Elemental Alliance

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Seventeen year old, Sierra, has faced many changes in her life. She used to have a family that loved and cared for her, until they wanted nothing to do with her. A wild wolf-pack attacks Sierra while she was taking a walk through the forest one night, and as a fire wielder with no practice at all on how to control her fire-power, could she survive the harsh world that is being thrown at her? She will face difficulties with friendships and relationships, but could the secret that has been hidden from her all these years be the strength that she needs to unleash her full potential? Or will it crush her spirits forever?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Elemental Alliance

Submitted: January 01, 2013

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Submitted: January 01, 2013



A ghostly haze showers the sky. The stars obliterate behind the dusky shadows. Thin wisps of clouds cover the moon as it shines in the night.

As I run through the grassy forest, adrenaline boils inside me. While my feet thump against the dry earth, my palms become white hot with fire. It feels as if my heart is pounding a mile a minute. I can't slow down, not now. As I take fast, heavy breaths, I maneuver my way through the forest.

I hear a loud, vigorous howl in the distance; they're coming closer. What should I do? I pause for a moment to catch my breath. Sweat trickles down my neck, sending a slight shiver down my spine. I clamp my eyes together, tightly and tense up. I hear a sharp growl to my right and I flash my eyes open with a start, only to find a pack of wolves encircling me viciously. Great...

Heat generates in my clammy palms. A flame bursts out from them, singeing the wolves. The largest and strongest: (the alpha I'm guessing), lunges forward. He slashes his claws across my left arm. Blood gushes from the wound and I stifle a scream.

The wolf glares at me with his dark, silver eyes like steel. I get a little dizzy. He leers over, his muscles strong and bulky. I flinch at the sight. My eyes focus on his razor sharp claws. I slowly back away, making sure I keep a fair distance from them. I attempt to cast a flame, but I'm too weak to muster the energy necessary. The alpha leaps at me; this time his teeth spike out, barred and sharp.

Light flashes before me. I feel a cold blast rip past my body. I brace myself for the collision, and just stood there, frozen. It seems as if minutes passed by. Everything hushes. How much time passed by? Minutes? Seconds? Slowly, I unclench my eyes; my vision is blurry. As my vision clears, I am shocked by the sight in front of me. The wolf is frozen in mid-air. Startled, I jump back like a bolt of lightning. The wolf is at a two-feet distance from my neck; paws outstretched, jaw opened like a piranha, a fierceness in its eyes with an intent to kill. The rest of the pack just watches. I shakily trot over to the nearest tree and carefully coil the end of my shirt around my wound as a sharp pain streaks wildly in my arm. Hot tears stream down my face, my eyes wide with terror.

One of the wolves approaches me; dark, feral green eyes lock onto mine. I try my luck with the fire. I manage a solid flame-thrower at the wolf and he doges it with great effulgence. A smile spreads across his face, glittering like poison; he's up to something. The flame misses the green-eyed wolf and smacks into the frozen pack leader, melting the ice. Steam filters into the air. The pack leader thaws out of his icy shield, snarling. He barks a sharp tone that snaps the rest of the wolves back down to earth. I don't like the sound of that. I'm screwed. The pack positions into a W-shaped formation. They dash toward me at bullet-speed. The wolves reply to the leader with another cold howl.

Another frigid blast of ice rockets pass me and freezes the ground like permafrost. A girl runs up next to me and fires ice shards at the pack. Some of the wolves slip on the ice, and others get jabbed with strong, diamond-like shards. The girl digs into her pocket and pulls out a small sword. It has a very sharp edge. It has a tight hilt, and connecting the hilt and the blade, is a design of a dark, purplish-blue snowflake.

The girl holds out her sword and seizes the wolf-pack. The leader's eyes glow a brilliant red. A line of heat shoots out of them, colliding with the point of the sword. The girl then swirls the blade around in swift movements and it turns a blinding-blue. I shield my eyes from the wild light as she then pulverizes the ray of heat. A peculiar mist surrounds the sword.

Before she could regroup and attack once more, the leader and three other fearless wolves send lasers from their feral eyes. One comes in contact with the side on my face. I scream and aim a sphere of fire at the leader. He falls to the ground in a heap. The green-eyed wolf steps up and fires at the girl; it burns her hand, and the sword flies through the air out of her grasp. I run over to retrieve it, though two wolves block my path. One of them lashes at me; blood begins to run down my neck. The girl defiantly conjures up a glacial blizzard, sending the wolves unconsciously into a tree. Yes! Bull's eye! Finally I make my way to the sword, but the leader slams his paw down on it first. I try to generate more fire, but alas, I'm out of luck.

My savior flits to my side to assist me. Her calloused hands create a line of ice, like that of the lasers, firing them at the wolves. A frosty arrow comes in contact with the leader's right paw. He yelps in severe pain and falls to the ground. The girl grabs the sword and sprints away down a narrow path. I decide to follow her. We run in silence for what seems to be a few miles. The wind is pounding in my ears, twigs are cracking, and leaves rustle in the wind. The moon stretches across the sky, ripping through the haze, bringing the moon into full view.

I start to feel light-headed from all the blood I lost, so I suggest that we crash for the night near a murky river. I can't trust myself to venture any further. The girl understands and agrees that we should rest. Before I get some shut-eye, there's something I should do first. I sleepily walk over to the girl; the least I could do is thank her for saving my life.

She's sitting by the river, gazing at the stars, her arms at her side. She turns around and a smile spreads across her face.

"Beautiful, huh?"

"Oh um, yeah. It is." I say, my red eyes taking in the star-lit sky.

"You have red eyes. It's been a long while since I've seen such a color. I finally met an element of fire. I never thought I'd get the chance to get this close to one. Lucky me if I shall say so myself."

I just give her a look of confusion while she searches my face, probably appalled by the colour of my irises. I let her observe, trying to stay as still as I could. As she brushes her wrists where the laser hit, she catches the bewilderment on my expression.

"You do know that there are more that have that fire-power, right?"

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