titans?' Seron asked.

'Giant Man are Titans', Ran'Gar explained.

'Kinda catchy actually', Astral said, 'Named after the Titans that roamed the earth once.'

'So basically, everyone is experiencing heavy losses without any real success?' Micheal asked, to get everyone back on topic.

'That's about right', Astral answered.

'Then Gabriël and I will get ready right away', Micheal said, 'make sure to hold on as long as possible.'

'Micheal, isn't this really dangerous?' Stenrose asked concerned.

'Don't worry Stenrose, I'll return safely back to you', Micheal reassured him.

'Okay then, I want you back alive', Stenrose smiled at him.

'We will go right away, so this is goodbye for now', Micheal said towards everyone in the room.

He kneeled before Stenrose, looked at him and took his hands in his. 'I will come back for you Stenrose, I promise', he said and he kissed Stenrose on the mouth.

'I'm sure you can do this', Stenrose said confident as Micheal and Gabriël walked out of the door.

'Do we have everything?' Micheal asked right before they took off from the courtyard.

'Not much to bring, is there?' Gabriël answered with a smile, as he quickly burst into the sky.

'True', Micheal murmured to himself as also he burst into the air with great speed.

He quickly caught up with Gabriël and a few hours later, they entered the nearest portal. Horrible looking creatures spawned from it, sickening and poisoning the area around them.

Gabriël and Micheal created dashes of light erupting from the ground they flew above, slicing through the creatures beneath, but far from all of them died.

They both engaged in a battle with multiple Titans and other horrible creatures.

The Titans, with their blackened skin and disgusting faces, attacked with swords, spears, axes and hammers. They also had at least three times the length of Gabriël and Micheal.

Micheal was quite capable of killing a few with his Death Touch, but it was hard to get close enough to use it. The armor the Titans wore were durable enough to withstand blows made by Gabriël and his Hammer of Bemeth, so getting a proper kill was difficult. After a hard struggle, they decided to use Heaven's Purity. Micheal drew his sword and pointed it towards the sky. 'Heaven's Purity!' he screamed. A small ball of light was shot into the air and not much later, a gigantic blast of yellow light broke through the clouds and pierced it's way into the ground.

There was a dead silence the moments that the blast ended and the two waited for the smoked to clear. On the ground were many defeated Titans, but some survived.

Micheal and Gabriël raced towards the portal, but a white, eyeless creature sprang upwards and grabbed Gabriël. It opened it's massive, lip-less mouth with multiple rows of long, pointy and crooked teeth.

It bit Gabriël in it's upper leg and ripped out a chunk of flesh before Gabriël could smash the hideous creature back to earth.

The two flew through the portal and entered a whole new world, unlike any they've ever seen.

Extraordinary was the red sky and clouds made from steel. Titans and other monsters crawled their way out of a giant pit next to the portal. The pit was filled with a tar-like substance. Surprising was that the creatures only moved forward by stepping backwards.

'Can you go on?' Micheal asked.

'We have to go on', Gabriël answered. 'We can't waste any time.'

'Alright then', Micheal answered. 'Do you have any idea which way to go?'

'I suppose we follow the sign that says ''Follow this to get to the Emperor's Castle''', Gabriël suggest, faintly smiling.

'I suppose so', Micheal laughed.

The two of them flew in the direction the sign had pointed at and not long after a giant castle appeared on the horizon.

'This is amazing', Micheal said in awe. 'A colour I've never seen before.'

They landed and walked through the not guarded gate.

They entered a room with at the end of it a throne.

'I've seen you followed the sign I put up for you', the person on the throne said.

'Who are you and why are you attacking an other world!' Gabriël shouted.

'Hmm... I don't think I ever properly introduced myself to you, Gabriël', he said, 'My name is Danté Soul.'

'You are the guy I banished away', Micheal said in disbelieve.

'Very true, Angel of Death', Danté said amused. 'You two came here to defeat me.'

'Yes, so prepare to defend yourself', Gabriël said.

'I already am, there isn't anything you could do to me to hurt me', Danté laughed.

'We'll see about that', Gabriël murmured.

He lifted his Hammer to strike and ran towards Danté, but instead of hitting him, he slammed his Hammer on an invisible force-field.

'You can try all you like, you won't win', Danté taunted them.

Gabriël lifted his Hammer again and shouted, 'Armor Breaker!' His Hammer clashed on the shield and broke it. He smashed into ground, shattering it.

'I'm right here', Danté said, about 5 meters away from where Gabriël's Hammer had landed.

'But... How?' Gabriël asked, looking at Danté and then at Micheal.

'I just moved my Castle a few meters', Danté laughed hard.

'What?' Gabriël exclaimed.

'You think that's amazing, look at this', Danté said.

In an instant, the room was filled with beautiful, naked women. And in the same speed they all disappeared. Then the room stretched out, until Danté disappeared from Micheal and Gabriël's sight. He came quickly black and Danté snapped his fingers.

Everything became white. The walls disappeared, just like the floor beneath their feet. Nothingness as far as the eye could see.

'This was what it looked like before I came here', Danté said. 'And then I created everything you've seen before. As a God, the first person who enters an Empty Dimension.'

'This is... impossible...' Micheal stuttered in disbelieve.

'No it's not', Danté smiled as everything returned again.

'R-Reaper Slash!' Micheal shouted and he shot a slash from his Scythe.

The slash traveled through the air, seemingly endlessly, but that was a matter of perspective.

Micheal perceived it as almost endlessly going further. For Danté it barely moved at all and so was it for Gabriël, who was standing more at the side.

'I've put your attack in an Infinite Distance Bubble', Danté explained.

Micheal was almost stunned and also Gabriël didn't know what to do.

'Now it's my turn', Danté laughed.

He created a little pebble into his hand and threw it at Micheal. Micheal was hit by it and shot backwards into the door, that cracked like it was made of stone.

The floor beneath Gabriël opened up and something that looked like a huge, stone worm with razor sharp teeth jumped out trying to swallow Gabriël whole. He avoided on the last moment.

'We've gotta get outta here!' Gabriël shouted, his voice slightly trembling.

Micheal tried to open the door but it didn't work. Gabriël smashed his Hammer against it as hard as possible, but it just bounced back.

'You can do what you want, you will never win!' Micheal shouted.

'Utterly wrong', Danté said. 'As you were fighting here, my army is already a step closer of the completely destruction of your world. My three Hunters are already wreaking havoc in the three main lands. They are very powerful, inter-dimensional warriors, almost legends.'

'We have never seen any of them', Micheal said.

'That's because no one survives an encounter', Danté laughed.

Chains began ensnaring the two from everywhere as Danté laughed. Out of nowhere something fast broke through the roof and smashed on the ground, shattering the chains.

The dust cleared from the air and a person was standing there, a beautiful decorated spear in the hand. His six wings unfolded and he emitted a light that shone brighter every second until it almost became a raging wall of white flames.

'Maximus!' Micheal yelled joyful.

The flames, aimed at Danté, turned right before they hit him into molten chocolate. Maximus rushed over to Micheal and Gabriël and grabbed them both.

'I'll handle you later', he said, turning towards Danté.

With a speed matching light he flew up and left Danté in a scorched castle, which returned to normal within seconds.


Submitted: September 27, 2014

© Copyright 2022 Vellan Shadow. All rights reserved.


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Alex The shadow girl

First, sorry for catching up so late. Exams are up. But this chapter was awesome. My Danté is back. :) And that too with such a bang. Amazing. Kmu!

Tue, September 30th, 2014 3:36pm


Don't worry, exams go before stories ;) And tank you, I'm glad you like he's back, I'll KYU :D

Fri, October 3rd, 2014 7:04am

Anon Amous

:o Dante is back! Even more powerful than before o.o I thought Gabriel and Micheal were goners for sure but their savior is super strong too!

Mon, January 19th, 2015 9:16pm


Yup, I had to top it somehow ;) And Maximus is indeed very strong, read on and learn more I'd say... ;)

Mon, January 19th, 2015 1:33pm

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