The Scream In the Wind

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Bella is being carried to a destination that she doesn't know. She wakes up will being carried like a sack of potatoes and to her a girl screaming and a guy laughing. By the words exchanged she figures out what is happening to the girl. She is being raped. She blacks out again and is woken up by gentle shaking. It is the cute, kinder guy from earlier. He leaves quickly though when the big, scary guy walks in and forces the young guy to leave. Bella gets her first real look at the scary guy and decides to nickname him Baldy because his hair is shaved and it looks like he is bald. Then Baldy starts kissing her! But the young guy walks in and interrupts it because something happened. We don't find out what it is in this chapter though.

Chapter 4 (v.1) - Mood Swings

Submitted: February 17, 2010

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Submitted: February 17, 2010



Chapter 3: Mood Swings

Everything is spinning around me as I barely open my eyes. I quickly close them and try to take a few breaths. I have a splitting headache and I feel like I might pass out again. I open my eyes a sliver when the motion feeling doesn’t stop. Below me feet are taking long, even steps. As things start to register and my senses come back to me, I feel someone’s hand holding onto my legs. I figure out that I’m slung over someone’s shoulder and being carried like a sack of potatoes. The man carrying me doesn’t seem to be having any struggle with my weight. As he swifts my position slightly I feel strong muscles bulge beneath my torso. I try to seem limp and close my eyes. Who knows what would happen if the man found out that I was awake.

I try to be as still as possible and keep my nervous breathing slow and even. At least I’m not blindfolded anymore and the gag is no longer in my mouth. I consider a way that I could escape. I could kick my legs against the guy but he’s much stronger and would probably just throw me on the ground. There’s nothing I could bite except the guy’s butt and that doesn’t sound very appealing. I could try punching him in the arm but I’m not that strong and he clearly is. Might as well just wait it out and see where I end up.

I try to stay well alert and listen to every sound and open my eyes so I get a peak of my surroundings. I hear some quiet mumbling and as the man and I get closer I recognize that they are screams. I try to focus on what is being yelled. It sounds like a girl and she’s in pain. We get closer and I pick out laughing and can understand the girl’s screams.

“Please! Don’t! I’ll do whatever you want but not this!”

“Oh, come on babe. You know you want to feel me inside of you. You know that you would like it.” I quickly shut out the rest and try to sing the ABCs in my head as loud as I can without making the words verbal. The guy carrying me makes a disgusted grunt and picks up his pace. I start to get dizzy again. The man’s faster pace is jerkier and makes me sway more. I black out once again.

“Hey, wake up,” someone is murmuring in an anxious voice. My eyes flutter open and the room swirls. I feel myself spinning and feel like I’m going to pass out again. A hand goes to my side and holds me up. “Stay awake. He’s going to be here soon and if you aren’t awake he’ll find a horrible way to wake you up.” I take one deep breath and open my eyes slowly. Things are still spinning but I try to focus on the face in front of me instead of the room behind it. I register the dark hair and light blue eyes as the kinder guy from earlier. The corner of his mouth turns up when I keep my eyes open and I almost think that he is going to smile but he quickly stops himself. “There. Now I don’t have to worry about him hurting you as much. How are you feeling?”

My eyes widen and I stare at his cute face. Why is this guy being so nice to me?!?!?!?!?!? I quickly look around the room. I’m sitting on a cold concrete floor and the walls are bare and gray. There’s nothing in here except for what appears to be a dog dish. The guy catches my eyes wondering and me staring at the dog bowl.

“Um, you’ll find out what that is for soon enough I’m afraid.” I give him a panicked look and he opens his mouth to explain when I hear heavy footsteps approaching the door to this room. “Shit. Um, I have to go.” He stands up without another word and no explanation about the dish. I watch him leave with curious eyes. There’s something that’s different about him from all the other men that I’ve seen so far.

The guy opens the door and standing there is the large, scary man that I first saw in the alley. The man glares at the boy my age and the boy avoids his deathly gaze. “What are you doing in here still?” he asks in a deep, gruff voice.

“Nothing, sir. I just dropped her in here and I was on my way to go get the others and take them to their cells,” he replies in a strong voice. I keep my eyes on the floor so it doesn’t appear that I’m listening.

“Well, hurry up. The guys need your help. Joseph just got back with a van full of them that he got all from one party. Get your ass out there. I’m sick of you slacking off. Now go,” says the large, scary man.

“Yes, sir.” The young guy runs out of the room and I hear some guy yell to him outside, which sounds like it’s on the west side of my room (the side I’m leaning against).

“Where the hell have you been, kid?” a deep voice yells. I strain my ears but can’t hear the response from the young guy.

“Are you listening to what they are saying? I sure hope not cause what my boys are saying is nothing that you need to hear,” the large, scary man questions. I shake my head and look up at him. This is the first time I’ve seen him without his black ski mask.

He is still dressed in all black and the only parts of him showing are his hands and head. He’s very pale with a dark brown mustache and a shaved head. The rest of his face is scruffy and needs to be shaved. His eyes are gray and look like they will pierce a hole through you when he looks at you. Through the black clothing, I can tell that he has big biceps but it looks like he has a little bit of a beer belly (literally cause I’m sure it’s full of beer).

“Hmm, where should we start? I could get to know you better. Or I could take you on a tour and show you what we do here. What do you think?” asks Baldy (my new nickname for him cause of his bald looking head).

I shrug and stare at the floor. I don’t want to know what his definition of getting to know me. But I also don’t want to see or hear any more of what I heard on the way to this room. Baldy takes long, hurried steps toward me. Baldy crouches down and raises his hand. I try to flinch away but he just hits me with more force. My cheek burns and tears well up in my eyes.

“When I ask you a question, you answer! Do you understand?” he exclaims.

“Yes,” I mutter.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, sir,” I mutter again. I continue starring at the ground and hiding my eyes from his gaze.

“Look up!” He moves closer to me and I quickly raise my eyes. “That’s better. You really are a pretty young lady.” What’s with his mood swings??? Someone’s PMSing!!! He puts his hands on either side of my face and pushes me against the wall. I shudder at his closeness. He leans closer to me and my eyes grow wide. Baldy’s lips are crushing mine and his mustache is tickling my lips. His breath smells of beer, drugs, and cigarettes. He forces his tongue through my tight lips and presses it to the back of my throat. I almost gag but I’m afraid of what he’ll do if I do gag.

Baldy presses his lower body against me and kisses me harder. I try to ignore his hardening body and the feeling of him against me. Baldy kissing me is like my dad kissing me, but worse. Much worse.

The door to the room flies open and slams against the wall, and Baldy pulls back a little. His lower body is still pressed against me but his lips are drawn away from mine. I breathe quickly and try to gulp down as much of the fresh air as I can. I’m grateful for some semi-clean air. At least it doesn’t taste like alcohol.

I peer around Baldy and see the guy my age standing in the doorway with a horrified and disgusted look on his face. At least, that’s what I hope it is. His eyes meet mine and they soften and a sympathetic look appears in them. My heart leaps at the thought of maybe having someone nearby that isn’t as cruel or disgusting as the guy on top of me. My hope rises when I think that he might help me or is at least kinder than Baldy and the other men.

“What are you doing? The door was closed for a reason, you idiot!” Baldy yells. I flinch at his harsh voice and try to move out of his arms a little.

“Um…I’m sorry. Uh…” the guy stutters. I almost feel bad for him but I remember that he’s part of the reason that I’m here.

“I don’t want your stupid apology, boy! Is there a reason that you are here or do you just like walking in on people?” Baldy yells. His face is still close to mine and he is yelling in my ear. I can barely hear the guy’s response.

“No! Definitely not, sir! Um, it’s just that…that…”

“Well, spit it out! I’m kinda busy here!”

“It’s just that-”

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