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Chapter 18: Chasing a Demon

For the next few days, I sat next to my mother on the floor, watching her. She didn’t breathe, she didn’t move, and I couldn’t hear her heart anymore. It worried me because I knew that she could be dead, but then again, I didn’t know because she was still undergoing the process of being changed into one of us.

I cried by her side until she would wake up. I had given her the gift of everlasting breath, but I also knew that it was a terrible curse placed upon whoever it touched.

I laid my head next to her on the couch and cried. I heard small movements coming from her body under the blanket and shot my head up to look.

Her eyes fluttered under their lids until she opened them slowly, revealing bright red irises. It scared me at first, but I knew that she was fine now. I was glad my eyes had returned to their normal color, although they were even brighter, if that was possible.

She looked around for a second, her head still rested on the pillow. I caught my breath as I stared at her, waiting for her response.

“Mom?” I asked quietly.

She turned her head to look at me slowly and the corner of her mouth curled into a small smile. I smiled back brightly and grabbed her, hugging her tightly.

“Where am I?” She asked. I backed away for a moment and closed my eyes.

“Mom, there’s a lot that you’ve missed. I’m sorry I didn’t rescue you sooner but I thought you were dead…” I looked down to the ground.

“I thought I was dead, Vic.” She brought her hand up and placed it on my cheek. I rubbed my face against it like a cat and looked at her.

“I’m so sorry, mom. I promise you’ll never be hurt again. I’m so sorry.” Tears started to flow from my eyes and I heard a few people walk into the room.

I turned around to look and saw my father, Dante, Nikki, and Xavier all standing, waiting to enter the room. Everyone had smiles on their faces except for my father. His eyes filled with sadness and he brought his hands up to his face, covering it and sobbing into his palms.

I ran over and hugged him, burying my head in his chest.

“Dad, mom’s okay! She’s okay! Aren’t you happy?!” I asked.

“Of course I’m happy, kid; I’m damn near ecstatic.”

“Then why are you crying?” I asked, wiping his tears with my fingers.

“I just can’t believe that she’s here and that she’s alive. I can’t believe it.”

He moved me out of the way lightly and slowly walked over to my mother. She looked bewildered as he kneeled beside her, taking her hands.

“Damien?” She asked wide-eyed.

“Yes, Destiny, it’s me.”

My mother reached her hand up and stroked it across my dad’s cheek, tears filling her eyes.

I couldn’t understand why my mother didn’t seem like a vampire, but I didn’t care as long as they were together. She seemed perfectly fine; unchanged, rather.

“I’ve missed you so much, sweetheart,” my dad said, grabbing her and hugging her tightly.

I looked over to Dante who watched, smiling, and reached for his hand, entwining our fingers together. Tears fell onto my shirt as I watched my parent’s reunion, hoping and praying for the best. It seemed as though everything was perfect in this chaotic world and it seemed as though nothing could possibly take away my happiness.

I watched as they kissed for moments-on-end and I watched as my mother took her first steps as a vampire.

“Why does my throat hurt so badly?” She asked, rubbing her neck with her hands.

“That is your thirst, Destiny,” Dante answered.

“Thirst? Well, I’ve been thirty before and it’s never felt like this.”

“You are a vampire now, have you not realized that?”

“A….a vampire?! What are you talking about?!” She twisted her head in all directions, looking at all of us over and over.

“Mom, I told you! You were dying, I had to do something!”

She went silent and stared at me for a long while. Then she finally whispered, “My….little girl is a….vampire?” She walked toward me and took my face in her hands.

“Not exactly, but yeah, I have some vampire in me, mom. That’s why I said you’ve missed a lot. But don’t be scared, I’m fine.” I smiled.

“And…and these children; they’re….yours?” She walked to Nikki and Xavier who held hands, gazing up at her.

“No, I found Xavier and Nikki is staying with us. Mom, just be patient, I’ll explain everything, okay?”

“How have I missed this much? I haven’t even been gone for that long! Why….just yesterday, that creature killed that young girl; am I wrong?”

“Mom, that was almost a year ago.”

A look of shock came across her face and her eyes widened.

“You mean to tell me that I haven’t seen you in almost a year?!”

“I thought you were dead, mom! I had to save you from those people that were torturing you! That was last week, didn’t you know?!”

She walked in front of me. “Tortured?! Victoria, I don’t remember any of it! I don’t remember anything!”

I looked up at Dante, concern filling my expression. I shook my head slowly and he gave me the same look back.

“What’s wrong with her?” I asked him.

“I’m not quite sure. It seems as though she’s only remembered bits and pieces of her human life.”

“What are you talking about?!” My mom started to stomp where she was standing and my dad walked over, grabbing her by the waist. “I don’t understand any of this!”

“Des, it’s fine, really, hun, it’s okay,” my dad whispered in her ear.

“Listen, Damien! I am not going to take you back this easily, that may be what it looked like over there,” she pointed to the couch, “ But you’re not getting me back that easily! Have you forgotten what you have done?!”

“No, I haven’t and I never will, but please forgive me. I’ve changed, you can ask Victoria,” he looked at me and pointed a finger.

I nodded once.

“I don’t care, Damien! Listen, you guys, I don’t know what’s going on here or what happened, but I want to know now! I want to know!”

I was quite surprised to see how immature my mother was acting, but I suppose I would be the same way if I had no memory of what happened to me.

“Calm down, honey, everything is fine. I promise I’ll make all of this up to you, okay?” He pleaded with his eyes.

“Not right now, you won’t. I can’t believe any of this! My daughter is a vampire, my husband is a lying sack of crap, and I have two grandchildren whom I have never met! How could this all happen in the matter of a year?! I just don’t get it!”

“Mom! Calm. Down,” I said, while walking over and grabbing her hands.

“I thought you were smarter than this, Vic. I thought you hated them as much as I did! How could you just forget about me?!”

“I didn’t forget about you, mom! I’ve thought about you every single day since you left me in the attic! Dante rescued me and I thought you were dead! I didn’t know you were still alive being tortured somewhere! I didn’t know, okay?! But, I’ve saved you, so why can’t you just forgive us all?! Please?! I love you, mom….” I lowered my head.

“Well, apparently I wasn’t dead, you got bitten, you found your father, and now you’re living with this….this creature….” She shot Dante a dirty look.

I grabbed her face with my hands and made her look at me.

“Don’t you ever call him that. Don’t you blame this on him! This is all of my fault. You have no idea what has happened, mom! You have no idea!” I started to break down, feeling a bit dizzy.

“Well then, what has he done to you?! What are you, Victoria?!” Her eyes fluttered with questions.

“I’m a darkling, mom. And so is dad. He left because he couldn’t handle himself around us. He didn’t want to hurt us!”

She back away now, looking at us all with a frightful expression. I knew I had scared her, but she was acting so crazy that I had to tell her the truth!

“A….darkling?! Is this your father’s lie that he has told you?! You don’t really believe this, do you?!”

“Of course I do, mom! I have the powers; I have everything that he has described. Why wouldn’t I believe him?!”

“He’s a liar! You’re not this thing you speak of! It can’t be true! None of this is true! You tell her the truth, Damien! Tell her the truth!” She grabbed my father’s shirt and started yanking him forward and back, shouting in his face.

“It is the truth!” He said in his defense.

“Mom, it’s true! You have to believe us! If you don’t, I’ll just have to show you!”

I closed my eyes and focused on the couch at the side of the room. I brought it into the air and put it back down on the floor lightly.

I opened my eyes to see my mother’s expression. She looked shocked, scared, and bewildered.

“See?! He’s not lying!”

“How is this possible?”

“Victoria and her father are very special,” Dante said, taking my hand.

“But, how….what….” she was at a loss for words.

“Destiny, I didn’t tell you sooner because I knew this is how you would react! Knowing that I used to be such a terrible liar, I knew you would never believe me. I knew it,” my father grabbed her by her arms, looking into her eyes.

I wished this would end. I wished my mother would just understand, but I knew that it was going to take awhile for her to wrap her head around everything that had happened.

“This is just crazy…” she said.

“I know it’s crazy, but you must believe him,” Dante answered.

She turned to face us then and lowered her head in sadness. “Are you pregnant, Victoria? Don’t lie.”

Dante and I looked at each other and wrinkled our foreheads.

“Not that I know of, why?”

“If you’re the vampire you say you are, why can I smell something inside of you?”

I backed away and put my hand to my stomach. What was she talking about? I didn’t understand. How could she know the scent of blood so soon and most importantly, what the hell did she mean by “I smell something inside of you?”

“What are you talking about, mom?!”

She walked toward me, lowering herself down to her knees in front of me. She placed her ear to my stomach and listened for a moment, closing her eyes and sniffing just a tiny bit.

“I hear a heartbeat,” she said, looking up at me.

My mouth fell open wide and I hit the ground with a hard thud.

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