Chapter 3: A new plan

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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A new plan

Again, all leaders sat around the table. Micheal had explained how the mission had gone.

'I guess it didn't go well...' Astral said.

'It certainly did not', Micheal answered. 'Gabriël is in the hospital right now, but luckily we have Maximus.'

'So the other guy is called Maximus', August said.

'I am the head of the Divine Counsel, here to help this world get rid of a great evil', Maximus said.

'So you are gonna make us win this war?' Ry asked.

'I will try, but we need some preparation time. You all need to hang in there until we are done', Maximus said. 'I will be going now. I have done what I came for, I need to go back.'

Maximus walked out of the room. It became silent for a little while before Micheal started to speak.

'Danté said he had send three warriors, one to each main realm. I guess our plan of action is to take them down, if we're able to find them that is.'

'That would explain the mysterious assassin dwelling in our lands, killing off almost everyone', Seron reacted.

'My thoughts exactly', Micheal said, 'So we can start there. We need our strongest warriors, for Danté said they were extremely hard to defeat.'

'Emyre, you go help them, while I fight the battle at home, okay?' August said to Emyre.

Emyre nodded. 'Yes, I will help you out finding this murderer.'

'I will help as well', Silvana said. 'I have lived in fear for too long. I am ready get out in the field again, and if that has to be at the place my fears live, even better. Now I can face them head-on.'

'Very good of you. I will help out as well, naturally', Ry said, looking at Astral.

'I guess I will stay at home and manage everything there then...' Stenrose sighed sad. 'Silvana, since I can't fight, I want you to take my Spear, in hopes it will help you in battle.'

'Thanks brother. I have no doubt it will be a great help', Silvana thanked Stenrose.

'As long as you keep that thing away from me, I'm fine with that, because I'm going as well', Seron said, remembering the devastation Stenrose's Spear can do to Vampires.

'Any other volunteers?' Micheal asked.

'I'd want to, trust me, but with our lands overrun like that, I can't miss anyone and they cannot miss me in the thick of battle', Endanay said.

'I agree with Chief Endanay', Mayanna said dreary.

'Ran'Gar needs on battlefield, not Undead field trip', Ran'Gar said.

'Then, it's Astral, Seron, Silvana, Ry, Emyre and myself of course', Micheal said as conclusion.

'Mayanna and I are going now. We are desperately needed on the battlefield', Endanay said.

They walked out of the room. Ran'Gar quickly followed and after saying goodbye to Emyre, August also left, leaving the others in the room.

'I think we should be getting ready', Micheal said.

'Yes. We indeed should...' Ry said softly.

'Let us prepare then', Emyre said. 'Let us meet on the court yard in an hour.'

With that, everybody left the room. Everyone prepared separately, with the exception of Micheal, who was accompanied by Stenrose.

Almost an hour later, Stenrose met Silvana in a hallway. His golden Spear was lying on his lap as he rolled towards her. In his eyes gleamed some tears.

'Here', he said, as he handed her his Spear. 'I won't be able to use it, but you, your prowess in battle is nearly unmatched. I hope this Spear will help you achieve deeds of greatness.'

'Thank you. Stenrose. I feel so sorry for you that you cannot participate in this yourself. I know how much you would like to', she said, while she accepted the Spear. 'I will use this in not mine, but your name, my brother.'

She kissed him on his forehead. A tear softly streamed down his face.

'I will come back safely', she said.

'I know...' Stenrose answered as they both headed for the court yard.

In the court yard, only Astral was standing. Waiting for the others, he looked around bored. Suddenly a shade flew through the air. As it came closer, it fired a very light blue beam, seeming almost white. He dodged it quickly as the beam ripped it's way across the grass field. The shade flew back and from it someone jumped down.

A pale, slender woman with a thin black tail, a black leather armor and a helmet with horns landed in front of Astral. She had two black spears in her hands. One was smaller than the other one.

She started to attack Astral, who quickly drew his sword to defend himself. The woman was almost super-humanly quick in her strikes, especially considering she was battling with two spears. On top of that was her slender tail that every now and then tried to sweep Astral's feet or tried to stab him.

Astral used his Shadow Shield to defend him and directly counter attacked, though the woman blocked him with one spear, and struck with the smaller one. Astral was able to dodge it and strike back, forcing the woman backwards.

She tried to attack again, but Astral got engulfed in shadows and disappeared. He reappeared silently behind the woman and shot a powerful blast at her. The blast never reached her as a pale looking dragon swept the woman away right before impact. From the sky, she fell a second time, her spears ready to pierce Astral before she even reached the ground.

Astral opened a great, black portal in front of him and it shot spears into the sky, towards the woman. She dodged and blocked all mid air and broke through the portal, her spears reaching impact at the black shield Astral had created to protect himself. From the other side of it, Astral pierced his sword through, damaging the woman's armor and pushing her backwards.

She stood still for a moment and looked hatefully at Astral. Handing the smaller spear to her other hand, she grabbed an apple from her pouch with her now free hand. She bit it and a small droplet of blood dripped into the ground. The rest of the apple, she threw into the air and the dragon that apparently was still around swallowed it at once before flying out of sight again.

'This is...' the woman spoke, 'the Dragon's Rage.'

She and her weapons started to glow a deep red. With incredible speed she charged at Astral, who nearly hadn't enough time to react and almost clumsy deflected her strikes, but still fell backwards. The woman thrust her spear into the ground were Astral was lying, but only after he had teleported himself away a few meters.

When the spear hit the earth, the earth cracked. The woman saw Astral having teleported away and yelled 'Raging Fire!'

From the cracks, a fire started burning and it quickly spread around her. As the flames slowly spread out more and more, Astral attacked with a Dark Slash he fired at her. And after that three more.

The woman however, was faster and sprinted towards Astral, zigzagging through the slashes, leaving a trail of flames. Right before she hit him, dark clouds packed together above both of them, and between them a powerful lighting strike struck the earth, blasting both of them backwards, knocking them out.


Submitted: January 15, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Vellan Shadow. All rights reserved.


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Anon Amous

This mysterious woman sounds awesome!! I feel bad for Stenrose :/ but it should be interesting to see Silvana fight!

Tue, January 27th, 2015 8:21pm


Yeah, this time it's time to feel sorry for Stenrose and see Silvana kick ass xD

Tue, January 27th, 2015 1:42pm

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