A Vampire's Anguish

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Chapter 8 (v.1)

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Chapter 8

Blare—who has turned into Lane—has Nova up high by her neck. Nova struggled as hard as she could; Blake shook the other hybrids off and ran towards her. Brian ordered for Wyatt and Trent to stop him, but thanks to all the trees around Blake made stakes out of the dead trees. He charged at Wyatt and Trent and stabbed them both with one stake! Afterwards he wiped the blood from his face and ran towards Blare, then knocked her to the ground. She let Nova go and then Nova ran towards Blare’s real body. Nova lifted the head up slowly, the heads eyes opened, the eye color had changed to red, “Blare is going to pay!” it whispered to her. Nova smiled and helped Blare’s body up off the ground.

“Lane, can you handle her?” she asked

“Of course, luckily she didn’t do anything to her body that could damage me from kicking herin her-,”

“Ok let’s settle down,” she laughed.

They laughed for a second then remembered that Brian was about to destroy everything. Nova stared at Brian, he stared at her back and laughed, “You know that didn’t go as planned but we can make this work some how.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, it’s simple. I’m just gonna kill you like I should have done two years ago.” He said as he ran toward her. Lane blocked him. She summoned Seven from her pocket. She looked intimidating now that she has her friends with her. Blake slapped his hands on the ground and as sparks flew he raised his hands up, “Hold on,” he said. He then slapped his hands back on the ground and then the ground began to shake! The other vampires all fell except for Blare and Brian. They both laughed.

Lane and Nova both ran to them, Lane to Blare and Nova to Brian. They each fought their hardest, especially Nova. She wanted to avenge her parents, her green eyes turned black and Sevenresembled the night sky.

Brian looked surprised for once. She picks Seven up above her head, “Dark Night Scar!” She yelled but there seemed to be a different voice than hers it sounded like her and Seven were really in harmony. The ribbon on her arm turned as red as blood. As she swung her arms down, everyone stared at her and watched the entire moment. The moment her potential was finally shown, to everyone.

As the sword finally stopped, a huge slice looking energy came from the sword flew by and hit Brian head on it even took him high into the air. He screamed in pain, his arm was torn clean off. He fell to the ground, and as Blare ran to him Nova yelled, “Now Blake!”

“You got it, Landers.”

He slammed his hand on the ground and then Blare saw sparks all around Brian. She screamed, “Leave him alone!”

Nova stared at her then did the same thing as she did to Brian but this time barely hit her, because she was still in Lane’s body. Blare landed softly on the ground. Again Blake slammed his hands on the ground. There were sparks around Blare and Lane they were beginning to glow, they were switching bodies again!

The glowing stopped, but Blare wasn’t done as soon as she was back in her body she ran as fast as she could to Nova, but Nova stabbed her with Seven. She gasped then puked blood on the ground. Nova was happy of what she did. Blake looked over to Nova as she flung Blare off her saber. She walked up to the sparking circle, “Blake you can finish him.”

“What I thought you-.”

“I know, but I can’t bring myself to do it.”

Lane stood up and walked over to her, “Are you sure,” he asked.

“Yeah, Blake you can handle it, right?”

“Yeah,” he said.

He dug his hands deeper in the ground, and as he did giant hands came from the ground! They picked Brian up and threw him out of the circle and onto the gate. Nova walked up to him cautiously. She held Seven out in front of her just to be safe. As she got as close as she wanted to. She held Seven up just above Brian’s chest, and then started to strike down. Brian’s eyes opened fast and as he saw Seven come down he rolled out of the way! Nova and the other jumped as he rose back to his feet, “Nice work cutting my arm off, but you’re not going anywhere with that attack.” Brian Laughed.

“What, but you lost so much blood,” yelled Nova, “How in the heck could you still be alive?”

“You should know, my dear Nova, that vampires like Lane and I can’t die from blood lost or a stake to the heart and not even that little saber can save you,” he laughed, “We can only die by another vampire or Hybrid.”

“Then I guess I’ll become a Hybrid.”

“I know that Lane won’t bite you, my dear.”

“No, you will Brian.”

“And how are you going to do that.”

Nova powered Seven down and gave him to Lane to hold. She parted the hair from her neck and pulled out a razor blade from her pocket, “No, Landers don’t do that,” yelled Blake.

“I have to if he knows his petite, savor is gonna die then he’ll have to turn me into a Hybrid!” She replied.

Lane walked over to her and snatched the razor quickly. Brian ran and pushed him out of the way. Then took Nova and Seven and went up to the gate, “Now, open the gate with you saber.”

She activated Seven, but turned and stabbed him in the heart. She held him at a safe distance, “Lane on three I want you to take his heart out, ok.”



She tried with all the muscle she had to push Brian off of Seven. Lane then ran and stuck his hand into the hole in Brian’s chest and ripped out his heart. Brian started to breathe heavily, but Lane tossed the heart in the air. Nova powered up and yelled for the second time, “Dark Night Scar!” then the heart burst into droplets, Brian began to turn to ash, he screamed, “I’ll kill you all,” but it was too late he had already turned to ashes.

Nova fell to the ground, Sakura, Lane, and Blake ran to her side. They all looked at each other, and then began to laugh. They were happy to be back together again. Nova rose back up and said, “How about we go home.”

“Yeah,” said Sakura.

“Yeah I still need to kill that General.” Blake growled.

They all laughed at him.

They got home later that day. As the others got out of the car Lane unlocked the door and as soon as he did he saw someone that looked familiar to him and Blake. It was Blake’s father! As Blake’s father snapped his fingers, two really big guys popped out of the living room and tackled Lane! Nova ran over to the men and yelled, “Get off of him.”

Sakura stopped her before she could activate Seven, and then whispered in her ear, “Seven can only kill vampires not humans and you have to keep him a secret.”

Nova just stood there as Blake yelled at his dad. Blake’s dad was a little skinny with glasses, a suitand black hair. The big guys picked Lane up by his arms and held tight. Blake’s dad took off the black hat and gloves he had on. Lane started to scream in pain! It was like a stake in Nova’s heart, she never wanted to here him scream like that, “Now vampire you die here and now!”

Blake’s dad took out a silver stake and stabbed him in the chest. Lane stopped screaming and turned motionless. Nova screamed, “No! You’re a monster!”

Blake’s dad turned and stared at her and Sakura. He closed his eyes and snapped his fingers again. The men took him into the backyard, “What are you doing?!” Blake yelled.

“We’re gonna bury him of course, for your sake.”

“He’s my friend!”

“Yeah I was meaning to ask;how could you be friends with a vampire?” He laughed.

Blake’s dad walked over to the girls and said to them, “Go inside and make us some tea.”

Nova growled at him. His eyes opened wide and then he slapped her! She fell hard. She rubbed her face, “Do you seriously feel like a man when you push us around?” she said.

“Of course because I know I’m the dominant being.” He replied.

She growled again. Sakura helped her up and then they both went inside. They went into the kitchen and made the tea. Blake’s dad came in and sat at the table, “I guess I should introduce myself, I’m Shane Sutcliff and I’m a vampire slayer.”


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