Pondering Blackmail

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Brendon Shaw is a player, all his friends would agree. With his dirty blonde hair and green eyes, he was definitely attracted. So what happens when his parents get sick of Brendon's promiscuous behavior and threaten to disarm his inheritance?

Erin Nevis has always been the innocent girl, named to stay clean. So what happens when her life goes downhill? After losing her job, unable to pay rent she resorts to her last option.

Brendon and Erin stuck together under the pretenses of a relationship. So what happens when it's no longer fake?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Pondering Blackmail

Submitted: August 12, 2011

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Submitted: August 12, 2011



Erin’s POV

Life is a dangerous world. On the other hand, death wasn’t an option. I was about to get kicked out of my apartment since I owed 2 months of rent and my parents cut me off. Money problems can certainly be a torture. I sighed as I rolled over and fell off the bed. This is usually how I start my day. Pain is the only way to make me wake up. I got dressed and made my way to the kitchen to fix breakfast. My apartment was a little shabby and since I lived alone, a one bedroom was enough.

I have no career, no aspirations, and certainly no sugar daddy. I had to keep up 3 jobs at least to sustain myself. I consider myself a failure but I do have a college degree. And experience like you wouldn’t believe. I hope that holds some ground.

My friend Eliza was already covering for me, as lateness was habit. Eliza looked up with worry purely written on her face, “Boss wants to see you,” she said hurriedly as if she did not want to upset me. A meeting with the boss was unlikely as he felt he was too good to talk to any of us. He only called people to his office to either fire or promote them. In my case, I was about to lose my job. I’ve had this talk many times. Whatever, I was going to quit anyway I prepped myself.

I knocked quietly on the door and wished to hide under that rock again. “Come in” I heard a voice boom. I took a seat and closed the door behind me. “Alejandra”, I winced as he said my full name. “You have been a brilliant and valued employee for the past few months but your tardiness cannot be hidden. When I first hired you, I thought this job would even out your flaws but-I cut him off with the dignity left inside of me. Bullshit, he hated me from the moment he saw me. The way he looked at me when he first employed me was of sympathy and amusement. At the time he had been desperate, his ad had said so. With as much grace as I could muster, I picked myself up and mumbled, “I understand”.

I didn’t need sympathy. I needed a new job, a new apartment and a new life.

Brendon’s POV

I woke up feeling the content I did every day. However, this morning when I walked into the office, my colleagues gave me strange looks. There was a hint of sympathy in their eyes and some even went as far as amused. I shut the negative thoughts out as I pulled my office door open.

“Hello son” my mother said turning in the rotating chair. I gaped. That sort of thing only happens in movies. Not to mention I’ve been dying to do that for…all my life. It’s been a whole year since I last saw her. My mother was not a lovable woman, no wonder my father left her I thought bitterly. She was the type of woman that would scare you rather than show a sign of comfort. I know all about intimidating mothers. “Mom? What are you doing here?” “Numerous complaints from numerous young ladies that you have been “fucking and dumping” them. Their words not mine” she chuckled to herself. Classy. “So I want you to stop screwing those air heads and find a girl for yourself. Don’t try the open relationship thing.” I must’ve looked quite the picture of disagreement, “Or I will personally cut you out of the inheritance and the company”. With that statement, she walked out smiling.

The company was not mine, not yet at least. My father had nurtured it. It was an old business, my grandfather’s father, Heinz J. Sawyer had started it but my grandfather, Celestin Sainte Sawyer had helped in its real take off at 17. He changed the family name when he married my grandmother Heian to signify a new era of wealth. My dad, Robert Shaw, was named in memory of his late aunt Roberta Elsie Sawyer. The business is essentially passed through the oldest son of every generation but it didn’t work quite that way. Roberta, known as Elsie at the time had been one of the great business minds, finishing school early, achieving an MBA and earning many certificates of academia. She was also 7 years older to Celestin until she died abruptly of stroke. The business was growing in her care and was handed to Celestin at 17 when she died.

In my father’s case, he was the youngest son but his two older brothers were killed in war. Celestin worked with a man named Frances Cabrini, a Spaniard. Much enamored by the Spanish culture, he continually visited Cabrini in Seville and finally bought a house for both families. After he died, father kept relations with Frances’ son, Giovanni. When Spencer, my older brother and now the most famous doctor in Madrid decided on a college in Spain, he stayed with the Cabrini family and married Frances’ granddaughter, Corunna.

The Cabrini family is now considered as our family too. Spencer and Corunna lived in Madrid until their second child, Rioja was born. Now they’ve moved into the family house in Seville to retire. Father spends most of his time there but the last I visited was around 3 years ago or longer.

“Hey big bro” said Dakota. I could almost hear the smile in her voice. My little sister was the happiest person I knew. Everyone loved her; she was just that type of person. She also had a freaky intuition because how else could she have known? It’s a sibling link I think.

“Hey Daph, uh mom just came to ‘visit’. She wants me to find a girlfriend”

“That conversation must’ve gone down great I presume. Well it’s about time you stopped sleeping around Mr. Player.”

“Except for your little nun friends”

“You still try. You’re an asshole sometimes”

“Give me some options here. Lillian?”

“She’s married, remember we went to her wedding 2 years ago and you slept with all the bridesmaids?”

“Amen. Good wedding.”

“Shut up, how about…Bethany?”

“Hate the name and the girl but I do remember her being curvy and-” With that, my sister promptly hung up. I think I hit a nerve. She’ll get over it, I chuckled to myself. If I could date someone as sweet yet stupid like Daph...

I quickly texted Daph:

Brendon: I could get a fake relationship

Daph: What if mom finds out when you guys “break up”. We both know you’ve already tried a girlfriend, which did not work out since you were too busy for her.

Brendon: A girl that would be willing to stay with me on false pretenses and no emotional connection.

Daph: That equals to just about nobody. Wait, I’ll ask Ava.

Ava is Daph’s bitchy friend. She usually knows gossip on everyone so I have no idea how she could be friends with my sister. I swear that girl knows everything about everybody. You can’t trust her for a second. She knew about my parent’s divorce before Daph and I did. Though you didn’t have to be a genius to know that was eventually going to happen.

As I reached home, I found that the door was already unlocked. Guess this would be my last stripper. I walked into my hall feeling small hands come around me. I like to be in control. I pulled them off and made slow motion to turn around.

I froze. Seeing the look on her face, I knew she recognized me. We jerked apart from each other. As I collected my thoughts, my face set into a smirk.

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