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Chapter 8: Start of a War

I stayed up next to Dante for the rest of the night, talking about wedding plans, and if our wedding would still even take place.

It was all so confusing. One moment in the heat of passion with Dante and I was changed into a vampire. How could this happen? Our wedding may be postponed, our new child may be killed, and worst of all, I had to see my father again.

Sure, things between us are a little better than they were before, that’s for sure, but I still didn’t know how to talk to him.

“Are you guys ready to go?” I asked Dante and Xavier as I walked down the stairs. I wore something a little more appropriate for meeting new people. I decided to wear a knee-length tan skirt and an emerald green sweater. I wouldn’t be cold in the weather, although it was still mid-March.

“You look beautiful, my love, I like your hair like that. And, yes, we are ready.” I hated wearing my hair up, but I decided today might be a good day to try it.

“Okay, then, let’s go!”

We reached the mansion and dropped off Xavier, telling him to be good and to have fun with Nikki. He went running off, waving, and we realized our first destination.

“We have to see my father first.”

“Of course. Where is he exactly?”

I searched my mind for my father and found him walking down a bare street. It seemed as though he was waiting for me, and that is exactly what I told him to do. I saw him nod his head and I opened my eyes.

“He’s in New York, waiting for us. Let’s go.”


“What brings you around, kid?” My father walked toward us, a smile crossing his face.

“I need to ask you some questions, dad.”

“Your eyes….they’re….red?”

“Dad, an accident happened.”

“An accident?! See, I told you nothing good would come of this relationship! What did I tell you, Victoria?!”

“Dad, calm down! Everything is fine. Dante bit me, and I was turned. It happened a couple of days ago. I just need to ask you some stuff.”

“You were turned into a vampire? But….why? How? I didn’t think it was possible!”

“I didn’t either, dad, but apparently it is. I feel thirsty and everything is much more vibrant to all of my senses, but I’m fine, really. My mind can handle it.”

“And….the child?”

“Xavier is fine.” Dante cut in. “We needed to see you to ask if anything like this has ever happened before. Do you know anything about what she has become?”

My father looked away in deep thought. I could tell his mind was boggled, but that he knew something about it.

“Well, obviously, she will have human, vampire, and darkling characteristics. Have you tried eating human food, Vic?”

“No, actually I haven’t. I haven’t even thought of that. I can still sleep, dad, how weird is that?”

“Hmm, curious. That’s very weird actually. I wonder what else you can do.”

“I don’t know, and I was hoping that you would have some type of idea. I don’t know anything really about either of the creatures I am and it’s making it kind of hard. I mean, obviously, I’m a weird one, I’m an exception, and I don’t know what to do.”

“I understand. Maybe I can help you. I can train you, Vic. I know that I haven’t been the best dad lately, but I never stopped loving you and I will do whatever I can to help you in this time.”

“Thanks, dad.”

“Please know, Damien, that I did not intend for this to happen. I feel terrible for what I have done. Please do not think that I wanted so much for her to be one of my kind.”

“Dante, I am done being angry with you. I am truly sorry for what I have said and done in the past and I hope that you will forgive me.”

“You are forgiven.”

They both nodded their heads and looked at me.

“We need your help, dad. April wants to kill Xavier.”

“I saw that. I think it’s really stupid, to say the least. He’s a damn child! I don’t understand that woman sometimes. Okay, I don’t understand her ever.”

“I know, I think it’s ridiculous. Dante and I asked if he could stay human for a few years, just so that he would be old enough to make the decision for himself, but she said she wouldn’t have it. She won’t let him. Dad, I don’t want him to suffer like that. The physical pain is one thing, but imagine a child with the most terrible thirst. It hurts me to think of it.”

“Yes, we have to help him. I will help you two in any way you need me. I don’t want him to be changed just yet, either. Well, I’d rather him not be changed at all, but that’s a little of a stretch.”

“We are going to start a petition and we would like you to join us, Damien. We will walk into April’s mansion with as many people as we can get and we will overthrow her. We are supposed to be the new rulers, am I correct? Then our word should be much stronger than hers.”

“That is true. Shouldn’t she be listening to you two? What happened to you being the ‘King and Queen’?”

“I don’t know. But, if we are going to rule, there is going to be some changes around here.”

“Yeah, I’m not going to stand back and watch Xavier get killed. I love him, dad, and he’s ours now. We’re his new parents and we should get to say what happens to him.”

“Where do we start?” My father was on our side now, which felt nice. He had made amends with Dante, and was being more than supportive in our decision. I just didn’t know how we would find vampires that would want Xavier to survive the same way we did.

“We start at Allison and Michelle’s house. You know where they live, am I correct, Damien?”

“Yes. I will show you and you can take us there.”

“Wait, you’re going to show him? How are you going to do that?”

“I’m going to simply grab his hand and show him my thoughts. I will teach you, Vic, don’t worry.”

“Okay.” I could tell that being a darkling was much more than I had ever figured out. I knew I had no clue where to start and I was happy that my father was here now.

We all grabbed hands and arrived in front of a beautiful home. It looked quite modern-white siding, red shutters, and two floors. A wooden porch wrapped around the front and was lined with tons of colorful flowers.

We walked up the stone walkway and Dante knocked on the door.

A tall woman answered and smiled. I imagined she was either Allison or Michelle.

“Dante! It’s so nice to see you!” She grabbed him and hugged him tightly and looked over at me quickly.

“Hello, Allison.”

“Oh! And you must be Victoria!” She moved quickly over in front of me and gave me the same type of hug. A little awkward, but nice at the same time.

“Hi, Allison.”

“Damien, good to see you again.” She then walked to my father, hugged him, and stepped back to look at us all.

She resembled an older Nikki, in my opinion. She had shorter bright blond hair, and piercing blue eyes. She had a slightly rounder face and large, full lips. She was flawless, to say the least. I knew I had to get used to seeing all of these beautiful faces, although as many that I saw, they would always keep knocking the breath out of me.

“Come in, come in.” She held her arm out across the door and we all followed in, one-by-one.

“Where is Michelle?” Dante was looking around, trying to scope out where he thought she might be.

The inside of the house was average, but still pretty. We walked to the living room, which was very bright; the walls were a mint green and the couches were a bright white. I couldn’t imagine having a house pet in such a place.

“Michelle will be down in a moment. She has been quite depressed today for some reason.”

“I see.” Dante took his seat and I took mine next to him. My father sat on the small armchair, slouching.

“You are probably wondering why we are here.” Dante said.

“A little curious, yes.” Allison reminded me of my mother, actually. She talked lightly, but she still held the meaning of her words. She seemed caring and loving. I wondered what type of relationship she had with Michelle.

“Victoria found a human child.”

A slight gasp released itself from her lips and her face turned back to calm just as quickly.

“I know, it is a surprise. April wants Xavier to be killed or turned into a vampire, right away, but we do not agree with this. We would rather him be old enough to make the choice for himself.”

She nodded slowly and closed her eyes, crossing her arms. “I agree.” She finally said.

“Would you like to join us in our petition? We plan to walk into April’s mansion with the most people we can gather. We would like her to really hear us out, and apparently that isn’t going to happen without numbers.”

“Yes, April can be very stubborn sometimes, can’t she?” A solemn look crossed her face for a split second and then she smiled. She turned her head toward the door to the living room and in walked Miss Michelle.

Surprisingly, she looked almost like me. She had hair that passed slightly below her shoulders with a choppy, layered cut. Her hair was cinnamon brown and her eyes were the same color. She wore average clothes, yet she wore them more gracefully than I’d ever seen any other woman do.

“Dante? What are you doing here?” She asked as she took her seat next to Allison.

“I have just got done explaining to your sister what has happened.”

Ah, her sister; there was my answer.

“And that explanation would be?”

“Victoria has found a human child and April prefers that he either be killed or turned into one of us right away. We are here to ask your support. We do not agree with her and we would like to form a petition and we would prefer that you stand beside us.”

“So, you don’t want him to be turned? He will be killed, Dante, you cannot allow him to stay human for that long.” She spoke calmly, yet with much infliction in her voice.

“We understand this, but we can protect him, believe me.”

“Then, yes, I will join you.” Her and Allison looked at each other and smiled and then looked back to Dante.

“Thank you so much. You two will be of great help to our cause. I hope you truly understand where we are coming from.”

They nodded and we all stood up.

“I’ll contact you when we need you.” I said, and winked at my father.

We walked out of the house and my father showed Dante the next place of attack.

“This might take awhile, Victoria. Let me know when you get hungry, okay?” Dante cared way too much. I was much too excited to be hungry, I mean, come on, I get to meet tons of new vampires! I couldn’t wait!

“One down, millions to go.” I smiled at him.

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Astrocam the 2nd

So they're going to get a bunch of vampires together and storm April?

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yeah i know..i dont know what theyre thinking...


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