Snow Flakes

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Renesmee is full grown, nine years after her birth. She is young and beautiful and just starting a new life with her parents but a new life means new problems. New life, new problems, new enemies. Renesmee Cullen young beautiful and in danger.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Snow Flakes

Submitted: April 10, 2014

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Submitted: April 10, 2014



I perched delicately on my tip-toes on one of the wooden fence posts on the edge of the lawn and looked up as snowflakes fell; human eyes could never see in the dark let alone see each individual icey fibre of the snow flakes - I was glad to have inherited vampire eyesight, it came in very useful.

"Nessie, stop staring at snowflakes and help carry stuff!" Uncle Emmett called from the other side of the lawn; he was precariously balancing a stack of five boxes in his arms. I smiled, jumping down from the post and performing a line of cartwheels across the grass before propelling myself into the air and swiping the top box from the stack, landing gracefully on my feet. I turned to grin at him as Mom and Dad laughed behind us. "You are way too much like your momma." Uncle Emmett said, walking past me and into the house.
"Not a bad thing, sweetheart." Mom chuckled as she walked past me with two boxes in her arms. I smiled before my sensitive hearing picked up on a sound, a motor running, tires crunching on twigs and dirt, a familiar voice humming to himself; if I heard it the even more finely tuned hearing of my relatives would have heard it too which is why without a word I put my box on the floor and dashed out into the cold, dark night, noticing neither. I was almost as fast as my family but not quite, the human DNA within me dulled some of the vampiric abilities, such as hearing and running and I couldn't go without breath indefinitely...I tried...and fainted...twice. My foot falls were near silent as I powered through the undergrowth of the forest, dirtying my jeans and Converse as I went; a grin spread across my face as I got closer and closer to the Harley and it's rider.
I glanced out and saw the dim glow of the head light on the dirt track and back flipped out into the track, around thirty feet in front of the bike, leaving him with plenty of time to break, which he did, slowing to stop beside me. "Hey, Nessie. " He said, his sun-light bright smile burning through the darkness as he removed his helmet. I replied my launching myself at him, almost knocking the bike of balance as I did; his arms closed around me and squeezed me close. I couldn't control the rush of happy thoughts with were forced from me into him through the physical contact.
"Not used to My Jacob being away for so long."
"Me either."  He said as he shifted back and lifted me onto the seat between him and the handle bars. "Put your feet on the syrups." He muttered in my ear as he slipped his helmet on my head. I did as he asked before feeling him lean against me, head on my shoulder and hands on the handle bars.
The engine growled as the bike moved forward and a sudden exhilaration moved through me as he sped up, the snow flakes bending their paths as the wind generated from movement pushed them away. I laughed excitedly as we powered along the dirt track until we reached the three story home which was now our home. It was made of grey stone and on the lower floor two walls had been replaced with glass; I couldn't help but thing mom had picked this house for that specific reason for nostalgic value.
Jacob put the stand out on the bike and lifted me off, Mom came out to greet us as I removed the crash-helmet; Jacob always had a sweet greeting reserved for her, I often wondered what had happened between them before I was born, I only picked up on muffled conversations. My memory was a trait inherited from my vampire genes, I could remember every moment of my life...including some of the time spent inside my mother, though most of it is just sounds and feelings; for example I could remember the first time I had heard Jacob's voice, it was muffled and strange, he sounded mad which made me scared at the time.
"Hey, getting settled in?" Mom asked. I didn't know much about imprinting, only what Seth and Leah had told me but I knew it meant that Jacob couldn't leave me, it would hurt him; this was why when we had to move away from Forks he had to move close to us but as a result he broke from his own pack...kinda...Seth refused to be left alone with Leah and Leah refused to leave her brother so they had to follow with him. Grandma was kind and bought them a house so that they could stay close.
"Just about, Leah took over the bathroom entirely." Jacob chuckled.
"She's a girl, what did you expect?" Mom said, punching Jacob in the arm with as much force as a baby human.
"Yeah..." Jacob yawned and stretched.
I padded over to where Uncle Emmett and Dad were stood talking and smiled cheerily "Happy to have your puppy back?" Uncle mocked. I stuck my tongue out at him.
"Don't be childish." Dad warned.
"I'm nine, I'm allowed to be." I retorted.
"Renesmee..." He said, flashing me an angry look.
"Sorry." I said, looking down to the ground.
"You're room is ready if you want to go see..." Uncle Emmett said breaking the tension. I briefly touched my finger tip to his palm, sending him a silent thank you which Dad would have heard.
"Jacob! Come see my room!" I called, his head snapped up and he beamed, striding across the lawn with Mom by his side. I took his hand, making him stumble as my rush of thoughts tainted his own before he walked on behind me, following me to the top floor of the house where my room was situated.
The black beams were now decorated with silver, glowing lights shaped like stars, the wooden floor covered in the center by a large, blue rug. in the middle of the room against the left wall was my white, four poster bed with its canopy drawn - The matching set of draws was on the opposing wall at the foot of the bed as was the wardrobe. At the far end of the room was a set of glass doors which opened out onto a balcony, just before these was a small wooden desk and a short bookcase filled with my favorites. I gaped in awe as I stepped in and opened a door to my right into a bathroom which housed a large bathtub in the corner as well as the basics.
"Wow, Nessie." Jacob said from behind me as I rushed to the end of the bedroom and stepped out through the glass doors onto my own private balcony. I was grinning from ear to ear, amazed at the beauty of my new room. Of course I missed the cottage where I had spent the past nine years growing up, developing my gift, adapting to being one of only a few in the world.
When I had been younger my gift had been sweet but as I got older it became more refined, it would take me just a second of contact to communicate a large amount of thoughts and a new talent emerged: I could sense vampire's gifts and "see" them as they worked. When ever we visited our cousins in Alaska I had fun impressing them with my gifts.
Jacob perched himself against the railing and watched me as I took in the night "Much as it pains me Nessie, I've gotta's late." I pouted and jumped on him. He was like my brother that I would never have and I didn't want him to leave "I don't wanna go...I'll be back tomorrow." he said reassuringly, lifting me up and carrying me inside.
"Promise. You know I can't stay away for too long." He said as he drew back the canape and sat me on the bed.
"Okay." I said before grabbing his hand and pressing it to my cheek, pushing forward a good bye. He left then, leaving me in the peace of my room.
I listened as the sound of his motorcycle engine faded away into the sounds of the Canadian woodland around the house. Mom knocked on the door and stepped inside, smiling as she dashed from the door to the bed.
"You like it?" She asked, looking around the room.
"Love it."
"Good...I thought you'd like to keep your old furniture...I know you're going to miss Forks." She said, scooting closer to me on the bed.
She glanced at my throat to the locket which hung there, reaching out to hold the small oval in her hand "Remember when I gave you this?"
"Of course..." I muttered, my throat clogging up at the memory.
"You still mean more than my own life to me, Renesmee...I want you to know that....I know it's hard to move away after spending you're whole life there but at least we're all still together." She sighed, biting her lip.
"I know, Mom." I said, reaching out to hug her. From a very young age I had grown accustomed to the icey cold temperature at which vampire skin was set, it never bothered me.
"You need to sleep, everyone is coming over tomorrow to see us."
"Uncle Jasper?!" I asked excitedly. For close to half a year he refused to come near me until one day, out of the blue he had walked up to me as I sat in a clearing playing with Dad and he had picked me up, holding me at arms length before smiling at me and bringing me close to him; I remember being confused but then instantly hugging him in return, communicating an instant sense of affection for my Uncle. Since then we had become very close, partaking in silent conversations forced on each other through projected thoughts and feelings.
"Yes. Now get to sleep, I have to unpack with your father." Mom said, kissing my forehead. She paused for a moment and grasped a lock of my long, curling hair. "This is getting so long..."
"You never wanted to cut it, remember?"
"You're old enough to decide on cutting your hair...maybe not literally."
"I like it long."
She smiled and stood in one swift motion before disappearing out of the bedroom door. I sat in silence for a moment before standing and going to my wardrobe, pulling out my favorite bed shirt, it was one of Jacob's shirts which he had given me to dry me off after swimming with him. I undressed and slipped into the huge shirt which almost reached my knees. My sheets crunched softly as I got into them, that perfect, freshly washed crunch which I enjoyed thoroughly.
One of the problems of being half vampire is that even though it's dulled my hearing is super sharp, making it hard to sleep when you can hear every single noise around you; somewhere downstairs I could hear soft rustling as my parents and uncle unpacked the many boxes, I could tell they were trying to be quiet for my sake. Somewhere out in the forest a bear rustled, it didn't scare me, Uncle Emmett Could take it down without a thought. An owl hooted, the trees creaked softly, the wind rushed through the under growth, these were all sounds I had known at the cottage which made it slightly easier to fall asleep.
Dawn broke across the hills, touching my skin and rousing me from sleep; I could smell something good coming from downstairs which made em leap from my bed, had I not known Aunt Alice would be here I would have dressed in simple blue jeans and t-shirt but as she was coming I slipped into skinny, white jeans, a blue camisole and a black jacket.
"She's awake." I heard Grandpa say from downstairs and suddenly there were the sounds of movement downstairs, they had been still to avoid waking me.
I padded down the soft, carpeted stairs and grinned at my family as they loitered in the living-room. When I had first been able to walk and was beyond the stage of being passed around I had established an order for who to greet and hug in what order.
First was Aunt Rosalie who I hugged tightly.
Next was Aunt Alice who one-armed hugged me as she judged my outfit.
After this was Uncle Emmett who I fist-bumped with.
Grandpa and Grandma Who I received tight hugs from.
Then uncle jasper who always hugged me close, I noticed how he spoke and breathed now when he hugged me, the scent of my blood must be becoming less appealing.
And last was Mom and Dad who I hugged gently, receiving a kiss on the forehead from Dad.
I looked around as the chatter began, enjoying seeing almost my whole family together, it would have been complete with Jacob, Seth, Leah, Grandpa Charlie, Sue and Grandma Renee. Aunt Rosalie came to stand with me, talking to me about everything, the topic of school came up, causing the entire room to start talking with me about it. It had taken a while to persuade everyone that I wanted to go to school and now that I was at the end of my growth it was the perfect time, especially seeing as we moved too.
"Have you matriculated her yet, Bella?" Grandma Esme asked.
"Yeah, just waiting for them to tell us when she can start."
"Which school is she going to?" Rosalie asked.
"Frances Kelsey." Alice replied in-time with Mom, causing everyone to laugh.
"I'm surprised you didn't send her to one of the private schools." Grandma Esme murmured.
"Edward wanted to but I wouldn't let him, she's growing up like any other teenager and that means going to public school." Mom said, stroking my hair gently.
"I didn't want to go to private school...Jacob couldn't go with me-" I said before I could stop myself. Six pairs of golden eyes darted my way in surprise.
"The dog is going to school with her?!"
"How did that happen?"
Mom sighed "Jacob never got to finish school an he wanted to be with her so he matriculated too, it's for the best, he can keep an eye on Renesmee."
"And you agreed, Eddie?" Uncle Emmett said tauntingly, causing Dad to snarl at him.
"Never call me that again." Dad growled, edging slightly closer to Emmett.
"Honestly..." I sighed.
"Jacob is here." Grandpa Carlisle said, breaking the tension. I strained my hearing and listened to the grinding of dirt under the pressure of the wheels. I beamed happily.
"Time to stop breathing." Aunt Rose muttered. My birth had solved many conflicts, including the utter hatred Rose held for Jacob but she still kept her cold exterior towards him.
"He doesn't smell." I groaned. To me he just smelled musky and of deodorant which he plastered himself in to make it easier for those who thought he smelt like wet dog.
I heard the engine cut out and I jumped a few inches from the ground excitedly. Jacob knocked on the door politely and waited a micro second as Mom answered it, hugging him quickly. His eyes fixed on me as he grinned over her shoulder. I rushed towards him as he released Mom and was swept off the ground in a tight hug. I looked outside and saw the ground was covered in a fine layer of snow which was now melting slowly.
"Hey guys." He sighed as he put me down, everyone muttered a greeting.
"So, I hear you're going back to school?" Grandma said, smiling warmly as she stepped over to him.
"Yeah...just to watch over Nessie."
They entered into their own conversation as I tuned in to a hushed conversation occurring in the corner between Aunt Rosalie and Dad:
"Are you sure she's ready?" Rosalie whispered.
"She'll be more advanced than most humans there." Dad replied.
"You know that's not what I meant..."
"Her gifts are still developing but she has relative control, if she forces herself she can cloud her thoughts enough for them to be unnoticeable if she's in contact but she has to force's quite draining for her. We've spoken with her about avoiding physical contact with anyone as well as a few other things and until she is n summer break she's not allowed to practice developing her gifts, it's too risky." Dad said, glancing my way.
"...she'll be fine, she's smart."
"You hungry?" Mom whispered in my ear.
"Mhm." I nodded.
"Jake, want breakfast?" She asked, striding towards the kitchen.
"Sure, thanks, Bells."
The sound of Jake's phone made em turn towards him, I scooted closer to hear the conversation "Y'hello?" He said.
"Can I speak to Bella?" Leah said curtly.
Mom was already waiting to take the phone from him "Leah?"
"Yeah...I know this is...rude but...can me and Seth come over?"
"You're always welcome, Leah." Mom said, pottering in the kitchen.
"Thanks...Seth wants to see Edward and I... I'll see you soon." The phone beeped as the other end of the line was cut off.
"Is Seth going to school too?" Grandma asked.
"Yeah. He'll be a Junior though." Jacob replied.
"You're lucky to start as a senior, Nessie, anything below that is worse than boring." Uncle Jasper said with a smile.
"Not that being a senior is any less boring." Uncle Emmett chimed in.
"That's only because you have all done it fifty times before." Mom said, handing me a plate with pop tarts on it.
"Wow, Bells, when you said break fast I wasn't expecting gourmet but..." Jacob said jokingly. I kicked him in the knee.
I scarfed down my pop tarts and went into the kitchen to wash my plate, closely followed by Jacob.
"You okay?" He asked.
"Uh huh." I replied.
"Looking forward to Monday?" 
"Yeah." I said even though the thought made me heart beat even faster than usual.
"No need to lie." Uncle Jasper muttered from the doorway, I didn't recall hearing him move to stand there.
"Stop reading me." I groaned as his violet mist of emotion touched my skin. Not even vampire eyes could see gifts in this much detail, even Mom only got rough ideas.
"No." he retorted.
"Play nice." Jacob said, nudging my shoulder.
"I always play nice." I replied sarcastically.
"Renesmee." Dad warned from in the other room, he was always telling me off for being rude.
I strolled back out into the living room, ducking past my Aunt and Uncle "We really must thank you, Nessie, if it weren't for you we wouldn't have an excuse to change our routine, at least this time we get to go to college." Uncle Emmett said.
"Yes, it's a change for all of us; I really was getting fed up of pretending to work in Europe." Aunt Rose sighed.
"I miss Europe, though it's difficult in the sunier countries." Grandpa said thoughtfully.
"Maybe we should go back one day?" Grandma said, sliding closer to him on the dark brown couch.
Leah and Seth arrived a few seconds later and devoured half of the food in the refrigerator - I could have sworn that food was meant for me?
We chattered and spoke all day, the wolves and me crowded in one corner of the room but there was no hostility, there was peace and tranquility. Jacob and the others left just after night fall, with much grumbling from me as I didn't want Jacob to leave but he did...reluctantly.
"Ask him to change for you so he can sleep at the foot of your bed." Uncle Emmett said playfully.
"Don't even think about it." Dad said, a smile crossing his lips.

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