Man In The Room: The Thirty Day Bucket List

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Chapter Five

Submitted: April 26, 2013

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Submitted: April 26, 2013



When I got to the door, it was slightly ajar and I kicked it open, grunting as things fell down all over again against my stone floor. I said, "Great. Good God." I picked up the ingredients and restuffed them in the bag, not without muttering bitterly about lightning's second strike. I looked at the clock. It was only noon, much to my further sighing that proceeded. I'm twelve hours north of Midnight before I make cookies. I walked into my kitchen and nonchalantly tossed the food on the stone island. A huge yawn echoes through the kitchen as I pulled a hard stretch into the air. Sunday, Noon, perfect mix for unnecessary naps after getting up early for Church. I cooed with a smile.

My legs literally dragged themselves up my creamy carpet stairs to a four poster bed in the Antoinette designed master suite. For someone as normal and boring as I am, my art and taste in decor is another thing entirely. I pulled back red oriental printed covers and dove into my white egyptian cotton sheets with a head thud down into my feather pillows. "Ah," I said. I let out a large groan, meant to signify everything that involved physical activity with any possibility of tiring out.

I slowly began drifting to that point where I was dreaming vividly. Nothing to boats about, just the stuff I wrote on that list. I know experiencing will be bigger than all my dreams. A couple sounds interrupted my train of thought. Footsteps slowly crept up my stairs. It's just him, he must know I'm home. Hah ha. I closed my eyes and giddily pretended to sleep before the knob turned and he opened the door. I listened as he casually took a few steps towards my bed and sat down, sinking into it's soft mattress. I could feel the warmth of his smile from miles away as he gently ran his fingers through my tangled brown hair.

He said, "Hi. I know you're awake."

I looked up at him with wide eyes and grinned. I'm so busted.

I said, "Who are you, anyway?"

"What, you want a name?" He waited a moment for me to answer but I merely nodded with a giddy smile like a little girl reading her favorite story book.

He said, "Jonny. You like that name right?" He chuckled .lightheartedly and stroked my cheek with cold hands, "No cookies, tonight?"

I leaned past him and looked at the red alarm clock. "Jesus Christ," I laughed, "Has it already been two hours?" Time flies when I'm dreaming. It seriously does. Not that I needed an answer but he nodded. I stared into his almond shaped blue eyes, innocent like a newborn's, with long black curly lashes that fluttered because he couldn't think of anything to say.

"So, you want to start now?" He asked. I gave him a knowing look. He knows I can't resist the temptation to get out of bed and do what I've been waiting to do all morning.

"Yeah," I sighed and rose from the bed, leading against the memory foam headboard and stared back at Jonny. Yes, we call him Jonny now. His eyes waited patiently for me to make the next move. I sighed with heavy resignation and tossed the covers off of me.


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