Blood Doll

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: July 26, 2012

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Submitted: July 26, 2012



Siouxsie & the Banshees sifted through the fresh air, winding into my ears, my brain behind my closed eyes. Lush grass prickled my bare feet as I swished them over the earth. Sweat encased my body, having seeped between my pores as I moved, as I danced. Up, down and into fifth position, stretch, leap and, at the end, collapse.

“Watch your leg when you kick up – keep it straight. And the part in the middle, when you throw your hands up before doing that jump-split thing – give it more ‘oomph!’”

I wiped my forehead on my black tank top and blindly groped for the water bottle nestled somewhere beside my mother; she perched in a wicker chair among the garden surrounding the large circle of grass in the backyard. “Should I try it again?” I panted.

Mother dismissed it with a wave of her hand. “Just come inside and get a shower so we can eat! I made your father make dinner tonight.”

Retrieving my music player from the Circle, I followed her inside. Although I felt ready to drop, somehow I managed to propel myself into the bathroom. My limbs were warmly stretched. I was able to move well enough as I showered, but I figured when I slept I would be made to endure extreme soreness.

The temperature in the bathroom was that of a sauna when I exited. Sweet aromas wafted from the kitchen, urging me to hasten for food, as my stomach refused to cease its exuberant groaning.

“Eve! Hurry up!” Father shouted. “We’d like to eat sometime this century, kid.”

“I’m here!” Snatching my chopsticks before I had even knelt at the table, I dug into my ramen.

“Slow down, Eve,” Mother admonished. “You’ll make yourself throw up.”

Sticking my tongue out at her, I did as she said. “Father, did you make extra? Ang’s in love with your tofu-ramen, and I promised I’d take her some the next time you made it.”

“One day you’re going to have to show her how to make it herself,” he replied, waving his chopsticks at me. “Better yet, invite her over tomorrow and we can both show her.”

“I’m going to her house tomorrow, remember? Though, I guess I can pack you in my bag.” My heart sped as I pictured Father following me to Ang’s, then to ‘Drac’s Lair.’ I would be in a world of trouble. Through a mouthful of snap peas, I asked, “Can I take a few movies?”

“Just make sure you bring them back.” Conversation turned abruptly to Mother’s theater class at the university. Just as the night before, my mind switched to its own thoughts, though every now and then, between gulps of food, I chimed in just enough to feign interest. Truth be told, I had no idea exactly what the two were talking about.

After dinner brought half an hour of hand-washing dishes while my parents went outside for stargazing. By the end, I was too exhausted to join their escapade. Instead, I escaped to my bedroom, pushed open all of my windows, allowing the night to swarm inside, and inserted a horror film to fall asleep to.

I remained wide awake by the end of the movie. Minutes passed as I lay in bed, listening to the quiet shrieks of creatures outside, thanking my muscles for refraining from cramping thus far.

My parents had long ago found their own way to bed. Mother’s snores rattled as I, wrapped in a blanket, tiptoed down the hall, out to the backyard. Dewy grass swiped at my feet as I made my way to the hammock.

Quietly, I crawled onto it and fell asleep under the stars.

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