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Some say LOVE never dies.. But even if IT did.. till what extent are you willing to go to bring it back to LIFE again?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Death Claims His Own

Submitted: November 09, 2012

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Submitted: November 09, 2012





Whether their love is immortal or just her, it is for you to decide.


Some say love never dies. But even if it did… till what extent are you willing to go to bring it back to Life?


Death claims his Own

After a brutal accident, Vincent Renard was bloody and was laid on a stretcher and was rushed through the hallways of his own hospital, the Renard Hospital.

He was accompanied by his wife, Adrianne, who was all this while vehemently cursing the truck driver. Not a very pretty language for someone so lady like and beautiful. Later it came to light that the truck driver lost hi s control over the wheel and fell into a deep valley.

Adrianne was also murmuring gentle prayers to the still breathing Vincent.

Her beautiful face was creased with anger and crazed grief. She was in a good mood to rip the doctor’s throat, who kept jabbering instead to doing something useful.

“Please ma’am leave it to us”, the doctor was growing impatient. Grrr….Adrianne gritted her teeth and flashed the doctor a terrible look which silenced him immediately.

The door of the hallways swished open. Adrianne’s parents Martha and Robert Winder and her in-laws Lucy and Paul Renard rushed in Adrianne’s shrill, strained voice echoed through the hallway, Paul rushed to her, “Let ME take care of MY husband! I am a world renowned surgeon! Do you want me to curse you forever if you fail!?” Paul tried to calm her and said to the doctor, “please let her do it .I trust her. “the doctor was about to argue. but Adrianne had drawn herself to her full height and she had become three shades paler. and her iris had a reddish tinge to it. She glared at the doctor. The doctor stood transfixed and simply nodded his head. A hopeless wail issued from Lucy which required all the comforting powers of v Martha and Robert. Paul rushed to his wife.

Adrianne had started striding over to the operation room. The other doctors were following her. But she tensed and said “Alone!

  A hushed silence engulfed the room. A trembling Adrianne whispered”Father,I need your help.” That night almost a dozen or so terminally ill patients died and  the lights flickered.

Vincent’s eyes slowly focused on his darling Adrianne. Her perfect face was  tear  stained and pale. Very  pale. She was sewing up all his wounds. The thread was wispy black and it sourced from the corner of the room from a cloak. Both knew it was too late. Vincent would have died earlier if it were not her will telling him to hold on.

“I’m sorry  ...I couldn’t …keep my..Promise...of a perfect...Family”, he whispered hoarsely between painful gasps. Adrianne looked at the man she loved. She kissed him gently on the forehead and whispered in his ears.  Vincent’s smiled sadly. And mouthed ‘ I love you’. Adrianne had finished sewing. It was time. She felt him slipping away.”I shall see you soon…..”, she said, the hair on her stood up as a dim wispy Vincent got up yo greet the hooded, cloaked Figure, who was all this while was standing in the corner.”Soon...”She completed her sentence, “I love you.” Both Vincent and the Hooded Figure disappeared .She smiled sadly and switch off the red light,indicating the end of the operation.

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