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Chapter 22: To Be Honest…

I loved the fact that Dante was part of me now, but then again, I was a little jealous that he stole some of my powers from me.

He was all too excited to join along and be at my side while we used our abilities together, but I was feeling a little selfish. Why did he have to take some of my powers before I even found out I had them? It just wasn’t fair!

That night, I lay in bed staring at the ceiling. Dante rested his head on my shoulder and I put my arm underneath him, pulling him close.

“Something on your mind, my love?” He asked.


“And what’s that?”

“Never mind, everything is fine, don’t worry about it.”

“You’re jealous of me?”

I looked down at him. “What did you just say?”

“You’re jealous of me? But, why?”

“I never said I was jealous of you, Dante.”

“Yes you did, you just said it not a moment ago.”

“Crap; now you can read my thoughts?!”

“I….read your thoughts?”

“Well, I didn’t say anything and you heard me! Oh crap!” I rolled my eyes.

“Why are you so upset about this, Victoria?” He said, propping himself up on an arm.

“I was different for once, Dante, and now it’s like….I’m nothing.”

He turned my head to face him and he looked angry; I felt terrible. I knew I shouldn’t be feeling like this, but I couldn’t help it. It wasn’t his fault, yet he should have known, right?

“You couldn’t ever be considered as nothing.”

“Well, there isn’t any special about me anymore.”

“Of course there is! What are you saying?! Seriously, do you hear yourself talk?!”

“Yes, I hear myself and I know that what I’m saying is true. I can’t do the same things my father and Xavier can do. I’m not a true darkling anymore.”

“Xavier cannot do all of the things Damien can. What are you talking about, Victoria?! I’m sorry but you’re being completely selfish.”

“Yeah, I know I am. But, why didn’t you know that this would happen?”

“I don’t know hardly anything about darklings, I thought you knew that?”

“I know but, I thought you were friends with my dad, why didn’t you know?”

“Victoria, we just found all of this out today! Calm yourself, my love. You are everything special in this world and I cannot understand why you’re thinking this just because you can’t shape-shift.”

“Well, maybe it’s more than that!”

“Then tell me what’s wrong!”

I sat up, crossing my arms in front of me like a child would, although I thought I was being completely reasonable. This was my gift; something I could call my own, and it was taken from me just as quickly as I had realized I had it.

“You think I stole your powers?! Are you completely serious?!” Dante picked himself up until he was sitting up and stared at me, anger flaring in his eyes.

“Well, you’re the one who bit me, aren’t you?!”

Tears filled his eyes and he stood up, walking to the door and leaving me on the bed by myself.

As soon as he left, I felt terrible. I curled myself up into a tight ball and cried for the rest of the night, hoping he could find it in his heart to forgive me.

I decided to apologize, since I obviously wasn’t going to get any sleep.

I got up from the bed and walked out the door, closing it quietly. I moved down the stairs slowly and made my way to the living room. I peaked my head around the corner but he wasn’t there.

I decided to look outside, knowing he might be there, staring at the stars. Lo and behold, he was.

I sat next to him and he looked up at the sky, his tears sparkling in the moonlight.

“That was a low blow, on my part,” I whispered.

“You’re damn right it was,” he said, keeping his eyes on the sky.

Tears ran down my face and I stared at his profile, wishing he would look at me. I slowly turned his head toward me and he pulled with all of his might against my mind.

“I’d rather not look at you right now, if you don’t mind,” he whispered.

I cried silently next to him, waiting for any type of response.

“I’m sorry, Dante, I shouldn’t have said what I did and I shouldn’t be thinking what I am.”

“No, you shouldn’t be thinking that and you shouldn’t have said what you did, but you can’t take it back now, can you?” He then looked over at me, “And I can’t take back that I bit you. I thought we were over this; I thought you were fine with it.”

“I was. But, when I found out I lost some of my powers, it kind of hurt, Dante. I’m completely happy that you are able to do all of this, but then again, it’s kind of sad for me, you know?”

“I understand, but what I don’t like is that you blamed it on me. That hurt me, love.”

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you; I just wasn’t thinking when I was talking.”

“I accept your apology, but can you accept mine?”

“Of course,” I whispered, resting my head on his shoulder.

“Aren’t you tired? I thought you would have been asleep by now.”

“I couldn’t sleep knowing I had upset you.”

“Well, I’m fine now, so you can sleep.”

“I’d rather sit out here with you, if you don’t mind.”

“Of course not, my love.”

We spent the rest of the night and morning sitting on the porch together, staring up at the deep blue and purple sky. The wind whistled lightly and bustled the trees, which were still mostly dead from the cruel winter.

“Are we still going through with the wedding?” He asked, breaking the silence between us.

“Of course! That reminds me, I have to pick up my dress from the mansion. And, we have to start doing sweeps around here to make sure other humans aren’t being tortured like my mother was.”

“Yes, I had forgotten about that. That’s a good idea; I’ll talk to Damien about it tomorrow. I can’t see your dress until the wedding day, correct?”

“That’s right, I guess. I’m not really up on the rules of weddings, but I think you’re right,” I laughed.

“You should bring your mother, Xavier, and Nikki tomorrow and Damien and I will start inspecting the states.”

I nodded. We both got up and headed inside the house, hand in hand.

“I can’t wait to marry you,” I whispered.

“Nor can I, my love, nor can I.”

We met my mother and father in the kitchen and sat down at the table next to them. My dad was eating a bowl of cereal and my mom was sitting next to him with her arms resting on the table.

“Good morning,” she greeted us with a smile. Her eyes were still red, which scared me, but I could tell that they were dulling and would be back to their normal brown any time.

“Hey, guys, how are you this morning?” I asked.

“We’re doing just great!”

Not two minutes after we entered the room, Xavier and Nikki followed in, skipping together. I swear that one day they will kill me with how cute they are.

“Hi!” They shouted in unison, taking their seats at the table.

“Are you hungry, X?” Dante asked, bustling through the cupboards.

“Yeah! Aren’t you hungry, Vikki?”

“Yeah, I guess I am a little hungry,” I said, hearing my stomach rumble.

“Alright then, eggs, bacon, and toast it is!”

“We have eggs like every day, Dante!” I rolled my eyes like a child.

“Fine then, you make something Ms. Smarty Pants,” he stuck his tongue out at me.

I loved how he was becoming more….human, I suppose. He seemed like he was really loving being with me and our new family, and that meant everything to me. He was actually joking around more and becoming more comfortable in his own skin.

“I’m just kidding, you can make my food,” I smiled widely at him.

He went back to what he was doing and I turned to face my mother. She was brushing Nikki’s hair, humming ever so lightly.

“Mom,” I asked. She turned to look at me while she stroked Nikki’s hair with the little silver brush. “Do you want to see my wedding dress?”

She almost jumped out of her seat with excitement. “Oh that would be wonderful! Where is it?!” She started looking around, basically freaking out.

“It’s at April’s old mansion. I was wondering if you wanted to go today. Oh! And we can get your dress too, if you want?”

“My dress? For what, Vic?”

“Well, don’t you want to be my maid of honor?”

“Me?! You’re maid of honor?! Victoria, I’m your mother, shouldn’t you pick one of your friends?”

“Mom, I don’t have many friends who are girls, and plus, you’ve always been my best friend.”

“Oh, honey, that would be great. Thanks so much.”

“You’re welcome. The least I should do is make you part of the wedding.”

“Oh, by the way; Dante?” She asked. He turned around where he was cooking our breakfast and looked at her, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes, Destiny?”

“Who’s marrying you guys, anyway?”

“I have a friend who was a priest in his human life. Although it doesn’t really matter anymore, because there aren’t really any laws, I’ve always wanted a traditional wedding, and I’ve found that Victoria would like nothing more, as well.”

“So, it’ll be in a church?”

“Actually, we are having the wedding at the mansion. They have such a large back yard and Victoria finds it absolutely beautiful there.”

She looked back to me and I nodded my head in agreement with him.

“Yeah, I told April I wanted it there. I figured we could have the reception and everything right there in the back yard. That way, everyone can stay in one place, you know?”

“That’s a good idea. Well, when do you want to go?”

“We can leave when I’m done eating, if that’s okay?”

“Sounds good to me. And what are you guys going to do today?” She stared at my dad and Dante.

“I was actually going to ask Damien if he would mind accompanying me to explore around here to make sure that nothing terrible is going on. After all, Victoria and I are supposed to be reining this place.”

“Where are we going?” Nikki asked, wide-eyed.

“You’re coming with us, of course!” I said. Her face lit up and she looked at Xavier who almost jumped out of his chair at the same time.

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