Chapter 8: Favorite Knife

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Creepypasta!!!

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Third Person P.O.V

You stuck your hand in the hat and felt the objects inside. Some were sharp, some were soft, and some felt like plastic. Suddenly, something knicked your finger and you felt blood flowing out of your finger. You felt the item and noticed it had a handle. So you carefully pulled out the item and saw that it was an ordinary kitchen knife that looked like it was used, but well taken care of.

"Who'd ya get?" BEN asked, curious to see the item. When you showed him, a loot of horror appeared on his face and his eyes were bleeding more than usual. You looked at him, confused and curious to see who you've chosen. The knife could be anyone's, and you honestly liked all of the Creepypasta people; except Jane of course.

When you turned around, you were met with a large pair of unblinking blue eyes staring into your (E/C) ones. You jumped, but you didn't yell. Jeff was honestly surprised that you didn't scream when you saw his face.

To be honest, you secretly found Jeff The Killer abnormally hot. His unblinking, sky blue eyes that stare into your very soul. That pitch black, messy hair that fell just past his shoulders. His bleach white, scar littered skin that seemed to glow when he entered a room. And that amazing, permanent cheshire cat smile that was carved into his face. Everything about him was attractive in a scarred, vicious killer kind of way. But he was just misunderstood, just like any killer that snapped in his or her childhood.

Jeff didn't say anything. He just grabbed your hand and lead you to the, surprisingly roomy, closet. Just before BEN closed and locked the door, he yelled, "Seven Minutes! And you better not change her, Jeff! She's fine the way she is!"

BEN shut the door and locked it, leaving the two of you in complete darkness. 

After a few seconds, Jeff pinned you against the door, making no sound at all. You blushed crimson when he kissed you; the kiss was sweet and gentle. When he finally let you go, he moved down to your neck and assulted it with kisses, nibbles, and playful bites that could clearly leave marks on you. In the middle of this, Jeff snaked his hand up your dress, but you stopped him before he went too far.

Jeff looked at you and asked, "What's wrong? I thought you liked me, (Y/N)?" With a hungry look in his eyes. You could've sworn you saw a smirk through that permanent smile. You blushed fifty shades of red as you said, "I- I do... But you can go a little far at times." You looked away, being shy around Jeff, as usual. But he gripped your chin and made you look at him. "I would never hurt you, because you're already beautiful. You don't need any 'improvements.'" He pulled you into another sweet kiss. When he pulled away, he said,

"(Y/N)... Would you be my girfriend?"

You were so happy you hugged him and quietly said, "Of course, Jeff. I would love to."

When you pulled away from him, the two of you had a mini make out session (don't go crazy, ladies), but Jeff suddenly pulled away and said, "BEN's got a camera. Get yourself together."

You did as you were told and made yourself more presentable just before the door opened, revealing BEN with a camera. He was about to take a picture as proof of the harm Jeff did to you, but he realized that Jeff never hurt you. Though he did leave a few hickies on your neck. You were now Jeff's girl and you would also be forced to kill a few people as dates.

Your first victim was the bully that humiliated you since you were a child. His/ her guts were made into a giant heart on the floor and on the wall was written, Bloody Rose and Jeff The Killer, in blood. You left a white, bloodied rose on the corpse's body to indicate that the new Creepypasta, Bloody Rose, was now Jeff's killing partner. And Bloody Rose... Was you.

The two of you spent years killing people and leaving white, bloody roses behind on the bloody heaps of the murdered people you had skillfully killed and decapitated, leaving their heads to watch as the bodies were mutilated and left behind.

The two of you were truly happy as the best Creepypasta couple in the entire mansion.

Submitted: March 07, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Victoria Thorn. All rights reserved.


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