Chapter 5: Hello Again

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 4 - Hello Again

Today is Thursday. Its like yesterday only closer to the weekend. I enjoy my weekends because I get to stay home and not go to work. However, I have to go to work today. I yawn, stretch my arms and prepare for my day. Its not long before I'm at the Tube again. I go to pick up my paper but a hand is in my way. It looks familar. As I stare at the hand, I try to place it in my memories. As I blink, I realise the hand is gone. That Man is standing next to me, my paper in his hand. Unconsuously, I reach out and touch his hand. Its warm but not clammy like Boss'. Its friendly. I don't want to let go but its not polite to touch someone. I let go.

He's studying me again. I can feel his onyx eyes trailing over my body. I focus my attention on my shoes, unsure whether I like the feeling of his eyes on me. I don't hear what he says, but I feel his voice, deep and apathetic, wash over me. His hand is reaching out, offering the paper to me. I take it, bowing my head as an unfamilliar blush taints my cheeks.

"Thank you, Hider." I whisper his identity, making sure only he can hear me. I watch as his chest rises and falls quickly, giving the impression of silent laughter. I feel his arm slide around me and pull me towards a bench. His hold is strong enough for support but not strong enough to stop any escape. I don;t want to escape. He sits on the bench, his legs strecthed out in front of him and relaxes. He gestures to the seat next to him. Hesitantly, I take it.

"You are very different from the people I have met so far in London," That Man says. I am not certain whether this is a compliment so I do not say anything. But is that impolite? Maybe I should say something because I would not like to come across as rude to That Man. Before I can assemble some kind of response, he speaks. I notice his voice has subtley changed, no longer holding any of the indifference it held before. It seems far more inviting now.

"Not in a bad way. You are more innocent, you do not see the world how they see it," he waves his hand vaguely, indicating the passer bys. "You do not hide that you are different. But Lily," he turns to face me, concern lacing his dark eyes, "sometimes you must act like them so they will not take advantage of you."

"I don't understand." I'm frowning at That Man. Why does he look worried? I am not hurt, nor is he. Why must I hide? Perhaps he's lonely, like the coats, and he wants someone to hide like him. But I do not know how to hide and I do not think I am very good at it. A sudden breeze attacks me and I shudder involluntary. I wrap my arms around myself, battling the cold away. I glance back towards That Man. He is looking into space, a place I constantly gaze into. Really, it is just somewhere for my eyes to look while my mind wanders. Mother says its quite rude to stare but I find it hard to stop once I start. A bit like the roller coasters Daddy likes so much. Once your in, you can't get out until your finished. MAybe thats why there scary. I would hate to be trapped.

"You are so vulnerable and I would hate to see you hurt by this corrupt world," He is no longer lost in space, he is looking stright at me, straight into my soul. How does he know that someone wants to hurt me. Can he see the future? Maybe he's from the future. A sharp screech vibrates through the undergorund and I quickly lift my hands to my ears. Why must they be so loud? I suppose it's talking to the other trains, just as people talk to other people. I should really ask it to be quieter. I am surprised by a laughter I have never heard before. It is deep yet sounds light and joyful. I stare at That Man with wide eyes. His laughter is like music, but whatever is he laughing at?

"You are truly wonderful, Lily. Is this your train?" I nod my head, confused by his words. This seems to happen a lot lately. He gets up, his frame towering over my own, and gently places my hand in the crook of his elbow. Slowly, he leads me up onto the compartment and finds me a seat. I am extremely grateful as I have never been fond of searching my way through a crowded compartment. He holds onto the rail close to me, unwilling to go to far. He is like a protector, defending his friend. I feel honored. Perhaps that is what he is. That Man is a protector. 'Against what?' that little voice asks. Well, what did That Man say? Against all the corrupt people. I'm guessing that corrupt means bad. I didn't believe there are many bad people but That Man believes otherwise. I'll let him protect me for now, until he realises that no one wants to hurt me.

Submitted: April 02, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Vickie1996. All rights reserved.


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