The Combintaion

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

Submitted: March 13, 2013

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Submitted: March 13, 2013




Shadowy pupils dilated and green iris’s widened.  ‘leaders’ chuckle rooted fear into the very pit of  Ryan’s stomach.  He stepped forward and enveloped his fingers into the ends of Ryan’s tangled and wild red hair.  He used it like a cloth and wiped of the running spit on his face.

“Watch her.”  He spoke almost to calmly to the fellow’s accompanying Ryan in the room.

Turning on the heel of black shoes, ‘leader’ made his way into a doorway entrance connected to the small bedroom where everyone resided.  Ryan’s ears perked to the sound of running water but she tried to focus on details of the room.

One single wide bed that was pre made.  A tiny window.  The wallpaper was peeling off the walls.  Her cautious blue eyes scurried from aspect to aspect about the tiny room.  How long did these men plan on keeping her?

‘Leader’ was back, wiping his hands on the him of his red shirt.  Water marks remained attached to the fibers of the shirt.  He came closer and grabbed Ryan by the back of the neck, forcing her to whimper out loud.  ‘Leader’ restrained one arm painfully behind her back and pushed her forward into the dimly lit bathroom.  Everything was old and musty, the toilet and tub were porcelain, just like in old houses.  The tub was halfway full of water.  Ryan’s heart struck the inside of her chest vigorously as her mind raced recklessly about the inevitable future she faced.  ‘Leader’ pushed Ryan down to her knees with ease and he ducked her head into the tub just an inch above the water.

“Such a stupid thing to do for such a smart girl.”  He gritted and then plunged her head under frigid ice water.

Ryan thrashed her head violently from side to side and screamed silently under the water.  Her hair flowed in slow motion, strings of fire lighting up the aquatic tub right before her eyes.  Bubbles spilled tirelessly from her mouth and surfaced, pulling all the air from her lungs.  Finally leader let her up.  A loud whooshing noise nearly deafened her.  Then she realized it was the sound of her sucking in gulps of air.  Red bits of hair clung ravenously to the sides of her face.

In an instant her head was again flung under the frosty water. Ryan struggled harder, determined to get away, but the man holding her under was way more powerful then Ryan ever imagined. 

Her face was pulled quickly from the water.  The man let go of her neck and pushed her toward the wall.  Ryan’s head hit it painfully but she bit her lip to conceal the scream.  She pulled her legs up to her chest and cradled her arms around her shins to hold her sobs together.  Water streamed down her cheeks and chin, soaking her t-shirt all the way past her breasts.  Her hair fell thick and heavy like theater curtains around her pail and fragile face.

“Ryan, I will give you one more chance and then I will start hurting you.”  He said.  He was sitting on the edge of the closed lid toilet starring down at Ryan holding herself on the floor.

“All you have to do is give me the combination and I will let you go.  You will never hear from me again.  You have my word.”  He said gently, reaching forward to push hair from Ryan’s face.His fingertips brushed gingerly across her forehead and Ryan jerked her head away. 

“What is your name?”  Ryan asked quietly.

“What?”  He sighed.

“Your name? What is it?” 

“Garrett. My name is Garrett.  I’m so glad that we are finally meeting Ryan.” 

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