Je t'aime

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: March 31, 2013

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Submitted: March 31, 2013



Chapter two

(Skylar’s POV)

As France walked back to the classroom, Evan caught my eye. But France’s twin was already gone. Stilldidn'tknow his name. I walked over to Evan.

“Hey E-“I started.

“I thought youweren'tgay.” He stated, with a disappointed look on his face, making me want to shrivel up in a hole and die. No. I’m going to stick up for myself.

“Ididn't!! He kissed me! He said it was just thanks! An-and it’s probably just a French tradition!!!” I protested.

“Relax…I was just joking.” He put a smile on his face though; the rest of his face looked drained. I could feel a sparkly aura appearing around me as myspiritlifted up.

“Oh? Really?!” I smiled but then I noticed something. His smile. It’s fake. “Did I do something?” I asked. He shook his head. I could still tell something was wrong. “C’mon, pleases tell me what’s wrong??” I begged.

“Nothings wrong, Sky” He said calmly, still having that fake smile plastered on his face, it irritated me. But Ididn'tlet it show.

“Okay…..Then since you won’t tell me, how about I make it up to you and we can hang out after school!!” I said cheerily. He seemed to brighten up.

“Sure.” He replied with a smile, this time I could tell it was real.

“Okay I should get back to cla—“

“Yahooo!~” A voice called down the hall. A voice I knew too well. “Skylar…I know you’re down there~” I hid behind Evan the best I could as a girl with long, wavy, strawberry hair just up to her waist, inspected Evan. Her green cat-eyes stared menacingly at him. “Evan…do you know where Skylar is, I swear I could have saw him!” She pouted.

“I…err…um….h-he went too his next class early….” Evan stuttered. It was kind of cute.

“Oh? He thought he could escape me, could he? He’s going to have to try harder then that!!!” She yelled, running down the hall. Her hair collapsing down her shoulders. I breathed in a breath of relief, the witch was gone.

“She’s gone right?” I asked


I came out from behind him, and looked around just to make sure. “That little demondoesn'tknow when to give up. I laughed quickly. “Joking…I meant my ex” Evan gave me a weak smile but said nothing, something flashed across his eyes, but Icouldn'ttell what. All I know is that it went as quickly as it came. I rubbed the back of my neck nervously. “I’m going to go back to my class now.” I said and awkwardly left.


I skipped my next class. I’m sure if I stayed. ‘She’ would be there. Clinging onto me, I groaned at the mental image. That’s when I saw strawberry blonde hair; I ran full speed like I was being chased by slender man. Someone was in front of me, Icouldn'ttell who. Icouldn'tstop. I managed to land on him. Well on top of him. “Ehhh? I’m sorry!!” I got a clear look at him as I apologized. France? No, no, no. Hewasn'tsmiling like an idiot. What was his twin’s name? Uhhh….

“It’s alright; I was looking for you, anyways.”


“You’re the class president right?” Sadly, that’s true. No one wanted the job.


“Okay, I’m joining track and I don’t know where the meets are or where the track is soMr.Dillard'stold me you would show me around, since you’re the class president.

“Whydidn'the show you, himself?” I asked completely forgetting that I was on top of him.

“He said he was busy.” Lazy ass teacher.

“Oh. Well. Right now I’m kind of busy though.”

“How about after school?”

“Still, busy.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Class president not living up to his job? I wonder what Mr.Dillard's would say.” In a way he’s just like his brother. I groaned.

“Fine! After school meet here.”

Evan would just have to wait.

**A/N: I feel like this chapter was reaaalllyyy jammed toghter. Sorry, 'bout that. Comment :)?**

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