Testament of Love

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Abusive Love

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The next day, Pamela woke up at 6 sharp. She only got 3 hours sleep. Declan was still sleeping. She kissed his forehead, and then took her clothes from her wardrobe and walked to the bathroom to shower. It took her about 20 minutes in the bathroom, and then she got out and went to her room to wear her makeup. Declan was still sleeping. She looked in the mirror and saw her swollen cheek, Declan slapped it hard last night, and she sighed. She put on thick powder just so the bruise won’t visible to others. After she got done wearing her makeup, she went to the kitchen to prepare some toasts and eggs for her and Declan. She imagined herself being his wife, it made her very happy. She then woke Declan up. “Honey, wake up baby, I have to go to work and I’ve prepared the breakfast,” Pamela said softly, waking him up. Declan did not react, so Pamela woke him up again shaking his body and said, “Baby, wake up sweetheart, I have to go to work. I’ve prepared some toasts and eggs for you, babe.” “Mmmmhh?” Declan said. He’s not fully conscious. “I’ve prepared the breakfast babe, I’ve to go to work,” Pamela said again. Declan opened his eyes, and looked at the clock, 8:00 am. “Damn, can’t you let me sleep a little bit longer?” Declan asked, his voice sounded a bit angry. “I’m sorry that I have to wake you up, but I have to go to work, babe,” Pamela replied. “Am I a stranger or your lover, huh? Do you have to get rid of me whenever you’re going to work? Can’t I just stay here while you’re at work? Should I even ask your permission for that? Asking for a permission to stay at my girlfriend’s place, that’s ridiculous, you gotta be kidding me,” Declan said. “No, of course not, babe. Okay if that’s what you want. I was just seeing if you’d want to be here while I’m at work. I thought you’d feel lonely staying here alone, that’s why I woke you up,” Pamela replied. “You know that I’ve been staying alone in my apartment for 6 years, right? Nobody with me, no family, woman or friends, completely alone. So there’s no way for me to feel lonely. I’m used to feel lonely,” Declan said, lighting up his cigarette. “I’m your woman, sweetheart,” Pamela said, she’s about to give Declan a kiss on his forehead when he suddenly shouted, “Hey, watch out! You don’t want me to feel sick of your morning breath, do you?” It shocked Pamela hearing him say that. “What?! Ok, I’m sorry,” Pamela said. “What are you sorry for? I should be getting my beauty sleep, but because of you now I’m getting a headache!” Declan replied. “Why are you so moody, huh? Last night you were okay and now this again?” Pamela asked, she got angry because she thought Declan had crossed the line of being disrespectful to her. “Fuck off!” Declan said, and he pulled the blanket to cover his face. “Sheesh!” Pamela mumbled, “The breakfast is on the table, I go now!” Pamela said, and rushed to go to work. She waited for Claudia at the front gate of her apartment. She felt so sad because of Declan’s words. Sometimes she couldn’t believe that Declan really loved her. He was always mean and rough toward her. He was always harsh even from day 2 they started their relationship. Declan left his ex girlfriend for Pamela. She thought Declan really loved her. But now she began to doubt about his love. When they got together, Declan lied about breaking up with his girlfriend. He said he had left her, but Pamela found out that he did not leave her yet, so she asked him to choose between her and his girlfriend, and Declan chose Pamela.

10 minutes of waiting for Claudia, finally she arrived. 10 minutes that felt like ages for Pamela. She really wanted to cry that morning, but she knew she couldn’t. No, her friends must not know about her unhappy relationship. She wanted to make Declan appear to be a good guy. Though her friends knew just how harsh he was toward her. Because he wouldn’t think twice about humiliating Pamela in public. He had done that many times in Pamela’s office, whenever they were into a big fight that wouldn’t end in one night. So instead of waiting Pamela till she had gotten home from work, Declan would come over to her work place to straighten things up and he wouldn’t care about Pamela’s friends at work. Some people would call the security guards to get rid of Declan, but Declan would threaten to harm Pamela, so the security guards couldn’t do anything to get rid of him, they just let him rant and shout at their office.

“Hey, are you okay? You look pale,” Claudia said while Pamela got in the car. “Yea, I’m ok,” Pamela replied, while closing the door. “Did you eat your breakfast yet?” Claudia asked. “No, I didn’t have the appetite to eat,” Pamela answered. “You should eat, Pam. What is it? You don’t look well, seriously,” Claudia asked. “I’m okay, really,” Pamela tried to convince Claudia. “Did you fight with Declan again?” Claudia asked. “No,” Pamela answered. Claudia felt that something was wrong. “I sense something has gone wrong with you, Pam. I’m your friend, you can tell me anything,” Claudia said. “Geez, why can’t you stop asking questions, I said I’m okay!” Pamela snapped. “Ok, you don’t have to snap,” Claudia said out of surprise. But Pamela averted her eyes from Claudia. She looked really frustrated. A tear finally rolled down her face. Claudia noticed, but she didn’t say anything. She knew it’s not the right time to ask why. Pamela needed her time alone. Pamela felt like giving up on Declan, but she loved him too much to even really give up on him. She didn’t know what to do.

It took them 20 minutes to arrive. Pamela and Claudia got out of the car, together they walked to the office. Claudia kept looking at Pamela, and she noticed something unusual on Pamela’s right cheek. It’s blue. Pamela did cover it with thick powder, but the powder thinned out as time flew by. “Pam, what’s wrong with your cheek, girl? Did somebody bruise you? Was it Declan?” Claudia asked. Getting such question made Pamela surprised. She didn’t know that anyone would notice that. “Huh? Oh, um, I bumped my cheek on a door last night,” Pamela said, smiling. “Don’t lie, it’s more like a handprint than a bump of a door,” Claudia said. “Really, I bumped my cheek on a door. Why would Declan slap me, he’s a perfect boyfriend,” Pamela grinned. Claudia knew that Pamela was just trying to hide it. “Well, okay, but if you need a friend, I’m here for you,” Claudia said, with her arm around Pamela’s neck. “Thanks, Claud, but I’m okay,” Pamela said. “Yeah, of course, you’re always okay,” Claudia replied. Pamela just grinned, and they both went to their office.

When Pamela was walking to her office, everyone that was walking pass her looked at her like she’s a new apprentice. Her right cheek got bluer. But she didn’t know why they looked at her like that. When she had reached her desk, she asked Trey, “Hey, what’s wrong with me? Everyone kept looking at me on my way here as if there’s something really wrong with me.” Trey looked at her and shouted, “Good golly, Pam! What’s wrong with your cheek, sug?” Pamela knew, it’s her right cheek! She took her small mirror to see her face, and she saw her blue cheek, “Gosh,” she mumbled. “What’s wrong, Pammy?” Trey asked, “Did somebody hurt you?” he asked again. “Nothing, I bumped my cheek on a door, that’s why,” Pamela said the same thing she said to Claudia. “Come on, Pam, you can fool a 5 year old, but I’m way too old to believe your lie. Tell the truth and I’ll give a lesson anyone who has hurt you!” Trey said, clenching his fist and punched the table. “I’m okay, Trey, really. Nobody has hurt me. You should punch the door that I bumped into. It’s that door that should be given a lesson,” Pamela grinned, and it felt sore. “Honestly, Pam, it looks more like a slap than a bump of a door. Did somebody slap you?” Trey asked again. “Ugh, you and Claudia are the same! Stop asking me questions! I said I’m okay!” Pamela snapped Trey. She felt annoyed. No, she felt like she had to defend her pride and Declan’s image. She wont let people know about Declan’s bad side Declan, he’s handsome, he’s tall, he got brown eyes and dark blonde hair. He’s well-versed in music and movies. When he’s mad, he roared like a lion, yet when he loved, he’s sweet like a dove. He would love her tenderly when he was sane. And Pamela couldn’t tell when he was sane, or when he was insane. Because of his mood swings that could change within seconds.

Pamela tried her best to keep busy at her office. She felt a little bit sleepy as she didn’t sleep much last night. But she knew she couldn’t sleep at her office, and staying awake made her mind wander about Declan, so she kept herself busy. She arranged the reports of some news and compiled them into a program. Valerie bought her ice cream because she’s worried about Pamela so she decided to buy her ice cream, because who knew it could cheer her up.

“Pam, have lunch with me at a nearby restaurant, will you?” suddenly Trey asked, when Pamela was busy with her work. Pamela looked at her wristwatch, she didn’t realize it was already 2 pm, and she said, “Umm, okay. But it’s too late for lunch, don’t you think?” “Yeah, but I want you to eat something. Claudia said you didn’t have your breakfast,” Trey said. “But I’m not hungry, Trey,” Pamela said. “No, sug. You have to eat something. Come on, let’s go,” Trey said, and he grabbed Pamela’s hand. Trey did like Pamela a lot, but he knew, he didn’t have the chance. So he just tried to treat her right as a best friend. Pamela knew, that if Declan knew that she and Trey had lunch together, it would be a doomsday for her. But today, she just didn’t want to care about anything. The way Declan treated her this morning still made her feel bad.

They both went to a café nearby. Pamela ordered a Crème Brûlee, a bread, and a latte, while Trey ordered some breads and a corn soup. They went to sit in the corner of the restaurant. “The Crème is really delicious, here,” Pamela said, scooping the Crème into her mouth. “You never went here before?” Trey asked. Pamela shook her head, “No, never. It’s my first time here,” Pamela said. “Whoah! This restaurant has been standing here for ages and it’s only 200 meters away from our office, where have you been?” Trey laughed hard, and he continued, “Does Declan keep you away from enjoying your life?” Pamela wanted to say yes. She didn’t know how much she had missed, but, she said, “Not at all. And just because I never went here before doesn’t mean that Declan keeps me away from enjoying my life.” “Well, he keeps you away from socializing with your friends,” Trey said, eating his soup, “He’s such a jealous guy,” Trey added. “Why’s everyone subject is always Declan, Declan, Declan, whenever they talk to me?” Pamela asked, wondering. “It’s because of that mark on your face, doll,” Trey said. “I told you it’s not because of Declan! What’s wrong with you people!” Pamela sounded upset. “Hey, hey, hey, relax. I was just guessing,” Trey said, and they both continued eating without saying anything. Pamela did realize, whenever she and Declan had a date, they would just spend all day, whether at Declan’s apartment or hers, watching movies, cooking some foods, or just cuddling. They both went out together only 4 times in 3 years. Because of how guys looked at Pamela, that’s why Declan never keen on going out whenever they had a date, moreover, Pamela’s job drained all her time, so they were rarely together but a few hours. It was never a matter to Pamela, she’s happy enough as long as she’s with Declan.

The silence made Trey feel uncomfortable, so he tried to break the silence by asking Pamela, “Did you hear about the murder of Barbara Kleine, that actress?” “Yea, who didn’t. It happened about a year ago. Why you ask?” Pamela asked. “The murderer hasn’t been caught yet,” Trey replied. “Yea, I know. That sucks,” Pamela said, drinking her latte. “Police are now investigating the case again. They suspect it’s her latest boyfriend that killed her,” Trey said. “Really? Why so?” Pamela asked in curiousity. “Because, the night when she was murdered, some witnesses said she spent her last night with him, this, the boyfriend did not deny. And it was him who found her dead. Pretty weird. Yet there was no evidence on the spot that could be used to prove that he was the murderer,” Trey explained. “Yea, that’s weird. Why so though?” Pamela asked. “His alibi said, he was in the bathroom when it happened. Investigation said that his testimony was true, he was indeed in the bathroom when it happened. But who knows he was cleaning up some shit in the bathroom after murdering her, right? Here’s the problem, the gun that was used to shoot her dead hasn’t been found until today, and there was no finger print that told us there was an outsider besides Barbara and her boyfriend. But the boyfriend said, the murderer is out there with his gun, wearing hand gloves, of course he would not leave a single finger print. Now, if the boyfriend’s testimony was true, than the murderer must have sneaked in into Barbara’s apartment and hid himself there. Yet, this is not possible, because we know how high the security level in apartments that are resided by people such as Barbara,” Trey explained again. “Wow! That’s true! Your analysis is awesome, Trey! You should try to apply for a detective job!” Pamela grinned. Trey smiled wide, “I was going to, but my certificate is journalism,” he said, laughing. Pamela laughed too. “Hey, I’m serious. I really think, it’s Barbara’s boyfriend. She’s murdered with a gun. It’s impossible if the boyfriend didn’t hear the sound when it’s shot, because, as he said, he was in the bathroom and the location where she’s murdered was like 2 meters from the bathroom,” Trey said again, trying to look serious. “A silent gun, maybe?” Pamela guessed. “I don’t know. But I think, even if it’s a silent gun, it would still send a sound even though just a soft sound,” Trey said, frowning, as if he was thinking hard. Pamela chuckled looking at him like that. “Interesting, Trey, you should tell the police about your analysis,” Pamela said. “Hey, I’m serious,” Trey said. “What makes you think I am kidding?” Pamela asked, with a smile. “Really?” Trey asked. “Yea, sure. I think you should let the police know about your analysis,” Pamela convinced him. “I thought so, but, wouldn’t they have guessed it as well?” Trey asked. “I don’t know. What if we ask Val to make a report on that matter since the police now reopen the case?” Pamela asked. “I was going to tell you that too,” Trey grinned. “Yea, I think that’s a good idea, Trey,” Pamela said. “I just hope that Val doesn’t give this interesting topic to other reporters, since both of us are the only ones qualified for this,” Trey said. “Yea, I hope so too…aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!” suddenly Pamela screamed, someone grabbed her hair. Trey looked up and saw Declan! It got him shocked! “It’s your boyfriend, Pam,” Trey said and quickly held Declan’s arm, “Release her,” Trey said. Pamela holding her hair feeling painful, “Babe, what’s wrong, why do this in public, people are watching us,” Pamela said, but Declan didn’t respond to her. And instead of releasing Pamela, Declan kicked Trey’s leg, “Fuck off, punk! You don’t tell me what to do to my girl!” “Honey, please, it hurts,” Pamela begged. People in the café were looking at them, but none of them tried to help Pamela. They didn’t want to intervene on other people’s business. Trey shook his head in disbelief, “You’re so uncontrollable, Dec,” Trey said, “Release her,” Trey said again, trying to make Declan release Pamela, but Declan grabbed her hair tighter and ready to drag her. “Shut that whole in your face, asshole! None gave you the right to speak a word to me!” Declan replied. Trey shook his head again. He couldn’t believe at what he saw. He wanted to save Pamela, he knew something bad was going to happen. But however, he tried to keep his mind sane. He thought that it’s better to let Pamela and Declan fix their problems. Although he knew, the problem tied with him.

Declan dragged Pamela by her hair to the parking lot and forced her to get in to the car. He looked very furious. Even though he might get caught by the police for being so abusive in public, he didn’t care. His heart was burned with fire to the core. “Get in the car, bitch!” Declan pushed Pamela’s body to get in the car, so Pamela got in. She’s in pain. Declan dragged her by the hair so roughly. “Babe, I have to work still,” Pamela said. “Fuck your job! Now go home with me you whore!” Declan snapped and slammed the door. “How did you know I was there?” Pamela asked soon as Declan got in the car. “Your friend told me, bitch! Who else! What a whore you are!” Declan answered shortly as he started the car and drove like a mad man. Pamela knew, something bad was going to happen. Something really worse than what had happened last night. “Be careful, sweetheart,” Pamela said. “Fucking stop calling me sweetheart!” Declan snapped as he was driving. He drove really fast. “What? But why? You are my sweetheart,” Pamela asked in wonder. Declan didn’t say anything. He kept driving. His face looked so red. He was very angry. Pamela knew, it’s because he saw her eating with Trey.

Declan drove to Pamela’s apartment. Both of them got out of the car, and Declan walked to Pamela’s direction. Pamela was so afraid he would hurt her again. “Be quick, whore!” Declan said, he grabbed Pamela’s hair again and dragged her to her unit. Declan quickly opened the door and threw Pamela on the sofa. Pamela was so scared of him. “So you turned off your phone just so I won’t bug your date with that punk?” Declan asked. “I turned off my phone?” Pamela asked in wonder. And Pamela remembered, she had not recharged her phone’s battery yet! But she found another argument to say against Declan. “You forgot how you treated me this morning? You were so harsh!” Pamela said. “How did I treat you harsh, huh? You’re mine, you’re my property, I own you entirely and I have a full right to treat you the way I want to treat you, you spoil brat!” Declan roared, and continued, “That doesn’t give you the right to turn your phone off and go to a date with another guy!” “Who said I was dating! Geez! I was just having a lunch with my colleague! You see this bruise on my cheek that you gave me last night? Why you treat me like I’m so worthless, huh?” Pamela asked. “What? Why? You want another slap?” Declan said and quickly slapped Pamela again, and said, “Because you are worthless, bitch!” and Declan slapped her again and repeated his words, “Because you are so fucking worthless!” Pamela shocked upon hearing what Declan said! Worthless? “So I am worthless?” Pamela asked, just to make sure. “You deaf? I said you are worthless, whore! A total piece of shit! You’re so fuckin’ worthless!” Declan roared, “Realize that, bitch!”. Pamela looked at him with a sharp look. Her tears rolled down uncontrollably. She’s shocked upon hearing what Declan just said. “Since I am so worthless, then what are you doing with me?” she asked calmly with tears that won’t stop rolling. Her heart broke the moment Declan said she’s worthless. He had said it many times, but this time, Pamela couldn’t take it anymore. “Shut up, bitch!” SLAAAAAAAPPPP… And Declan slapped Pamela. “Go ahead, slap me again. Slap me again till you’re satisfied! SLAP ME AGAIN!” Pamela screamed in her despair. “I fuckin’ said shut up! Who gave you the right to scream at me, huh? You’re lucky I only slapped you! I didn’t kill you! Though you deserved to be killed!” Declan yelled. “What do you want from me? Since I am so worthless, I have no use for you, right?” Pamela asked. “What the fuck are you trying to say, bitch? Are you telling me to go just so you can be with that punk? Huh? So that’s what you do behind my back? Dating guys and whoring around? Excellent!” Declan clapped his hands in sarcasm. “How do I whore around? Why do you conclude that I whore around just because you see me with a guy? I was freakin’ talking about our job!” Pamela said. “Oh, yeah? Whoring around in the guise of talking about job. Nice, Pam. You’re such a professional whore! Or, is he your pimp?” Declan laughed saying that. “Why won’t you listen and accept my explanation, huh? What’s wrong with you? There’s nothing between me and Trey. We’re just partners in job, he’s my cameraman,” Pamela insisted. “Oh, I see now. It’s getting clear. So he’s your cameraman. Nice. So you two have been together, betraying me behind my back! Asshole! You really deserve to be strangled to death!” Declan said and he tried to strangle Pamela. Pamela tried to release herself from his clutch, but he’s too strong. “Get your hands off of me! You’re hurting me!” Pamela yelled. Declan finally released her. He then took a seat on the sofa and light up his cigarette. He just sat there didn’t say anything. It was silence all over. Pamela looked at him and noticed a tear fell from his eye. “I never betrayed you behind your back,” Pamela finally spoke to break the silence. Declan didn’t say anything so Pamela repeated her words again, “I never betrayed you I swear.” “Didn’t I tell you that relationships with other men in any shapes and forms cannot be justified?” Declan said. “He’s just a colleague at work, as I said, he’s my cameraman. Too bad there’s no job that offers environment that consists of females only,” Pamela replied. “If you were faithful to me, you would have refused to work with him when your boss asked you to. But my ex was right about you. And I’ve been right about you all along. You’re just a worthless whore, ain’t worth fighting for. It was a big mistake to leave Gwen for you,” Declan said. Pamela got so shocked, “What?! What did your ex say about me anyway? So you both are still contacting each other?” Pamela asked in shock. “She said that you’re not a faithful type of girl,” Declan answered. “But how could she say that when we never knew each other? We never even talked, yet she concluded things about me? How cool!” Pamela said again. “I told her about you,” Declan admitted honestly. And Pamela got shocked even more! “So you sold me out to her? You accuse me of betraying you yet you still in contact with her?” Pamela asked in disbelief. “You’re my biggest mistake. I’m sorry,” Declan said. “What do you mean?” Pamela got so confused, she knew what Declan was saying, but she couldn’t believe he would say that. “It’s over,” Declan said. Pamela felt like a lightning thunder struck her in the middle of the day! “What the hell are you talking about, Dec! No, we ain’t over! No! you’re wrong about me! Why listen to her, why not trust me! She don’t know a damn thing about me!” Pamela said in tears, but Declan didn’t say anything, so Pamela continued, “Listen, it’s just your assumption that I’ve betrayed you, okay. I never betrayed you, I swear,” Pamela said, trying to change Declan’s decision. “I’m leaving now. Be good. I wish you well and goodbye,” said Declan, and he rose up from the sofa, but Pamela tried to hold him back, “No, baby, no. Don’t do this to me, don’t do this to us. Don’t forsake our 3 years, don’t forsake me, don’t forsake our love,” Pamela begged, she began to cry uncontrollably. But it did not move Declan’s heart a bit. He’s determined, he had to leave, “Let me go,” he said, and warded Pamela’s hands off. “No, baby, no, don’t go. What do you want, honey? You want sex? I can give it to you, but don’t leave me,” Pamela kept begging and holding him. “Now you’re talking to me like a whore. Let me go,” Declan said, he warded her off again. “Would I beg you to stay if I wanted somebody else? Can’t you see how much I love you? I cannot be without you,” Pamela said. “But I can’t be with you, Pam. You’re so unfaithful, I cannot trust you,” Declan said. “But it’s just your assumption. You believe you’re right when you’re not. I've been faithful. It's just a lunch,” Pamela insisted. “Look, I’m sorry if this has to hurt you, but I really can’t be with you, I’m really sorry,” said Declan and he walked out but Pamela chased him. “No, Dec, don’t do this to me, I love you, you’ll kill me if you go,” Pamela kept begging while walking after him, but Declan didn’t care. He kept walking to the parking lot, to his car. “Babe, stop please,” Pamela begged desperately. Declan got into his car and said, “This is the punishment for being untrue to me. Be good.” After saying this, he drove off, leaving Pamela alone crying in the parking lot. “Baabe….” Pamela said in her cry, but Declan had left. She was so devastated. She sat on the ground crying. She couldn’t believe Declan really left her. Her heart was really broken and torn apart to pieces. It was a simple lunch with Trey that turned out to be a tragedy.

After crying on the ground for awhile, she got up and went back to her apartment. She couldn't think straight at all, she tried to call Declan by the public phone, but he didn't answer her call.

\"Babe, please answer. No, honey, you can't do this to me,\" Pamela said to herself, while kept dialling Declan's number, she couldn't stop crying. She thought for awhile and she remembered that Declan always got back to her after a few hours or a few days. So Pamela decided to not take Declan's words seriously.

\"No, he can't be serious. He will come back again, maybe he will come back tomorrow. As always,\" Pamela made believe. She recharged her phone and turned it on. the reports said she got 13 missed calls, she also received 9 texts from Declan, and she cried again. She quickly ran to the bus stop to look for Declan. She thought he might be in his apartment.

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