A Vampire's Anguish

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Vampire's Anguish

Submitted: November 27, 2011

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Submitted: November 27, 2011



Chapter 1

Nova Landers is a sixteen year old girl who has yet to see the sun in her life. Why? Well, she has seen only the blackest memories of her mother and father before they were both murdered right in front of her. She has been in Ridgeway, Virginia and has been going to Magna Vista High School ever since she transferred herself in, two days ago.

She had her first period was Science. One of the most boring subjects she had on her schedule. Nova sat in the far back away from everyone. Everyone called her a “Gothic, Emo Freak” just because all she wore where black mini skirts, with red leggings, hobo gloves, always had her long black hair (which she dyed black) down, and skull shirts.

As class went on Nova was doodling in her notebook, what looked like cartoons, “Ms. Landers can you tell the class what the mitochondria is,” asked Mrs. Helder.

“No, how should I know that,” she smarted off.

Everyone gave a little chuckle.

“Now Ms. Landers, I know you’re new but that doesn’t mean you have to be smart!”

“Whatever,” she said as she slouched in her chair, and looked out the window with her chin rested in the palm of her covered hand.

Then a knock at the door brought her to attention. The Principal, Mr. Stippling, came in. He was wearing the dumbest tie Nova has ever seen, “Hello, class now you will be having three new students in your class today, come on in.”

Two boys and one girl, in the middle of the two, stepped in. The girl was wearing a pink Hollister shirt and blue jeans. While the boy on the left had a blue jean jacket, with a white shirt under it along, and red skinny jeans; and the boy on the right had a long black over coat, a black hat, black shirt, black skinny jeans, black gloves and combat boots. Nova gazed at the new students especially the boy on the right, “How about you three introduce yourselves.” Mr. Stippling smiled.

“I’m Sakura Hayashi.”

“Blake Sutcliff,” said the boy on the left.

“Lane Michaelis,” said the boy on the right.

“Lane Michaelis,” she whispered to herself. Lane looked at her and winked. Nova blushed and hid herself from him.

Mrs. Helder stepped towards the boys, “How about you take a seat next to Ms. Landers, Lane.”

“Sure,” he smiled.

Lane walked over to the seat right next to Nova and placed his hands on the table. Nova resisted touching his covered hands. Nova just closed her notebook before he could even look. He looked at her, smiled then turned away. Nova just sat there and stared at him until the bell rang. After a farewell from Mrs. Helder all the students ran out of the room. Nova followed Lane and his friends to the lunchroom. No one but those three were in there.

Nova stood there at the window hoping they couldn’t see her. Lane’s friends turned out the lights but thanks to the sun Nova was still able to keep an eye on Lane and the others. Nova looked to the left of Lane and saw three men wearing the same outfits as him. Lane looked angry.

Nova opened the door slightly and quietly stepped inside. She hid near the patio entrance. Lane turned to look behind him and stared at one of the men, “Lane, my boy, why do run from us, your brothers,” said the man in the middle.

“You’re not my brothers, Brian.” He said calmly.

“Oh, come on, you know you can’t stand the sun like us,” said Brian, “resistance is futile, you will join us sooner or later.”

The men slowly walked off. Lane turned and saw Nova. Nova stared into his eyes and felt, scared. His eyes were glowing red! She looked to his friends. They stared at her as well. She looked down, pretending that she didn’t hear or see anything. Lane turned and saw that those men were gone, he walked up to Nova and pushed her against the wall, “Do you have any idea what would happen if they saw you?!” He yelled.

“N-no, who are they anyway,” she stuttered.

Sakura walked up to Lane and put her hand on his shoulder and whispered something in his ear. Lane let Nova go and stared at her, “They’re not like anything you’ve ever seen,” he sighed, “they’re here for a reason and we’re here to figure out, why.”

So those are bad guys Nova thought.

“Yeah, really bad.” Said Sakura

“You heard my thoughts!” Nova gasped.

“Yeah, that’s my ability, I’m sorta psychic.”

Nova was actually shocked to meet a psychic, but if she was a psychic that means Blake and Lane might have been special too.

School let out at the same time as always, Nova packed her books all the way to her house. The walk home was tedious and tiring. She lived two miles from the school, and was always in her house alone. Her house was big and empty (except for the furniture of course).

The door was mysteriously opened and as she walked inside, she was breathless her house had been ransacked! She dropped everything she had and ran upstairs to her room. Her door was kicked down and her room destroyed, she frantically looked around her room, to see if the thieves didn’t take anything too sentimental. She checked her jewelry box, she got from her grandmother. Nothing. She ran out of her room and ran to her parents’ room, which was also destroyed. She stumbled down the stairs and out the door. She couldn’t believe what had happened. She’s never been robbed but she did witness murder and that was enough for her.

Sakura, with Lane and Blake, were driving past Nova’s house and saw her crying on the sidewalk. Lane got out of Sakura’s car and walked up to her and put his hand on her shoulder, “Is something wrong Ms. Landers,” he asked.

She nodded her head.

“Lane she’s been robbed of everything,” said Sakura.

“What, really.”

She nodded her head again with out saying a word.

Lane got up and gathered his friends into a huddle. He started whispering some thing. He then turned to her and kneeled beside her, “Um, Ms. Landers, how about you come to live with us.”

“No,” she said, “I don’t want to put you through this.”

“Put us through what,” he chuckled, “We’ve been through worse, trust me.”

“But I have no money to pay rent.”

“No rent, only if you can help Sakura cook.”

“I don’t want to be a burden to you.”

“You’re not, believe me.”

“Okay, if you’re sure.”

“I’m positive.”

Lane helped Nova up and went in to her house to help her pack what was left in her room. Nova went upstairs while Lane looked around the living room. He saw a family portrait. It looked happy. And as he walked around the house he saw some pictures on the floor and shattered glass. Where are her parents, he wondered.

“I’m ready,” yelled Nova

Lane turned and saw only two bags that didn’t seem too full. They walked out to Sakura’s silver Cadillac Cien and put her bags in the back.

They reached their home. Nova saw no windows except for the one that over looked ,what she guessed the living room. It had a faded out white paint on it and was three stories high. She loved it. Sakura was the first to step out. Blake and Lane came second. Nova was still staring at the house. Lane opened her door and held out his hand. She jumped and then took his hand. Blake took the bags out of the back and walked up to the door to unlock it. As he opened the door, a man pounced on him and held his neck.

Nova screamed and pointed to him. Lane turned and ran faster than anything she had ever seen. Lane grabbed the man by the collar of his shirt and hoisted him off of Blake. Blake gasped for air. Lane then turned to Nova, smiled then turned back and bit the guy in the neck! Nova stared at him in shock as she saw blood pouring out of the man’s neck. Then the man turned to dust. Lane turned towards Nova again and smiled showing off his fangs that where covered in the man’s blood.

Lane Michaelis, is a vampire! She thought.

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