Everlasting Breath

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 2 (v.1) - Dress Shopping From Hell

Submitted: September 08, 2008

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Submitted: September 08, 2008



Chapter 2: Dress Shopping From Hell

Walking through a large store, trying to find the perfect dress is more than an impossible feat. It’s literally insane. I couldn’t even imagine doing this with more than two people.

“Oh, look at this one, Vikki!” Nikki took the liberty of changing my nickname to rhyme with hers, I thought it was adorable. She stood next to a rack of dresses, pulling one out.

It was beautiful. Of course, it was covered in plastic, but I loved it already. I’d always told myself if I ever got married, my wedding would be very elegant, candles, lace, red, black and white roses, all of it.

The dress had a princess gown shape, corset top and a large skirt on the bottom. It was an off-white, which was a color I wasn’t sure would fit my skin type, but I decided I’d try it, anyway.

“That’s beautiful, good job, Nik!”

“Thanks!” She smiled, looking innocent as ever. She was the cutest kid I’d ever seen. I wished she was mine.

I grabbed the dress off of the rack and walked over to April, who was scanning the many dresses, herself.

“I’m going to try this one on, did you find any yet?”

“No, not any luck, I’m sorry. But, I promise you, you will find the perfect dress.”

“Thanks. Well, I’ll be right back, and I’ll come out so you guys can see me.”

“Okay, we’ll be here.”

I walked to the dressing room, feeling quite odd about changing my clothes in an abandoned shop. The sadness was overwhelming, but I had to keep pushing it away so that it didn’t get in the way of the mood I was trying to portray.

I stripped my clothes quickly and stepped into the gown. It was quite heavy, but I wouldn’t mind. I pulled the dress up to cover myself and reached my hand around my back to zip it up.

“Oh my lord….” I whispered. I stared at myself in the mirror. I looked stunning, to say the least. The color was perfect, the fit was perfect, and the dress was perfect.

Lo and behold the first one I try on is it. A huge smile came across my face and I almost ran out of the dressing room.

“It’s perfect!” I screamed.

April walked over slowly, looking me up and down, the brightness twinkling in her eyes. “You look absolutely beautiful, my dear. I think you’ve found your gown.”

Nikki came running over at that instant, hugging me as tightly as she could. “I knew it! You look so pretty, Vikki! Yay for me, I found the best dress, ever!”

“Thanks, Nik.”

“Well, are you sure you don’t want to try on a couple more, just to make sure? We can look at other things while we’re here also, like Nikki’s dress and my bridesmaid dress, if you want.”

“Sounds good. Seriously, I think this is the perfect dress for me; I don’t want to look anymore. I’m completely happy right now. Dante will love it!”

“He would love you in a potato sack, my dear,” April giggled a little.

We all started laughing, me blushing of course, thinking of Dante’s face when I took my stroll down the aisle to become his wife.

We spent the rest of the afternoon looking at their dresses. They both tried on maybe fifty gowns before they found the perfect ones. For once, I was completely happy with what was going on.

I told Nikki and April I’d meet them outside because I wanted to see my finished product by myself.

I strapped my shoes on, added my tiara to my hair, and zipped my dress up, once again. I had decided not to wear a veil, since I wanted Dante to see my face right when I appeared in front of him.

I stared at myself for a long while, smiling and picturing how beautiful our wedding would be.

I unzipped my dress and heard a small voice.

“Please, please, help me….” The voice trailed off, making me gasp.

I spun around in the small room, looking for anything that would be making the voice.

“Hello?” I asked loudly. It was probably just Nikki playing a prank on me. I unstrapped my shoes, forgetting what I had heard.

Until I heard it once again, “Please, please help me, I’m scared.”

It was a little boy, I was sure of. I couldn’t find him but I knew he was there. I searched my mind, seeing a small dark figure in a little room, curled into the corner, whispering to help him.

I pulled my clothes on quickly and ran out of the room. I opened all of the dressing room doors, one-by-one, having no luck. Finally, I came upon the last room, opening the door slowly, peeking my head in.

A small boy sat in the corner, as I had seen his figure in my head. I crouched beside him, scooping him into my arms, cradling him.

“It will be alright,” I whispered.

“I’m so scared. My mommy is gone. I don’t know where she is. Please help me find her, I’m scared,” he was sobbing in my arms, holding on to me tightly.

“I’ll take care of you,” I ran my fingers through the child’s hair, kissing the top of his head. I had no clue who this kid was, but I would protect him. He was human, that I was sure of. I could hear his heartbeat.

He slowly raised his head, looking into my eyes. His were a soft green, almost the same as Dante’s but a bit lighter. His hair was a dirty blond, slightly wavy and he had a round little face. I’d imagined he was no older than six years old. He was adorable, to say the least. He had to have been the cutest thing I’d seen since Nikki.

“You’re not my mom! Where is she?!” He began punching my chest, wriggling and trying to get out of my grasp.

“I will explain later, but please, I want to save you. You have to believe me,” I held him tight and his kicking stopped.

“You’re….you’re not one of them?”

“No, I won’t hurt you, I promise. Please believe me. I want to take care of you.”

“I want my mom! Where is she! Mommy!” He was screaming at the top of his lungs now and I was sure that April and Nikki would either hear him, or come in wondering what was taking so long.

I needed to save this child, and I would save this child. He was so upset and worried…he sort of reminded me of myself when I lost my mother. I just wasn’t sure how Dante or any of the rest of the vampire would react, seeing as this child is human.

I slowly rose up, picking him up with me. I walked out of the room, closing the door behind me.

“You’re safe now, don’t worry. What’s your name?”


“I’m Victoria,” I said, smiling at him.

He smiled at little and nestled his head into my chest, closing his eyes.

He must have believed that I wouldn’t hurt him, because he was taking a liking to me so early. I felt terrible about his mother. She must have been coming to get a dress for either her wedding or a friend’s. I wondered how long he’d been in that room, asking for help. I didn’t know why I didn’t hear him sooner; maybe I was just too happy to realize it.

I slowly walked through the store and out the front doors to find April and Nikki waiting for me, their backs turned to me.

Nikki swung around quickly, running up to me and stopping with a confused look on her face.

“Who is that?!” She screamed, looking at me accusingly.

April then swung around, anger overtaking her face, as well.

“What have you done, Victoria?!”

“I found him. His name is Xavier, and I’m going to take care of him. He lost his mother, as did I, and I will not let him die here.”

“Well, if he doesn’t die here, he’s going to die at home!” Nikki was shouting now, waving her small fists in the air.

“Oh, Victoria, what am I going to do with you, young one?”

I held him close to my face. He had already fallen asleep or I’m sure he would have been very frightened. Two angry vampires were nothing compared to what we would be facing when we returned back to the manor.

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