The Demon's Dance

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(Book 2 of Vampire's Anguish series) Nova and her friends find themselves in even more trouble when people from Lane's past come searching for him. What do these people or monsters have in store for Nova and the others?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Demon's Dance

Submitted: April 05, 2012

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Submitted: April 05, 2012



Chapter 1

After Shane’s introduction Nova stood there looking out the window watching as they took Lane’s body and shoved him into a hole and started to bury him. Shane snapped his fingers and Nova looked back at him with a very upsetting face. He got up and walked towards her. Then raised his hand in an attempt to slap her but Sakura took the hit instead of Nova. Nova ran to Sakura’s side, “What the crap are you,” screamed Nova.

He laughed and said, “My dear what did I say earlier. I’m superior to you girls.”

Nova growled again. Blake ran to both of them, “Dad, I wanna take them upstairs to rest we’ve had a tiring day.”

“Ok, Blake, go ahead.” His dad said as he went to pat him on the head; Blake slapped his hand away. Shane grinned; he then turned to go outside. Blake led the girls upstairs into Sakura’s room. Nova saw pink and bright yellow walls, “Okay, I think I’m gonna puke rainbows if I see anymore colors.” She said with a giggle in her voice. Sakura laughed quietly.

“Okay, I need you two to stay here and wait ‘til I can convince my dad to leave,” Blake whispered as he walked into the room.

“No, I want to kill him.” Nova whispered back.

“We all now you have a crush on Lane, but you don’t have to kill my dad to show it!”

Nova looked down at the blue carpet. Then kneeled down and started to cry, “Blake promise me he won’t hurt you, too.”

“I promise.”

He then turned and went out the door, closing it again behind him. They heard a click, he locked the door. The girls went behind the bed and laid on the floor waiting for Blake’s return. Nova wiped her tears away and huddled together with Sakura. As they laid there and waited they started to hear Shane arguing with Blake down stairs. They then heard a loud noise come from outside. They looked out the window. Blake was outside knocking on the door! They heard loud footsteps coming from the hallway and stairs.

They saw the door knob shook, they went under the bed and crouched down, hiding there faces. They heard a loud knock come from the door. Sakura covered her mouth, trying not to scream, Nova did the same. As soon as the door swung open. They both started to shake. Nova peered out and saw black jeans and black shoes. Was it the big guys or was it Shane? She couldn’t tell, so she just hid her head back in her arms. Then she suddenly felt someone pull her hair! She screamed as they pulled her out. It was Shane; he was holding her up by her hair! He was reaching down to pull out a knife. Nova closed her eyes, and then she heard a sound, like metal hitting a skull. Shane let her go and fell to the ground. Nova rubbed her head and looked at Shane’s bleeding head. Then looked up and saw Lane! He was alive –well as alive as a vampire could be- and standing right in the door way with a shovel, “Don’t you dare touch her or Sakura like that again!” He said quietly.

Nova got up and ran to hug him. He hugged her back, “I thought you were gone,” she cried, “like ‘dead’ gone.”

“No, it takes more than that to kill a vampire like me.”

Nova smiled as Lane wiped her tears away. Sakura came from under the bed then stared at Shane. She gasped, “Guys I hate to be the bearer of but I can still hear his thoughts!”

“Don’t worry some of the police will be here soon.”

“Yeah, but what if he escapes or something,” She asked.

“He won’t, his lackeys already left after seeing me come out of the ground like a zombie.”

They all laughed. As they headed down the stairs, they heard knocking at the front door. Lane opened the door, it was two hybrid cops. Lane allowed them to enter and as they came inside Shane came down the stairs. The cops took him to their car. Blake came from the kitchen and stared as his dad was being taken away, “Blake? You called the cops on me?”

“Yes, dad, I told them everything you’ve done. They said your trial will be as harsh as your crimes.” He said with a straight face.

His father growled and said, “You coward! I rather die by your hand then these vampires!”

Blake looked at him crossly, “You should be careful what you wish for!”

The cops shoved Shane in the car and drove off towards downtown. The four of them each went inside. Sakura sighed in relief, “I’m happy that’s all over.”

Nova smiled then started to go up the stairs, “I’m gonna take a shower, I need to get this blood off my hands.”

“Okay, see ya when you get out then.” Said Sakura, Lane just laughed as he sat on the couch. Nova went into the bathroom, kneeling down on the floor, “Thank you, for everything.” She prayed.

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