Everlasting Breath

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is the sequel to "Victoria Dawn."

Chapter 1 (v.1) - New Beginning

Submitted: September 07, 2008

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Submitted: September 07, 2008



Everlasting Breath

Chapter 1: New Beginning

It’s been a few months since the whole Vincent thing happened. I couldn’t stop thinking about everything that was happening, every single day.

I would sit outside, closing my eyes, picturing Vincent’s face in my mind, mangled and lifeless. Even though the hate I held for that man was so intense, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the guy. It might sound weird, but if Dante hadn’t existed, I might have considered Vincent as my life-partner.

No, what am I thinking? I didn’t even know him, and what I did know of him was his terrible, power-hungry side.

I felt myself changing with the seasons, myself being the warmest at the current season, spring. I love spring, the weather is perfect, sure, sometimes it rains, but it’s nice sometimes to walk through it and think about things, maybe even cry a little.

Dante, being the supportive, loving fianc he is, has accepted my change of heart. I told him everything, even the part about being with Vincent. He didn’t care, seeing as he found me first and that Vincent isn’t alive anymore.

I felt sort of terrible for telling him my feelings, but I was more than glad that I could reveal them. More and more lately I’m finding myself to say more of my thoughts and think less of the consequences of what I might say.

“Victoria, April would like to speak with you,” I opened my eyes to see Dante extending his arm with the phone in his hand. “I believe it is about your gown, my love.”

“Oh! Okay,” I grabbed the phone from his hand, cautiously putting it up to my ear. I didn’t feel like going dress shopping, but I’d have to sound as convincing as possible that I would.

“Hello, Victoria, how are you, my dear?” Her voice was a sweet as honey, piercing through my eardrum like a bird singing.

“Hey, April, what’s goin’ on?”

“I was wondering if you would like to go dress shopping with me. I promise it won’t take long and I can help you find the perfect gown.”

“Sure, sounds great, when do you want to go?”

“Whenever you are ready. I see that the wedding is but two months away. I just want to make sure you are prepared.”

“Of course! Well, what are you doing today?”

“Today would be perfect.”

“Okay, I’ll get Dante to take me over in a bit, I just have to get myself all dolled up, if you don’t mind.” I wasn’t really going to look my best, but I’d put it off as long as I could.

“Sounds wonderful, my dear. See you soon,” the end of the phone clicked.

“Dante?” I asked, raising myself up off of the ground and walking into the house. I looked around for him, finding him nowhere. Where is that boy?

I walked to the living room, nope, not there. Kitchen? Nope, not there either. Finally, I walked upstairs to our room and found the door closed.

Odd, he never closes the door.

I opened the door slowly and heard a gasp. I cracked it open just enough to look in and found my angel in a suit.

“You’re not supposed to see me!” He was such a girl sometimes. I thought that was only a thing with the bride. I laughed a little.

“I thought you weren’t supposed to see me.”

“True, but I’d rather you not see me, either.”

“Well, I already have, now. I guess you’ll just have to get another suit,” I smiled slyly.

“Oh, come here,” he walked over to me, scooping me up in his arms and kissing me gently. Sigh, he is simply amazing. I would be sure that if you were to look up amazing in the dictionary, it would say Dante Antonio De Luca.

“You are too cute,” I breathed out. He left me speechless. Even with the mind control I had, I still couldn’t remember anything I was thinking when he kissed me, hugged me, or even just looked at me.

“No, you, my dear, are adorable.”

“Thanks,” I blushed. That was something good about being a darkling-I could still blush.

He brushed his hand against my cheek and set me down on my feet. He hugged me one last time and backed away to look at himself in the mirror.

“I guess I do clean up pretty well, don’t I?”

I walked over to him, hugging him from behind. “You look wonderful.”

“Thank you. Now, I must get out of this suit before we ruin it.”

“We? What am I gonna do that’s going to ruin it?” I looked innocent, smiling slightly.

“Oh, I don’t know, I was just kidding, anyway.”

“Well, I’ll let you get changed, then,” something snapped in my head, “Oh! I almost forgot what I was going to ask you! April wanted to go dress shopping today and I was wondering if you would escort me to her manor?”

“Of course. Let me get changed real fast and I will be down to take you over.”

“Alrighty!” I walked out the door and down the hallway. I skipped downstairs merrily and into the living room, plopping down in the same spot I’d always sat.

“I hope today doesn’t suck too bad,” I muttered to myself.

I waited a few minutes, crossing and uncrossing my legs, flipping through ever channel on the TV.

I finally heard Dante walking down the stairs lightly. He hardly ever made noise, and if he did, that’s only because he wanted you to know he was there.

He walked to the living room, extending his hand for me to take. I placed my hand in his, intwining our fingers together.

He grabbed me by the waist with his other arm and we were off, yet again, to the large mansion.

We arrived at the large walkway, once again, skipping together before we reached the doors.

Dante used the door-knocker and we waited a moment before Nikki answered the door, as she always had. I wondered if that was her job?

“Hey, you guys!” A huge smile took over her face.

“Hey, Nikki!” I shared in her excitement. I had only seen her about a week ago, but she always made me so happy when I was in her presense.

“Hello, Nikki, how are you, my dear?” Dante was always the proper one. I stuck my tongue out at him, luckily he didn’t notice. I giggled a little.

“I’m just great! Oh, Victoria, April’s waiting for you outback. She’s really excited! Oh, and if you don’t mind, I’m coming too, seeing as I’m your flower-girl and all.”

“No, that’d be great! The more, the merrier!”

“Well, you girls have fun,” Dante looked a bit saddened and I told Nikki that I’d be out back in a minute to meet up with them.

“I love you, and I’ll call you when I need you to come and get me, okay?” I hugged him tightly, kissing his cheek.

“That sounds great, my love, it will give me time to get some more things done, anyway. Have fun, and I love you with all of my heart,” we kissed one last time and I watched him disappear in front of me, waving his hand.

I ran to the back of the house to find April and Nikki, sitting on the side of the fountain. Nikki was splashing in the water as April watched, laughing along with her. It was a beautiful sight, they looked like mother and daughter, sharing a wonderful day together. I sighed as I thought of how I would never be able to share that love with my daughter, seeing as I could never have one.

“Victoria! Are you ready?!” Nikki came running over, stopping to a hault in front of me, the biggest smirk on her face I’d ever seen.

April walked over slowly, smiling.

“Of course I’m ready, let’s go!”

“Now, I’m not sure where you would like to go, but I am sure there are still some man-made dress shops around here, somewhere. But, if there isn’t anything left or anything that you want, then I can simply make your dress myself.” I hadn’t thought of that. Now that there wasn’t any humans left, how were we going to do this the traditional way.

More importantly, how are the vampires going to survive? I knew I looked blank for a moment as I thought of these things and decided to push them aside until I could ask Dante later.

“It’s fine, we can search around, I’m sure I’ll find something, I’m not that picky.”

“Okay, then, let us voyage on.” April took my hand and I grabbed Nikki’s, still wet from the water, and we stopped at the nearest bridal shop.

I sighed as we walked into the glass doors. The place was completely abandoned. I felt my eyes start to burn as I thought of the people that made these dresses, the people that worked here, and everyone else in the world that had died at the hands of the creatures that had now become my friends; and more importantly, my soon-to-be husband.

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