Chapter 4: It's a Request

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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It's a request
Astral slowly opened his eyes. He was sitting against one of the pillars of the palace. Pieces of dirt and grass were shot into his face, forcing him to close his eyes again, directly followed by a wave of heat and pressure. He opened his eyes once again and saw the whole team, and a whole bunch of palace guards fighting a big, pale dragon. The girl that had attacked him earlier was still unconscious on the ground.

The dragon shot another beam. Emyre dodged it agilely and Ry used her Crystal Shield to block it, but the explosion following blasted her back. Emyre charged at the beast, is Lance ready to strike. The dragon quickly flew up, so he couldn’t land a hit. Silvana shot it with a great bolt of lightning, but it had no effect. The dragon swooped down, beheading one of the guards with its claws.

Astral noticed his sword laying aside him. He grabbed it and rushed towards the battlefield turned courtyard. He was too weak to teleport anywhere, so he risked his life in order to save everyone from the dangerous beast.

‘Ry!’ he shouted as he was running towards the unconscious woman.

She turned her head and looked questioning at him, all the while she shot crystal arrows at the flying creature.

‘Freeze her!’ he yelled, trying to make himself heard through all the chaos.

She shook her head and shrugged, still looking at him questioning.

‘Freeze! Her!’ Astral yelled harder, while pointing to the woman.

Ry quickly ran towards him, but Silvana tackled her in her way, so the beam of the dragon would only narrowly miss her.

Astral now ran towards her as well, but tossed himself on the ground to avoid the deadly claws of the dragon flying above him.

‘Freeze her!’ he tried again.

‘Her?’ Ry shouted back, pointing at the woman.

‘Yes!’ Astral yelled back, nodding violently.

Ry used a lot of her remaining power to freeze the woman on the ground, except for her head. Astral got up and sprinted to her. He had to stop and dodge some times to avoid being hit by an arrow that had bounced back from the dragon’s skin.

He managed to get there and stood at her head. He tried to get the attention of the dragon by firing slashes from his sword to it and yelling at it. Not much later he gained its attention and he lifted his sword above the woman’s head.

‘Stop or she’ll die!’ Astral shouted.

The dragon looked furious at Astral and give a deep, long roar.


The dragon seemingly thought about it and then landed on the ground, facing Astral, but not attacking.

‘Good’, Astral said.

The woman was slowly waking up and Astral noticed it.

‘Who are you, and what do you want from me?’ he asked.

‘What is going on?’ she asked back, a little dazed.

‘I want to know, why you attacked me’, Astral answered slowly.

Only now did she fully realize in what kind of position she was and was going on. She could see the dragon standing and waiting for her.

‘You’, she said accusingly. ‘You are the one that killed my husband!’

‘What? What are talking about?’ Astral asked confused.

‘Farrius. You killed him!’ she shouted angry.

‘Farrius had a wife?’ Astral asked, finding that fact more important than her accusation.

‘Yes! I am his wife, Lillith the Dragoness’, She answered him.

‘Well, I certainly didn’t kill Farrius. He died protecting me’, Astral answered, quite calmly.

‘You’re lying!’ she yelled. ‘He despised you. He would never have protected you!

‘It’s true’, Ry said, who was walking towards Astral and Lillith.

‘I don’t believe you. He would never have done that!’ she said angry, but a part of her rage had been turned to sorrow.

‘You have to trust us Lillith’, Ry said, ‘It might be hard to believe, but he died fighting Danté. Probably the most powerful entity ever seen in this world.’

‘Come inside and we’ll tell you all about it, okay?’ Astral asked, ‘But make sure that dragon of yours doesn’t go berserk again.’

Lillith looked really confused. Her lower lip started to shiver and suddenly tears rolled down her face as she cried out loud. Ry thawed her and she sat right up, her face buried in her hands.

‘Come, we’ll help you up’, Ry said, whilst she and Astral both took an arm.

She stood up and they all walked inside the castle. The facial expression of the dragon changed from a furious rage to a more calm and compassionate one.

Inside, one of the maids brought Lillith some tea and they all sat in a cozy room. Some of the nurses where taking care of the wounded, among them were Silvana and Emyre. After a moment of silence and Lillith drinking a little tea, Astral asked: 'Why would you think I killed him? And why have I never heard of you before? And what are doing here now? And how do you even know I was here?'

'Calm down dad', Seron said, 'She's clearly still in some form of shock.'

Astral sighed. 'Okay, but I really want some answers now. She nearly killed me, if it wasn't for some lightning bolt hitting both of us, and her dragon killed multiple people here.'

'Uuhm, that lightning bolt was mine, to stop both of you from fighting', Silvana answered.

'But why did you had to strike me too?' Astral asked.

Silvana's eyes narrowed and she stood up, grabbing Stenrose's Spear and holding it to his throat. 'Because I, unlike my mother, still despise you.'

'Point taken', Astral reacted calmly.

'Silvana, sit down. Lets focus on Lillith here', Ry said sternly.

Silvana sat down and all heads turned to Lillith. She looked back at them and sighed.

'Alright, I'm very sorry I attacked you. A little while back, Vlight appeared before me, but no Farrius. I knew Farrius went to you, Astral, and I also knew you two hate each other so much you could potentially kill each other', Lillith started telling. She took another sip of her tea before going on.

'Vlight told me something bad had happened to Farrius in the Undead Castle. I directly assumed you killed him. I took my dragon, Réalta, and flew over here. But something weird happened on the way. Crossing land above Human Realm, I heard a faint tune and became extremely sleepy, even dear Réalta, with her high magic resistance became too tired to fly. We kinda crash landed in a forest and the only other thing I remember was waking up seeing Réalta eating a Blood Apple.'

'Hmm, I do recall some kind of sleeping sickness sweeping parts of the land', Emyre said, 'But that was months ago, right after the portals and Titans started to appear. People slept for the first few days, but after that, they died. Probably because they couldn't eat or drink.'

'Months?' Lillith asked shocked. 'Is that for how long I was out?'

'Probably not, you couldn't have survived it', Emyre answered.

There was a small moment of silence, before Lillith's face showed she clearly had an answer.

'Réalta... She was eating the Blood Apples, and I do remember a lot of them having gone away during my sleep. They link our energies together, that could've been the reason I'm still alive', she said.

'So, to summarize; Vlight told you something bad happened to Farrius. You went to kill me. Above Human Realm you and your dragon fell asleep. Her waking up faster due to magic resistance I assume. Months later you woke up too. Then you went to Leavillya for... What reason actually?' Astral said.

'I was completely out of food and water, so I went here in hopes for hospitality, but when I saw you standing on the courtyard, I figured I could better attack you', Lillith answered.

They all looked at each other. Her story sounded valid.

'Miss Lillith, if I may ask, what is that mighty and gorgeous dragon of yours? What kind?' Stenrose asked. 'I have never seen any dragon like it, especially in terms of strength. It was fighting not only the likes of Micheal, the Angel of Death, but us as well. At the same time.'

'Ahh...' Lillith said and she smiled, 'That's an incredibly rare Star Buster. A Dwarf Star Buster to be precise, and a young one as well. About 17 years now.'

'She's a real beauty...' Stenrose said smiling and staring at the dragon outside.

'Too bad for you then, she already has a partner', Lillith laughed. 'Vlight, Farrius' dragon.'

They all talked for a while longer and before long, the Sun set and together they decided to go to bed and talk again tomorrow. Everyone was exhausted from fighting, and they still had a long road before them and a lot to do.

Submitted: January 27, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Vellan Shadow. All rights reserved.


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Anon Amous

GAHHH Lillith and her dragon are SOO COOL!!! That battle scene was great too!

Tue, January 27th, 2015 8:31pm


I know, I had to make up for Farrius' death somehow xD And thank you :D

Tue, January 27th, 2015 1:38pm

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