A Vampire's Anguish

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 04, 2012



Chapter 4


Nova backed away still staring at Blake’s scar; it was the exact same as hers. Was he a chosen one two, She thought, no he can’t be he just said the last one died. She looked down to turn her attention away from him. She felt a hand on her shoulder, the hand spun her around, Lane was giving her a look that said, don’t listen to him, She shook her head and as she turned her head towards her mini saber, Seven, hoping he’d say something to encourage her to face Blake. Nothing, there was no answer whatsoever. She clenched Seven tightly then she mustered up enough courage to say, “That’s a load of bull crap, I believe I’m this ‘chosen one’ and I’m not going anywhere!”

Blake looked at her with wide eyes. Then he started to laugh, “What’s so funny?” She asked.

“You.” He laughed.

“What? I was being serious!”

“I know but you’re the first girl, other then Sakura, who has ever stood up to me like that.”


“So, you can stay, anyone with those kinda guts is okay by me.”

“Really, I can stay!”

He nodded his head. Nova looked at Lane to make sure if it was true. Lane shrugged. So Nova, with her curiosity, she asked “But, why would you have a scar on your hand exactly like the one I have?”

“Oh that’s from a vamp attack,” Blake laughed.

She rubbed the back of her head and laughed, “Oh.”



That afternoon Lane was up in his room playing his guitar and hiding from the sun. Blake and Sakura were arguing about who was going to be killing the General on “Call of Duty.” Nova was in her room cleaning the vampire blood from Seven’s blade. She heard the sweet sound of Lane’s guitar and started to hum out the melody. Seven began to glow “Nova will you sing to me?” He asked.

“Oh I don’t know if I should,” she said, “I haven’t sung since I was a little girl.”

“Please, I know you can.”

“No, Seven,” she said as if she was his mother.

“As you wish, um, Nova?”


“Why were you crying the night you met me?”

“Oh, well that’s a long, complicated story.”

“Well I’ll listen.”

Nova bit her lip and shook her head, not aware that a tear ran down her face. She rubbed her eyes and set Seven on the edge of her bed. She then curled up into a ball. As her head was buried within her arms, she began to say “I was praying to my mom and dad.”

“Why pray when you can call-.” Seven began.

“I can’t…they’re dead.” She yelled.

“Oh I’m sorry I shouldn’t have brought up the subject.”

“It’s okay; I’m better off letting it out than holding it in.” She laughed.

Nova raised her head just enough for her to see Lane, Blake, and Sakura in the doorway. She rubbed the tears away, and then uncurled herself. Lane walked inside, followed by Sakura and Blake. Lane sat beside her and put his arm around her, in an attempt to comfort her, “How about you tell us too,” he said.



Nova began telling them the memories of how her parents used to be so caring and loving. Lane was the one who couldn’t stand to hear about how they died, Blake was clenching his fists when Nova said the words “He killed them for no true reason.” She finally finished with saying what Brian screamed to her, “Why don’t you stand up for your parents you little brat.” Nova didn’t cry once until she said that.

Lane took both his arms and pulled her in for a warm embrace, then whispered in her ear, “We will find him and then he will be all yours.” Nova smiled slightly. She pushed him away gently then rubbed her eyes to get rid of the tears that burned down her face. Nova then smiled knowing that she wasn’t alone; she also knew they had stories about their parents as well.

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