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The tail of god who become master of immortals left his thrown in wrong hand. Now he back to take it, but in his empire he can't go. So he wait for the strong will who take his thrown back to protect the world.

....! soon i update the story.


Submitted: April 24, 2014

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Submitted: April 24, 2014





When i look into my vision side, then i see new story of master who teach to immortals like a power of Death in the battlefields. Than some times ago he found in the forrest of fire root where he made the training field and teach to the some alone people who lost there own will and who have no dream to find a way out. than he can gave him a dream and teach him some powerful skills and talent to fight against some of worriers, who try to destroy the forrest and disturb that forrest or fight for peace in the forrest. Master who make the people master in skills called him THE MASTER OF IMMORTALS.

And once a time when i lost in Forrest with my group, and i lost my group in that Forrest then when i wake up i am in that training field and master says me what is happen to you, Me: i really don’t know what is happened to me, where is my group and where I am now. Master tell me you are in my field of learning where i teach the some immortals skills, and knowledge of dreams. i say, how? i am thought it is possible in this world. He says me, yes! he says all the thing witch i need  to know. As he says me, child you are not a person who live like that’s you brought a legacy to the thrown of guard.

Guards who have a power to protect the sky heaven from the king of dark valour. guards who is immortals and help to find a way of life in peace. But there are a lot to explain you, before to claim that thrown by your own.

After some time i be understands his will and my will also to choose a right way of my life. i choose to learn in that training field, because it gave me a adventure than i realised to do more than in my life. that give me a power to protect from them who fight disturb peace. but first to get every think witch i can do from here and from the master.

Now reach to the final step of my learning when my master says me now you know how to get experience from out side of this world you are ready to go and make your new dream become true but not forget about the your soul power that is the only one think witch make you immortal by controlling your pain.

Now i send you in past then you can be make your own soul will to gain a power of hell.

Story just begin.........!



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