Away from the shadows.

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"Even your shadow leaves you in darkness."

To live a life of dependence on a third party is to live a life of slavery. Imani, discovers along her path of life how being wholly subservient, of being seen by people as a mixture of expensive nuisance, slave and super pet, does more than good.
A journey where she learns how to be happy and move away from her own shadows.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Away from the shadows.

Submitted: April 25, 2013

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Submitted: April 25, 2013





Hello readers! \"smiley\"

This is me, Vo.

After posting and reposting this story in my head, I finally decided to post it for real and see if Im as good as I pride myself to be. (Yeah, I console myself like that.)
Okay, so this is a concept that has been doing rounds in the wrong side of my head, pushing me to finally let it out from the right side.
The story's theme is something that is the motto of my life, and by the journey of Imani, my protagonist - I would like to make my share of contribution in spreading the message to the world. 

Before you start reading, I would recommend you to read the description of the story first as it would give you an idea of what you're signing up for. 
And, for all those of you lovely people looking for hardcore romance - this is not the place to be. This is NOT a love story. Romance may be a passing phase in it, but no, thats not the theme. 

Comments will be highly appreciated. I know I havent done a good enough job, but spare me - Im a rookie at this. 
Although, criticisms are welcome. I want to learn as much as I can. 

So, without further ado - I present you - 

'Away from the shadows..'

20th May 2012.


She was running.
She was running with a speed, which amazed and disarmed her, as if her life rested in the hands of her destination. What was her destination? She didn’t know, or couldn’t remember. All that she was aware of was the blood pounding in her head, muscles getting tauter with every sprint she took, tiny beads of sweat forming on her small forehead and upper lip, the sound of leaves and twigs crunching as her feet touched the rough ground, the faint murmurs of the bats and chipmunks in the silence of the night… and a desire – an acute desire to reach there in time. She had to make it. No, this time she wouldn’t let the opportunity slip by. She couldn’t afford to. There was a solution lying hidden somewhere there, a solution to all the questions life threw at her, a panacea for her wounds, a respite from her pain.

She knew she was right, as she felt a newfound strength engulf her whole being. She quickened her strides. Much to her surprise, the experience was exhilarating. She never was a fan of running before. In fact, she abhorred all things which remotely involved her to do any hardcore physical activity. Hence, she was surprised when she found herself swinging her arms and legs faster as the strength within her doubled up with growing anticipation. She knew she was close now, her terminus just few minutes away. Her increasing heartbeats and rapid breathing was making her dizzy with excitement. It would be soon, anytime now. As she prepared herself, stretched her legs and took a deep breath for the last stride – she saw it.

It was beautiful.
Moving its tail in a swift, almost circular motion, it sat peacefully on the green grass with big hazel eyes looking into the sunset. It seemed happy, she noticed with a smile, as she saw it lick its own flesh and whimper lazily. A dozen flies and beetles skidded around on its back, but it seemed it had not a care in the world. A strange, potent yet subtle yellow light emitted from the place where it lay, giving it an otherworldly appearance.

She found her feet moving of their own accord towards the beatific and picturesque scene ahead, as the faint glow of the sunset in the background beckoned to her. She was longing to touch the picture with her own fingers, to feel the serenity emanating from the creature, to drink in the beauty that lay in naked display, to capture that yellow light in her fist and carry it with her till eternity. Because she knew that within the particles of the light and the touch of the creature’s tongue lay the key to all her dilemmas. She was home.

She moved forward, sometimes crouching, sometimes crawling… a sense of nervousness enveloping her. She had to be careful. This was the time when the unwanted happened. She wanted to reach there fast, lest the picture disappear like every time. No, tonight she would not let go. She stood up, ignoring the little pricks of pain that shot through her as her bruised and battered feet touched the ground, she started confidently walking towards her destination, determination writ all over her face.


That she was dreaming was pretty clear to her. The incessant running, the strange excitement, her surroundings alternating between sunset and midnight – everything was a stark reminder. Yet, she chose to ignore it. Like an archer having his full focus on the target, her full concentration – mind, body and soul was directed towards her destination, peripheral, realistic vision ignored. She was reaching closer now; she could not… would not back off now.

Just then it happened. She found herself transfixed on the spot, mesmerized and hypnotized as the tiger cub finally lifted its eyelids and she saw big hazel eyes stare right into her own. She couldn’t move, though something told her she should as the force of the gaze descended upon her and she had inkling that the tiger cub was looking right into her soul. Invading her personal space… penetrating a part of her she kept hidden from the world. The yellow light became yellower, brighter… now blinding her. Yet she couldn’t feel her limbs and the strength she enjoyed a few minutes back showed no signs of having been inside her ever. The lightheadedness came next and she knew she was losing it fast.

As the light grew brighter, shinier as if showing the full force of its power, turning white in the process – her eyes shifted from the powerful hold of the cub’s hazel orbs and rested on the growing white light which seemed to be coming towards her. The light threatened to devour her as it sprouted… her instinct kicked in and she retreated a few steps backward. The intensity of the light was getting too much and as if in surrender her knees buckled and she fell down on the green grass. Her hands went over her face in a useless attempt to hide and protect herself. She braced herself for the inevitable.

As she saw the light cloud her vision, she realized she was not afraid. There was no fear, only anticipation of what would come next. Her eyes closed, she sighed and waited.

 A sharp pain shot through her right arm, as if reminding her that she was alive. She cringed and the pain increased. It intensified… spreading through her entire body and she knew she couldn’t take it. Her left hand lifted up to locate the source of pain but she couldn’t find any. The pain got worse and she found herself screaming and writhing in agony. Almost instantly, her eyes burst open.

Fan. She woke up to the sound of her ceiling fan humming in harmony. She sat up with a jolt, and her hand went up to her forehead as she noticed the sheen of sweat there. Faint sunlight emerged from her room’s french windows, as she lay huddled up in her crumpled quilt. She noticed a dull throbbing pain in her right arm and checked to see the cause. Sure enough, a big red bulge rested there. Mosquito bite. A Quick-o-nol would do the needful. She yawned and stretched as she got out of the bed. Her legs felt heavy. Well, waking up from a dream like that where she ran more than she would perhaps ever do in her entire life, would surely leave its effects. She closed her eyes for regaining her semblance when she saw it again.

Pretty, clear as crystal, the cub’s big hazel eyes held her with their penetrating gaze. They were boring into her soul, yet again and just like that standing near her bed, she felt naked, unprotected. Immediately she opened her eyes as a gasp left her mouth. She needed a cold shower. Desperately. 


Bad? Pathetic? Intolerable? 
Please tell me? 

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