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Chapter 10: It All Ends Today

“Oh my God! Dante, put him down!” I ran over, grabbing Xavier from Dante’s arms. My father watched as I placed him on the couch, gasping loudly.

“Who bit him?! Dante, who bit him?!” I shook him by his shirt.

“Nikki bit him, Victoria. It was Nikki.” He dropped his head and shook it from side to side slowly.

“What do we do?!” I checked his pulse. Nothing. I couldn’t feel or hear his beating heart anymore. I was more than terrified to search the side of his neck.

There were no holes on the side of his neck; no blood.

“Dante! There aren’t any holes or blood here! Are you sure she bit him?! Are you sure?!” I shook him again.

“I’m positive! He was just bleeding, Victoria! He was lying outside, bleeding! I saw it with my very eyes!” Dante ran over to him, checking the side of his neck. The most perplexed emotion ran across his face as he saw exactly what I was talking about.

My father walked briskly across the living room to see for himself, and he, as well, saw nothing.

“What’s wrong with him?! He’s not even breathing, Dante! What did she do to him?! I don’t understand!”

“I don’t know, but you must calm down! We will figure out what this is, just calm down!”

My father then raised his head to look at me very slowly. My forehead creased as I looked at him, confused.

“It cannot be,” he whispered.

“What, dad, what are you talking about?!”

“He, too, must be a darkling, kid.”

“What?! But, that’s not possible, dad, he’s only seven years old!”

“Victoria, even when you were younger, you held powers. Not strong powers, but they were there. He must come from a stronger generation. It is not far-fetched, at all. It is very possible.”

“There’s no way! How….how could that happen? I thought they had to be born within the family?! I thought it was genetics?!”

“I thought so, too, but maybe it isn’t. Maybe this is our specie’s way of making sure we survive throughout the years. Before Xavier, it was just you and I, Vic.”

“I just don’t understand! This is crazy! So, you’re saying that he’s a darkling, just like us, and now he’s been turned into a vampire….just like me?! That’s insane, dad!”

“It could be possible,” Dante knelt down beside Xavier, taking his small hand into his own. He looked up at me with hope in his eyes.

“It’s just crazy. How could this happen? How could I find the only other darkling in existence? It’s just crazy, you guys! Do you realize how crazy this is?!”

“I know; it is pretty insane. But, then again, maybe the fact that he was a darkling was what saved him in the first place. Vampires have sort of a sixth sense at telling who one of their species is and who isn’t.”

“I just can’t believe this. Most of all, I can’t believe how Nikki could bite him. I thought she loved him? I thought she was stronger than this?”

“I thought so too. It took me by surprise, that’s for sure.” Dante kissed Xavier’s forehead and ran his hand down his face.

I knelt beside him, taking his other hand. I’d hoped he would get well soon. I just couldn’t believe all of this was happening. How could this happen?

“We’ve got to do something about all of this madness.” Dante rose up now, letting Xavier’s hand fall limp to his side.

“I know. This can’t go on any longer. It’s making me go insane. I can’t stand it.”

“Well, if you two kids are supposed to be the new rulers, shouldn’t they listen to you?” My dad had a good point. They kept talking about Dante and me becoming the new king and queen or whatnot of the vampire world. They needed us to reign, and if they really wanted that; things would need to go our way.

“I want to stay next to Xavier for now. Dante, call everyone and tell them to come over here, please.”

His face turned puzzled for a moment and then he nodded, and left the room.

“I hope he’ll be okay,” I said as I wiped the back of my hand across his forehead. I’d hoped Xavier would be strong enough to deal with everything that came with becoming a hybrid. I knew I still had no clue, and I hoped that my father would know something about what I had become.

“He will be just fine. I can feel it.” My dad walked over, sitting on the floor beside me, eyes glued on Xavier’s pale face.

He looked different; he was white and I could start to see the blue veins moving their way across his small face. I felt terrible. I promised I would protect him, and the day I am trying to, he gets bitten by his best friend.

It was the ultimate betrayal and I almost hated Nikki for what she had down to him. I wondered what he would feel like when he woke up; I wondered if he would feel the intense thirst as I did, or if he would be able to push it aside more easily.

I stared into my new child’s face and my future started to dim in my mind. I had told myself I would die to keep him safe, yet I trusted someone who would end up hurting him.

For some reason, during this time, I felt the need to kill April. I knew that she had something to do with all of this. I just didn’t understand why.

Why had she acted like my friend? Why was she so nice in the beginning and so mean toward the end? She promised to be my bridesmaid-someone I could trust, and yet she has betrayed me time and time again.

“Why couldn’t I tell he was a darkling?” I finally asked my father.

“You couldn’t feel anything when you held him?”

“You mean like the extreme feeling to be beside him and to protect him?”

“Yes. It could feel as though you needed him or else you would die.”

“That’s exactly how I’ve felt since the moment I heard his voice.”

“We have that type of effect on people.” He smiled slyly.

“I’ve gotten everyone I could to answer the phone, my love. They will be arriving momentarily.” Dante re-entered the room and I smiled at him.

“Thanks, Dante. I figure, if we’re going to do this, we need as many people on our side as can possibly get.”

“I agree. It would be best for everyone to see what they have done, and what we have tried to avoid happening. I hate this whole situation and I do not understand April’s reasoning behind anything at all. I thought their family was one that still held feelings for other people’s lives. I guess I was wrong.”

“I know! I don’t understand her! And I don’t understand Nikki, either. How could she do this to her best friend?”

“Maybe she just lost control,” My dad said. He raised his shoulders and dropped them as I looked at him perplexed.

“But, I thought she was stronger than that! She’s been playing with Xavier for at least a week now! I’ve never seen her eyes go red, and I’ve never seen her act like she was going to bite him; never.”

“Well, I don’t know, Vic, but you’ll get your answers soon, don’t worry, kid.”

I looked down at Xavier again and turned my head slightly to get a good look at his face. Had he grown? He looked slightly larger than I’d remembered, but maybe I was just freaking out. Yes, I was just freaking out.

I heard a large knock on the door and turned my head to see who it was.

“Hello, Allison, Michelle. Good to see you again. Come in. Victoria and her father are sitting in the living room with Xavier.”

“Thanks, Dante; it’s good to see you again, as well.”

They walked in strode over to where I was sitting with Xavier.

“What have they done to this poor child?” I could hear the worry in Allison’s voice and Michelle just shook her head, and sat down on the couch next to us.

“Nikki did this? I can’t imagine such a sweet child would bite her best friend. I thought she had more control than this?” Allison kept talking, not caring if anyone was listening, although I was. I agreed completely and in fact, I had just asked the same thing not ten minutes earlier.

“We’re going to find that out, don’t worry.” My dad answered her. He knew I didn’t feel like talking, and I had told him in my mind to keep the guests busy while I watched over my new son.

Another knock came to the door and Nicholas, Christopher, Summer, and Melissa all stepped in. The couples sat, hand-in-hand, and all shook their heads when they looked at Xavier. I heard them lightly whispering to each other, hearing what they were saying.

“This is ridiculous.” I heard one voice say.

“How could this happen?” A worried woman asked.

“I can’t believe such a sweet girl would do this.” Another woman said.

I wanted to know why Nikki would do this, but I knew it would have to wait until Xavier was well. I wondered if he was mad at her, I wondered if he hated her and if he would ever forgive her.

“We must still go through with the petition,” Summer said.

“I agree,” Dante whispered. “This is madness. I thought killing the humans was supposed to bring us peace, yet it has only torn us apart worse.”

I turned to see Michelle and Allison nodding in unison to Dante’s statement.

More people arrived and a few of them left, deciding they wanted nothing to do with the over-throwing of their government; although Dante and I were next in line for reigning, anyway.

By the start of the morning, every room in the large house was full of vampires; and the best part of all was that every one of them agreed with us and wanted to stand by our sides.

“Will everyone please come to the living room? If you could crowd in for just a moment, we can plan our attack.” Dante shouted over everyone, although he didn’t need to shout, we all would have heard him just fine.

Everyone started to crowd around the living room, squeezing in between each other, trying to get a good look at what was going on.

“I believe that there is something seriously wrong with this situation; do you all agree with me?” I watched as they all nodded their heads, agreeing with him. “I do not understand the events of today, but what I do know is that I will not stand for it any longer.

“For years, we have been told what to do; how to act, and I say that now is the time for change.

“Victoria and I plan to make things better; to make things safer for the people that need it most. Everyone should have a voice in this world, and we will make sure that you have yours.”

It sounded like he was making a political speech, yet everyone in the room nodded their heads to his voice. I hadn’t realized how hard the vampires really had it all of these years. They had rules to follow, guidelines to live by, and if they didn’t abide by these; they were killed.

I felt terribly depressed as this was all going on. I knew that my new son could die, I knew that I may very well have to kill one of the women that had become my friend, and I knew that some of my new friends may be killed tomorrow, as well.

But hope filled my mind, too. I looked around the room of vampires that stood before me and a smile lit my face. They all wanted change and Dante and I were the ones who were going to give it to them; no matter what the cost.

I could see the sadness and agony on all of their faces and I felt their pain. I hadn’t known what it was like to be a vampire, until now, but I could tell that it wasn’t a life many people wanted to live.

Most everyone didn’t have the choice to be changed or not, and I was considered one of the lucky ones. No, I couldn’t wish myself out of this new life with my mind, but I could make the best of it, now, and I knew I would do just that.

I found the confidence in myself to believe that I could be a great queen to these people. I would embrace the life I had been given and I would take advantage of every power I had in my possession.

“We leave when Xavier is well. No later; no earlier. Is that clear, everyone?”

They all nodded once more and Dante dismissed them.

He walked back over to where I sat and put his arm around me, pulling me close.

“He’ll wake up in a few moments.” My dad assumed.

Submitted: September 18, 2008

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OMG realy whant to know what he is going to do when he wakes up
i feel bad for them :(

and mayby the reason for April wanting him dead is that she knew what he was and that she saw him as a danger to them or something

cant wait for the next update

plz let me know when ya do updat plz

Thu, September 18th, 2008 9:10pm


ok! ill update tomorrow again! lol thanks soooo much for your comments, nat, i really appreciate it!!!

Thu, September 18th, 2008 4:46pm


ooo. THAT POOR CHILD! I dont think Nikki had a choice in the matter... I think April forced her...Thankx for the update!

Thu, September 18th, 2008 9:46pm


:) thanks for the comment!

Thu, September 18th, 2008 4:44pm

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