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Chapter 12: Battle of a Lifetime

I squeezed from the sandwich I was in created by my father and Dante and ran out the door, never looking back. I could hear Dante screaming in his mind for me to come back, but I just wanted to make it outside.

I wanted to make sure Xavier was safe and I wanted to make sure he would be safe while this fight ensued.

“Victoria! Come back here! Why are you running from your fights?!” April must have pushed through Dante and my dad and was now chasing me out the hole I made for the front door.

I turned around to face her when I reached the light outside and she stopped dead. Her face turned blank as she stared at the hundreds of vampires that stood outside of her mansion.

“What….what are you all doing here?!” She shouted.

“They’re here to protect their lives and to overthrow you, April.”

“How could you all betray me like this?! You will pay for all that you have done, Victoria!”

“I did nothing. Believe me, these people hated you before I was even born,” I extended my arm behind me to gesture toward them.

“You made this happen! You made them hate me!”

“I didn’t have to do anything. You did it all yourself.”

I saw the fierce anger growing in her and I could feel the energy coming from her body even as I stood almost ten feet away. I didn’t have time to think why Dante and my father weren’t running out of the house after me, but I had time to notice April’s hair starting to blow in the nonexistent wind.

She raised her head up toward the sky and closed her eyes, a bright smile filling her face. She started saying words I didn’t understand. Latin, I’d imagine.

I had no clue what she was doing until I felt myself being raised off of the ground. I looked around dumbfounded as I was lifted at least twenty feet into the air.

I had no time to react before I was thrown across the courtyard and into one of the large trees that lined the walkway.

I hit with a loud thud, but surprisingly didn’t feel a thing. My skin was completely in destructible.

I let a sideways smirk cross my face and decided it was time for my own magic skills.

I raised five trees from the earth, making them hover for a split second before I smashed them all in April’s direction. I heard gasps coming from our audience, yet no one stepped in to help. I’d imagine they thought I could handle myself.

I watched the trees I had just thrown in her face start to raise back off and fall to the ground, revealing April; her hair was slightly knotted, her face twisted into a snarl.

“You cannot defeat me, Victoria! Face it, it’s over!”

“Never!” I shouted back.

I stared in shock as I saw Nikki appear behind April, an evil little smile on her face. She squinted her eyes at me and took April’s arm as though they were the best of friends.

I couldn’t understand what I was seeing. And I believed no one else could, either. They all stared in awe as I did at the sight and I heard large inhales of air coming from every direction.

“Let her go!” I screamed, ripping another tree from the earth.

“If you want to kill me, you have to kill Nikki, as well!” She laughed.

“Let. Her. Go.” I stated. I used all of the power in my mind to disconnect the bind April was holding on her. I saw a chain wrapped around Nikki’s body and I tried to pry it off with all of my force.

One-by-one I broke the links to the invisible chain and watched April’s face turn to pure hell.

“Give her back!” Nikki came running over to me and was once again stopped dead by the chain.

I growled at April. I placed myself in a crouching position, ready to make my attack again.

I threw the tree down, knowing I couldn’t possibly use it with Nikki that close to my direction of attack.

I ran as fast as I could toward April, feeling myself start to move as a gazelle would. I pounced on her, knocking her to the ground.

“Get off of me!” She grabbed my hair, pulling a large chunk of it out of my scalp, and I felt a light stream of blood start to trickle from the open wound. I scratched at her face, breaking her skin slightly.

“Just give up, April! You’re not strong enough to beat me!”

“Damnit if I am!” She tried to pull my head down to her face, leaving my neck open for feasting.

I pulled against her with all of my might, concentrating on all of the veins in her body. I tried to break them, I tried to crush every major artery in her body, but to no avail, she held too strong of a guard on them.

I could feel bones start to crush in my body and I screamed loudly, trying to form my own barrier against her controlling mind.

“See, you know nothing! You are not even strong enough to protect your own body!”

I grabbed her head, smashing it down into the stone walkway, hearing a slight crack. I lifted her up by her hair, concentrating on her mind as I stood up and punched her in her face, her eye swelling slightly.

“April! What are you doing?!” I looked over her shoulder and saw my father and Dante running out of the mansion and over to where I held her.

I concentrated on her eyes now and I tried to squeeze them as hard as I could with my mind. I saw them start to change shape-a more oval shape and I knew I was winning. I was going to rip her eyes out of her head if I had to!

“This is stupid! What are you doing?!” My father shouted. They stood slightly far away, but I could feel a force start to pull my arms off of her head. I could feel invisible fingers starting to pry my fingers from her hair.

I held against them the most I could and I won, keeping my grip on her.

She closed her eyes again and lifted her head up. She whispered another word in Latin and I looked around to see what was happening.

Before I knew it, everyone was surrounding me. All of them had sinful expressions and all of their fists were clenched. I knew she had them. She was controlling all of their moves; all except my father.

I looked around worried as I watched the love of my life approaching me, telling me he was going to kill me. Tears started to welt in my eyes and I almost gave up my hold on her.

“Just give up, Victoria. You don’t want to have to kill your poor little Dante, do you?” She gave me a sarcastic-pleading look, which just made me angrier.

Tears ran down my cheeks as I concentrated on every single organ; every single vein; every single nerve in her body. I started crushing her organs, one-by-one, hearing her scream out in pain. To my surprise, every time I crushed one, it healed itself.

I became quite frustrated and decided to go to the central system-her brain. I concentrated my hardest on it, trying to compress it with all of my strength.

“Ahh! Let go! I can’t take it!” She screamed at the top of her lungs, hurting my eardrums.

“Let them go!” I shouted right back.

“Okay! Just let go! Please!”

I squeezed a little more, getting past her barrier as she let her guard down.

Everything in April’s life flashed before my eyes, making me drop to my knees. Rape, torture, abuse, lies, deceit.

I couldn’t believe it. She wasn’t lying. She had held such a terrible life of pain and misery.

I saw her love-Vincent, in her mind. He slept with another woman, he lied to her, and he deceived her. I saw her father raping her when she was a child, I saw her getting bitten by vampires, and I saw her being jumped in a dark alley. I saw her sadness in her mind. I saw her want to be loved; her want to be accepted.

I pressed my hands to my face, trying to get her images out of my head. I cried loudly as she looked down on me. I heard everyone start to whisper, everyone start to ask questions.

I looked up at her, teary-eyed. “I had no idea.” I whispered.

Dante ran over, cradling me in his arms. Nikki ran over shortly after, grabbing me from behind and hugging me tightly.

I could feel my broken bones, although I didn’t care too much about them right now. One of my ribs, one of my arms, and one of my fingers-shattered.

Right now, all I could think of what April’s past. All I could see was her agony, all I could feel was her anger. I now understood everything.

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