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Haunted. Torn. Consumed. Hunted. Forgotten. Shattered.
6 girls find themselves on their way to the Facility, where they become lab rats to a monster playing God....

Submitted: May 06, 2013

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Submitted: May 06, 2013



A little something I'm trying out for whatever. My English exam is coming up and I suddenly felt motivated to write this so yeah!




An 8-year-old child bangs on the metal doors of a van, Greywood Psychiatric Hospital stencilled neatly in black on the sides. Stretching her neck, she frantically reaches up to the windows. Outside, a young couple watch as their young daughter is taken away. A man had banged on the door and dragging the child out in the rain. Her parents had done nothing.

She remembers last night, how her mother had refused to kiss her goodnight and how her father locked her bedroom door without a word. Her parents thought she was crazy. The doctors said she was sick.

But it didn't matter now. Maye was alone,  haunted with the ghost of a girl that once was…...



An anxious girl waits as her parents speak with the doctor outside. It was her 12th birthday today.

Several weeks ago, a mysterious doctor arrived at her doorstep with an offer that she was not going to refuse. She knew that her body was failing her and this man could be her only chance at being cured. She was going to live a normal life. As a normal person.

She turns as two more doctors stroll in, one with handcuffs and the other with a gag. She makes for the door but she falls to the ground, forgetting about her useless limbs.

Dragging her outside, she sees the lifeless bodies of her parents lying on the stark white floor. The  mystery doctor steps in front of her and smiles evilly. Clio knows that her life is about to be torn apart in this very moment. The overflow of tears blinds her and she mentally pleads for a way out…...



An 11-year-old girl sits in a room, surrounded by needles and empty plastic bags. The lab-coated woman standing over her picked up a syringe and she watched as it pierced her pale arm. The girl watched as her blood filled the syringe, red. A powerful, deadly red. She looked at it longingly as if willing the dark liquid to bring her power.

 A caged vampire bat stares, unmoving, in front of her. Its beady, black eyes bore into her soul and she could almost feel herself falling into the void. She closed her eyes and the world around her faded, consumed by her hunger.

Another needle  is inserted. The girl would wince in pain but she didn't. She couldn't.

Instead, Myth opens her eyes. They glowed red; red like the blood she craved.

She looked at the now-horrified scientist hungrily and the bat in the cage squealed with excitement…….



Running. It was all the terrified child knew. The people had  turned on the government and now the country was in chaos. Children like her, some no older than 7 years, were being taken by the rebels and made to serve as soldiers. She grew up in this world of pain, violence and fear. Her parents died long ago, leaving her and her brothers to fend for themselves. In the first year of the rebellion, her brothers were killed. They died protecting her.

So now she runs in the hope that she won't get caught, like an animal being hunted for sport.

She turns a corner and spots a man, pale skin and dark hair, and turns back in terror. He rushes over and begins comforting her. She cries into his shoulder and the man hoists her up in his arms. She looks up at him worriedly but he just smiles. It was an unusual smile, though.

Kala shakes off the suspicion and relaxes in the man's arms. She thought she felt something sharp pierce her arm but she guessed it was nothing. She was already asleep…



All around there is lightning and the ocean, thunder and rain. It had been such a beautiful day.

The water envelopes her to the hips and she realises she's doomed. The window in front of her shows the scene. It was like an apocalyptic movie and she was the 12-year-old girl that was about to be washed away by the flood waters. Her family had woken her up to the sound of evacuation alarms throughout the town and she had gotten everything together as fast as possible.

She treads through the waist deep waters and up the stairs to the roof of her house.

Her mother was calling her name, telling her to come out. But she was dragged to the rescue plane soon after. The rescue team had forgotten her, ignored her mother's pleas for her doomed daughter.

A helicopter appeared almost out of nowhere and a man stepped out, his clothes whipped around by the blades. Or was it the wind? The man extends a welcome hand to her. The water around Ava's now submerged home is quickly rising and she immediately takes his gloved hand. He looked somewhat sinister but it didn't matter.

Anything to get away from the liquid death surrounding her….



She watched the cameras as five mystery girls walked into view. They were each placed in a separate room, away from each other. They all looked to be younger than her thirteen years, judging by her knowledge of the human body.

Her father had told her to stay put, inside this box that he called the security room. After the accident, she was bound to these computers. He had taken her off the streets when she was just a child, an orphan. He was her hero.

He had taken her here, the Facility he called it, and made her sit on a table where the scientists would inject her with mystery liquids and dissect her body. Sometimes, she would wake up with an arm that beeped or whirred whenever she moved. Or an eye that could detect a bird miles in the sky. It hurt, usually. But her father would always say that he was proud of her.

He would make her read dozens of articles and books of all topics and make her memorise it all. He said that he loved her.

But here, 10 years later, she knows that her dream of a real father has been long shattered to pieces. The accident was meant to test her power, her strength. Instead, it proved to her father that she was just another failed experiment.


Gazing at the 5 girls, Keena can almost feel their presences through the cameras. There is something different about them. She could see the pain and the heartbreak on their faces.

She knew what Dr Core, her father, was going to do to them. Mess with their bodies, their DNA.

Perhaps one day they, all 6 of them, could take back the lives he stole from them.

One day…..


Okay! If you made it this far, you actually read the whole lot, so THANK YOU!

Feedback is much appreciated and of course, constructive criticism!


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